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Thursday, May 05, 2016

Who runs the GOP and owns Paul Ryan & Marco Rubio? Let's name names!

2 hours ago
HEADLINE:  Paul Ryan 'just not ready' to support Donald Trump
HOW on earth do I make this simple enough for the rest of you to connect the @!%%  dots??!

Paul Ryan is OWNED by a powerful DC lobbyist/immigration lawyer.   Ryan was hand picked and mentored  to push his agenda.    

His name is Cesar Conda.   He brought Ryan to DC.  He also groomed and picked one Marco Rubio acting as his chief of staff and more recently running Rubio's Florida PAC, and IMO, his campaign.

 Cesar Conda and his biggest ally, Grover Norquist have an agenda.    It is to control the Republican party and the candidates who run in these elections who will implement the policies they want in place to profit their various NON profit scams.    They are not conservative or moderate or any other label you can hang on them.  They are NOTHING but amoral profiteers having found a gullible constituency in a nation of people easily fooled.
(this photo found on google search for 'Cesar Conda'.....)

The agenda?  Every lopsided, cheap labor 'trade' agreement that comes down the pike…Nafta, Gatt,  Most favored nation status for China, TPP and on and on. They are actually treaties, but this little group  has a congress willing to abdicate it's power to call them 'free trade agreements'.


Uncontrolled legal and illegal immigration from South of the border and terrorist Muslim nations.  Grover Norquist, married to a Pakistani Muslim who was active in the Bush Administration is the man who LED the push for the Mosque at Ground Zero.  Donald Trump is the man who fought it!  As Karl Rove, another part of this little K St. GOP power cabal, is proud to say,  Norquist 'brought home the Muslim vote for Bush'.     They stocked the various agencies with their people!

They've become used to power, and they're NOT going to give it up easily to the ONE MAN, DONALD TRUMP, who seeks to expose and end this corruption.

These people don't 'lobby' our leaders…they OWN them.  They write the legislation!   Grover Norquist WROTE George Bush's amnesty!   Conda/Norquist WROTE the gang of 8 amnesty that THEIR little whore Marco Rubio pushed!   
An interesting story about this photo when the Senate just passed the Gang of eight amnesty.  The head between Rubio and McCain is Grover Norquist who was photoshopped out of the News item when it ran...yes, they have some control of this media!

They also RUN all your favorite 'conservative' institutions who are in your mailbox EVERY day conning you out of money to fund our destruction.  And we smile, hope and write the check to:
Americans for Tax Reform, CPAC, The American Conservative Union, Freedomworks, Tea Party Express, Tea Party Patriots, Heritage, CLUB FOR GROWTH, the NRSC, NRCC and SO many more!

Every candidate PROMISED to support the GOP nominee and DEMANDED that Donald Trump SIGN and agree to do the same.   Many are breaking that pledge.
Trump has kept his word.

EVERY candidate, save ONE,  also PLEDGED  their allegiance to Grover Norquist when they signed his infamous 'pledge'.  He OWNS your GOP congress.  He OWNS over 1300 STATE legislators!  IF you don't do what the Grover Club tells you to, you will never win another election.  They have taken out many good candidates.
Donald Trump is the ONLY presidential GOP candidate who has not signed that UNAMERICAN oath and onto Grover/Conda's agenda.  
NONE of this is a secret!   SO many of us have tried  for years to expose this stinking mess!
To be sure, Norquist, Conda, Rove are not the only ones.  But they are generals in their sovereignty destroying army.   They involve lobbyist run Tea Parties to confuse the grass roots,  Ralph Reed and his Christian Coalition to confuse the faithful, Steven Moore who is head economist of Heritage and mouthpieces like Hugh Hewitt and likely Levin, Limbaugh, Beck and others to fool the talk radio audience.  
 Limbaugh, Newt, Norquist  BIRDS of the FEATHER
NONE of these non profits can be trusted any longer.   
Most people tell me they've never heard of Cesar Conda.   It's PAST time they do!
MANY journalists and others have called Grover Norquist the most powerful man in DC.  Newt Gingrich said he was the smartest.  And sadly (WATCH THIS GUY, TRUMP!) Newt is usually right there with them with full support for amnesty, and BAD trade.

Cesar Conda

Cesar Conda Cesar Conda is a Founding Principal and Executive Committee Member of Navigators Global LLC, a bipartisan government relations and strategic communications firm with offices in Washington, D.C., New York, and London.
Mr. Conda has over two decades of legislative and policy experience working at the highest levels in the White House and Congress, for presidential campaigns, and for several public policy research foundations. He was recently a senior economic policy adviser to the 2008 Mitt Romney for President campaign. From 2001 to 2003, he was Assistant to the Vice President for Domestic Policy. According to columnist Robert Novak, Mr. Conda "as Vice President Dick Cheney's domestic policy chief was instrumental in devising the Bush tax cuts."
Mr. Conda spent most of his career on Capitol Hill as a senior adviser to several U.S. Senators. He was also a staff director of a congressional committee. Roll Call, a leading Capitol Hill publication, included him in its "Fabulous Fifty" list of top congressional aides. In 1999, he received the "Congressional Staffer of the Year Award" from the Information Technology Council. Mr. Conda, currently a member of the Editorial Advisory Board of The International Economy Magazine, has written opinion-editorials published in The Wall Street Journal, National Review, The Weekly Standard, and The Financial Times.
ME: Also, lobbyist Chamber of Commerce and ALL the big private prisons who house...ILLEGAL ALIENS.

Track back!   WHO is Cesar Conda

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