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Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Cruz & Obama just screwed millions of us out of our SS benefits! WAKE UP

TED CRUZ just screwed YOU out of your Social Security least he did for me! I was getting widow benefits...but no more! Obama was happy to sign it!

[snip]Politicians describe Social Security as "the third rail," meaning that enacting any benefit cuts will kill them politically. But this is precisely what they voted to do under the Bipartisan Budget Bill of 2015. Spouses as well as divorced spouses (who were married for 10 or more years) who reached 62 by Jan. 2 can still collect just their spousal or divorced spousal benefit between 66 and 70 and then take their own retirement benefit at 70. (there are many other cuts as well!)

Rand Paul voted against it. 
Jeff Sessions (R-AL), also voted Nay *

A friend said:   “Psychologically Cruz and Obama are peas in a pod.”

SO RIGHT! Both had absent fathers and dysfunctional childhoods. Both Harvard trained mouthpieces. Both Foreign least we KNOW CRuz was! Both hold awards for most absentee first term senators with NO practical business experience. Both headed the Harvard law review...Ted under the name of RAFAEL for the LATINO law review.
Neither of them give a rip about us or this country.
Donald Trump is the one who will keep his promise not to take away our benefits. Some cuts, I can live with and welcome...but this is over the top.

Cruz now says he's staying in to the end, up to the convention!  He reminds me of the jealous boyfriend who murders his woman to make sure that if HE can't have her, no one else will!


THIS is what Cruz voted for and Obama signed! MORE GOP support than the Dems!  BOTH SIDES OF THE ISLE ARE CORRUPT! WAKE UP!
Some of you may remember TTC posting this years ago....  IF I were an elderly ILLEGAL ALIEN in California, I could get over a thousand $$ a month and NEVER paid in one damn dime to SS!   (you can see that here.....

Jeff Sessions Attacks Budget Deal With ‘Bricks of Truth’

Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL)  tore into the congressional budget deal on the Senate floor, arguing it is being jammed through without sufficient acknowledgment of its serious flaws.

“Once again, a massive deal, crafted behind closed doors, is being rushed through Congress under a threat of panic,” he said. “The Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015 serves as a reminder that the most important and controversial legislation is still being drafted in secret, with little or no input from the members of this chamber.”
Pointing to what he called “bricks of truth,” Sessions argued his opposition to the bill, calling for more time to consider the legislation and urging that it not be hastily passed.
“At its core, this deal with President Obama provides what President Obama has demanded throughout,” Sessions, a former budget committee chairman, said.
Namely, he pointed to the increase in federal spending caps for two years and the elimination of the current debt limit until March of 2017.
“This is a covert, a clever way of raising the debt ceiling without having to engage in a real discussion of Washington’s runaway spending problem,” he said. “It ensures that no further serious conversation about our debt course or any corresponding action to alter it will take place.”
Additionally, Sessions took issue with what he said is the cementing of a precedent to tether increases in defense spending with domestic spending.
“How silly is this? What possible logical argument can you make for this?” he said, calling it “deeply troubling.”

Sessions also took aim at the accounting “gimmicks” in the bill that he earlier decried in a joint statement with Rep. Moe Brooks
Wednesday: The use of “tricks” like double-counting for savings and raiding the Social Security Trust fund to bolster the disability program. “We’re losing momentum,” he said. “Several years ago we were in serious discussions about the dangers we face financially, and that has been eroded.”
The Alabamian stressed the need for more time, saying there is no need to pass the bill immediately.
“There’s no crisis that requires us to pass it today,” he said. “There are a number of interim steps we could take to allow this bill to be out there for the members to actually study it, to offer amendments on it, and maybe improve it and for the America people to understand just what it is the members of Congress are doing to their Social Security and the fiscal debt of America.”
Sessions pointed to the GOPs ability to negotiate spending reforms with Obama in the 2011 debt limit deal even with a smaller majority in the House and no majority in the Senate.
“And now there are 54 Republicans in the chamber and the House has a huge majority. So I think we can do better and I don’t think this should be rushed through the Congress and I would object to its passage,” he concluded.

MUST your liberal & GOP elite friends how their representatives act...the MEDIA WON'T!

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