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Friday, February 26, 2010

The Compton Cookout...NOT what the Media reported!

Major Award!!!!

To Roger Hedgecock for exposing the truth about who organized the 'Compton Cookout'....A Black man, an entertainer named Jiggaboo Jones, who is just a bit tired of the race baiting by the media and Jesse Jackson types with headlines such as this, "Outrage over 'Compton Cookout' at UCSD".

See Mr. Jones explanation of all this here. His interview with Roger is here.

World Net Daily
has a report today:
Organizer of 'racist' UC party was black

Last week a party – the Compton Cookout – was held off-campus near the University of California San Diego, and the firestorm it has created has been massive: Protest marches, teach-ins, protesters who walked out of the teach-ins and campus investigations have ensued. The administration for its part immediately placed blame on perpetrators they believed to be responsible – a so-called white fraternity, Pi Kappa Alpha.

Despite the denials by Pi Kappa Alpha that they were not behind the cookout, the blame remains on PKA and its white members.

Hedgecock: " I am the only person on the national stage who has given Mr. Jones the chance to tell his side of the story, to claim responsibility for the Compton Cookout. Mr. Jones disclosed on my program that he attempted to contact UCSD administration and the local San Diego news media to claim the event and was rebuffed at every turn. Clearly, the administration, the San Diego Union Tribune and the PC Mafia have their perpetrators, just like Mike Nifong did at Duke.

While they may wish that the template remain, I am confronting the PC Mafia. On my nationally syndicated radio program last evening, I interviewed professor Daniel Widener, a professor of African-American studies and radicalism at UCSD, and he attempted to turn this cookout into a chance to score cheap political points. I refused to let him push his agenda.

Now, I want to give you the ability to hear the truth and decide for yourselves. Below is the unedited interview I conducted with Mr. Jones and professor Widener. Be warned: The language definitely is not politically correct and will certainly cause more than a few raised eyebrows. The truth is not always pretty – but it can be pretty funny."

Roger Hedgecock is the longtime top-rated radio talk host in San Diego, Calif., on KOGO and, more recently, a nationally syndicated daily radio host heard already in 75+ markets and on XM Satellite.. Listeners may also tune in to his show at Radio America. He is the author of "The 2008 Conservative Voters Field Guide," a series of books on 2008 issues. Guide No. 1-Immigration and No. 2-The War . Learn more about Roger at

Roger Hedgecock supports the election of J.D. Hayworth for Senate!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

STUFF & News YOU missed!

Those of us who actually pay attention to 'current events' all feel like Sheldon Cooper.

The White House, Democrats and some 'Republicans' met to work out health care today.

It was the usual 'Obama-shamabama' shuffle and jive show.

I’ve been listening to Hannity. Naturally, Sean is having McCain on his show the old traitor doesn’t get enough air time on CBS!

Which side are you on, Mr. Hannity??

How about putting on an actual conservative instead of your usual Rove, Gingrich, McCain Rino-Fest?

I’ve listened to McCain’s little speeches during this health care forum.

Not one word about ‘CHOICE’.....our choice of doctors, medical insurance, etc. But then John doesn’t care if we have a choice. And 'choice' for democrats is exclusive to abortion or sexual preference.

Hannity needs to stop propping up this old fool. It helps none of us.It would be nice if Hanniy would ask McCain why he introduced this recent monstrosity!

But he won’t.

McCain Proposed Bill May Destroy Freedom of Access to Nutritional Supplements


Minority Advocates, Constituents Differ on Immigration - Zogby poll

Zogby Finds Wide Support for Enforcement, Lower legal entry Numbers - Feb. 25, 2010

The overall findings of this poll show a significant divide between the perception that minority voters want legalization and increased legal immigration and the reality, which is that they want enforcement and less immigration

In contrast to the leadership of many ethnic advocacy groups, most members of minority groups think immigration is too high.

* Hispanics: 56 percent said it is too high; 7 percent said too low; 14 percent just right. * Asian-Americans: 57 percent said immigration is too high; 5 percent said too low; 18 percent just right. * African-Americans: 68 percent said it is too high; 4 percent said too low; 14 percent just right.

Most members of minority groups do not feel that illegal immigration is caused by limits on legal immigration as many ethnic advocacy groups argue; instead, members feel it’s due to a lack of enforcement.

* Hispanics: Just 20 percent said illegal immigration was caused by not letting in enough legal immigrants; 61 percent said inadequate enforcement. * Asian-Americans: 19 percent said not enough legal immigration; 69 percent said inadequate enforcement. * African-Americans: 16 percent said not enough legal immigration; 70 percent said inadequate enforcement.

Most members of minority groups feel that there are plenty of Americans available to fill unskilled jobs.

"In contrast to the leadership of many ethnic advocacy groups, most members of minority groups think immigration is too high."

"immigration is caused by limits on legal immigration as many ethnic advocacy groups argue; instead, members feel it’s due to a lack of enforcement."[snips]

PLEASE Read ALL of this important survey!



Hayworth Endorsed by Phoenix Law Enforcement Association

February 22, 2010. The organization representing the officers of the largest law enforcement agency in Arizona announced their support of JD Hayworth today in his bid to unseat Senator John McCain. The Phoenix Law Enforcement Association (PLEA) also announced today that they are making the maximum contribution allowed by law to Hayworth’s campaign. “We are proud to stand behind JD. He stood behind our officers during his time in Congress and during his time as a broadcaster,” said Mark Spencer, President of PLEA.[snip]



Think it can't happen ??? THINK again...

My mother was so good at rationing and hoarding, that 65 years later I found ration points in some of her keepsakes:

World War II Ration Points

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Harry Reid strikes again - new bureaucracy & more Aliens-Travel Promotion Act

From the Christian Science Monitor:

"Democrats plan to continue the strategy with a tourism promotion bill, The tourism bill, especially helpful to states such as Nevada, which has been hard hit by a drop-off in visitors, proposes creating a nonprofit corporation to promote travel to the United States and correct “misperceptions about US entry policy” since the 9/11 attacks. It would be financed by an annual assessment of $20 million from the tourism industry and $100 million a year from taxpayers. "

Let's dissect this, shall we?

"The tourism bill, especially helpful to states such as Nevada, .......

Harry is behind in the polls for his re-election...just buying some votes!

" proposes creating a nonprofit corporation to promote travel to the United States....

Nonprofit? Since when has any government bureaucracy been for profit?? Will this be another cabinet level department? Yet another Czar? 'non-profits' will likely be in charge of handling this department....can you say ACORN???

"to promote travel to the United States and correct “misperceptions about US entry policy” since the 9/11 attacks. "

In other words, let 'em all in! 40% of foreign aliens become visa overstay illegal aliens. Foreign women, even the well to do, come here to drop their anchor babies and then take them home to grow up as "US voting citizens", where they don't even have to be here to vote in our elections..... Or they stay here and get the benefits of any US Citizen. This directly effects countries who sponsor terrorism.

"It would be financed by an annual assessment of $20 million from the tourism industry and $100 million a year from taxpayers. "

Tourism industry....that would be Harry's big donors at the Vegas casino's. He must keep those big donors happy! $20 million to them is a great investment to get the rich Saudi's, etc. in their casinos who can't get here now because they sponsor terrorism. And the employees? Can you say SEIU???

"and $100 million a year from taxpayers. " That one speaks for itself!

By the way, John McCain gets most of his money from the big casino boys in Vegas. Let's see if he's one of the republicans who help Harry out with this dangerous legislation.

Harry is real good at spending other people’s money, isn’t he??

But remember, this is from the guy who says the income tax is ‘voluntary’.

Note: This bill has passed in the Senate. Details here.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Who is more conservative -- John McCain, or his primary rival, J.D. Hayworth?

From the American Thinker: Who is more conservative -- John McCain, or his primary rival, J.D. Hayworth? Hayworth officially announced his candidacy for the Senate on Monday. The Arizona Republic reported that
McCain has been portraying Hayworth as one of the big-spending Republicans who, during President George W. Bush's two terms, largely squandered the party's reputation for fiscal discipline.
Both men have served in Congress for multiple terms. J.D. Hayworth was in the House of Representatives from 1995 to 2007. Their voting records have been scored. So who is more conservative?
The table below summarizes these standings.

ACU lifetime score McCain

81.43 - Hayworth 97.56

NJ 2006 composite score McCain

56.7 - Hayworth 85

NJ economic score McCain
64- Hayworth 80

ACU ranking McCain Top32%
- Hayworth Top 4%

NJ ranking McCain Top 46%

-Hayworth Top 11%
McCain, the "maverick," has been in Congress for 28 years, or since winning his first election in 1982. He is no longer fighting the establishment; he is the establishment. He personifies the compromise wing of the Republican Party, which has since become the dominant wing.

Our good friends at NAFBPO sent out this alarming report today. Keep in mind that our national forests are already being burned down by terrorists.....Armed Mexican Drug evidenced by the LaBrea fire last summer, taking down 88,000 acres.

WARNING: Use of Terror Arson Against US Forests

14 Feb 2010

The following Alert is brought to you courtesy of the Targeted Actionable Monitoring Center of the Institute of Terrorism Research and Response


To provide guidance on terrorist's refocused attention on the use of arson against forests in CONUS (Continental United States).

Threat Classification:

MODERATE (Level 3) Available intelligence and recent events indicate that hostile elements have the capability to take action against the target and that such action is within the adversary's current intent. It is assessed that an attack or action is likely to be a priority and might well be mounted.


Arabic language researchers of the Targeted Actionable Monitoring Center (TAM-C) have identified jihadist communications providing targeting guidance on the use of forest fires as a tool to damage the economy of the United States. The targeting advice includes the statement that "it would be one of the simplest sabotage actions to carry out."

TAM-C analysts note that the tactic of using forest fires as a weapon against the US has been raised before. Previous suggestions had also included the use of forest fires against European countries. The previous targeting guidance had referred to the tactic as "Global Fire."

TAM-C analysts note that the weapon of forest fires has previously been used by terror organizations within Israel.

The targeting advise included, "There should be a number of spots to the fires and they should be distant from each other. In this way the effort to extinguish them will spread over large areas, a fact which will make it harder for the [fire brigade] forces to succeed in their mission."

The tactical advise included, "The mujahid must merely make a reconnaissance patrol to view the ground, which will make it easier for him to choose the optimal area and time, for example one of the hot summer nights. And one may set fire [to the forest] from a distance in the same way a charge may be set off, only this time instead of explosives one must put fuel."


TAM-C analysts note that the pre-operational surveillance of a potential target area may be conducted as part of a routine hike. However, identification of such pre-operational surveillance is critical to disrupting planned terror operations using forest fires as a weapon.

TAM-C analysts recommend that agencies responsible for the fighting of such fires confirm communications capabilities in advance of "fire season."


Favorite places to visit!

National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers
Terry Anderson tells it like it is on immigration!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Hayworth creams McCain in AZ GOP insider straw poll - 68% to 10.5%.

No wonder J.D. Hayworth was encouraged to run! 68% to 10.5%.

An overlooked headline:

J.D. Hayworth creams McCain in straw poll at Maricopa County Rep. Party annual meeting — sources / A more conservative Party

Multiple sources are reporting that JD Hayworth overwhelming beat Senator John McCain among the Republican faithful at the Maricopa County Republican Committee elections today.

The straw poll showed that the former congressman and conservative, JD Hayworth, beat Arizona’s senior senator 68% to 10.5%. The poll reflects the growing dissatisfaction by grassroots and elected precinct committeemen even in John McCain’s home county.JD Hayworth

This poll also mirrors the results of an earlier poll conducted by Scott Rasmussen in which JD Hayworth was within striking distance of John McCain 45 to 43 percent. (Rasmussen Reports, November 20, 2009)[snip]

Favorite places to visit!

Visit our website:
Foreign News Report


Friday, 2/12/10

El Porvenir (Monterrey, Nuevo Leon) 2/11/10

Mexico seeks to improve its image abroad

The parliamentary group of Mexico’s PAN Party is supporting a plan by the federal government to promote an improvement of Mexico’s image abroad. The country’s image has suffered and become negative due to news about massacres, violence and the war against crime. The government has asked consultants for projects to rehabilitate and improve its image. (But one reader commented: “The first thing that has to be changed is the enormous corruption among officials, politicians, judges, magistrates, etc., etc., and therefore, that of many citizens also equally accomplices in corruption.)


Milenio (Mexico City) 2/11/10

“The national rot” [op/col. by Roman Revueltas, titled as above]

For years we thought that the nation’s affairs could be managed any old way – with negligence and dishonestly (“they steal but they know how to govern”, “you and I can fix this, officer, tell me how much”, “just put me wherever and I’ll take care of the rest”… etcetera) – and when we woke up from the nap it turned out that Mexico had become an ungovernable jungle, a territory inhabited by bloody savages, a nation of thieves and of nuisance politicians, one that doesn’t even guarantee the very least to the great majority of its residents.

And so, let’s see now who is the courageous one who fixes things in Ciudad Juarez. The day before yesterday, for example, some low class fellows let loose two gunshots at a student who was driving his car to college. Why? Well, because the young fellow was laughing. I say, he was happy. Why are you laughing? they spat. He must’ve answered something, or maybe he didn’t say anything, or he kept on laughing or perhaps he looked at them in an unfriendly way, or he didn’t look at them at all or he scratched his ear or put on a scared expression….. Bang! Take that, two shots to the head, so you’ll go on laughing in the other world, and you’re lucky because no one has come back to tell us how things are going in the great beyond.

I don’t believe I’ve heard such terrible news in recent times: the event shows the most terrifying disdain for human life and, as an absurd manifestation of pure chance clothed in fatality, it embodies the most extreme vulnerability of the innocent citizen who, simply by going out of his home to live his life, meets with misfortune.

Where are we, what country do we live in, what kind of people are we, who are we? Or, better yet, who are those, those soulless assassins of women and young people, those dehumanized and vile barbarians who, nevertheless, have residence rights in a city without authority, without order and without justice? Where did they come from? We don’t want to know. But, look here, they represent the most extreme face of the national rot. And we can no longer look elsewhere. They are already here.

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

McCain strikes another blow to freedom! Legislation alert!

John McCain spent the last 8 years campaigning for president. The only things he managed to involve himself with were investigating doping in sports, pushing an amnesty that his base didn't want and humiliating everyone on the conservative side of politics.

But no, that's not enough for John. Now he's introduced S 3002.
The bill is touted as a protection against natural supplement products, but fails to provide safety and implements only more expensive regulation and takes your freedom of choice.

Natural Solutions Foundation puts it this way:

McCain anti-DSHEA Bill a Clear and Present Threat to Health Freedom

Sen. John McCain is introducing a horrific bill, the "Dietary Supplement Safety [sic] Act of 2010" (DSSA) designed to end your access to high potency supplements by giving the bloated, corrupt and dangerous FDA MORE power to destroy supplement access. This bill is absolutely NOT to be confused with DSHEA, the Dietary Supplements Health and Education Act (1994), which says nutrients are food and, as food, you can have them in any form - and any amount - you like. If we allow DSSA to pass, we will be living - and dying - under something very much like the European Food Supplements Directive's anti-supplement restrictions, implementing Codex Alimentarius' dietary supplements and nutritional restrictions, to the "T" -- effective as close to immediately as the Fraud and Death Administration can manage it. Listen to the Dr. Rima Reports as Dr. Rima interviews Sarah Schons, MD, a renowned German Immunologist practicing natural medicine in Germany: . Food Supplements are going the way of the dodo in the EU. The US is clearly next unless we act now - in massive numbers, once for each member of your family, at

Your legal right to access supplements and herbs will, quite frankly, be a thing of the past. As we predicted years ago, the end of the first decade of the new millennium was intended to be when we lost our Health Freedom. Will you let that happen?
McCain: Pharma Tool, Globalist Fool. But, as foolish as he may be, his bill poses a major threat to you right now! [Question: if pro is the opposite of con, does that mean Congress is the opposite of Progress?]

However there are a host of problems in the bill serious enough to make it a completely irreparable and untenable piece of legislation. These include:

(1) The creation of completely outrageous European Food Supplements Directive (EFSD)/Health Canada-esque facility registration requirements for all brands, products and ingredients, despite the fact that food facilities are already required to be registered;

(2) The effective removal of the “generally recognized as safe” (GRAS) status of most major herbs and botanical ingredients, thereby deeming most (if not all) herbals as “adulterated” unless they are included on the FDA’s “Accepted Dietary Ingredients” list;

(3) The creation and maintenance of voluminous safety dossiers on every dietary supplement and ingredient;

(4) The requirement that “all adverse events” (not just serious adverse events) relating to supplements be reported, including non-serious, trivial and unsubstantiated reports; and

(5) The codification of arbitrary and capricious cease-and-desist and recall authority based merely on the FDA’s “reasonable probability” that an item is adulterated or misbranded (this action can be taken regardless of whether the manufacturer is properly challenging the order).

This bill’s proposed establishment of an “approved list of ingredients” (much like EFSD’s approved lists of supplement ingredients and ingredient forms) is something to which the U.S. government (specifically the U.S. Codex delegation) has been adamantly opposed. So why would that same U.S. government endeavor to create “lists” - within its own borders - that it sees fit to battle against internationally?

In addition, the proposed provision that would require “all” adverse events to be reported would bog the AER system down with hundreds, if not thousands, of trivial and product-unrelated reports. This would serve to bury reports noting potential areas of commonality (signal events) in a garbage heap of useless information.

Once this bill is shelved, Citizens for Health will be happy to work with Senators McCain and Dorgan to come up with solutions directed at increasing and improving U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) enforcement against labs-for-hire that spike food products with steroids and other banned drugs.

But the priority now is to ensure this bill never sees a vote in the Senate. Send a letter to your Senators now, urging them to reject S. 3002, the Dietary Supplement Safety Act of 2010.

Update: Bill filed as Senate Bill S 3002. Follow it at: and search for that bill number.

McCain's senate speech introducing this monstrosity Feb. 3, 2010.


THERE is a conservative alternative to McCain in Arizona!

Feb. 8, 2010 - Maricopa Co. Sheriff Joe Arpaio is urging GOPers to shelve Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) in favor of ex-Rep. J.D. Hayworth (R), a challenger attacking from the right, in a new letter sent to primary voters.

"Senator McCain has served this country admirably but it's time to replace his moderate or even liberal positions on taxes, the border, social causes and big bank bailouts with a consistent conservative like J.D.," Arpaio writes in the letter. ""I just wish Senator McCain had run as hard against Barack Obama as he is against a conservative like J.D. That could have prevented the harmful, liberal agenda we are all now suffering through."


After disparaging the Tea Party movement, John McCain’s daughter and mouthpiece, Megan, on the “View” just a few days ago blurted out this nonsense.

“This is why young people are turned off by this movement [TEA PARTY]. And I’m sorry revolutions start with young people. “

Really? You ignorant woman. Get that from info your dad, did ya?

What about that old fool..does he get an opinion?

In 1776, the average age of the Founding Fathers was 43.8
(BTW, out of these 56, only 9 were immigrants!)

Hart - 64
Hopkins - 69
Lewis - 63
Livingston - 60
Thornton - 62
Franklin - 70

Let me get this straight. Obama's health care plan will be written by a committee whose Chairman says he doesn't understand it, passed by a Congress which hasn't read it, signed by a President who smokes, funded by a Treasury Chief who did not pay his taxes, overseen by a Surgeon General who is obese, and financed by a country that is nearly broke.

What could possibly go wrong?

Monday, February 08, 2010

ONE more time! We are NOT a Nation of Immigrants

The politically correct groupies who push yet another amnesty love to tell us,
"We are a nation of Immigrants! Immigrants built this country".

YES, we have been a nation welcoming to immigrants unlike any other in history. But did they 'build this nation', fight our wars?

The answer is a resounding NO! Did they help...YES! Many did and the USA has helped them...plenty. We can no longer afford to help all who demand it.

Now, it's the conservative standard bearer, Sarah Palin, who is pushing this revision of history. It was bad enough for her to jump on the PC wagon when she went ballistic over Rahm Emanuels use of the word 'retard'.

PALIN: Let me address legal immigration and we need to continue to be so welcoming and inviting of those who are represented there by our Statue of Liberty. The immigrants, of course, built this country. And I think republicans, conservatives are at fault when we allow the other side to capture this immigration issue and try to turn this issue into something negative for republicans. I think we need to recognize that again, immigrants built this great country."

I was reminded of a particularly good article by Lawrence Auster , 'Are We Really a Nation of Immigrants? ' from in 2006. Below is most of that article and keep in mind this fact. "Fifty-six men from each of the original 13 colonies signed the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. Nine of the signers were immigrants, two were brothers and two were cousins. One was an orphan."

It used to be that only open-borders activists said it. Now the entire political leadership of the United States is saying it. President Bush is saying it. Sen. Specter is saying it. Even Sen. Bill “enforcement-only” Frist is saying it:

“We are a nation of immigrants built upon the rule of law.”

Of course, that cute little addition about “rule of law” is nothing but boob bait for the Bubbas (a category of persons that, in the minds of our leaders, seems to constitute about three-quarters of the country); our leaders have as much intention to enforce the immigration laws as I have to fly to Mars next week. The part of the statement that counts is the business about “nation of immigrants.” To see the entire political leadership of our country pronouncing in unison this slogan, all as a part of an effort to push through the most catastrophic open-borders scheme in our history, is an Orwellian experience. If we’re a “nation of immigrants,” how can we be a nation of Americans?

This friendly-sounding, inclusive sentiment—like so many others of its kind—turns out to be profoundly exclusive. For one thing, it implies that anyone who is not an immigrant, or who does not identify with immigration as a key aspect of his own being, is not a “real” American. It also suggests that newly arrived immigrants are more American than people whose ancestors have been here for generations. The public television essayist Richard Rodriguez spelled out these assumptions back in the 1990s when he declared, in his enervated, ominous tone: “Those of us who live in this country are not the point of America. The newcomers are the point of America.” Certainly the illegal-alien demonstrators in Los Angeles last week agreed with him; America, they kept telling us, belongs to them, not to us.

In reality, we are not—even in a figurative sense—a nation of immigrants or even a nation of descendants of immigrants. As Chilton Williamson pointed out in The Immigration Mystique, the 80,000 mostly English and Scots-Irish settlers of colonial times, the ancestors of America’s historic Anglo-Saxon majority, had not transplanted themselves from one nation to another (which is what defines immigration), but from Britain and its territories to British colonies. They were not immigrants, but colonists. The immigrants of the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries came to an American nation that had already been formed by those colonists and their descendants. Therefore to call America “a nation of immigrants” is to suggest that America, prior to the late nineteenth century wave of European immigration, was not America. It is to imply that George Washington and Ulysses S. Grant (descended from the original colonists) were not “real” Americans, but that Richard Rodriguez (descended from 20th century immigrants) and the anti-American demonstrators last week in Los Angeles, are.

The statement, “we are a nation of immigrants,” gives us no guidance on what those limits should be. Two hundred thousand immigrants per year? Two million? Why not twenty million—since we’re a nation of immigrants? The slogan also doesn’t tell us, once we have decided on overall numbers, what the criterion of selection shall be among the people who want to come here. Do we choose on the basis of family ties to recent immigrants? Language? Income? Nationality? Race? Victim status? First come first served? Willingness to work for a lower wage than Americans work for? The “nation of immigrants” slogan cannot help us choose among these criteria because it doesn’t state any good that is to be achieved by immigration. It simply produces a blind emotional bias in favor of more immigration rather than less, making rational discussion of the issue impossible.

To see the uselessness of the “nation of immigrants” formula as a source of political guidance, , imagine what the British would have said if they had adopted it in 1940 when they were facing an imminent invasion by Hitler’s Germany. “Look, old man, we’re a nation of immigrant/invaders. First the Celts took the land from the Neolithic peoples, then the Anglo-Saxons conquered and drove out the Celts, then the Normans invaded and subjugated the Anglo-Saxons. In between there were Danish invaders and settlers and Viking marauders as well. Since we ourselves are descended from invaders, who are we to oppose yet another invasion of this island? Being invaded by Germanic barbarians is our national tradition!”

Since every nation could be called a nation of immigrants (or a nation of invaders) if you go back far enough, consistent application of the principle that a nation of immigrants must be open to all future immigrants would require every country on earth to open its borders to whoever wanted to come. But only the United States and, to a lesser extent, a handful of other Western nations, are said to have this obligation. The rule of openness to immigrants turns out to be a double standard, aimed solely at America and the West.

It is also blatantly unfair to make the factoid that “we are all descended from immigrants” our sole guide to national policy, when there are so many other important and true facts about America that could also serve as guides. For example, throughout its history the United States has been a member of Western civilization—in religion overwhelmingly Christian (and mainly Protestant Christian), in race (until the post-1965 immigration) overwhelmingly white, in language English. Why shouldn’t those little historical facts be at least as important in determining our immigration policy as the pseudo-fact that we’re all “descended from immigrants?” But immigrant advocates are incapable of debating such questions, because there is no rational benefit for America that they seek through open immigration. Their aim is not to strengthen and preserve America; their aim is to demonstrate themselves to be good, non-racist people—by surrendering America to the immigrant invasion.

To say that America is a “nation of immigrants” is to imply that there has never been an actual American people apart from immigration. It is to put America out of existence as a historically existing nation that immigrants and their children joined by coming here, a country with its own right to exist and to determine its own sovereign destiny—a right that includes the right to permit immigration or not. No patriot, no decent person who loves this country, as distinct from loving some whacked-out, anti-national, leftist idea of this country, would call it a “nation of immigrants.” Any elected official who utters the subversive canard that America is a “nation of immigrants” should, at the least, find his phone lines tied up with calls from irate constituents.

Michelle Malkin addresses the issue and the PC impulse to scream 'racist' with every immigration discussion in her article, "What did the Founding Fathers say about immigration?"

What this does tell us, however, is that these concerns—about crime, reciprocity, loyalty, assimilation, politics—predate current immigration trends. Shoot, look at a map of America in 1790: they predate the U.S.-Mexican border. Actually, they predate Mexico. This debate was not about race: the Founders were fighting about these issues back when, sadly, only immigrants who were white were eligible for American citizenship.


Thomas Jefferson saw the new government as a unique combination of the freest elements of English law and political custom. He was concerned that unrestricted immigration of peoples from lands unacquainted with the principle of representative government might undo the careful work of our Founding Fathers. "Yet," he said prophetically, "from such we are to expect the greatest number of immigrants..... He added, "In proportion to their numbers, they will share legislation with us. They will infuse into it their spirit, warp or bias its direction and render it a heterogeneous, incoherent mass." "

Terry Anderson tells it like it is on immigration!

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Sunday, February 07, 2010

Beware: Rinos in Conservative clothing...DICK ARMEY

"We don't intend to turn the Republican Party
over to the traitors in the battle just ended.
We will have no more of those candidates who are pledged
to the same goals as our opposition and who seek our support.
Turning the Party over to the so-called moderates
wouldn’t make any sense at all.""

-- President Ronald Reagan

Time to listen up, Tea Party people!!! We've warned you before that political opportunists will hi- jack your movement for their causes! And Dick Armey did just that!

"In a telephone interview with The Arizona Republic, former House Majority Leader Dick Armey, R-Texas, FreedomWorks' chairman, delivered a surprisingly harsh assessment of Hayworth, with whom he served on Capitol Hill:

" It's hard for us to believe that J.D. Hayworth could mount a credible challenge to John McCain. Obviously, we'll watch the race. But J.D. had a fairly short, undistinguished congressional career with virtually no initiative on his part. I just don't see any reason why we should be concerned about that race."

So...what is this really all about??

AMNESTY, that's what.

Armey is one of the squatter support squad of the GOP. He wants to do away with enforcement. He wants amnesty. That's why he won't support Hayworth.
In fact, Armey wants to increase immigration!

The McCain camp likes to throw the non issue Abramoff accusation at J.D. of which he was totally cleared, but one of Armey's top advisers, Horace Cooper, actually got indicted for taking Abramoff bribes. OH! The irony!

We're still waiting for Sarah Palin to stop hedging on this issue and tell us what she really thinks. Yes, we keep waiting for her to deny all the statements where she approves of McCain's amnesty! Here, she even approves of the bailouts!

"This is crisis moment for America. ....Looking to see what the impacts will be if America were to choose not to shore up what has happened on Wall Street because of the…the ultimate adverse effects on Main Street and then how that effects this globalisation that we’re a part of on… in our world. So the rest of the world really is looking at John McCain – the leadership that he’s gonna provide through this and if those provisions in the proposal can be implemented and make this proposal better make it make more sense to taxpayers than again, John McCain is gonna prove his leadership."


I got one of Dick Armey's mass emails today about the march in DC which his group helped to promote. He says, "WE DID IT".
My reply:

95% of those people oppose your soft stand on illegal immigration and AMNESTY!
You should be ashamed of hijacking this movement, you were one of millions promoting this rally.
You're fooling them, just like Obama fooled his voters....they don't know you that well.
And you should have listened to Milton Friedman, when he looked you in the eye and told you that NAFTA was NOT Free Trade, it is 'managed trade'. QUOTE!.... "managed'' just like Obama wants the government to 'manage' everything!

Go J.D. Go!

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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Pictures worth a thousand words!

Hasn't anyone told John that Gore's global warming has been debunked????

TRACK BACK - John McCain

Change rule barring immigrants from running for president?

Q: Should we change our Constitution to allow men like Mel Martinez, born in Cuba, and Arnold Schwarzenegger, born in Austria, to stand here some night as candidates for president?

McCAIN: He and I have many similar attributes, so I have to seriously consider it.

Source: 2007 GOP primary debate, at Reagan library, hosted by MSNBC May 3, 2007

MCCAin doesn’t even object to an illegal alien being president!

According to John McCain EVERYONE in the world should be able to come here.

Give everyone in the world an opportunity to come to America

“Those who live closest are the ones who can get here. Everyone in the world should have the opportunity through an orderly process to come to this country.”
Source: AZ Senate Debate, in Tucson Citizen Oct 16, 2004

Terry Anderson tells it like it is on immigration!

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