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Thursday, May 05, 2016

ROTTEN, miserable NRSC, NRCC still using Trump to raise $$ for their own!

ONE day!  It took only one day after Trump wins...IN SPITE OF THEM...for the Republicans in the House (NRCC)  and the Senate (NRSC) to scam Trump supporters into supporting their RINO candidates...NONE of which helped Trump!  TTC has written about this extensively...BOTH have been doing this since Trump announced and have STOLEN likely millions of $$$ from the Trump campaign and they have NO intention of stopping...unless YOU make them!

These elected traitors give NOT one rip about you or the United States of America. They care about their own little club and ripping you off to enrich themselves.

This morning's emails brought them out from under their DC rocks asking WHO you want for VP....first....WHO gives a damn!   Mr. Trump will pick his VP, not this rotten RNC!

Here is the NRSC email:

Did you hear the news?
Donald Trump is the only remaining candidate in the Republican presidential race and has now become the presumptive nominee.

Now he needs to select a running mate!

Who do you want to be Donald Trump’s vice president?


Thank you,

NRSC News Team <> 

WHICH takes you here:
 2016 NRSC Vice Presidential Straw Poll

    Cast your vote for the Vice Presidential candidate you would like to see Donald Trump select.
        Jan Brewer
        Scott Brown
        Ben Carson
        Chris Christie
        Rudy Giuliani
        Paul LePage
        Sarah Palin
        Newt Gingrich
        Rick Scott
        Jeff Sessions
        Marco Rubio
        Brian Sandoval
        Marsha Blackburn

Sounds innocent?  NO....YOU will be on their list and they will sell you something pretending to support Trump.    And worse, they will use this to pick the VP, trying to undermine Trump!

SO...when you takes you here:
 THAT'S right!!! It's all about financing the Rubio's, Grahams, Cruz's..........NOT TRUMP!  These SOB's know full well that Mr. Trump has demanded ALL entities besides his campaign STOP selling Trump GEAR! 
Get it through your heads...the RNC, NRSC, NRCC care NOTHING about any of us! They will still try to destroy Trump.  He is going to ERASE the K Street control of our government and they will do ANYTHING to stop him!

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Show your support for Donald Trump and our Republican Senate majority with your NEW “Trump 2016” sticker today!

Select Amount

By law, the maximum amount an individual may contribute is $33,400 per year.
AND way down at the bottom, where no one will notice:    Paid for by NRSC.
Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.
PLEASE tell these traitors what you think!   The worst part is, they know my full name, from the first time I was fool enough to vote in one of their presidential polls...they are building their 
fundraising databases on the back of Trump and his supporters!    
Here are the traitors who run the NRSC now. Cruz was in the group until he ran for pres. You don’t get in this little club unless you are ONE OF THEM.
Roger F. Wicker, Chairman, represents Mississippi in the U.S. Senate. Wicker was elected by Senate Republicans to serve as the Chairman of the NRSC during the 2016 election cycle.

VICE CHAIRS...ALL who have SOLD out!
Joni Ernst   (remember her badmouthing Trump???)


Also...take note:Unreal – Paul Ryan Schedules Party Leadership Fundraiser at Home of Anti-Trump Super-PAC Donor…
Conservative Treehouse ^ | April 12, 2016 | Sundance
Posted on April 18, 2016
Speaker of the House Paul Ryan is heading up a National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) fundraiser in New York on April 25th. However, the venue of the fundraiser is raising some eyebrows:
For those who might not know, the “Ricketts Family” are the primary donors to a Super-PAC specifically created to block Donald Trump from winning the GOP nomination.
Billionaire family Joe and Marlene Ricketts, owners of the Chicago Cubs, have recently given $5,000,000.oo to Katie Packer who heads “Our Principles PAC“, an organization created exclusively to defeat Donald Trump. Katie Packer recently outlined what they are doing with the Ricketts money:
Moving forward, Our Principles PAC is organizing delegates and deploying a number of tactics with a goal of depriving Trump of as many delegates as possible in upcoming contests. OPP will focus on delegate wins, not individual state wins.

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