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Sunday, January 21, 2018


WOW! I have never been so ashamed to be a woman. I would give up my right to vote to stop these narcissistic, IGNORANT spoiled bitches!


Use your brain, Men, she's telling the truth for once!RUN!
The Alex Jones Channel

30 seconds, I DARE YOU! Watch this you open border freaks!

THEY are the racists! NO one ever said, "I hate you brown people!" We have imported a legion of racist cultures after all the crap we went through to erradicate racism...and the left can't see it..HERE it is!

STop the bleeding heart liberalism, it's killing this country.

Jimmy Woods would know..he is a world class poker player, MIT grad, and we are going to run him for Governor of Calif SIGN the petition!

Lib's just getting embarrassing now!
You've outdone your own stupidity!
FEMAROID ALERT! NO brains are behind your 'movement'...these bitches need to be ashamed!

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Sunday, December 31, 2017

2018 BETTER be less Annoying! Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

People ask, "What IS a FEMAROID?"

noun: haemorrhoid; plural noun: haemorrhoids; noun: hemorrhoid; plural noun: hemorrhoids
  1. a swollen vein or group of veins in the region of the anus.

People ask...WHAT is a FEMAROID?
Apparently body-shaming other women is ok if you're a liberal.

December 24, 2017 Daniel Greenfield Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D - Enron) is entitled to the…

We got some SCAREY lefties Y'all!

I would give up my right to vote to STOP these useful idiots from voting and destroying this nation, our faith and the FAMILY!  YOU DO NOT SPEAK FOR ME!

 By contrast this is NOT a Femaroid...this is a real woman!

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Saturday, December 02, 2017

Liz Warren, RACIST, you SUCK! And other news you missed!

Sen. Elizabeth Warren is spewing her wampam trying to humiliate our president for TELLING THE TRUTH!  She LIED about being Cherokee, then dared to call President Trump a racist because he called her out on her treachery and HER RACIST use of native Americans to further her career!

WHEN is someone going to publicly tell this socialist bitch that many of those Cherokee she hijacked were RICH, Plantation,  African Slave owning CONFEDERATE soldiers!  HELLO! The crazy old hag should learn some history! 
  [snip]The 1835 Cherokee Census in Georgia reported:  Indians 8,946, Intermarried Whites 68,  Slaves 776,  Farms 1,735,  Acres under Cultivation 19,216.  Because many of these Cherokees were above average in socio economic success, they were also more likely to suffer acts of violence from other factions of the tribe as well as settlers encroaching on their homes.....
From the book "Jesus Wept" An American Story,     Chapter 2    -    Law, Law Understood, and Law Executed         Cherokee Nation, East circa 1780 - 1837
Will she demand that this CONFEDERATE symbol, the Cherokee Brave flag,  flown in battle in the Civil war be destroyed??

 And further, politically the Ridge party was anything but what her party represents!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ much is Walmart going to undermine this country before you STOP SHOPPING IN THE DAMN DUMP????? YOU are financing our demise!
Walmart is selling Antifa tee-shirts

Capitalism to fright Capitalism? Your local Wal-Mart may be selling shirts which support what at least one state has deemed as a domestic terror group. It was discovered today that Wal-Mart is now selling a large variety

Bernie/Hillary/Warren voters:

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Monday, October 30, 2017

WHO is Paul Singer? It's not about RUSSIA, It's about immigration....Rubio/Ryan/Norquist/Conda!

Oh, please!  The information is all over the place.  ALL this push and propaganda against Trump is ALL about immigration.  The Russia Scam was brought to you by the DNC/Hillary, but FIRST....
There was Paul Singer!

TTC reported it before!

Sunday, November 01, 2015

Media & SuperPacs Picking our candidates…push on for Rubio! 

 Who is Paul Singer?

It's ALL about amnesty, cheap labor and bad TPP like trade deals!   Follow the $$

PBS's David Brooks doesn't seem to know there is another GOP candidate besides Marco Rubio and the rest of the leftist media is pushing the great 'Latino' GOP hope whether YOU want this amnesty hawking, Obama TPP voting traitor or not!

Yesterday we were told that Marco has a new Sugar Daddy.

Headline:  Rubio sings for SINGER: shady millionare donates big to Marco

This article's focus is on Gay rights as a Singer cause and failed to even give us his first name. 


[snip]  Singer, a major hedgefund manager, has a lot to lose in Donald Trump’s tax plan, which penalizes hedgefund managers who pay no taxes. Singer, a hedgefund guru, is a notorious RINO donor, funding major initiatives that are against conservative values…
The source said the endorsement was a significant blow to Bush’s candidacy, because the billionaire has a vast network of people who will give hard dollars to Rubio and lots of money to his super PAC.
“He’s someone that’s successful at raising money,” Rubio told reporters at a campaign event in Orange City, Iowa. “I’m grateful that, you know, when people donate to us they buy into our agenda, and I’m glad that he has....“He’s someone that’s successful at raising money,” Rubio told reporters at a campaign event in Orange City, Iowa. “I’m grateful that, you know, when people donate to us they buy into our agenda, and I’m glad that he has….

And WHAT, might the 'agenda' be that Singer & Rubio have it common?  It's no secret and plenty is out there about what Singer's 'agenda' is, and this is nothing new…Singer has financed Rubio's AMNESTY before!  

Do remember, when you hear 'immigration' reform, that means amnesty, cheap foreign labor and anything these big $$$ dealers demand!   They will write the laws!
The GOP leadership is corrupt....
Singer has been propping up all the amnesty/bad trade pushers, yes, even Rep. GREG WALDEN! Walden/NRCC is who is selling bogus ‪#‎Trump‬ gear to fund their RINO candidates in the House!

Headline:  GOP donor backs immigration reform

[snip]  For Singer, the move to become involved financially is in keeping with his history of pro-business policies — and dovetails with efforts by News Corp. chairman Rupert Murdoch (FOX) , who formed a group with New York City Mayor and businessman Mike Bloomberg to support immigration reform from a pro-business standpoint.

Singer has been a donor to the anti-tax Club for Growth,* which made itself a major presence in primaries last cycle on the Republican side. But he also helped fund the efforts to pass a gay marriage law in New York State in 2011, and formed a super PAC last cycle aimed at supporting lawmakers who cast votes that were friendly on gay rights.

At a recent fundraiser at the St. Regis Hotel in New York that benefited House Speaker John Boehner’s PAC, Singer discussed immigration reform with people in the room, sources familiar with the event said. National Republican Campaign Committee chairman Greg Walden was also on hand for the dinner.

Singer, through his donations, “wants to make sure there is a Republican forum for immigration reform, and [that] he’s contributing to it,”     Read more:

Bottom line?   The Paul Singers of this world own your GOP leadership.  He dictated policy and financed Mitt Romney's run and he owns House republicans from Boehner or  Ryan to Greg Walden.
And he, thru his pacs and Club for Growth will dictate Rubio policy.
Donald Trump appears to be the only rich guy in America willing to spend his own $ to warn us of these VULTURES who care not whether the rest of us have a job or get slaughtered by criminal illegal aliens and terrorists coming with them!  

Donald J. Trump
✔ @realDonaldTrump
I see Marco Rubio just landed another billionaire to give big money to his Superpac, which are total scams. Marco must address him as "SIR"!
5:23 AM - 31 Oct 2015  Twitter


For more background on this player Singer see the article by Greg Palast.

"The purpose of the Singer call was clear: to smear the reporter whose broadcasts from Africa for BBC Newsnight, The Guardian and Democracy Now! had identified Singer as a "Vulture," a speculator profiteering from misery, mayhem, corruption and civil war.
Apparently, the Republican Presidential front-runner [Romney] would prefer his sugar-daddies be known as "job creators," not predators."

*  The Club for Growth supports every candidate we don't want. It's all about immigration and bad trade, like TPP. Jim Demint even supports Paul Ryan. So does Newt!  DeMint was fading more and more and went to work for Heritage. Heritage's head economist is Steven Moore, open border hack who along with Norquist & Cesar Conda destroyed Prop. 187 in Ca. We have no institutions left fighting this!  Do you understand?  They've all been compromised!   ‪
Trump‬ is in this alone, except for Jeff Sessions in DC.
 Ryan was hand picked for DC Politics and mentored by  Cesar Conda, open border, free traitor lobbyist who happens to be chief of staff for....MARCO in the house, one in the senate...double Trojan horse!  Don't put one of them into the White House! 

UPDATE...isn't this special???

The (Little Marco...snicker....)Marco Rubio Connection: Senator Dodges Questions About Megadonor Paul Singer’s Funding of Anti-Trump Research Firm Behind Dossier

One day after Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) denied his presidential campaign was involved in the production of the so-called Russia dossier against President Donald Trump, the former Trump presidential primary rival candidate’s top campaign donor, Paul Singer, was revealed to have originally funded the firm’s anti-Trump research through the Washington Free Beacon.

Singer, a GOP mega-donor and open borders enthusiast, was behind–through the Free Beacon–the original efforts that Fusion GPS was engaged in to produce opposition research on Trump during the 2016 presidential election. After the primary was over and Trump was the GOP nominee in 2016, the effort shifted from a Free Beacon-and-Singer-backed Fusion GPS mission to a mission funded by failed Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Rodham Clinton’s campaign.
But, when pressed on the question this week, Rubio sought to distance himself and his campaign from his main donor’s efforts. [snip]

Trackback! Rubio needs to go away with the other Conda man, Paul Ryan!

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Thursday, October 26, 2017

RUSSIAGATE...where is Craig Livingstone?


I was curious what has happened to Craig Livingstone, hired thug/enforcer of Hillary Clinton from the filegate any of you remember the 90's????? HELLO, she was corrupt then and she's worse now!  The truth of the collusion to invent a Trump/Russia scandal is coming out and it all sounds so familiar...typical Clinton cover ups and corruption.  It smells like the old Livingstone days. 

This is an interesting take on that and the Loretta Lynch/Bill Clinton meeting in a plane at an airport.

Loretta Lynch, Meet Craig Livingstone

July 15, 2016

It doesn’t always make sense to apply Occam’s Razor to a problem. Sometimes a problem is too complex, with multiple dimensions and interconnecting causes, for that. (The 14th-century English Franciscan friar, William of Occam, argued that the simplest explanation for an occurrence, the one that requires the fewest assumptions, is usually the best.) But Bill Clinton’s 30-minute meeting with Loretta Lynch on her private airplane on the tarmac at the Phoenix Airport is not one of those exceptions.
The simplest explanation makes the most sense: Clinton was up to no-good. The only question was what technique he employed to achieve his ends. Lynch said that the meeting with Mr. Clinton on June 29 was unplanned, largely social, and did not touch on the email investigation; that Clinton walked uninvited from his plane to her government plane, both of which were parked on a tarmac at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.
“He said hello and I basically said hello, and congratulated him on his grandchildren, as people do,” she said. “That led to a conversation about those grandchildren.”
Am I saying that Lynch is lying and that Clinton “threatened” her in some way? No. He wouldn’t have to do anything that obvious. Clinton may have talked only about the topics Lynch mentioned. But there was a subtext. And Lynch knows that. Lynch knows about the Clintons’ “war rooms” and that strange collection of soft men with beady eyes who serve as their hatchet men. Clinton knows how to use smiles and small talk to hint at their existence.
(Why do these Clinton attack dogs, like Sydney Blumenthal and David Brock, always look like grown-up versions of the kids who were picked on in high school? Is hardball politics a way for men like this to make up for residual insecurities? Anthony Weiner is an example, too. Do you think he ever screamed at the guys in the New York City playgrounds the way he used to do at Republicans when he was in Congress?)
Lynch may be as honest and ethical as everyone says, but she has moved in Democratic circles her entire adult life. She has heard the scuttlebutt. She remembers Craig Livingstone. It makes no difference that FBI Director James Comey announced on July 5 that the FBI decided not to press charges against Hillary. Bill Clinton knew that was going to happen when he met with Lynch.
How do I know that Clinton knew? Because ABC, NBC, and CBS knew. They announced just two days after Clinton’s meeting with Lynch and days before the FBI announcement not to indict, that there would be no charges against Hillary. If the networks were given leaks about the FBI’s intention, so was Bill Clinton.
His goal when meeting with Lynch was to button up the case, to make sure that she would not say anything to cloud the picture that the Clintons wanted the American people to see in the wake of the decision not to indict.
Livingstone, for those whose memory needs refreshing, was the key figure in the Clinton scandal known as “Filegate.” He was the Clinton White House’s director of personnel security who was forced to resign in 1996 when it was discovered that he was in charge of a team that collected FBI files on hundreds of individuals, mostly Republicans. The discovery was a great embarrassment for the White House, arousing suspicions that the Clintons were looking for dirt on people in public life who might stand in the way of their plans. [snip]

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Saturday, October 21, 2017

Your field of dreams.......

 From the movie, Field of Dreams and the amazing James Earl Jones.

Ray Kinsella: Don't you miss being involved? 

Terence Mann: I was the East Coast distributor of "involved." I ate it, drank it, and breathed it... Then they killed Martin, Bobby, and they elected Tricky Dick twice, and people like you must think I'm miserable because I'm not involved anymore. Well, I've got news for you. I spent all my misery years ago. I have no more pain for anything. I gave at the office. 

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