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Monday, March 14, 2016

USA now officially a Banana Republic! How the enemy steals an election.

Trump is being blamed for violence against him and his supporters.   INSANITY!!!

   How ironic is it that these ANARCHISTS demand their right to free speech while shutting it down for other AMERICANS!  ??? 
Most were sent out by open border Puerto Rican Rep. Luis Gutierrez.    Others were supporters of Bernie Sanders.

Until we are marching in front of every Alphabet media affiliate in every city, demanding they report the news, instead of making it up, nothing changes.

OHIO! Do something with this idiot!   He's funded by George Soros....just like Rubio!

John Kasich: I Voted for 'Amnesty' In '86
Weekly Standard ^ | 8/7/15 | DANIEL HALPER 




5m5 minutes ago
. This ballot was made up by the Ohio GOP. Kasichs guy was one of them.
THIS is what went on at Trump rallies last weekend!  Communists, aliens and radical Muslims...isn't THAT SPECIAL??? 

 This thug should be in jail, but was charged with only a misdeameanor after trying to attack Trump!

And here's the root of all of it!

Rubio and pro-amnesty politicians ought to “be brought up on charges for what they’ve done… and they should be punished for it," he said.

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