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Friday, January 29, 2010

Indians, Lobbyists and Arizona Politics...OH MY!


The scene is the Foxwoods Resort Casino in Connecticut . The year 2000.
The congressman has $100 chips stacked high, having a grand time at the crap table.
He likes to gamble and isn't afraid to show some temper when he loses.
Along for the ride are his campaign manager and one of the two biggest lobbyists handing out campaign money from various Indian tribes who was also a 20 year friend of the legislator.

By now we've all heard about the money J.D. Hayworth received from an Indian tribe by way of disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff, who was one of the two big boys in Indian tribe money lobbying.

Pot, meet Kettle....

However, it was not J.D. Hayworth, nor Jack Abramoff at the crap table.
It was Senator John McCain, campaign manager and Indian lobbyist in his own right, Rick Davis, along with Scott Reed, now the one remaining big time lobbyist handling the tribes and their money.

National Review wrote:

“That would be this New York Times story, describing McCain playing the craps table with Rick Davis and Scott Reed. Davis is a longtime McCain friend and associate, currently his campaign manager, who runs a lobbying firm that represented Indian tribes with casino interests. Reed also worked as a lobbyist for Indian tribes, but he was also Bob Dole's campaign manager in 1996, where McCain is a top surrogate”
Another article further describes the scene.
McCain was betting at a casino he oversaw as a member of the Senate Indian Affairs Committee, and he was doing so with the lobbyist who represents that casino.
The visit had been arranged by the lobbyist, Scott Reed, who works for the Mashantucket Pequots, a tribe that has contributed heavily to McCain's campaigns and built Foxwoods into the world's second-largest casino. Joining them was Rick Davis, McCain's campaign manager. Their night of good fortune epitomized not just McCain's affection for gambling, but also the close relationship he has built with the gambling industry and its lobbyists during his 25-year career in Congress.
As a two-time chairman of the Indian Affairs Committee, McCain has done more than any other member of Congress to shape the laws governing America's casinos, helping to transform the once-sleepy Indian gambling business into a $26-billion-a-year behemoth with 423 casinos across the country.
As factions of the ferociously competitive gambling industry have vied for an edge, they have found it advantageous to cultivate a relationship with McCain or hire someone who has one, according to an examination based on more than 70 interviews and thousands of pages of documents.
McCain portrays himself as a Washington maverick unswayed by special interests, referring recently to lobbyists as "birds of prey." Yet in his current campaign, more than 40 fund-raisers and top advisers have lobbied or worked for an array of gambling interests - including tribal and Las Vegas casinos, lottery companies, and online poker purveyors.
When rules being considered by Congress threatened a California tribe's planned casino in 2005, McCain helped spare the tribe. Its lobbyist, who had no prior experience in the gambling industry, had a nearly 20-year friendship with McCain.

ayworth's explanation of the Abramoff contribution is spelled out by him here.
Hayworth got direct contributions of $2,250 from Abramoff, which was donated to charity, Hurricane Katrina relief. The Indian tribe in question insisted the money they gave by way of Abramoff be kept by Hayworth.

Hayworth's exoneration of any criminal charges, by the US Dept. of Justice is in a letter from them here.

The McCain campaign is trying to use this non issue to destroy Hayworth, while indulging in bigger tribe money and underhanded backroom deals far surpassing anything Jack Abramoff pulled.

McCain has been chair of the Indian affairs committee since 2005, having served on it for many years prior. He used this position to bring down Abramoff, who was second only to handing out tribe dollars to McCain's man Scott Reed. Some have speculated the move was not so much to rid politics of the likes of Abramoff, but to gain a monopoly on tribe campaign dollars. There's even a book, 'The Perfect Villain: John McCain and the Demonization of Jack Abramoff' speculating McCain's motives.

In one such article, Chuck Muth writes:
When stories of Jack Abramoff taking various Indian tribes to the cleaners first hit the press, McCain - Chairman of the Senate Indian Affairs Committee and author of the un-American, anti-free speech McCain-Feingold campaign censorship law - decided this would be an excellent opportunity to settle some old scores, help out some old pals, and do what Sen. McCain does best...get media attention for Sen. McCain.
As the Washington insider newspaper The Hill reported in March 2004, McCain wrote at least one letter on Senate letterhead praising Reed to one of Abramoff’s clients, the Saginaw Chippewa. Five days later, Abramoff was fired and the Saginaw Chippewa tribe retained Reed. In addition, columnist Bob Novak reported last December that on the eve of the investigation’s hearings, Reed handed some $200,000 in bundled contributions to McCain. Does this smell, or what?
The thing is, this McCain “investigation” looks like a real scandal in and of itself. If there are/were actual crimes involved, that’s what the Justice Department is for, not the Senate Indian Affairs Committee. Instead, McCain appears to be using his committee and his position to (a) grandstand for his 2008 presidential campaign, (b) pay back conservatives who opposed him in 2000, and (c) scratch the back of a well-heeled lobbyist who is scratching right back.

McCain/Feingold/Campaign Finance 'reform' , more than meets the eye.

In 2006, Amanda Carpenter of Human Events relays this story.

McCain’s Law Preserved Loophole for Tribal Contributions
Sen. John McCain (R.-Ariz.), chairman of the Indian Affairs Committee, says the campaign finance reform law he sponsored in 2002 intentionally left open a loophole that allows Indian tribes to make campaign contributions to an unlimited number of candidates for federal office.
Before McCain’s law passed, most Americans were allowed to give an aggregate of only $25,000 to party committees and candidates for federal office in any two-year election cycle. Indian tribes were not subject to that cap. McCain’s law lifted the aggregate-contribution cap to $95,000 for ordinary American contributors, but declined to impose any cap at all on Indian tribes.
When I asked McCain last week why this was the case, he said, “Because tribes are ‘sovereign entities.’ They are treated on a government-to-government relationship, and we’re looking at that whole issue.”
I asked, “But it was an intentional thing?” McCain replied, “Oh yeah. … Because they are ‘sovereign nations’ unquote. We sign treaties with them.”
When I pointed out that the U.S. does not allow contributions from foreign governments, McCain said, “No, we don’t. But they’re American citizens. So, it’s a unique kind of a status.”
Evidently, Mr. McCain also believes he deserves 'a unique kind of status'. And why not be the 'anti-earmark' champion when there is a ready source of campaign income flowing from lobbyists controlling Indian money?

How very 'Maverick' of you, Senator McCain.

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Monday, January 25, 2010

The Answer to the World's Problems — Immigration to America

Just some of the Haitians who will get amnesty...


Image Hosted by

These 'immigrants' can't seem to protest or do anything about the corruption in their own homeland, but have no difficulty marching in our streets making demands.

Great Article from Center for Immigration Studies by Mark Kirkorian
The Answer to the World's Problems — Immigration to America

[snip] For the second time to three days, the Washington Post has an op-ed calling on us to help Haiti by reducing the number of Haitians living there. Elliott Abrams' piece, which I critiqued here on Friday, was wrongheaded in calling for substantial increases in Haitian immigration but at least it didn't reject American sovereignty. On the other hand, this most recent piece, by tranzi economist Michael Clemens at the Center for Global Development, is remarkable as an example of forthright post-Americanism. For instance:

"We do know, however, why many individual Haitians are poor. For a large number, there is a clear reason: Many have been willing and able to leave Haiti for American shores, but armed agents of the U.S. government have forcibly stopped them or deterred them from trying. If they had not been stopped, virtually none of them would have been as poor and vulnerable as they were on Jan. 12."

Oh my, armed agents forcibly stopping illegal immigration — the boot of the Coast Guard is stomping on Haitians' faces forever. As for "many" Haitians who are willing to leave, Clemens himself notes that 51 percent of Haitians told Gallup last year that they want to emigrate — that's 4.5 million people.

The author's political agenda is clear — use the earthquake as a rationale for "comprehensive immigration reform":

"The earthquake in Haiti has laid bare the consequences of our restrictive immigration policies."

Or, as he's written elsewhere, "immigration policy debates must take some account of their massive effects on poor people overseas."

On the other hand, I can't wait for the amnesty crowd to adopt this line of argument — it would do more to sabotage amnesty than any number of May Day marchers holding Che Guevara posters.

PS!! DO NOT donate to UNICEF! Corruption!

The French apparently stealing orphaned Haitian infants from hospitals right under UNICEF’s nose
The Collins Report ^ | January 25, 2010 |

The terrible earthquake that destroyed Haiti has also unmasked the “international aid community” especially the United Nations, as the frauds they actually are.

Last month the media largely ignored a Pan American Development Foundation report that “at least 225,000 children in Haiti have been sold into slavery as unpaid household servants.” This sobering announcement came as no surprise to the phonies in the United Nations.

They know what the conditions are in Haiti, but “after all it’s just Haiti – and we can always blame the United States” seems to be the way these people think.

Now it’s worse

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).... job revolves around helping the world’s under privileged endangered children, tells us they've noticed orphaned Haitian babies have been “disappearing” from hospitals.

This UNICEF which no doubt joins France and the rest of the world in calling Americans “occupiers” of Haiti is reporting it thinks the “noble” French are merely picking up children and taking them home like bags of groceries! France it must be noted is reportedly fast tracking the “adoption” of at least 13 of these children. All of this “raises fears” of child trafficking among these people.

The UN’s Chief of Child Protection under UNICEF told a French news agency, “What we’re understanding is that large numbers of children who do not have such documentation are leaving the country. We have quite – I have to say – an alarming situation on our hands.”

So the normal condition of 225,000 children being sold into slavery in this dirt poor country is not “an alarming situation”, but western countries getting caught stealing children like so many shop lifters is not “alarming?”

Sure the situation in Haiti is total chaos but don’t Obama’s “international” friends have any sense of decency?

Saturday, January 23, 2010

There is Hope!! J.D. Hayworth challenges McAmnesty

There is hope!

We wake up to the good news that J.D. Hayworth, radio show host and former congressman, will challenge John McCain in Arizona for the US Senate.

McCain has Sarah Palin stumping for him, so it's fair to conclude from her confusing statements that she agrees with McCain's amnesty for 20 million illegal alien lawbreakers.

McCain also has the money machine behind him along with La Raza and the democrats.

This will be a tough battle. J.D., being a proponent and activist in securing our borders was not helped by the GOP in his last run, and he won't be helped by the squatter support squad of the GOP this time. But J.D. has the tea party movement and the support of the American people!

Blast from the past, words from J.D. Hayworth:

“When you see the Mexican flags and other flags - rather than American flags - being hoisted at these demonstrations, you essentially are getting this message: ‘Yes, we are here illegally. No, we do not believe this to be your country. We do not believe in your laws . . . and we don’t believe you’re going to do anything about it.’” - Rep. J.D. Hayworth (AZ-R) -

However, Rep. J.D. Hayworth (R-AZ) has taken the lead in the fight to stop the U.S.-Mexico totalization agreement from taking effect. He has introduced H. Res. 20, a resolution of disapproval in the House.

REP. J.D. HAYWORTH, (R) ARIZONA: If there are so-called good people overstaying their visas, there are really bad people too. And more than just your garden variety of criminal, probably in that group, sad to say, are those folks who belong to terrorist cells who mean to do us harm.

Terry Anderson tells it like it is on immigration!

Great discussion at SmartGirlPolitics!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Chicken Fried! The Zac Brown Band - Major award!

Major Award!!

I've never been a fan of country music. As I age, I like it more. My son turned me on to this song, by the popular group, The Zac Brown Band. Worth a listen, if you haven't heard it.

To many millions of us, this is our American culture. A culture worth preserving.

Chicken Fried

Listen here!

Or on You Tube in concert

AND the Dumbass Award goes to the establishment GOP, in honor of the Scott Brown win in Massachusetts....after 40 years, unseating the democrat machine.

It was NOT the republican party, or even republican voters who achieved was INDEPENDENT voters! Listen up GOP...we don't want your liberal version of 'conservatism'. Will you ever learn?? And today we hear that Sarah Palin is going to campaign for the biggest rino of all, John McCain, AGAINST a conservative!

GOP...just keep pushing amnesty and the other Obama agendas, catering to hispanics, black Americans with a chip on their shoulders, gays and other whining groups...INSTEAD of the base you pretend to represent!

Independent voters are now at 50%....half the nation has no representation, and they're becoming annoyed with both of these party first hacks. You'd think the GOP and the democrats would wake up! Boy, do they need to import some more ignorant, 3rd world 'citizens'! They can't get elected by the US electorate that sees through their insanity!

The Declaration of Independents

Washington Post

Hell hath no fury like frustrated independent voters.
"Independent voters fled because of what John P. Avalon at The Daily Beast says is their "dislike of the ideological arrogance and legislative over-reach that often comes with unified one-party control of Washington....Independent voters fled because of what John P. Avalon at The Daily Beast says is their "dislike of the ideological arrogance and legislative over-reach that often comes with unified one-party control of Washington.....
"Incumbents of both parties should now realize that when voters ask, 'What have you done for me lately?', you'd better have a good answer that's about them (the voters) not you."

Now, it's way too early to tell if Scott Brown is actually a 'conservative'...time will tell. But for the time being, I'm happy to enjoy the contrast!

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Friday, January 15, 2010

How many Haitian Refugees will land in the USA?

January 15, 2010

U.S. Preparing for Potential New Wave of Haitians Fleeing North

Fox News
Haitians have been trying to come to the United States by boat for more than three decades, and U.S. officials are preparing for a potential new refugee crisis after this week's devastating earthquake.

This photo provided by Medecins Sans Frontieres shows wounded people gathered at the office of Medecins Sans Frontieres in Port-au-Prince, Haiti Wednesday Jan. 13, 2010. (AP)


WASHINGTON -- The Department of Homeland Security is "formulating" plans in case Haitians try to flee their earthquake-ravaged country for the United States, federal officials told FOX News.

For more than three decades, Haitians have been trying to come to the United States by boat, whether driven by poverty or political strife. As of Thursday afternoon, the U.S. Coast Guard had not encountered anyone in the waters off Haiti trying to reach the U.S. mainland, according to one official, but top U.S. officials have been engaged in "continuing discussions" in case things change, sources say.

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano and other top department officials have been conferring with the heads of the U.S. Coast Guard, Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement and U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services about "our capabilities in the region," one source said.

One Homeland Security official described the "continuing discussions" within the department as "a process to figure out what the posture's going to be" if Haitians try to flee what was already considered one of the poorest countries in the world.

In the end, the "senior leadership" at Homeland Security, in consultation with the Defense Department and Justice Department, will make the final decision, the official said.


Last night CBS stated that there are 850,000 Haitians living in the USA now. I’m sure every one of them would like to bring in all their relatives. Every time there is a storm in that area, we take in ‘temporary’ refugees, they never leave.

Not to mention, Obama is already an advocate of greater Haitian immigration. This will be all the excuse he needs.

“He also said there should be greater equity across the board for immigrants as well, pointing out that “it’s much harder for Haitians to immigrate, despite similar circumstances in need” as other groups that have been admitted legally.”


“Haitians living abroad, ..... Most of that diaspora is concentrated in the United States, totaling 850,000 to 1 million people.”
Oct. 2008
“Two weeks ago, the Bush administration announced it would extend temporary protected status to an estimated 300,000 Honduran, Nicaraguan and Salvadoran nationals who have been allowed to stay for years after natural disasters struck their countries.

It was granted to Hondurans and Nicaraguans after Hurricane Mitch hit in 1998 and to Salvadorans after a series of earthquakes in 2001.

While immigrant advocates argue it’s unfair to deny Haiti the same benefit afforded those countries, opponents say the fact that the immigrants from those other places are still in the US is proof the system doesn’t work.

“If Bush had ended the TPS for the Central American countries, then we would be in favour of TPS for Haitians,” said Roy Beck, president of NumbersUSA, which advocates reduced immigration. “The reason we don’t is that there’s no ‘T’ in TPS.”

UPDATE Jan. 21, 2010:

This is a photo of Haitians being airlifted to the US in cargo planes. They're headed for Orlando

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Obama Thugs, SEIU, now pushing AMNESTY! Ciudad Juarez most violent city in world!

Grab your barf bag!

SEIU Blog 7:31 AM Eastern - January 13, 2010

During this "immigration week of action"--while labor, faith and immigrant rights activists hold vigils, rallies, and press events across the country--one small group in Homestead, Florida is raising the stakes. Today marks the 13th day of a fast by six courageous activists, who are risking their lives to raise awareness about the hardship for communities and families when the government removes productive and peaceful loved ones from their midst.

After 18 years of building a life in the U.S., Jenny Aguilar (pictured with her son) is facing deportation back to Honduras.

After eating their last meal on December 31, 2009, Francisco Agustin, Jenny Aguilar, Jonathon Fried, Wilfredo Mendoza and Sebastian Caña committed to consume only liquids until the Obama Administration responds to their request to suspend deportations of undocumented immigrants with U.S. family members. As part of their demands, Fast for Our Families is asking DHS Secretary Napolitano to meet directly with fasters so that she can hear first-hand the cost of further delay on an overhaul of our broken immigration system.

Current detentions and deportations, the group says, are not only devastating for immigrant communities but are also wasting limited resources when the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) needs to focus on serious criminals and U.S. security risks. The tremendous resources wasted on deporting hard-working immigrants is out of line with U.S. values and makes little strategic sense as the Obama administration simultaneously commits to passing comprehensive reform this year.

So far, the call from Homestead, has gained national attention and inspired solidarity fasts across the country from activists who are frustrated that comprehensive immigration reform has not yet moved in Washington. These heart-felt actions in communities across the country mark a trend of field escalations that will continue until lawmakers make serious on their promise to overhaul a broken immigration system that has festered for far too long.

From the more than 1,000 mile march of DREAM students from Miami to Washington to a massive march planned to boycott Arizona Sheriff Arpaio, immigrant rights groups are finding new, creative ways to put a face on today's broken immigration system. Simply put--they will not back down until Congress and the Obama administration passes a smart, comprehensive overhaul that truly protects immigrant families, strengthens the U.S. economy, and gets undocumented immigrants into the system. And until Congress acts, they'll continue pressuring the Obama Administration to do everything they can to protect the human rights of immigrant families.

You can help support the fasters in Homestead, Florida! Fast for Families is asking for supporters to:

To learn more, go their website at where they share daily updates of the fasters' progress. And don't forget to take action to support their cause.


Ignorance of our own history is destroying us!

Test Your Knowledge on the American Revolution and Its Enduring Legacy ^

Posted on Wednesday, January 13, 2010

National Survey The American Revolution Center commissioned the first national survey to assess adult knowledge of the American Revolution. The results show that an alarming 83 percent of Americans failed a basic test on knowledge of the American Revolution and the principles that have united all Americans. Results also revealed that 90 percent of Americans think that knowledge of the American Revolution and its principles is very important, and that 89 percent of Americans expected to pass a test on basic knowledge of the American Revolution, but scored an average of 44 percent. The survey questions addressed issues related to the Revolutionary documents, people, and events, and also asked attitudinal questions about the respondents’ perception of the importance of understanding the Revolutionary history and the institutions that were established to preserve our freedoms and liberties. The survey results highlight the importance of, interest in, and lack of understanding of our Founding.


Bloody weekend in Mexico;

Ciudad Juarez most violent city in the world!

Posted: 12 Jan 2010

Visit our website:
Foreign News Report

El Universal (Mexico City) 1/11/10

The bloodiest day

Last Sunday was recorded as the “most bloody day” so far in the cartel wars, with at least 69 organized crime assassinations reported in nine Mexican states. This record for one day surpasses the previous one set last August 17 during which 57 were killed. So far in 2010, there have been 238 organized crime related murders. As usual, Ciudad Juarez in the state of Chihuahua led the nation in the killing spree, contributing 26 of the murders.


Ciudad Juarez, world class violence

It’s official. Cd. Juarez is the world’s most violent city, according to figures issued by the non-governmental organization Citizen Council for Public Security. During 2009, the city averaged 191 homicides for each 100,000 inhabitants, placing it above such other high-crime cities as New Orleans, Medellin and Cape Town. The president of the council said the figures show that the federal government’s operations in the drug war have failed. [This story was repeated in nearly all the other major newspapers with the notable exception of the three in Cd. Juarez.]


Busy weekend

Nine people were victims of murders related to organized crime in Tijuana, Baja California over the past weekend. One of those killed was a state police officer. Six people were murdered in the neighboring state of Sonora.


El Imparcial (Hermosillo, Sonora) 1/11/10

The Mexican Army arrested a group of six men in Nogales, Sonora, who were armed with grenades and rifles and riding in an armored vehicle with tactical uniforms of the Mexican federal Department of Justice (PGR). The Army seized 2 grenades, 8 rifles, clips, ammo, and three vehicles. [No explanation where the other two vehicles came from.]


-end of report-

Monday, January 11, 2010

Harry Reid: illegal aliens “free loaders and scam artists”


From John Lollipop..

“Reid, now an impassioned champion of amnesty for 20 million illegal aliens in America, once called illegal aliens “free loaders and scam artists” which he proposed to deal with in his Immigration Stabilization Act in the United States Senate in 1993.” That proposed legislation was introduced to the floor of the US Senate with the following press release, in part, issued by Reid's office on August 5, 1993. "In response to increased terrorism and abuse of social programs by aliens, (I) today introduced the first and only comprehensive immigration reform bill in Congress. Currently, an alien living illegally in the United States often pays no taxes but receives unemployment, welfare, free medical care, and other federal benefits. Recent terrorist acts, including the World Trade Center bombing, have underscored the need to keep violent criminals out of the country."

CBS's 60 minutes actually did a decent report (FINALLY) last night on the dangers of our border. This line is telling:

"Terrorism and homeland security have been back in the news the past few weeks, and once again the focus has been on intelligence failures and airport security. But the easiest way for terrorists to get into the United States may well be across the nation's porous 2,000 mile border with Mexico. And it is no secret."

Well, it hasn't been a secret to most of us, has it?? About time CBS!

TheTownCrier has been talking about the folly of the 'virtual fence' for years.

Big March In Phoenix Aimed At Removing Sheriff Joe Arpaio


[snips] Demonstrators from across the country are gearing up to assemble in Phoenix, Arizona next Saturday to demand that Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio be removed from office. Arpaio has remained the top foe of immigrants living in the US and they’re ready to step up their fight.

The Los Angeles-based organization, National Day Laborer Organizing Network (, is coordinating a mass march in downtown Phoenix and are calling for people who don’t live in Arizona to join them.

In a video produced by NDLON to promote the January 16 march, an activist speaks out against the hate against immigrants that has taken a hold of people in Arizona:

“Our country must not become Arizona, we must raise our voices. We must ensure that other states, counties and municipalities don’t continue to adopt the policies, the practices, and the extreme anti-immigrant sentiment that prevails in Arizona.”

NOTE: Arpaio is following the LAW!!! The squatter support squad is well funded, we must speak up! ENFORCE the law!

Arizona has proven enforcement works!

Drop in crime coincides with exodus of illegal immigrants

A marked drop in Phoenix-area crime coincides with the recession and a drop in the number of illegal immigrants in Arizona.

Phoenix has seen a 25 percent decline in the number of crimes during the first five months of 2009 compared to the same time period in 2007

Immigration, economy affecting number of births in Arizona
Dec. 30, 2009 12:00 AM

[snip]state’s Department of Health Services show a 7 percent drop in the number of infant births in the past year alone and a more than 10 percent drop over the past two years....

But the impact of the state’s anti-illegal-immigration efforts, particularly the nearly 2-year-old employer-sanctions law, cannot be ignored, he said....

So far this year, there have been 3,193 fewer births among Hispanics compared with 2008.

Terry Anderson tells it like it is on immigration!

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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

The Real cost of immigration & Amnesty

Record Number of Illegal Aliens Caught Breaking Our Laws: Repeaters

January 05, 2010, 10:37 AM

Some say that illegal aliens do not cost us anything--in fact we "make" money from their taxes.

Yet more than HALF of all Federal prosecutions are of illegal aliens. In 2009, the U.S. Justice Department filed nearly 92,000 immigration-related criminal cases in the federal courts. The record-breaking trend accounted for more than half of all new federal prosecutions in the country, according to Justice Department data maintained at Syracuse University.."

How much does this cost us, how much does it cost to jail these criminals, how much is taken from honest citizens because of criminal illegal aliens (all are criminals, since they violate numerous laws--such as using phony and stolen ID's, use our welfare programs, crowd our schools, over crowd hospital emergency rooms and take up about one third of the California prisons (that one alone is valued at $8 billion according to a Federal court).

What is criminal are our elected and appointed officials who refuse to obey the law. For instance, California has a penal code that if you are caught driving without a license you can have your car impounded for up to 30 days. It would help if law enforcement did that. Go to almost any car wash, restaurant or hotel and you can find illegal aliens. Lancaster in LA County has a new law--hire illegal aliens and you lose your business license--great idea--then you will have to wash your own car or use an automated facility.

Time to get serious--we can no longer afford the lack of respect for the Rule of Law caused by illegal aliens--and we certainly can no longer afford the crime committed by them. We have enough legal citizens committing crimes, we don't have to import criminals.

Dumbass award!

US lifts HIV/Aids immigration ban

The United States has lifted a 22-year ban preventing anyone with HIV or Aids from entering the country.

President Obama said the measure was not compatible with American ambitions of becoming a world leader in the fight against the disease.

State Department Using 'Diversity Visas' to Encourage Immigration to U.S. from Terror-Ridden Yemen
January 04, 2010

( –The State Department has awarded 1,011 special “diversity visas” allowing Yemeni nationals to immigrate to the United States since 2000, the year 17 U.S. sailors were killed when the U.S.S. Cole was attacked by terrorists in the Yemeni port of Aden. The "diversity visas" are designed to encourage immigration from countries that do not otherwise send significant numbers of immigrants to the United States.

The State Department roster of all countries whose nationals have received "diversity visas" to immigrate to the United States in 2010, for example, shows that 2 of these immigrants will be from Luxembourg, 3 from the Solomon Islands, 4 from French Guiana, 5 from Reunion, 6 from Cape Verde, 7 from Malta, 8 from Guinea-Bissau, 9 from Comoros, 10 from Suriname--and 72 from Yemen.

That the U.S. would encourage immigration from Yemen during the past decade is of interest because of the terrorist problem in that country.

Yemen has long been a focus of U.S. security concerns because of terrorist activities there, including not only the 2000 bombing of the U.S.S. Cole but also a 2008 bombing attack on the U.S. embassy. Recently, the concerns about terrorism eminating from Yemen has intensified because Umar Farouk Abdulmuttalab, the Nigerian terrorist who attempted to detonate explosive underwear on a Delta Airlines flight from Amsterdam to Detroit on Christmas Day, reportedly joined an al Qaeda affiliate in Yemen and was groomed there for his would-be suicide attack.

In his Saturday radio address, President Obama himself specifically pointed to Yemen as the country of origin from Abdulmuttalab's terrorist plot, and on Sunday the State Department closed the U.S. embassy in the Yemeni capital of Sanaa for fear of a terrorist attack.

Lessons from the Last Amnesty

Problems with the 1986 IRCA Legalization Program
From the Center for Immigration studies

WASHINGTON (January 5, 2010) – The Obama Administration and Democrats in Congress have announced they will try to pass an amnesty for illegal aliens this year. Only the House version of their bill has so far been introduced: H.R. 4321. The Senate companion bill will be sponsored by Sen. Charles Schumer, who, while in the House, was a key player in passing the last big amnesty, the 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA).

Lawmakers would be remiss if they did not examine the implementation of the IRCA amnesty, and consider its cautionary lessons. To assist that process, the Center for Immigration Studies has published a report that details the dysfunctional inner workings of the legalization program. “A Bailout for Illegal Immigrants? Lessons from the Implementation of the 1986 IRCA Amnesty” was prepared by Center Fellow and longtime immigration researcher David North, who spent nearly two years (funded by the Ford Foundation and a federal agency) examining the IRCA amnesty as it was being implemented.

Among the report's conclusions:

  • The agency running the program, the old Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS), far from being the tough law-enforcement agency the immigrants’ advocates feared, turned out to be a typical governmental agency with a strong case of client-itis, one that usually said “yes” to its applicants.

  • Operating without many useful precedents, INS created a new and questionable decision-making process that severely hampered the detection of fraud.

  • A great deal of money intended for the legalization program was diverted to other government programs.

  • As a result, there was a tremendous amount of fraud, largely ignored by INS. A subsequent Center for Immigration Studies estimate, based on population estimates, found that fully one-quarter of those granted legal status had secured that status through fraud.

James Woods, interesting man. He should run for public office.


“Scratch a liberal and you’ll find a fascist ... I’m not joking. You look at what’s happening in this country now. Catharine MacKinnon thinks that we should now limit free speech, anything that offends a woman should now no longer be allowed - no reasonable man or woman in this country would subscribe to that, it’s just insanity.” (1994)

“But, you know, feminists have just destroyed the world as we, know it. I haven’t met a woman lately, and I’m talking about women who work and have a high position, who doesn’t agree with that. It has just destroyed relationships between men and women. Men and women are very wary of each other now. I listen to these feminists rave about, ‘How dare they attack ‘Bill Clinton’ for having a little consensual sex act’, but went nuts because Clarence Thomas allegedly made a joke about a Coke can. And the other guy is humiliating his wife and getting oral sex while he’s talking about Bosnia to a congressman. Hello? Barbara Boxer is, you know, the most worthless, hypocritical ‘feminist’ loser on the face of the earth .... I just loathe with every fiber of my being, liars. My second ex-wife was a liar. And Nixon was a liar. And this Clinton is a liar. I have no respect for him no matter what in the world he ever does.”

“”My nightmare in life, my absolute fundamental, overwhelming, egregious nightmare, is Bill Gates’ vision of the future, where there will be a video camera on every corner and every conversation will be recorded. Man, I’d rather put a pitchfork in my eyes than live in a world like that.”

Terry Anderson tells it like it is on immigration!

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Saturday, January 02, 2010

Pictures worth a thousand words!

(Cartoon in Mexican newspaper)

MUST SEE VIDEO! Celebrate Diversity!!!

Sunni vs. Shiite Feud Hits Streets of NYC~Video
December 31, 2009

In this video the Sunnis of, showed up to protest a NYC Shiite rally. The Sunni vs. Shiite feud has been going on for over 1000 years, and it has now reached our shores. If the police were not there, this protest would of easily turned violent. Once again we see how Islam slowly destroys societies across the world. (and the government is making it EASIER for them to come here!

Terry Anderson tells it like it is on immigration! THE TERRY ANDERSON SHOW Every Sunday night at 9 p.m. Pacific...listen live on the net or on the radio.

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