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Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Video proof that Trump is right about 9/11 Muslim celebrations & Number of Refugees!

The Media is scrubbing the news to attack Trump!
TRUMP is right!This is from a saved NY Post article!

" Here in New York, it was easy to get angry listening to Egyptians, Palestinians and the Arabs of nearby Paterson, N.J., celebrate as they received word of the murderous attacks in New York and Washington. But Mayor Giuliani (who has been tireless and magnificent in this crisis) rightly warned New York- ers that it would be wrong to take their anger out on the city’s Arab and Muslim residents. Attacks on Arab-Americans in Paterson or elsewhere are utterly indefensible.
Omar, a Muslim New Yorker and former student of mine at Cooper Union, e-mailed me to say he was “sickened to watch Middle Easterners celebrate our sorrow.” He is an American who has imbibed our values while maintaining his Muslim faith. He wants no truck with those who kill in the name of Islam. (link via Wayback Machine – Web Archive)"…/did-new-york-post-sc…/

This is interesting. Mike M via twitter notices a Page Six story from September 2001 disappears from the New York Post. On September 14th 2001 the New York Post…

MORE video proof of reports of Muslim celebrating in USA!



September 12, 2001 a woman calls on the howard stern and confirms trump about muslims cheering…

I caught PBS Newshour flat out lying about ‪#‎Trump‬ again....they 'fact checked' his statement about so many 'refugees' being planned to be brought in and said the # was only 10,000! Even Bernie and Hillary said it was 65,000 to start! Tell these liars what you think!
Full 11/30 broadcast here:…/john-kerry-u-s-accept-85-000-refug…

The Secretary of State said the number will rise to 100,000 in 2017. Aides say that many, though not all, of the additional refugees would be Syrian.|By NBC News
LOVELY People!~

Hundreds of refugees got into a huge brawl at a German shelter Sunday and it took more than 100 police to subdue them. The fight took place at the retired…

Shock Poll: 51% of U.S. Muslims Want Sharia; 25% Okay with Violence Against Americans…/shock-poll-51-of-american-musli…/

Shock Poll: 51% of U.S. Muslims Want Sharia; 25% Okay with Violence Against Americans AP Photo by John Nolte24 Jun 20150 The Center for Security Policy…

Rasmussen Reports - The best place to look for polls that are spot on|By Rasmussen Reports

AND more scams from the GOP using Trump…..these all from the last week from NRSC (National Republican Senate Committee)  NOT ONE CENT GOES to the TRUMP campaign…they keep it ALL  while they sell counterfeit Trump gear! CALL THEM OUT!
THEY admit they are not working for Trump!

"The NRSC (National Republican Senatorial Committee) is the only national organization solely devoted to strengthening the Republican Senate Majority and electing Republicans to the United States Senate.
We provide invaluable support and assistance to current and prospective Republican U.S. Senate candidates in the areas of budget planning, election law compliance, fundraising, communications tools and messaging, research and strategy." 
The NRSC does not use or accept taxpayer money.
We depend on the generosity of Republicans like you.
Do you support our mission?  (to SCAM Trump supporters!)

from: Michael   Dec. 1
Donald Trump is waiting  (stickers for sale)

from Jessica  Nov.22
NEW ARRIVAL  (Trump car magnet)

from Tom    Nov.23
 Kick off Thanksgiving with Donald Trump!  (stickers)

from Jim        Nov.20
What's on Your Car?    (Trump car magnet)
This is the worst…made to look like it came from Trump!

Donald Stop Hillary PAC
203 South Union Street, Suite 300
Alexandria, VA 22314
When you try to go to their main page you get this!
403 - Forbidden: Access is denied.
You do not have permission to view this directory or page using the credentials that you supplied.

Catch us on Facebook!

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Monday, November 16, 2015

These refugees will NOT be vetted & News you missed

These refugees will NOT be vetted.

 First,  they are setting up 'interview' places OVER THERE. This is how the 9/11 hijackers got in...they let Saudi Arabia decide who to send.   Clinton started that stupid practice.
 Mike Cutler, former INS agent tells a story about USCIS, the agency who 'vets' immigrants:

" Look, last year U.S. CIS, the division of DHS that gives out citizenship and immigration benefits, claimed that they lost -- are you ready for this -- 111,000 immigration files and then went ahead and naturalized 30,000 aliens without their files. "

That's how your government clears these entrants and remember this.......
France 'vetted' their migrants,  too!

I've done background checks.
 Some fool actually said today, 'just check the data bases.....'
DATA BASES??? THEY don't have toilets! They're being bombed!  Those governments hate us!
There is NO way to vet these people in that war torn backward hell hole...
"Hello, this is the US Dept. of Homeland Security calling SYRIA, please send us 200,000 files with complete records of................Hello???Hello????"


IF Conservative Review (MARK LEVIN!) were HONEST they'd get rid of that phony chart of 'conservative candidate''s a hit piece on ‪‎Trump and INCORRECT and we need to tell them we noticed their obvious errors! 
BTW, MR. Levin, do not presume to know what kind of Americans we 'bloggers' are.  You haven't listened to any reason or facts yet, why should you be right about us?  For 15 years I tried to tell you what was coming because of our corrupt immigration system and was called a racist and you coddled the K ST cronies who called us names.  Now you rant more bluntly than I ever did. You need to learn how to listen.
 You were wrong about Rubio and you're wrong about Cruz and I think you know it because you kick everyone  off your forums who disagrees.   I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt. It can only be one of two things....ignorance or corruption.  Only Mark Levin knows. 
It is amazing what people can accomplish when they get their EGOS out of the way and don't care who gets credit or makes a dollar.  WE don't have time for either anymore.    I've never charged anyone a cent for my activism...can you say the same?

Here Cruz calls Jeff Sessions a liar about TPP...which Cruz PUSHED and voted for TPA to give Obama fast track so he could bypass the LEGAL 60 votes of the Senate needed for any treaty!
 Sen. Ted Cruz is trying to win over conservatives who are critical of his support of trade legislation.
"Kuhner asked Cruz about claims from Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., that TPP gives foreign bureaucrats power to trump the U.S government. Cruz called that inaccurate....
In a similar interview with Hewitt on Thursday, Cruz blamed a flood of Internet “misinformation” for public resistance. Cruz’s campaign also published, “A Note to Conservatives on Trade Agreements,” a guide to understanding the senator’s stances.
This landed Cruz in the crosshairs of Breitbart, the powerful conservative blog that typically sings the senator’s praises.
Breitbart claims Rep. Paul Ryan and Speaker John Boehner are using Cruz to support “Obamatrade,” the blog’s nickname for fast track and TPP.
Cruz teamed up with Ryan in April on a Wall Street Journal op-ed supporting fast track and insisting the legislation ensures Congress gets a final say.
“That Cruz would use the same talking points as him is interesting and probably disappointing to many conservatives,” wrote Breitbart’s Matthew Boyle.


High Fructose Corn Syrup is cheap and the stuff will kill ya!  But BIG Sugar pays BIG $$$$ to keep it in your food!

Someone needs to give those racist CRYBULLIES and their enablers at our universities some FBI FACTS and tell them to SHUT UP...who is being persecuted here??

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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Should Trump Supporters protest the Media?

Should Trump Supporters protest the Media?

Interest has been expressed by many #Trump supporters  to organize a national protest/rally.   There are major media affiliates in every city.   No traveling or hotels would be required.  Each city could organize it's own protest in front of your chosen ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, PBS or CNN affiliate.

We have a tentative date of Saturday Dec. 5th starting at 1 P.M. until 3 P.M. Eastern.  Most of us work,  so week days didn't seem popular.  Evening protests don't get covered until the next day.

Your input and interest in participation is needed.

Bring your printed out Trump policies, REAL news items with facts to give out to those misguided by mainstream media. Bring your flags and Trump hats/signs, etc.  NO SALES of fake #Trump handouts are fine.  This is grass roots support of Mr. Trump.  Don't expect to hijack it for personal profit.  NO LOBBYISTS allowed! 

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Thursday, November 12, 2015

PBS lies about public support of illegal aliens - Who is Marielena Hincapié?

I know, I know! The media lies!
 But it's even more disgusting when your tax dollars pay for it.

Last night PBS Newshour presented Marielena Hincapié of the National Immigration Law Center Immigrant Justice Fund, who just plain BS'd the public.  This was all to make Trump look bad for wanting to enforce our laws.

The racist outfit she runs states: "Our mission is to defend & advance the rights & opportunities of low-income immigrants and their family members." and
"Ms. Hincapié immigrated as a child from Medellín, Colombia, to Central Falls, Rhode Island. She is the youngest of 10 children."

Evidently, their mission is to be another propaganda arm for illegal aliens, Obama and the open border lobby..BIG $$$ owns all these people!

She insisted that a plurality of the American citizens don't want deportation and approve of Obama's UNCONSTITUTIONAL action of handing out executive amnesty to illegal aliens….which the federal courts even disagree with.
This lying lawyer knows better, she reads the polls of the public too!
MARIELENA HINCAPIE: Yes, as Joshua said, there is a lot of support. A majority of Americans support both comprehensive immigration reform through Congress, but recent polling actually shows that the majority of Americans also support the president’s actions.
They don’t believe that undocumented immigrants who are here, who are contributing to our economy, who have children, who have deep ties to our country should be deported either. So there is support for the president’s action, as well as Congress.
No...PBS did NOT present both sides of the issue!  Propaganda doesn't work that way.
FACTS MATTER:   Take a look at these recent polls from Rasmussen!

80% Rate Illegal Immigration A Serious Problem

Most Still Oppose Obama’s Anti-Deportation Plan

 President Obama has ordered that nearly five million illegal immigrants be allowed to remain in this country legally and apply for jobs.  Do you favor or oppose the president’s plan?   -- Only 25% think the president has the legal authority to grant amnesty to several million illegal immigrants without the approval of Congress. Fifty-nine percent (59%) disagree and say he does not have that legal power.

Voters Favor 'Kate's Law' Sentences for Illegal Immigrant Felons
Voters Want to Punish Sanctuary Cities
Voters Favor Deportation More Than Government Does

AND ….Most voters continue to believe the federal government is not interested in stopping illegal immigration, and support for state rather than federal enforcement of immigration laws is now at its highest level in several years.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 55% of Likely U.S. Voters still think that the policies and practices of the federal government encourage people to enter the United States illegally.

Let PBS and Ms. Marielena Hincapié  know that you don't appreciate them lying on national television to the ignorant public that YOUR tax $$$ pay for!
(National Headquarters National Immigration Law Center)

PO Box 70067
Los Angeles, CA  90070
(213) 639-3900  |  (213) 639-3911 fax

Comments here for PBS and this sham presentation:

How about this, Marielena!!??

Poll: Trump Getting More Hispanic Support Than Romney in 2012


A new poll of 2,000 citizens shows that Donald Trump’s immigration stance has more support among Hispanic Americans than Gov. Mitt Romney won in 2012, even after the pollsters reminded respondents of Trump’s most controversial statements on immigration.

Twenty-eight percent of Hispanic Americans agreed with Trump’s June statement that “When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re sending people that have lots of problems. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists.”
In 2012, Romney won 27 percent of the Hispanic-American vote.

THIS , just in! 
 The Trump Way on Immigration Suits Republicans, Poll Shows
Sadly, the public is still confused about how BAD Rubio AND Cruz are on immigration!

Rubio started out being SOLD OUT!
Ted Cruz will sell you out so fast your head will spin! He is owned by the illegal alien lobby.
TOP CRUZ Contributors 2013-14
1. Club for Growth $705,657
2. Senate Conservatives Fund $315,991 (this outfit is selling bogus ‪#‎Trump‬ gear and keeping all the $$)
3. Woodforest Financial Group $111,500
4. Goldman Sachs  
$69,350  (where his wife works…got bailed out! Meets with Obama on amnesty, hired illegal aliens) 5. Morgan Lewis LLP $67,550 (lawyers…extremely pro Amnesty! April 12, 2013
Morgan Lewis Immigration partner Eleanor Pelta recently spoke on the business necessity for comprehensive U.S. immigration reform.

Paul was dead wrong when he jumped ‪#‎Trump‬ about China/TPP. 'debate' thing about who 'won' is interesting. NEVER is a president going to be in a debate. All of them have history of debate except ‪‎Trump‬ and I do NOT CARE how well he debates...he can think and speak without a teleprompter, he's right on the issues and he can NEGOTIATE! So what if Ted Cruz is a 'wonderful' is every LYING LAWYER and THAT is the BEST thing about #Trump..he's NOT a LAWYER! 

UPDATE 11/12/15

How AWFUL is this...this phony page set up to look like Trump support is all about selling Bogus Trump gear!   Time for Trump 2016 

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Sunday, November 08, 2015

Marco Rubio..OWNED by illegal alien lobby & Private Prison Big $$$$ donors!

Once in a while the Washington Post shocks us and produces an article actually worth reading.    Better late than never, I suppose.
TTC has been trying to warn you about this scam for years!

* hmmmm....prisons, private prisons who are BIG campaign donors and THRIVE off incarcerating illegal aliens!!!!

"Near the Texas border, private prisons are used to house federal inmates who are in detention awaiting trial for offenses ranging from immigration violations to drug trafficking and human smuggling."

 THOSE private prison corps pay BIG political contributions to keep that border OPEN to stock their prisons and pocketbooks!

In this article, "McCain, The worst Senator Money can Buy, TTC told you:    Money is a big part of it. Big donations by mobsters in Vegas, the La Raza crowd and private prisons who house illegal aliens ( Private prison builder GEO’s PAC gave only $5,000 each to the campaigns of Hillary Clinton, John McCain, Rudy Giuliani and Mike Huckabee. 
$500 to McCain several times was given by John Hurley, ceo GEO, who contributes BIG to
the open border loving RNC and Charlie Christ.
NOTE: Remember just a few days ago the prisoners who escaped one of McCain’s donor's private prisons in AZ??? This is a big scam to house illegal aliens and they are notorious for problems within them

Headline WAPO Nov. 7, 2015 :   How for-profit prisons have become the biggest lobby no one is talking about
Sen. Marco Rubio is one of the biggest beneficiaries.

[snip]  A 2011 investigative report published by The Center for Media and Democracy detailed the connections between Rubio and GEO during his time in the Florida House. It notes that Rubio hired Donna Arduin, a former trustee for GEO’s Correctional Properties Trust, as an economic consultant. Arduin worked with Rubio’s then-budget chief, Ray Sansom, who pushed through a $110 million deal for a new GEO prison in the House Appropriations Bill. The report also detailed how legislation favorable to GEO Group has shadowed Arduin’s presence in government from California to Florida. In 2011, Florida Gov. Rick Scott – who also used Arduin as a budget adviser – pushed (unsuccessfully) to privatize 27 prisons south of Orlando.
Upon winning the Senate seat, Rubio tapped former lobbyist Cesar Conda as his chief of staff in 2011.  Conda had co-founded what is now GEO’s main lobbying firm, Navigators Global, and after joining Rubio, continued receiving payments of $150,000 from the firm as part of a stock buyout arrangement. In April 2014, Conda went on to lead Rubio’s Reclaim America PAC as a senior adviser, until recently rejoining Navigators. During Conda’s time with Rubio, GEO became a top-10 contributor to Reclaim America, giving $16,000 in 2014, according to Conda’s firm also banked $610,000 from the private prison company between 2011 and 2014 as its lobbying firm. According to a disclosure form obtained by The Nation, among the issues Navigators lobbied for on GEO’s behalf was immigration reform…….

TheTownCrier has told you before about Cesar Conda, open border guru tied to Grover Norquist and Karl Rove.  The WAPO, in my opinion is wrong when it says, "  Rubio tapped former lobbyist Cesar Conda as his chief of staff in 2011."

In my opinion, Rubio was picked by Cesar Conda, to be sure illegal aliens continue their flow and influence, just like he mentored and brought PAUL RYAN into DC politics!
 Follow the $$$   

Rubio was picked because he sells out SO easily! His history is full of sell outs!

Conda was a lobbyist for private prisons who love open borders and government $$$ to incarcerate illegal aliens.

"They also now have a paid lobbyist working in the office of a Republican Senator at the forefront of the immigration debate, in a state with major immigration issues.
Take for example the chief of staff to young Republican superstar Marco Rubio, Cesar Conda.  Conda still maintains ties to a powerful lobbying firm in Florida that has lobbied for the GEO Group.  In fact, he still maintains partial ownership, and was paid between $50,000-$100,000 by the firm after he became Rubio’s chief of staff..  So he’s still being paid by companies like the GEO Group while working as the number-one guy to a US Senator.
So the GEO Group has revenues of nearly $2 billion per year, much of which comes from the federal government as payment for detaining immigrants.  It has spent more than $5 million in lobbying and political contributions in the past 8 years"

Psst...remember we've told you that Glen Beck sold out to the open border hacks of Freedom Works and Americans for prosperity?    Remember when we warned the Tea Party about getting involved with Dick Armey's Freedom works because he has always been pro amnesty??.....

– Cesar Conda is a senior fellow at Freedom Works  and an editorial advisory board member of International Economy Magazine. He is a volunteer policy advisor to the Mitt Romney presidential campaign.
AND:  "Armey said FreedomWorks paid Beck $1 million to say nice things about the group to raise more cash"

More:   Marco Rubio, Geo Group, and a Legacy of Corruption
By Beau Hodai on August 29, 2012
"U.S. Senator Marco Rubio's unsettling history of extremely close ties to private prison operator Geo Group and the possible federal investigation into Florida's private prison giveaway of more than $120 million. "-
See more at:


Meanwhile, Rubio is content to let YOU pay his salary as an absentee senator (Like Ted Cruz, Ron Paul...McCain, Hillary & Obama before them!)  while he runs for the Amnesty President.


Donald #Trump brought in the highest ratings for Saturday Night Live with his guest host last night.

Cleaning up after SNL!    An alpha male with a sense of humor! What's not to like!

BEN CARSON...sorry, people, Carson is a mess!  The Carson media mess is right out of the people who own Rubio...Cesar Conda, Grover Norquist, Rove. Politico and Marco Rubio spread worse lies about ‪#‎Trump‬ last week than they did Ben Carson. Be sure people understand that #Trump did NOT file personal bankruptcy..facts here..

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Thursday, November 05, 2015

GOP & Media (Politico) want RINO Rubio and will cover his lies about Trump to do it!

Headline:   Rubio knocks Trump for switching stances on immigration

THIS ARTICLE IS A LIE!   We knew Marco Rubio had sold out to the illegal alien lobby LONG ago, but we didn't know he was a flat out liar.
 NASTY people own Rubio.
 Politico is the mouthpiece of the organized crime wing of the GOP, who is happy to publicize the lies of Marco Rubio without the thought of correcting the record.

 Here are the facts of #Trumps prior position IN WRITING:  Trump from "The America We Deserve", 2000   He has always been pro enforcement/anti INVASION!

IMMIGRATION- PROTECTING OUR OWN There's another area of foreign affairs that doesn't get talked about very much, but it is a huge issue: Immigration. America is experiencing serious social and economic difficulty with illegal immigrants who are flooding across our borders. Five million illegals live in this country.

Two million of them live in California. Seven hundred thousand undocumented immigrants live in Texas. We simply can't absorb them. It is a scandal when America cannot control its own borders.

A liberal policy of immigration may seem to reflect confidence and generosity. But our current laxness toward illegal immigration shows a recklessness and disregard for those who live here legally.

Trump, Donald (2000-01-15). The America We Deserve (Kindle Locations 1670-1671). St. Martin's Press. Kindle Edition.

Trump from "Time to Get Tough: Making America #1 Again," 2011

Illegal immigration is a wrecking ball aimed at U.S. taxpayers.
Washington needs to get tough and fight for "We the People," not for the special interests who want cheap labor and a minority voting bloc. Every year taxpayers are getting stuck with a $113 billion bill to pay for the costs of illegal immigration.2 That's a bill we can't afford and wouldn't have to pay if people in Washington did their jobs and upheld our nation's laws.

Trump, Donald J. (2011-12-06). Time to Get Tough: Making America #1 Again (p. 135). Regnery Publishing. Kindle Edition.
This isn't the first time Politico has done misinformation dirty work for the open border lobby and Rubio.  Yesterday we told you about this Politico propaganda for Rubio & Tea Party Express:

Headline:  Exclusive: Politico Misreports Tea Party Support for Immigration Bill 

The Grassroots Tea Party NEVER supported the Gang of 8/Rubio bill. TPE liked it, but wouldn't commit at that time one way or the other.  They certainly never objected to it. 
 In fact, a few months ago, TPE had picked their candidates! 

"“Senator Ted Cruz was the first to announce last week; Senator Rand Paul is announcing tomorrow; and we are expecting Senator Marco Rubio to complete the Tea Party’s 2016 trifecta next week. ....The Tea Party 2016 trifecta will bring important ideas and energy to a country that is yearning for new, conservative leadership,” Russo concluded."

You can find Trumps written policy here:

Immigration Reform That Will Make America Great Again

The three core principles of Donald J. Trump's immigration plan

Rubio and his puppeteers aren't letting up on the lies!~
This morning Rubio and his media are promoting his latest lie that Trump has gone bankrupt FOUR times! 
"I find it ironic that the only person running for president that's ever declared a bankruptcy, four times in the last 25 years, is attacking anyone's finances," Rubio told CNN when asked about the feud."
Donald Trump has NEVER filed personal bankruptcy!   FACTS matter, but not to the open border crowd!  As someone who has worked for decades in this field, I know what a Chapter 11 Bko is...and so does the lying Rubio campaign.  It is reorganization..the creditors get paid!

Law Dictionary: How is Donald Trump Able to File for Bankruptcy So Many Times?

Written by James Hirby | Fact checked by The Law Dictionary staff  

People might ask "How is Donald Trump able to file for bankruptcy so many times?" The answer is "He didn't." Trump himself has never filed for bankruptcy. His corporations have filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy four times.   By filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, the corporation is allowed to continue running while restructuring and reducing its debt. By allowing the business to continue, employees still have their jobs and the business is still making money. Corporate debts still need to be repaid but they may be reduced. The corporation must develop a repayment plan and corporate budget. Both must be approved by the creditors and by the bankruptcy court.

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Tuesday, November 03, 2015


AND HOW!!!  TTC has been ranting about this for years! It's not that difficult!
ONE more time! TEA Party Express is PRO AMNESTY, K St. Lobbyists who have hijacked the Tea Party effort for their own agenda!   FOLLOW THE $$$!

 Headline:  Nov. 3, 2015   -  Senator Marco Rubio – Tea Party Choice for Vice-President
                   Congressmen Paul Ryan ...... Strong Tea Party Favorites

Seriously...WHO do you know who supports Marco Rubio for anything??? NO ONE!  Paul Ryan..give me a break! 
   No one other than a bunch of open border/cheap labor bought and paid for lobbyists, that's WHO!

AS we have told you before.....Ryan and Rubio are a two headed Trojan Horse!
It's all about immigration and bad trade, like TPP.   Jim Demint even supports Paul Ryan. So does Newt!  DeMint was fading more and more and went to work for Heritage. Heritage's head economist is Steven Moore, open border hack who along with Norquist & Cesar Conda destroyed Prop. 187 in Ca. We have no institutions left fighting this!  Do you understand?  They've all been compromised!   ‪
Trump‬ is in this alone, except for Jeff Sessions in DC.
 Ryan was hand picked for DC Politics and mentored by  Cesar Conda, open border, free traitor lobbyist who happens to be chief of staff for....MARCO in the house, one in the senate...double Trojan horse!  Don't put one of them into the White House! 

They also call themselves Our Country Pac.   Notice there is no objection to amnesty anywhere!


Tuesday, May 07, 2013

SILENCE IS CONSENT! TEAPARTY or not the TEAPARTY...that is the question!

But HOW 'neutral' have they really been? Let's look at the past....

[snip]Echoing a diverse chorus of Republican voices, Kremer (Speaking for TEA PARTY EXPRESS) cited changing demographics and the need to address immigration reform, though the fiscally focused Tea Party Express doesn’t take a position on immigration policy, Kremer said. She also said that the party needed to be more aggressive in promoting its message.  So, they did this instead:   Headline: 

Tea Party Express Considering Latino-Focused Bus Tour


Sal Russo, co-founder of Tea Party Express, the political action committee that sponsored Rand Paul's response to President Obama's State of the Union address, said that his group was considering a nationwide bus tour specifically focused on the Latino community.


TPE isn't the only one to hijack the name.  This one works with Grover Norquist and CPAC to push cheap foreign labor and islamopandering.


Saturday, March 09, 2013

All Tea Party groups are NOT created equal! BEWARE!

By now conservatives ought to know they will be used by a bunch of political hacks at any opportunity, just like the left deceives blacks, hispanics, women.    I know some of us would like to actually know who and what we are supporting.  Well, there is a 'Tea Party' group out there, who, in my opinion, is only in the game to fund raise and line their pockets and support some people who simply are NOT what the grass roots of the 'Tea Party' believe in.

  Beware of wolves in sheep's clothing, people!

 From what I can find out about the principal players in and The Tea Party News Network and their political action committee Western Representation PAC, they are TOO closely aligned with Grover Norquist to ever be considered as part of 'The Tea Party".  Amnesty, which Norquist has always favored,  is a subject I cannot find addressed in any of their publications.   But, one of their principals, a 'community organizer' by the name of Dustin Stockton penned this last year:

More on this mess! May 19, 2014
Headline:  Tea Party Express leader is all-aboard amnesty train
[snip]  “The Tea Party Express, a PAC run out of Sacramento by longtime Republican consultant Sal Russo, has paid Russo’s firm $2.75 million since the beginning of 2013, while donating just $45,000 to candidates and spending less than $162,000 on ads and bus tours supporting their election...


TTC has been telling you about the NRCC & NRSC scamming Trump supporters by selling bogus Trump gear...NRSC also runs a 'news' outlet called  Conservative Intel.  It is most certainly NOT pro #Trump! 

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