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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sanctuary State Oregon rewards law breakers!! News you missed!

UPDATE:  Yep! Oregon did it....voted to give illegal aliens Driver's Licenses.  I hope Bill Meyer and Dennis Richardson are happy with themselves.

"We will vote here on the floor today to reward bad behavior," Rep. Sal Esquivel, 
 R-Medford, said.
Thank you for thinking of the USA first, Mr. Esquivel!!   

In his statement, Kitzhaber said the bill is motivated by a vision "that all Oregonians deserve their shot at the American dream.
"This bill helps create secure jobs with upward income mobility, and supports safe, secure communities where people have a sense of common purpose and commitment to one another," Kitzhaber said.
If signed, the bill's provisions will take effect Jan. 1.
NO!!!  Illegal Aliens are NOT OREGONIANS!!!!  UGH! 
A THANK YOU to other Oregon Talk Show hosts who see the INSANITY of giving aliens Drivers Licenses!
Sunrise with CW & Craig! KCMX also carries Mark Levin, the ONLY national host brave enough to name the names behind this amnesty!  880 on your local AM dial!
Rep. Esquivel will be a guest this morning  (May 1, 2013) 
Rep. Esquivel has clarified the wording of this bill...aliens will get a 'driver's card'...not a 'license'....I suppose that made the state legislature feel better about BREAKING THE LAW!

Senator Rubio - THE AMNESTY MAN (to the tune of CANDY Man) MUST SEE YOU TUBE!


Sunday, April 28, 2013

LIE of the WEEK! More Norquist Nasties!

Polls come and go, but consistently, when not using leading language, the American people....especially NOT want the Cartel del Ocho AMNESTY!

But that doesn't stop Marco Rubio's main mouthpiece, Grover Norquist.

This traitor will stop at nothing!! How does any conservative still excuse Norquist? Now’s he’s working with gun grabber  Mike Bloomberg.  With Grover on the board of the NRA, how long before we see the 2nd Amendment sold out as well??

 Keep in mind, this poll had a different outcome than ALL others! I’ve come to the conclusion Norquist, et al aren’t going after the ‘hispanic vote’ so much as they think they can peel off a percentage of liberals if they keep going left.  The only 'republicans' supporting this nonsense are Turd Blossom Republicans!

 Norquist Poll: 67 percent of Republicans support Senate “Gang of Eight” immigration bill        Palm Beach Post Staff Writer April 25, 2013

According to poll sponsored by anti-tax crusader Grover Norquist’s Americans for Tax Reform and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s Partnership for a New American Economy, 67 percent of Republicans support the Senate “Gang of Eight” immigration bill and 61 percent of Republicans believe immigration reforms will improve the economy. Overall, 74 percent of Americans support the reforms, the groups said in a press release Thursday.
“It’s clear that Americans across the country, including the overwhelmingly majority of Republicans, are fed up with an immigration system that is holding back our economy and hasn’t been updated since the age of black-and-white TVs,” said Bloomberg, co-chair of the Partnership for a New American Economy. “Our current immigration laws are no longer sustainable – especially when it comes to the needs of America’s 21st century economy – and people of all political stripes recognize that.”
The poll, done in conjunction with the National Immigration Forum Action Fund, also found that lawmakers stand to gain support from their Republican constituents for backing immigration reform.
“By a more than 4-1 margin, Republicans said they would have a more favorable opinion of their member of Congress rather than a less favorable opinion if they were to support the bipartisan Gang of Eight plan,” the groups said, as they try to nudge some conservative Republicans to support the legislation.

A Center for Immigration Studies poll using neutral language..April 5
* When we asked which of the two approaches they prefer, 82 percent of Republicans said they support reducing the illegal immigrant population, while just 12 percent said they support legalization with conditions.

Rasmussen also reports:   Just 29% Support Immigration Plan Without Tougher Border Control
AND THAT AIN'T the Gang of Eight mess!  April, 2014

Poll: 66% of Democrats Want Border Secured Before Legalization  April 24
A new poll from FoxNews finds that 66% of Democrats believe the border should be secured before the nation considers changes to its immigration policies. 75% of Republicans feel the same. Overall, 68% of voters believe securing the border should come before any moves towards legalization. 

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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Is everyone bought off by the Illegal Alien Lobbyists????

TheTownCrier had a disagreement with a radio host yesterday.

His guest was a state representative, a republican,  who has introduced a bill to give illegal aliens drivers license.   Their conversation was polite with no objection to the bill by the host.

  I commented to the host that the lawmaker should have been given some challenge about this...why doesn't the lawmaker promote existing immigration law, instead of rewarding illegal behavior.

The host, usually a fair chap, decided to get ALL righteous and indignant, informing me how stupid I was...that a mere state rep can't do anything about federal law.

BALDERDASH!   The excuses are getting old...and dangerous!
If that were true,  he ought to butt out and not defy  'federal law' instead of pushing a state bill to reward aliens!  If he can inject himself into NON enforcement, he can inject himself to push enforcement as well!

First, this state is overrun with illegal alien gangbangers.  It is considered one of four sanctuary states out of 50.   Drive by shootings, stabbings, rapes, and graffiti ALL over the place, every day, armed Mexican drug cartels growing plantations on our public lands....800 miles from the border.

And what does our REPUBLICAN/CONSERVATIVE State Rep, Dennis Richardson do...REWARD THE LAWBREAKERS instead with the privilege to drive legally while in the country ....


This UNDERMINES federal law....which says I must show a birth certificate, be a CITIZEN of the USA to get a driver's license!  It violates a federal identification law enacted to protect national security after the 2001 terrorist attacks.

Arizona state reps passed laws to control illegal alien lawlessness in their state.   As did Kansas, Oklahoma, Georgia and other states.   ALL AT A STATE LEVEL.
New Mexico is still trying to repeal giving licenses to illegal least they are TRYING!

[snip]Governor Martinez contends that New Mexico’s license system is subject to widespread fraud. In fact, the state has brought charges against several crime rings, in which brokers were paid to supplement fraudulent documents for foreign nationals from Poland, China, Mexico and other countries.
Additionally, a review of license data conducted by a national news wire reveals that dozens of address have been used over and over again by immigrants to get driver’s licenses in New Mexico. Though limited, the probe identified 170 addresses in New Mexico at which 10 or more licenses have been issued to different foreign nationals from 2003 through 2011."

We need representatives who stand for the rule of law and US/State  sovereignty instead of buckling, as the radio host said, because the state is controlled by liberals.
Shall we all just give up and let the country go, because we are outnumbered?
NOT very American!

Report: 40 states passed immigration legislation in 2011 ...

[snip](Reuters) - Nearly 250 new immigration laws and resolutions were enacted in 40 states during the first half of 2011 indicating a growing frustration with the federal government's handling of the issue, according to a new report.
The laws range from hiring restrictions to voter identification and allowing in-state tuition for illegal immigrants, according to the report released Tuesday by the National Conference of State Legislatures. 
The numbers show a slight decrease in activity from last year, but every state and Puerto Rico proposed legislation dealing on the issue in the first six months of 2011.

  "Immigration impacts every policy issue there is, and people are trying to figure out how to manage it, for better or for worse, because the federal government won't."
Among the findings in the report, released during the council's annual meeting in San Antonio:
** 14 states included funding for immigration initiatives in their budgets.
** Governors vetoed 12 pieces of legislation, including bills related to social services and immigration.
** Ten states enacted legislation requiring businesses or contractors to use the government E-Verify program to ensure the legal status of workers.
** Five states -- Alabama, Georgia, Utah, Indiana and South Carolina -- enacted omnibus laws inspired by Arizona's 2010 law, which gave police the power to enforce immigration. All have been challenged in court.
** 19 states passed 38 laws addressing law enforcement.
** Georgia, Kansas, Texas, and Vermont created or strengthened state human trafficking laws.
** Three states - Alabama, Kansas and Utah - passed voter ID bills dealing with immigration.[snip]

The Fiscal Burden of Illegal Aliens on Oregonians (2012)

Major cuts had to be made in the state's 2012-13 budget to pare back spending for schools and social safety net programs to overcome a revenue shortfall of $3.5 billion. This report identifies more than $1 billion in annual fiscal costs borne by the state's taxpayers because of illegal immigration. State lawmakers have available the means to reduce that burden.
This study examines what the estimated 170,000 illegal aliens and an additional 64,000 U.S.-born children of illegal aliens cost Oregonians.
  • K–12 Education Costs
    About $575 Million
  • Supplemental English Instruction
    About $159 Million
  • Justice and Law Enforcement
    (includes policing, court and prison costs)
    About $140 Million
  • Health Care and Social Assistance
    About $125 Million
The average Oregon household headed by a U.S. citizen pays about $728 annually to cover the costs of the state's illegal alien population. The estimated tax revenue from illegal aliens is about $77 million — 7.3 percent of the estimated burden. Illegal aliens pay relatively little in taxes...

What I find most curious is the pro enforcement stand of this very same legislator stated just a few years ago....

"A major failure in the 74th session was the complete lack of Immigration reform. We introduced a number of immigration reforms to strengthen Oregon’s laws on illegal immigration. Unfortunately, none were allowed to pass through the system and become law. Oregon still needs to implement proof of citizenship before someone is allowed to vote or obtain a driver’s license. ...............
We also introduced legislation to require proof of legal presence for state benefits, and to allow state agency employees to report those who cannot provide valid proof of legal presence to federal immigration authorities. We also sought to prohibit state agencies and businesses having state contracts from hiring illegal immigrants (HB 3554) .....
While I am on the subject of Illegal Immigration, to protect public safety, we unsuccessfully attempted to pass HB 3553 which would have allowed law enforcement to investigate and detain violators of federal immigration laws and would have empowered Oregon district attorneys to transfer illegal immigrants convicted of crimes to federal immigration authorities. The failure to deal with Illegal Immigration at both the state and the federal levels is, in my opinion, a dereliction of duty by our elected officials."

UPDATE:  Only 5 states give Dr. Licenses to Illegal ALIENS, and Oregon just HAS to jump in!
Oregon Senate Bill 833

But the president of Oregonians for Immigration Reform, Cynthia Kendoll, says giving people the ability to drive, who can't prove they're in the United States legally, is simply wrong even if the goal is making roads safer.

"It's against the law for them to work here.  And so you're just continuing to sort of legitimize and normalize their presence here,” she said. "So in the simplest terms, they're not supposed to be here, so why should they have a driver's license?"

Say NO to driver licenses for illegal aliens

When you as a citizen go into the DMV to renew your Oregon driver license you will have to prove that you are legally in the United States.  You will have to provide your Social Security number, a real birth certificate or valid passport and proof that you live in Oregon.  All an illegal alien would have to get a special license is to show a Mexican Matricular card and proof that they live in Oregon.  Maybe an Oregon Trail Card will suffice.  
The most important document a Mexican drug cartel dealer might possess is a valid state driver license.  It would enable to them to drive up and down I-5 and sell their drugs. If a state trooper happened to pull them over for a traffic violation, the drug dealer could produce his special Oregon license and the state trooper wouldn’t have probable cause to search his vehicle. 
Oregon ranks fourth in the nation in per capita illicit drug use.  Last year 240 people died of drug over dose, up 20% from the previous year.  More people died in 2011 of drug overdose than were killed (208) driving a car in Oregon.  And now the governor wants to give a special driver license to illegal aliens.  Welcome drug dealers! 
Governor Kitzhaber, (503) 378-3111 ought to hear from you as well as the sponsors of the bill.

The eight chief sponsors are: Sens. Chip Shields, D-Portland, Arnie Roblan, D-Coos Bay, Chuck Thomsen, R-Hood River, Bill Hansell, R-Athena, Reps. Jessica Vega Pederson, D-Portland, Chris Harker, D-Washington County, Mark Johnson, R-Hood River, and Vic Gilliam, R-Molalla.

Interesting comments here!


I just don't get Oregon politicians.  They seemingly do everything in their power to attract every transient and illegal alien in the country, while at the same time implement policies that repel businesses and drive away high wage earners.
Why is Oregon so desperate to become a poor sanctuary state?  You're not going to be able to fund all of those grandiose social engineering programs on the backs of minimum wage jobs.
Anyways, I thought that Oregon was originally forced to not issue government ID's to illegal aliens because of the Real ID Act.
Why does anyone want to legitimize anything related to a person who is here illegally?  How can anyone legally be doing anything if their very presence here is illegal?  What's next?  Short-term social security cards? 
I am not an anti-immigration zealot.  The vast majority of us are Americans because someone in our past immigrated.  This is a national issue and should be addressed on the national stage.  Oregon doesn't need to be a leader in confusing the issues of immigration and legal behavior.
Oregon, Washington's Mexico.
Do cops have to learn Spanish in order to administer the law to an illegal  ?

UPDATE!!! Oregonians more liberal than Conneticut????

Should Connecticut Grant Driver’s Licenses To Undocumented Immigrants?

Your vote has been counted.

Thank you for participating!

TrueVote Results

  • Yes 22.66% 351 of 1549
  • No 66.95% 1037 of 1549
  • Yes, but with background checks 10.39% 161 of 1549

BTW...OREGON Legislature votes on this today!!  THANKS to our State Rep. Sal Esquivel who is voting NO!   

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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Pictures worth a thousand words and NEWS you missed!

Now, about that CARTEL DE OCHO!
The immigration reform debate and the gun control debate get solved with the same answer..
ENFORCE EXISTING LAW!!  Rubio & his band of quislings says our immigration laws are 'broken'....ONLY BY him and the others who refuse to enforce it!  They SHOULD be in JAIL, NOT the SENATE & White House!  Fire Eric Holder!
"Cruz argued the current gun laws are not being enforced, and said in 2010 there were over 15,000 “felons and fugitives who tried to illegally purchase guns.” According to the Texas Republican, of those 15,000, the Obama Justice Department only prosecuted 44."

The 'elephant in the room' is AMNESTY and it's supporters!

Marco Rubio is all over radio, trying to push his 'it's not amnesty'.....Limbaugh, Levin and Obama finally have SOMETHING in common!
They ALL like Rubio! Rubio is a lawyer, maybe Obama will put him on the supreme court for his traitorous behavior. 
Mark Levin, Hannity and Rush apparently serve their own interests before this nations. THEY KNOW what Rubio is! If they don’t, they need to get another job.
You’ve been sold out by your elected leaders and your ‘conservative’ talk hosts. SAD! TRUE!
Under this AMNESTY, not only do they not deport anyone, people who have been deported get to come back!!!    Who is Cesar Conda?

The Politico ^ | April 17, 2013 | Katie Glueck
President Barack Obama called Sen. Marco Rubio a “positive force” in the immigration debate and is “reasonably confident” that an immigration deal will be reached, he said in a wide-ranging exclusive interview with NBC’s “Today” show. “I think that he has been a very positive force,” he said of Rubio (R-Fla.)

Just out:
The Dustin Inman Society sponsored billboard pictured above went up in Cherokee County, Georgia Monday and will be there for awhile. Located on Bells Ferry Rd between Highway 92 & Town Lake (Eagle Dr.) it is most visible headed south.
We are happy to help expose South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham and the Amnesty-Again Gang of Eight. We will get to the rest of the gang, including Marco Rubio – again - later.
 ONE tea party group gave it a shot today at Rubio’s office. Tea party patriots. The rest are K Street Lobbyists taking the sheeple’s money who NEVER mention immigration!
One of them, The TEA Party Express, instead of fighting a nation destroying AMNESTY, is doing this instead!  Tea Party Express Considering Latino-Focused Bus Tour

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Turd Blossom Republicans have sold out Conservatives..WAKE UP...FAST!

New Immigration Reform  (AMNESTY!) Duo: Luis Gutierrez & Paul Ryan!

Isn't this special???
Who says there's no bipartisanship in congress??? 
For those who don’t know, Bush had a nickname for Karl Rove , ‘Turdblossom’. Rove and Norquist really took Bush for a ride. They were at the root of everything he did wrong, especially amnesty.
I say we hijack that name...’turd-blossom Republican’ for the race baiting Condas, Roves, Norquists, Rubios, McCains,  of the world. I think it could catch on. Somehow we have to rid ‘conservatism’ of these people who are identified by the media as being representative of ‘conservatives’. Turd Blossom Republicans. I like it!

And guess what...Ryan, like Rubio,  is a Cesar Conda disciple, too!  We have been SET UP and SOLD OUT! And be sure where you find Conda, you find Norquist and you find Karl Rove.*

 I KNOW it seems simplistic, but I’m telling you all that the same handful of people OWN all these politicians...Ryan, Rubio's  CARTEL OCHO, Romney, all like minded, amnesty lovers GROOMED by powerful LOBBYISTS...CESAR CONDA & GROVER NORQUIST, who serve the interests of the radical LEFT.    And about Ryan/Conda.....
[snip]Creature of Washington
Professionally, Ryan is a creature of Washington insider politics.
He got his first taste of congressional politics as a college intern for U.S. Sen. Bob Kasten of Wisconsin.  The work was not glamorous, often sorting and delivering mail.
“He was as earnest, polite and enthusiastic,” said his friend and mentor, Cesar Conda, who eventually provided a crucial link between Romney and Ryan.
Conda brought Ryan back as an intern the next year.
“He would always pop his head in the door and ask questions about what Senator Kasten was doing,” Conda recalled. “I just gave him two books to read and said, ‘This will get you started.’”
The books were “The Way the World Works,” by Jude Wanniski, and “Wealth and Poverty” by George Gilder, which became the bible for Reagan-era economic policy.
Conda offered Ryan his first paid, full-time job working for Kasten after his graduation in 1992 from Miami University of Ohio, where Ryan double-majored in economics and political science.
PS...Conda was a policy advisor to Romney, too! We were set up LONG ago.
Somehow, we have to give the RNC a message! Please consider changing your voter registration to non affiliated.

Under the draft of the new amnesty, aliens won’t be deported, but the ones who have been deported are going to be allowed to come back! When one of the biggest amnesty hacks is a radical islam associate like Grover Norquist, this is what you get. He and Cesar Conda and the SPLC are writing this amnesty. Yes, gop lobbyists who worked for George Soros and Microsoft write our laws.
Deportees Can Come Back Under Draft Immigration Bill
Hat tip to our friend "Cripplecreek"

AND of course, ALL that really matters is what the left thinks...
"Former George W. Bush advisor,  Karl Rove* said  that Rubio was “the best communicator since Ronald Reagan.” Rove appeared on Fox News’ Special Report with Bret Baier with Democrat Joe Trippi, who also believes that Rubio is the glue that could bring the Republican party together, and come to terms with the Democrats on immigration reform."  NOTE:  This was written By Javier Manjarres on Feb. 4, 2013 Shark Tank!

Obama LIKES Rubio!! THAT should scare you to death! 
The Politico ^ | April 17, 2013 | Katie Glueck
President Barack Obama called Sen. Marco Rubio a “positive force” in the immigration debate and is “reasonably confident” that an immigration deal will be reached, he said in a wide-ranging exclusive interview with NBC’s “Today” show. “I think that he has been a very positive force,” he said of Rubio (R-Fla.)

TAKE SOME MALOX! YOU won't believe this one!

New Immigration Bill Gives 'MarcoPhone' to Immigrant Guest Workers - Move over “Obama phone,” we present the new "Hola, Como Estas?!" MarcoPhone.

Here is the actual mention of the free phones in the bill:  Brietbart

UPDATE:  We are sorting through the wording of this one, it may or may not be for illegal aliens...stay tuned...the bill, S744 is an 800 page monstrosity with a lot of BAD NEWS in it!

 "When the law no longer protects you from the corrupt, 
but protects the corrupt from you
- you know your nation is doomed."
-Ayn Rand

CALL the Capitol Hill switchboard at 888-978-3094 today.

Dear friends of sensible immigration policies,
It’s official, the Gang of 8 has introduced S. 744, the Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act, the largest amnesty and immigration increase bill this nation has ever seen. You can be among the first to let your Senators know there is widespread opposition to amnesty and massive increases in foreign workers by calling the Capitol Hill switchboard at 888-978-3094 today.
While the bill is half as long as promised, it’s at least twice as bad as expected.
" But this is not an age of iron. It’s an age of jelly. And so the order of the day will be more intimidation, more threats, and more defamation directed against anyone who speaks out against the jihad and Islamic supremacism, and anyone who dares to host that speaker. Until finally, there is no one left to speak out, no one at all. " Robert Spencer

Robert Spencer is just one person banned by the CPAC/ACU leaders like Grover Norquist & Suhail Khan for trying to tell you the truth.

Headline:  Grover Norquist headlined conference with CAIR leader - WND
Maybe NOT ALL of Hollywood is lost!

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Rasmussen poll: Border Security Hawks Aren't Racist, Most Americans Say

Sorry Grover Norquist! Sorry Cesar Conda and your phony little boss Marco Rubio and his gang of 8 henchmen using SPLC talking points against MOST AMERICAN CITIZENS!
[snip]  Immigration hawks worried about appearing racist can breathe a sigh of relief.

Only 11 percent of U.S. voters think people who want to secure the border and prevent illegal immigration are racist, according to a poll released this week by Rasmussen Reports. (See the wording here.)

The number was higher for liberals, with 22 percent saying they thought border security advocates were racist, according to Breitbart, which asked Rassmussen for the crosstab data.

Nine percent of conservatives and 6 percent of moderates said immigration hardliners are racist, according to Breitbart. 
While 67 percent of the 1,000 respondents said they think border security enthusiasts aren't racist, some 22 percent aren't sure.

Rasmussen also reports:   Just 29% Support Immigration Plan Without Tougher Border Control


Rasmussen Reports, April 19, 2011
Seventy-seven percent (77%) of Republicans and 63% of voters not affiliated with either major political party oppose automatic U.S. citizenship for children born in this country to illegal immigrants. Democrats are evenly divided on the question.

BUT...the author of this new amnesty, Rubio’s chief of staff, Cesar Conda has called such proposals “offensive.”  His lobbyist buddy in crime, Grover Norquist refers to us all as 'Bitter Enders'

Well,  Gentlemen! YOU are the ones out of touch!  Sadly, you are the ones in power. 

WAKE UP REPUBLICANS! The 'modern' GOP does NOT represent you! It has been infiltrated and taken over.   They have a new imported constituency!

Reminds me of McCain...the left media always liked him too!,16641,20130218,00.html

How 'bout it folks, does Rubio speak for YOU???


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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Pictures worth a thousand words & Norquist goes after Heritage over Amnesty!


Grover Norquist Goes After Heritage Foundation Over Illegal Alien Amnesty

Grover Norquist, champion of Islamism infiltration, is working to advance the cause of tax reform by backing an illegal alien amnesty that will impose a whopping economic burden on the country… leading to higher taxes.
The contradiction is obvious. If you’re going to legalize 12 million undocumented Democrats plus all their family members then you are tremendously boosting the welfare state on the receiving end and the voting end.
The only way that the pro-amnesty side can win the amnesty debate is by not having it. And that means going after any sources of facts and taking them down.
The first target were anti-illegals groups like CIS and FAIR which were smeared as eugenicists. But the next set of targets is even bigger.
Norquist says that he’s trying to counteract the effect of “a handful of radio talk-show hosts who talk loudly.”
“The bitter-enders who are still responding to radio talk-show hosts from eight years ago haven’t noticed that the world has shifted from underneath them,” he says.
For bitter-ender, read conservative. The world has shifted is a favorite progressive argument. So it’s not too much of a shock that Norquist is using it.[snip]


Favorite places to visit! The SHERIFF is back!
On the radio!   The Dave Levine Show:

Saturday, April 13, 2013

History repeats itself, and this time, we are the NATIVES! Who is Cesar Conda? few years ago, I wrote a book, "Jesus Wept" an American Story.  
  The story, in part, was about Cherokee Chief John Ross, a 1/8th  Cherokee blood, white,  blue eyed greedy tyrant.   The more time goes on, the more he reminds me of Barak Obama.   

He was put in power by Major Ridge and some other realistic Cherokees, who thought the tribe, which functioned under a constitutional government,  would fare better in Washington DC if represented by Ross who would be identified more with the white leaders.   And for a time, that seemed to work. Until Ross got the taste of power and wealth and refused to give it up.  Ross was a master at race baiting and class warfare. 

When it was apparent he would be opposed by Ridge's son John,  Ross declared a national emergency over the impending Indian Removal Act, did away with the coming elections and had his political rivals assassinated, including Major Ridge, his son John, the eloquent Elias Boudinot along with some of my ancestors.  For 40 years he ruled the tribe, sometimes in exile in Washington DC, but always comfortably with the tribes treasury.   He bribed enough of the uneducated and class envious Indians to do his bidding and keep him protected. 

Sound familiar??? It should.   

My father used to tell us that the Cherokee tribe didn't need the US Government to destroy it , though they certainly did their part! They were willing and capable of doing that themselves.  In the great production on PBS, "We Shall Remain, Episode 3 'The Trail of Tears', Cherokee actor Wes Study repeated the same conclusion as my father made 50 years ago. 

When the Cherokee were finally forced to march in winter without shelter or provisions to a foreign home, thousands died.  John Ross refused to give up his power and concede there was no way to fight the federal government over removal, insisting the Cherokee stay until they were pushed out at musket point, with no way to survive the impossible journey.  If he had left  months earlier when there were better provisions and weather, as my ancestors chose to do, thousands of lives would have been saved.  He also insisted, since he operated the only store of supplies, that the trips supplies be purchased from him.   Yet, the tribe still believed his lies and followed his lead.  The wagon train of my ancestors, led by John Adair "Jack" Bell,  of 700 people only lost 21 on the trail.   This only further angered Ross, whose own wife died on their journey.

Today, the Democrat party and it's leader, Barak Obama, seem intent on destroying everything we 'natives' have become accustomed to in our way of life... free markets, marriage, family, the 2nd amendment and the right to self preservation. They refuse to enforce many of our laws, promote destruction of our many cultures, refuse to protect our borders and national sovereignty and give us no government representation.

We look to our GOP leaders, just as the Cherokee looked to Ross, and what do we find?  Feckless crybabies like John Boehner and the squishy moderate Mitch McConnell, who prop up the democrats more often than not. 

Then rides in the great 'Tea Party' Hispanic savior, Marco Rubio to 'save us'.  Because he 'looks' more like the opposition.   He 'speaks' the language of the NEW constituency!   He's the GOP's latest token 'trojan horse'.

Who is really behind Marco Rubio, and what do they want?  The Tea Party citizens thought it was them!!!  He talked the talk, and fooled us all.     No, he hasn't been taken over by Obama and the left,  as far as we know. He is part of the enemy within the right.  And for the past 30 years, it is always the same players.  They are lobbyists who our legislators hire to write our legislation because most of our elected officials let them in exchange for campaign dollars.   It is ALWAYS follow the money.

 Even John Ross willingly sacrificed his own people to keep his power and to hold out for more federal dollars for Cherokee lands.  The Cherokee Tribe was destroyed because they were incapable of realizing who their real enemies were.  It appears we are no more enlightened than the 'savages'.  We have no excuse for our ignorance, other than BLIND loyalty to sacred cows who should have been hamburger by now!

Meet Cesar Conda, chief of staff, Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla
.,  close associate and fellow amnesty pusher of Grover Norquist,  who last week called all of us who want our borders secured, "Bitter enders",   He might as well have called us 'Savages'.

Here is detailed some of the undermining of immigration law these two have accomplished over 3 decades, including working closely with Stephen Moore of the Cato Institute, Conda  circulated a statement against Prop. 187 of California in the nineties.   The race baiting they pulled on Alan Simpson when he tried to enforce the borders in the 90's was nothing but disgusting.

Conda, an immigration lawyer,  was Vice President Dick Cheney’s chief domestic policy adviser. After leaving there, Conda went to work on the editorial advisory board of the Soros connected publication,   The International Economy Magazine.

Even amnesty pushers on the left like Conda!
[snip] I think Cesar is the right man for the job,” said Frank Sharry, founder and executive director of the pro-immigration reform group America’s Voice. “Rubio is really lucky to have Cesar Conda as his chief of staff.” Conda...has been working on the issue since the early 1990s when he was part of a group of young, libertarian-minded, pro-immigration conservatives. His government experience runs deep: He worked for former Sen. Spencer Abraham, R-Mich., and was an aide to Vice President Dick Cheney. He also spent time in the private sector as a lobbyist and analyst for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and founded the Washington office of a consulting firm called Navigators Global.
Conda was also involved with The National Foundation for American Policy, a Newt Gingrich group.  Don't be fooled, Newt is all about amnesty and has always been!
" Started in 2003, the National Foundation for American Policy (NFAP) is a non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to public policy research on trade, immigration, and other issues of national importance. Its Advisory Board members include ....Cesar Conda.... and other prominent individuals."

This statement sums up the Rubio/Conda relationship:
  "The White House’s lawyer-friendly draft shows that it “has outsourced the formation of immigration policy to the American Immigration Lawyers Association,” said Camarota.   Some of the eight senators also employ staffers who are trained immigration lawyers or who have lobbied for the immigration association before. In 2003, for example, Cesar Conda, Rubio’s chief of staff, lobbied the White House on behalf of the lawyers’ association....Given Sen. Rubio’s role in a smear campaign [using SPLC talking points] against pro-enforcement groups,” said Steve Camarota, the research director at the Center for Immigration Studies, “it does raise the question of how serious he is about enforcement.”"

Conda  worked as an advocate for the immigration lawyers’ association.
"As a founding partner of a lobbying firm, Navigators Global, he attended a 2003 meeting in the White House to promote a policy favored by the lawyers’ group, which stands to gain enormously from any law that expands or complicates immigration law.

In the late 1990s, Conda also worked as the legislative director for one-term GOP Sen. Spencer Abraham. In 2000, Abraham lost his Michigan Senate seat after NumbersUSA highlighted Abraham’s role in defeating a bipartisan immigration reform bill that would have curbed legal and illegal immigration.

During that 1996 immigration debate, Abraham opposed an employee-identification plan in the bill that would have required and helped employers reject applicants who were not allowed to legally work in the United States."

Conda had a part in the expensive bank bail outs. 
 "At this lobbying outfit, Cesar Conda is one of the lobbyists on the Citigroup account.
Previously, DC Navigators was one of AIG's go-to firms—until the insurance company halted its lobbying efforts last fall under congressional pressure. AIG, which has received $182 billion from the government, including $40 billion in TARP funds, spent more than $9 million on lobbying in 2008"

Conda was a lobbyist for private prisons who love open borders and government $$$ to incarcerate illegal aliens.
"They also now have a paid lobbyist working in the office of a Republican Senator at the forefront of the immigration debate, in a state with major immigration issues.
Take for example the chief of staff to young Republican superstar Marco Rubio, Cesar Conda.  Conda still maintains ties to a powerful lobbying firm in Florida that has lobbied for the GEO Group.  In fact, he still maintains partial ownership, and was paid between $50,000-$100,000 by the firm after he became Rubio’s chief of staff..  So he’s still being paid by companies like the GEO Group while working as the number-one guy to a US Senator.
So the GEO Group has revenues of nearly $2 billion per year, much of which comes from the federal government as payment for detaining immigrants.  It has spent more than $5 million in lobbying and political contributions in the past 8 years"

Remember when we warned the Tea Party about getting involved with Dick Armey's Freedom works because he has always been pro amnesty??.....
– Cesar Conda is a senior fellow at Freedom Works  and an editorial advisory board member of International Economy Magazine. He is a volunteer policy advisor to the Mitt Romney presidential campaign.

Conda actually states here that the Gang of 8 plan isn't AMNESTY!!  You need no more than that to know you are being CONNED BIG TIME!

Think of it!  illegal aliens vote democrat.  Fact.  They believe it is Obama working for them.  All these GOP open border amnesty purveyors like Conda get no credit for the decades of work they've done on the behalf of foreign nationals.  Instead,  Obama gets all their glory.  Ignorance never changes. And History repeats itself.

Rose Cottage, Plantation of Chief John Ross, Circa 1860, near Tahlequah, Indian Territory
  (Yes, those are African Slaves, owned by Ross)

[snip]After the assassinations in 1839, Ross's opposition refused to recognize Ross as their leader.  The still smoldering wounds and resulting alliances are outlined by an excerpt from a letter written by Stand Watie and John Adair Bell  (my grgruncle) published in the Arkansas Gazette.   It explains why after the murders of the Ridges and Boudinot they refused to address Ross as 'Chief'.  Eight Treaty Party members apologized for signing the treaty in return for amnesty from the Chief.  The assassins were also pardoned by Ross.
     "If Mr. Ross expects us to purchase our lives by swearing to the infamous oath which he put in our mouths, he very much mistakes the blood which runs in our veins.  Sooner let us fall by the hand of the midnight assassin, than have our names loaded with infamy, and handed down to posterity as traitors, who had saved their country from total destruction, by making the best treaty ever made for any Indians! – The historian will do justice to the memories of the fallen.  We will never cause their blood to ride in judgment against us, by casting obloquy on their characters.  Eight of our friends have abandoned us.   Be the matter with them and their God.  We are conscious that we have gained many where we have lost one.  The threatened denunciation still hangs over us.  Well, if the impending vengeance must fall, let it come upon us with clear consciences."

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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Bitter Enders, Unite!!! Guess who's behind the latest amnesty push???

That's right, you guessed it...the same guy behind Bush's Amnesty who has managed to muck up every attempt at immigration reform since the 80's including California's prop. 187.
The K Street Grand Poobah, the one and only (praise be to ALLAH!) Muslim loving, open border GROVER NORQUIST!

Headline:    Grover vs. ‘the Bitter Enders’
(Grover trying to give Rubio & the gang of 8 political cover )
NRO ^ | April 9,2013
[snips]  Grover Norquist is known as an anti-tax crusader, but in the coming weeks he will be just as much a pro-immigration crusader, combating what he calls the “bitter enders” who oppose comprehensive immigration reform.
Norquist says that he’s trying to counteract the effect of “a handful of radio talk-show hosts who talk loudly.”
“In short, Lopez argues that anti-comprehensive-reform forces are often also pro-abortion, pro-eugenics, and pro-sterilization. ATR’s leaders have put the Lopez study in front of every prominent social conservative leader they know. “
The Grover and Rubio immigration propaganda is straight out of the Leftist, speech censoring SPLC! Norquist is just as leftist, just as radical and much more dangerous because he looks to conservatives for his funding of ALL things UNconservative!  I don't know what radio talking heads he's referring to since Rush, Hannity, Beck or Levin NEVER say a word against Grover Norquist!  And until YOU demand they do, nothing changes!  You can carry on about Barak Obama all day, but until you root the enemy out of our own camp...NOTHING CHANGES!  Norquist has to be exposed and booted out of the conservative movement.  It should have happened years ago.

 ALL those Christians in the tea party just got slammed pretty much like Obama insults them...Norquist is no more a Christian than Obama, and no more a conservative either! Though Norquist won’t admit to being Muslim, he married one and promotes the most radical of  Muslim donor  helped Grover start his Islamic Insititute is in prison!  And that's just where Grover should be.  His friend and associate Jack Abramoff looks like a "K" St. piker compared to Norquist.

[snip]Grover Norquist. He was co author of Gingrich's 'contract with America' (which didn't even mention the illegal alien/immigration problem!) and the force behind Bush's 'comprehensive immigration reform'. Along with other signatories, he managed to destroy California's Prop. 187's effort to control illegal immigration.

 Newt Gingrich describes Norquist as “the most innovative, creative, courageous and entrepreneurial leader of the anti-tax efforts and of conservative grassroots activism in America . . . He has truly made a difference and truly changed American history.”
Where you find Gingrich, you will find Norquist and be saddled with more cheap labor 'trade' agreements like Nafta, Gatt, and any give away to any 3rd world sewer they choose. And where you find them both, you will likely find Karl Rove. Count on it! Rove, Norquist, Gingrich...the 3 headed Trojan horse of the GOP.

Truth is, as tangled as all the 'non-profits' are between Rove, Norquist, Ralph Reed and a few others, the entire thing resembles more of a money laundering scheme than not.

Grover has been a lobbyist for Bill Gates...this is ALL about cheap labor and lop sided trade deals for the likes of Microsoft, not saving the average taxpayer a dime!  Americans for Tax Reform is a COVER to do the bidding of powerful people, none of whom are 'conservative'.

[snip] “And he’s [Norquist] personally doing fine: Lee Fang at the Nation revealed this week that he gets two-thirds of his funding from two big corporate billionaire-backed nonprofits: the Center to Protect Patients Rights, which donated $4,189,000 to Americans for Tax Reform in 2010, and Karl Rove’s Crossroads GPS, which gave him $4 million.”

My favorite Norquist quote: “I started out as a right-winger, and when I retire I want to be a squishy middle-of-the-roader,” he jokes, chortling at the thought. 

Those words are from Obama's book!

Hey, Amnesty loving lefties...foreign workers only benefit your hated 1%!  Stop being useful idiots.

Amnesty & guest worker programs only benefit the richest 1%! 

An increase in the number of workers leads to lower wages. 
Illegal immigration reduces the wage of native workers by an estimated $99 to $118 billion a year, and generates a gain for businesses and other users of immigrants of $107 to $128 billion. Immigration has its largest negative impact on the wage of native workers who lack a high school diploma.

A theory-based framework predicts that the immigrants who entered the country from 1990 to 2010 reduced the average annual earnings of American workers by $1,396 in the short run. Because immigration (legal and illegal) increased the supply of workers unevenly, the impact varies across skill groups, with high school dropouts being the most negatively affected group.

The same type of education/age comparison used to measure the wage impact shows that a 10 percent increase in the size of a skill group reduced the fraction of native-born blacks in that group holding a job by 5.1 percentage points.


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Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Hey, Amnesty loving, gun grabbing Leftists, either change the Constitution or SHUT UP! Enough of your lies!

If what you Gun grabbing, misguided, do-gooders want is to do away with the 2nd amendment, then get honest, come out and admit it and try to  do it!  Amending the Constitution is the only legitimate way to have 'gun control'.

Headline:  . School: Americans Don’t Have Right to Bear Arms
[snip]The father of a Connecticut child is furious after discovering that his son’s school is teaching students that Americans don’t have a Second Amendment right to bear arms.
“I am appalled,” said Steven Boibeaux, of Bristol. “It sounds to me like they are trying to indoctrinate our kids.”
According to the document, the Second Amendment “only provides the right of a state to keep an armed National Guard.”

On Monday his social studies teacher gave students a worksheet titled, ‘The Second Amendment Today.’
“The courts have consistently determined that the Second Amendment does not ensure each individual the right to bear arms,” the worksheet states. “The courts have never found a law regulating the private ownership of weapons unconstitutional.
The worksheet, published by Instructional Fair, goes on to say that the Second Amendment is not incorporated against the states.
“This means that the rights of this amendment are not extended to the individual citizens of the states,” the worksheet reads. “So a person has no right to complain about a Second Amendment violation by state laws.”
SAY WHAT???!!!
The handout was untrue on several points, and has been since the 2008 Supreme Court decision in the case of District of Columbia vs. Heller, or at least since the subsequent ruling in McDonald v. Chicago. From the wikipedia article:
District of Columbia v. Heller, 554 U.S. 570 (2008), was a landmark case in which the Supreme Court of the United States held that the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution protects an individual's right to possess a firearm for traditionally lawful purposes, such as self-defense within the home and within federal enclaves. The decision did not address the question of whether the Second Amendment extends beyond federal enclaves to the states, which was addressed later by McDonald v. Chicago (2010). It was the first Supreme Court case in United States history to decide whether the Second Amendment protects an individual right to keep and bear arms for self-defense.


Hey, Amnesty loving lefties...foreign workers only benefit your hated 1%!  Stop being useful idiots.

[snip]  An increase in the number of workers leads to lower wages. Illegal immigration reduces the wage of native workers by an estimated $99 to $118 billion a year, and generates a gain for businesses and other users of immigrants of $107 to $128 billion.
Immigration has its largest negative impact on the wage of native workers who lack a high school diploma.........immigrants who entered the country from 1990 to 2010 reduced the average annual earnings of American workers by $1,396 in the short run. Because immigration (legal and illegal) increased the supply of workers unevenly, the impact varies across skill groups, with high school dropouts being the most negatively affected group.

The same type of education/age comparison used to measure the wage impact shows that a 10 percent increase in the size of a skill group reduced the fraction of native-born blacks in that group holding a job by 5.1 percentage points.

Poll: Majority of voters want the military sent to the border 

69% Favor Use of U.S. Military on Border to Keep Mexican Drug Violence Out

Just 26% Support Immigration Plan Without Tougher Border Control 

Even among supporters of "comprehensive" reform, 64 percent want the border to be secured first before any pathway to citizenship for those here illegally can begin.
None of these dynamics has changed since the immigration reform effort attempted when George W. Bush was in the White House 

I am always stunned at the issues the left champions...

Where has America gone...

Monday, April 08, 2013

News you missed - Best of the web!


Kim Jung Un had NO military experience whatsoever before Daddy made him a four-star general.  This snot-nosed twerp had never accomplished anything in his life that would even come close to military leadership.   He hadn't even so much as led a Cub Scout troop, coached a sports team, or commanded a military platoon.  So he is made the "Beloved Leader" Of North Korea .

I'm sorry.   I just remembered that we did the same thing.
We took an arrogant bastard community organizer, who had never worn a uniform, and made him Commander-in-Chief.
A guy, who had never had a real job, worked on a budget, or led anything more than an ACORN demonstration, and we made him "Beloved Leader" of the United States  TWICE !!!
I'm sorry I brought this up.  Never mind.

(Thanks for this one, Blackie!)


A note to you democrats who keep blaming the economy, debt solely on Republicans....

No Congress in which the Democrats controlled both the House and Senate has balanced the federal budget since fiscal 1969--more than 40 years ago-------
Since 1960, the federal budget has been balanced in only 6 fiscal years. For two of those fiscal years , 1960 and 1969 the Democrats controlled Congress. For four years , 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001 , the Republicans controlled Congress. WHO BALANCED THE BUDGET?


WHY?? Why have today's Democrats strayed so far, so fast?  If JFK were in office today, you'd be calling him a right wing extremist!    We need some REAL democrats, not socialists dressed up in progressive clothing...your policies are regressive!  From now on, that's  what the democrat party should be known as..REGRESSIVES!


[snip]What Kennedy clearly did not call for was a massive increase in the number of immigrants being admitted to the United States. He suggested a modest increase in the annual immigration quota that then stood at 156,700*.   There is, of course, a legitimate argument for some limitation upon immigration, wrote Kennedy. We no longer need settlers for virgin lands, and our economy is expanding more slowly than in the 19th and early 20th centuries. 

*  Last year more than a million immigrants took the oath a became citizens.

More work visas were issued than this!  Then there are tourist visas, asylums...millions more.

Millions more overstayed their visa or came illegally through our open border.


Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) appeared with LaPierre at an event touting the opening of a new shooting range in Nevada during his re-election campaign in 2010.  Good ol' Harry

will stand next to anyone who gets him what he wants!  HYPOCRITE!

Sunday, April 07, 2013

You might be a Useful Idiot if..................

It's Sunday Morning....Do you DARE go to Church?????

Okay, kiddies, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!   I don't pretend to be a good Christian...there are two kinds of people in churches....Saints and Sinners....and I KNOW which one I am!  But evidently the Obama regime doesn't!  They're playing GOD with the constitution and YOU!  You just got thrown into the same hateful category as the Ku Klux Klan and Hamas!    The big irony here is that Catholics overwhelmingly voted for Obama!  Guess what...he doesn't need YOU any more either! 


U.S. Army lists Evangelical Christianity, Catholicism, and "Islamophobia" as forms of "Religious Extremism" with Al-Qaeda and Hamas

 Robert Spencer with Jihad Watch informs us:  

This is the politically manipulative and ridiculous nonsense that has replaced truthful information about Islam and jihad. And the implications of it are quite ominous. Evangelical Christianity, Catholicism and "Islamophobia" are forms of "Religion Extremism" on par with al-Qaeda and Hamas? Then how long will it be before the Obama Administration goes to war against them, as it has repeatedly declared that it is at war with al-Qaeda?
Note also: Obama has repeated many, many times that we are not at war with Islam, and the mainstream media line is that to suggest otherwise would be evidence of "hatred" and "bigotry." But apparently it is not "hatred" and "bigotry" for the U.S. to declare that Catholicism is the same sort of thing as al-Qaeda. Now, the list does include "Sunni Muslims," but specifies those in Iraq -- we already know that there is no possible way that the Obama Administrations means to classify all Sunni Muslims as "extremists." And the list also apparently specifies that only Catholicism in the U.S. is a form of "religious extremism." But that's bad enough: where are the Catholics flying planes into buildings, bombing Baptist churches, and threatening to conquer the nation and subjugate non-Catholics under the rule of church law?
This is not going to end well.
"US Army Labeled Evangelicals, Catholics as Examples of Religious Extremism," by Todd Starnes for Fox News, April 5 (thanks to Pamela Geller):[snip]

 Yesterday there was a Rally!  In New Jersey, Illegal Aliens gathered with their political hacks like the scandal ridden Senator Bob Menendez to express their 'rights'!   Carmen Morales was there, as was New Yorkers for Immigration Control and Enforcement to stand up for this sovereign nation and YOU!   See these 'school buses'...they were used to bus in the aliens from other states. 
 An eyewitness report:  " The rally was mostly Latinos dancing their behinds off on stage with Spanish music, then Menendez came in and spoke, we were noticed by a reporter from the Star Ledger, we were interviewed. We weren't allowed to get too close I guess for our own safety. As usual the Americans are pushed tot he side while they make room for the illegals.....Buses coming from Trenton, Dover, Butler, I used to think school buses were for our students and our tax dollars pay for these buses to transport our children can someone please tell me what is going on?
School buses coming from every single town in New Jersey. STS, Consolidated Bus Co, Rick Bus Co, name it every single bus company was there." (btw....many of these good folks are also 'Latino', but they are AMERICAN FIRST!)
Carmen Morales sent this photo of their 'remembrance Quilt' of young Black Americans murdered by illegal aliens in their N.J. area which they displayed a the rally.  Then entire nation could make  quilts like this.  In LA there was the promising young Jamiel Shaw, gunned down by Latino alien gang bangers. 
TTC NEW Category!    We'll add to it daily!
   Offer your own suggestions!

You might be a useful idiot if......
...... you know more about the 3 judges on American Idol than you know about
the 9 judges on the supreme court. think Jon Stewart's Daily Show is a news source. live in New York, but believe you & your elected legislooters have the right
to make land use laws for Oregon!
.....your name is John McCain or Lindsey Graham!

........ you think granting amnesty to illegal aliens will win votes for the Republican party (Will88)