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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Pictures worth a thousand words!

NEW YORK - Two men carrying Mexican flags in protest of Arizona's immigration law ran into the outfield during the seventh inning of the New York Mets' game against the Arizona Diamondbacks on Friday night at Citi Field.

The Squatter Support Squad just loves this insane protest sign! Hello, Mexican's...YOU are NOT 'Native American'..WE are!

And for those useful idiots who STILL don't get it!!!

Federal Immigration and Nationality Act Section 8 USC 1324(a)(1)(A)(iv)(b)(iii)

“State and local law enforcement officials have the general power to investigate and arrest violators of federal immigration statutes without prior INS knowledge or approval, as long as they are authorized to do so by state law. There is no extant federal limitation on this authority."


Mexican Flag Flies as Dozens Arrested at Illegal-Immigration Law Protests

Here are some of our new ‘immigrants’ protesting at Sheriff Joe’s jail. These people HATE the USA and our laws. They will never be ‘good citizens’ of this country.

See the video


In 1994, this brochure was distributed by the Proposition 187 Campaign. It accurately predicted what would happen if Proposition 187 failed (or was struck down).

CBS Poll......WAKE UP you STUPID Politicians!

A GOOD ONE!!! Mexico for Everyone!

Imagine There's No Border


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Saturday, July 24, 2010

BREAKING: Multiple Ranches in Laredo Texas Taken Over By Los Zetas CONFIRMED

8/11, 2010 UPDATE: Story is true....looks like the media coverup is the big story! Explanations here including police blotter!

[snip]On July 24, Kimberly Dvorak, of the Examiner, and Don Amato, of the blog Digger’s Realm, broke the story about two Texas ranches outside of Laredo, Texas, being seized by members of Los Zetas drug cartel. Today, Ms. Dvorak posted a copy of the police blotter which provides a good deal of the information necessary to confirm her initial story’s claims.

Digger is calling it “LaredoGate” because of the decided non-interest of the MSM and the crafty non-denial denials from the local law enforcement.


1-That the incident took place in Webb County, TX outside the city of Laredo beginning on July 23, 2010.
2-That the location of the ranch(es) was on Minerales Annex Road, not Mines Road (Rt. 1472), as some had reported.
3-That officers from various law enforcement organizations responded or were notified.
4-That surveillance of the area was ongoing from July 24 until at least early AM July 26. This last point has not been confirmed yet by public police sources.
5-That members of the Los Zetas drug cartel were involved.
6-That law enforcement were not only aware of Los Zetas involvement, but knew which cars they were likely driving.
7-That law enforcement had not blocked off Mines Road and but were stationed on Minerales Annex Road.
8-From the police report, only one ranch was under surveillance, not two, as originally reported.

7/25/2010 UPDATE: Report likely BOGUS! Multiple sources feel this was a 'planted' story...whoever 'planted' it, is the worst kind of fool!

A snip from ALIPAC: In the past, materials from Dan Amato were welcome at ALIPAC, but his materials are no longer allowed in our archives after we observed Digger writing and attempting to publicize false information on multiple occasions.

The current story he has circulated has not been confirmed using any of the standards or practices we would use, or any professional would use, to verify before releasing such claims.

Claiming that military grade forces have actually seized US territory is not a matter that should be treated lightly. The threat of that happening is very real and the intense and costly reaction to such an incident is nothing to take chances with. Dan Amato took a lot of chances and ran a story that was just a rumor.

Now we have reports from local law enforcement, local media, and citizens who live in the area Digger claims is under Los Zeta occupation and they all say there's nothing like that happening in the area.

While ALIPAC has documented, and fought against, many legitimate media blackouts on stories like these, we are not seeing the usual patterns that we have experienced before around this story. This coupled with the fact that Digger of Digger's Realm BLOG acted on complete hearsay from a lone second hand source might indicate that a media blackout is not the true problem.

We will advise everyone, if this story changes or actual verification or evidence surfaces.

Until then we are advising everyone not to post or circulate the unverified claims by Digger that Los Zetas has taken over ranches in Texas.

"Ranch owners have escaped without incident but their ranches remain in the hands of the blood thirsty cartels."

We got a note from one of the men with NAFBPO, as follows:


This info came in late last night from a reliable police source inside the Laredo PD. There is currently a standoff between the unknown size Zeta forces and U.S. Border Patrol and local law enforcement on two ranches on our side of the Rio Grande. The source tells us he considers this an “act of war” and that the military is needed on the border now!


Border Patrol & Local police battling Zetas who took over 2 ranches. ACT OF WAR

More confirmation here:

1:18 am Today

In what could be deemed an act of war against the sovereign borders of the United States, Mexican drug cartels have seized control of at least two American ranches inside the U.S. territory near Laredo, Texas.

Two sources inside the Laredo Police Department confirmed the incident is unfolding and they would continue to coordinate with U.S. Border Patrol today. “We consider this an act of war,” said one police officer on the ground near the scene. There is a news blackout of this incident at this time and the sources inside Laredo PD spoke on the condition of anonymity.

Word broke late last night that Laredo police have requested help from the federal government regarding the incursion by the Los Zetas. It appears that the ranch owners have escaped without incident but their ranches remain in the hands of the blood thirsty cartels.

Laredo Border Patrol is conducting aerial surveillance over the ranches to determine the best way to regain control of the U.S. ranches, according to the Laredo Police department.

The approximate location of the U.S. ranches are10 miles northwest of I-35 off Mines Road and Minerales Annex Road. Just off 1472 (Mines road) near Santa Isabel Creek south of the city of Laredo, Texas.

The Los Zetas drug cartel is an offshoot of the elite Mexican military trained in special ops. The mercenary organization is said to include members of corrupt Mexican Federales, politicians as well as drug traffickers. The group was once part of the Gulf cartel, but has since splintered and now directly competes with the Gulf cartel for premium drug smuggling routes in the Texas region.[snip]

AND where is John McCain now??
LYING about his opposition! What he's ALWAYS doing!

According to John McCain EVERYONE in the world should be able to come here.

Give everyone in the world an opportunity to come to America

McCain: “Those who live closest are the ones who can get here.
Everyone in the world should have the opportunity through
an orderly process to come to this country.”

Source: AZ Senate Debate, in Tucson Citizen Oct 16, 2004


This was sent by way of NAFBPO (the best news from south of the border !)

The photo that accompanied an article Saturday about deaths of illegal immigrants in the Arizona desert showed a sign that carried instructions in three languages. The sign was posted on a solar-powered emergency beacon, from which illegal immigrants in distress could summon help.

The warning was also posted in Spanish, but what was the third language?

A Times photo editor contacted Olson, who in turn checked with the Tucson sector of the Border Patrol to get the answer:

Tohono O’odham.

The language is a dialect of the O’odham language and is spoken by members of the Tohono O’odham Nation. According to the tribe’s website, the federally recognized Tohono O’odham reservation ends at the U.S.-Mexican border and its eastern boundary is near the Sasabe, Ariz., port of entry. However, the tribe considers its land to extend farther south to include nine communities in Mexico. The tribe’swebsite says increased enforcement of immigration law at the U.S.-Mexico border has “prevented the O’odham from crossing it freely.”

Image Hosted by

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

'Displaced Foreign Traveler' - Get Your PC speech here!!!

The Obama administration's Forest Service has a new term for ILLEGAL ALIEN....

'Displaced Foreign Traveler'

I kid you not! Lars Larson brought this to our attention yesterday, mentioning the continuing plantation grows of Marijuana by armed Mexican Drug Cartels in our National forests and parks in So. Oregon and No. California.
The term was used in a U.S. Forest Service news release, sent out to the media Tuesday morning, about a marijuana raid earlier this month. It describes Gauldry Almonte-Hernandez, a citizen of Michoacán, Mexico as a “displaced foreign traveler.”

A Redding Searchlight editorial satirizes the incident:

[snip]Strangely, though, this poor displaced traveler — far from welcoming his rescue by the Forest Service, Trinity County Sheriff’s Department and Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement — instead reportedly tried to flee and hide as those agency’s officers arrived at the marijuana “garden,” which contained more than 7,000 plants.

A Forest Service law-enforcement dog team ran down Almonte-Hernandez, who, the Forest Service says, faces a federal charge of manufacturing a controlled substance that, if he is convicted, could carry a 10-year prison sentence.

Is that any way to treat a displaced foreign traveler?

In related news (It's not just ARIZONA that has been invaded!)

300K marijuana plants destroyed in Shasta County this month

It’s been a busy month so far in the efforts to eradicate illegal marijuana gardens in the north state's backcountry.

Nearly 300,000 marijuana plants have been pulled from illegal gardens in Shasta County, Ca. so far this month, said Sgt. Steve Solus, who heads the Shasta County Sheriff’s Office marijuana eradication efforts.

Solus said the busts will easily eclipse the record number of 630,000 plants pulled in Shasta County last year.

Law enforcement officials have pulled more than 92,000 plants from illegal gardens in the Shasta-Trinity National Forest this month alone, forest spokeswoman Rita Vollmer said today.

The largest garden was near Hayfork, in which 46,000 plants were found in a single garden, Vollmer said.

Forest service law enforcement officers also arrested one man, Gauldry Almonte-Hernandez, of Mexico who ran during a raid on July 9 near Hayfork, Vollmer said.

Solus said that his agents have arrested around 20 suspects in connection with the grows. Most the suspects were Mexican growers arrested on suspicion of federal drug trafficking charges, he said.

'Shasta County targeted by prison gangs'

Hispanic-based gangs, motorcycle gangs and prison gangs have set their sights on Shasta County, multiple sources confirm.

"This is an untouched area for gangs," Anderson Police Chief Dale Webb said. "We believeLink there's a push to get a foothold here."

The attraction of Shasta County to gangs is access to the Interstate 5 corridor and routes to the coast, according to Sheriff Tom Bosenko. He added that limited law enforcement staffing and lack of gang control also makes the area attractive.


WHERE'S JOHNNY????? AWOL, as usual, on border enforcement!

Along with 81 congressmen, Rep. Duncan Hunter & Tom McClintock, R-California, signs Amicus Brief supporting Arizona Immigration Law, which includes 5 US Senators... Wicker, DeMint, Vitter, Inhofe,
Barrasso, but NO John McCain!

The bipartisan Immigration Reform Caucus, 76 members of the House of Representatives and five U.S. Senators have waded into the lawsuit by the Obama administration in U.S. vs. Arizona in support of Arizona.

Let your Congressional Members know that you support the Arizona law, and you want them to join in filing this brief. Send a fax or an e-mail by entering your ZIP Code and clicking “Go!”

Good article: Confessions Of An Illegal Alien
I believe Arizona’s Immigration Law S.B. 1070 is going to be damn effective. In fact I think it should be adopted across the United States. What special insight do I have into the matter? I used to be an illegal alien.

ANOTHER THING!!!!! Obama coming after your GOLD!

Gold Coin Sellers Angered by New Tax Law ^ | 07/21/10 | RICH BLAKE

Those already outraged by the president's health care legislation now have a new bone of contention -- a scarcely noticed tack-on provision to the law that puts gold coin buyers and sellers under closer government scrutiny.

Starting Jan. 1, 2012, Form 1099s will become a means of reporting to the Internal Revenue Service the purchases of all goods and services by small businesses and self-employed people that exceed $600 during a calendar year. Precious metals such as coins and bullion fall into this category and coin dealers have been among those most rankled by the change.

This provision, intended to mine what the IRS deems a vast reservoir of uncollected income tax, was included in the health care legislation ostensibly as a way to pay for it. The tax code tweak is expected to raise $17 billion over the next 10 years, according to the Joint Committee on Taxation. [snip]

What's this all about????? An earlier article explains it....buyers and sellers of Gold, silver, etc. will have to file a 1099 tax form for every transaction of $600.00.

$600 Sale? Get Ready for Tax Form

[snip]The responsibility for issuing forms kicks in at $600 for coins or bullion – not a very high level and one that has already started sounding alarm bells. It doesn’t matter in what form payment is made, whether cash, check, credit card, or Yap stone money, the $600 threshold applies.

There’s a bill introduced by Rep. Dan Lungren (H.R. 5141), which has gathered over 80 members of Congress as co-sponsors to repeal this section. Evidently, however, the drafters of the provision think there is a $17 billion loophole that this plugs.

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Monday, July 12, 2010

McCain: “America is still the land of opportunity, we’re not going to erect barriers and fences.”

HELLO ARIZONA!!!! You've made us proud with your stand against the tyrannical Obama Administration and open borders and your willingness to enforce our immigration laws!

But you're making the same mistake you've made for 24 are believing lies.....
The never ending stream of lies from John McCain and his supporters.

Indeed, Sen. McCain has been on the stump in Arizona of late, telling everyone how he supports SB 1070, how he wants to 'secure the border' and is against 'amnesty'.

HE IS LYING, again!!! Stop letting this man use you!

How SOON we forget! But you better remember HIS WORDS!
Image Hosted by

*“America is still the land of opportunity,” Senator John McCain recently said. “And we’re not going to erect barriers and fences.” June 26, 2007 National Review

*SEN. JOHN MCCAIN, R-ARIZ.: I do not favor using troops because they are not trained for it. They don’t have the kind of qualifications necessary. I have strongly favored us using all the technical equipment that our military has including satellites, including aircraft and other technical means. May, 2001

*McCain continues to be well, McCain, throwing out liberal lines to catch the unsuspecting. Here he promises to push the failed Kyoto treaty.
“I am committed as President to pursue the efforts to reduce greenhouse gasses immediately. That includes joining Kyoto as long as we have India and China involved. It would not be fair to the planet to say the two largest growing economies who are greenhouse gas emitters are not part of it." April, 2010

*On the ‘View’: Meghan McCain Blasts Tea Parties
Sen. John McCain’s daughter says the movement is filled with “innate racism.”
Does ANYONE think Meghan isn’t doing her father’s bidding???

*On the 2008 campaign trail: McCain had been asked how debate over the immigration bill was playing politically. “In the short term, it probably galvanizes our base,” he said. “In the long term, if you alienate the Hispanics, you’ll pay a heavy price.” Then he added, unable to help himself, “By the way, I think the fence is least effective. But I’ll build the goddamned fence if they want it.”

Image Hosted by

* May 29, 2003 interview: McCain: “Amnesty has to be an important part because there are people who have lived in this country for 20, 30 or 40 years, who have raised children here and pay taxes here and are not citizens.“

* Dec. 15, 2000 press release: McCain: ”I support the Latino and Immigrant Fairness Act (LIFA). Negotiations between the White House and the leadership, which endorsed more limited immigration reform, have resulted in a compromise.... this bill makes meaningful but insufficient progress on amnesty for those wrongly denied it.

Q: Should we change our Constitution to allow men like Mel Martinez, born in Cuba and Schwarzenegger, born in Austria, to stand here some night as candidates for president?
McCAIN: He and I have many similar attributes, so I have to seriously consider it.
Source: 2007 GOP primary debate, at Reagan library, hosted by MSNBC May 3, 2007

McCain: " Those who live closest are the ones who can get here. Everyone in the world should have the opportunity through an orderly process to come to this country."
Source: AZ Senate Debate, in Tucson Citizen Oct 16, 2004

McCain attacked Proposition 106, an Arizona statewide referendum that was being advanced by the so-called English-only movement. McCain told the teachers, “Why would we want to pass some kind of initiative that a significant portion of our population considers an assault on their heritage?”
McCain was one of 10 members of congress who were honored by the National Council of La Raza, a nationwide coalition of Hispanic organizations. In a speech at a ceremony in Washington, before an audience of 500, McCain again attacked English-only initiatives. “The building of our great nation is not the work of immigrants from one or two countries, McCain said, ”Our nation and the English language have done quite well with Chinese spoken in California, German in Pennsylvania, Italian in New York, Swedish in Minnesota, and Spanish throughout the Southwest. I fail to see the cause for alarm now.“
Source: Man of the People, by Paul Alexander, p.122-123 Jan 19, 2004

*McCain actually said this just a few weeks ago.
“President Reagan granted amnesty to two million people and that was wrong,”

Image Hosted by

*This may be the ONLY time John McCain told the truth.
John McCain 2008 Prez election: no amnesty for illegal aliens could lead to France-style riots

...The man wasn’t satisfied with McCain’s answer. He asked McCain why the U.S. couldn’t execute large-scale deportations, as he had heard they did in France and other countries. The question seemed to pique McCain.
“In case you hadn’t noticed, the thousands of people who have been relegated to ghettos have risen up and burned cars in France,” McCain said. “They’ve got huge problems in France. They have tremendous problems. The police can’t even go into certain areas in the suburbs of Paris. I don’t want that in the suburbs of America.

McCain, the "maverick," has been in Congress for 28 years, or since winning his first election in 1982. He is no longer fighting the establishment; he is the establishment. He personifies the compromise wing of the Republican Party, which has since become the dominant wing.


“The thought of [John McCain] being president sends a cold chill down my spine”Sen. Thad Cochran (R-Miss.), also a senior member of the Appropriations panel, told the Boston Globe recently. “He is erratic. He is hotheaded. He loses his temper and he worries me.Washington Post

Capitol Hill staffers rate their bosses.
Worst Follower 2. John McCain (R-Ariz.)

Show Horse 2. John McCain (R-Ariz.)

Hottest Temper 2. John McCain (R-Ariz.) known to snap at staff when the cameras are off

And this....THIS bothers me the most. John McCain has no loyalty to Arizona or this nation. He is a globalist first.

McCain 3/2009:
“I could imagine, with a little envy, what it must have been like for the McCains who came before me to be so connected to one place; to be part of a community”

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Sunday, July 11, 2010

STUFF & News YOU missed!

Translation: "No on Prop 187 and No on the Law in Arizona."
Pandering at it's worst!!!! Hey Californians! Remember ALL those very expensive, slick ads Meg Whitman sent know the ones where she PROMISED to crack down on illegal aliens, to secure the border if we elect her as governor?
What a difference a few days make!!! Here's her new sign in California's 'hispanic' districts.
Don't forget....Meg is one of 'McCain's girls!


STOP voting for the Rino’s they insist on giving Whitman in California. Until they know we will NOT vote for them, they’ll just keep putting up more of the same.

Past time to send the GOP a message...GIVE us conservatives because we won’t vote for your rinos!


No more California RINO/MCCAIN wing votes! Whitman just insured Brown winning, why should I waste my vote on this pretend ‘conservative’.

Nightingale for Governor 2010

This statement by McCain keeps running through my mind. It’s worth a look and McCain let’s slip that he really is a globalist who doesn’t see any particular ‘connection’ to Arizona or the community of the USA, for that matter.

McCain 3/2009:

“I could imagine, with a little envy, what it must have been like for the McCains who came before me to be so connected to one place; to be part of a community”

Interesting statement. May give an indication why he has no special attachment to the sovereignty of this nation and believes illegal aliens have just as much claim to it as the rest of us who are ‘so connected’. Full article here


How 'bout those Black Panthers! Here they are intimidating voters last November...and this Dept. of Justice? All charges were dropped!
Listen to the hateful, violent words from Black Panther being shielded by Obama (w/shocking video)
One of the Black Panthers caught on tape trying to intimidate white voters outside a Philadelphia polling location on Election Day 2008, King Shamir Shabazz, has been caught in another video, spewing racist and vile rhetoric which will undoubtedly be shocking to many.
In the new video, the Black Panther speaks of his hatred for white people, and even advocates killing white babies.
Of course, the Justice Department, under Obama dropped the case against the Black Panthers, and Shabazz agreed not to carry a "deadly weapon" to a polling place again, at least until 2012.

If you have any doubts as to the anarchist views of this organization, don't miss this! Prepare to be stunned!
New Black Panther - 10 point platform
What the New Black Panthers Want
What the New Black Panthers Believe

Meanwhile, in Mexico, they're just killing voters they don't like! Coming to your town!

Violence curtails voting in several states

Mexico, D.F. – Yes. Violence inhibits voting. In Chihuahua and Tamaulipas, two states where there is the presence of criminal cartels, voter absence reached 60 percent.

In Chihuahua the declared PRI winner, Cesar Duarte, won with a vote of just 35.98 percent of the registered voters, according to the local Electoral Institute.

Meanwhile in Tamaulipas, Egidio Torre Cantu won, replacing his brother Rodolfo who was killed just a week ago by armed commandos, with only 39.7 percent of the registered voters actually voting.

In Sinaloa, another of the most violent states, only 57.05% of the voters participated.

Of the 12 states that elected governors during this election, the one with the highest voter turnout was Zacatecas where 57.2 of the registered voters actually voted.

And Mexico claims yet another 'first': Mexico leads the world in armed robberies

Mexico is the leading country in the world for armed robberies, and thugs use firearms in 67.7% of cases. This report is according to a study released today by the “Grupo Multisistemas de Seguridad Industrial,” an experienced Mexican firm with an international clientele.


PHOENIX - Gov. Jan Brewer's SB 1070 legal defense fund had almost $500,000 as of Thursday morning - more than 60 percent of it flooding in during the 48 hours after the U.S. Justice Department sued to invalidate the law. Arizona Daily Star

Thomas Chaput of LaGrange, Ga., said he had a good reason to send $20 to help Brewer defend this state's new immigration law. "Because our president is stupid," he said.

Amnesty is about to be shoved down our throats.

No reward for violating our borders! NO AMNESTY


Tonight thousands of us will want to turn on the radio to hear the voice of reason we came to depend on. But today the voice is silent.
Terry Anderson passed away a few days ago and leaves a hole in our hearts. As he was in his last days, he didn't complain or even tell us he was ill...instead on June 5 he was in 107 degree heat, supporting Arizona.

American Patriot Terry Anderson Has Died

It seems like just yesterday that I was standing in the hot Arizona sun with sweat pouring off of me. I was not alone however that day, there was an American patriot sitting next to me on the stairs. I held an umbrella over his head as he wiped the sweat from his brow and took a drink from a water bottle. He looked up at me.

"Is it soon?" he asked.

"Just a few minutes more," I said.

Terry Anderson didn't look to me as I had pictured him. He was slightly gaunt and pale. His spirit however was still inside of him as he talked to me.

For those who don't know Terry, he had been doing a radio for 10 years called Terry Anderson Show where he spoke out for freedom in America and enforcement of our immigration laws. He got involved in the issue after watching the black community in Los Angeles being affected by the invasion of illegal aliens. He railed against the inaction by our government telling the American people that "If you ain't mad, you ain't payin' attention!"

"We will prevail because we are right! - Terry Anderson

On this day he had traveled into the middle of the desert to stand and share his message with the people of Arizona and the people of America. It was a day that would hit 107 degrees and the message he was bringing was no amnesty for illegal aliens. It was June 5, 2010 and it would be the last day that I would see this great man.

Little did I know at the time, Terry was suffering from pancreatic and liver cancer and it was the cause of his gaunt, pale condition. A little over a month later, just yesterday in fact, this patriot died.

It troubles me that someone with pancreatic and liver cancer - a month from dying - can take the time to stand with his fellow Americans, but there are Americans in this country who claim to be patriots who will make every excuse in the book not to attend events or be active in something they say they care about. Actually it angers me more than it troubles me and looking at a man like Terry just puts the point home. Terry is an example to us all. I believe that he would say to all Americans to "get off your butts and get out there!"

America is much the poorer with the loss of this great man named Terry Anderson.

Terry stood up tall from sitting next to me, walked up the stairs and took the podium. Below is what he had to say that hot day in June in Phoenix, Arizona.

You will be missed Mr. Anderson.

MUST SEE...Remembering Terry's last speech! Phoenix Rising.

Walter Moore gives a fine tribute.

Remembering Terry Anderson July 9, 2010
by Walter Moore

Let’s start with that voice of his: mesmerizing.

Terry Anderson’s radio show would have been worth listening to even if all he did was read aloud the ingredients of breakfast cereal. His voice was riveting. Booming — really BOOMING — one moment, then practically a whisper the next; relentless rapid-fire delivery mixed with pauses; he could have captured and held your attention even if you didn’t speak the same language. He was that good.

And Terry was hilarious. A boring man could never have coined the phrase, “The most horriblest clown of the week.” Even when he was “articulating the popular rage,” he could make you laugh. Mixing rage and laughter isn’t easy, but it made it easier for those of us in Terry’s audience to keep our spirits up in the face of the seemingly endless onslaught of, well, horrible clowns, week after week, year after year.

Terry’s articulation of the popular rage was therapeutic. When you heard Terry rant, you knew you weren’t alone. You also knew you were right, because Terry knew right from wrong, and knew how to explain it simply and clearly. Politicians could blow all the smoke they wanted to, but it never clouded Terry’s vision. He had uncommon common sense, and a unique ability to zero in on the truth.

Besides being a terrific speaker, Terry was a terrific listener. You know how sometimes, when you’re talking to someone, you feel as though they’re just waiting for you to stop so it’s their turn to say whatever they already have in mind? You never got that feeling from Terry. Rather, he actually listened to what people said. You could tell from how he reacted, whether you were listening to him on the radio or had the privilege of talking with him in person.

Sometimes, when people would call his show, they knew they had a point to make, but they didn’t know exactly how to make it. Terry listened, and then articulated the point for them. He did so, moreover, in a gentle, caring and respectful way. You could hear the relief and enthusiasm in their voice when they heard him express the thought they hadn’t quite been able to put together on their own.

I even heard him take a call from a little kid — whose parents had put him on the phone — and Terry neither rushed him nor condescended to him. I forget exactly what Terry said, but I remember being impressed; I think Terry likened immigration law to playing by the rules, a concept children understand but many adults pretend not to.

Assembling parts so they work together was apparently second nature to Terry. After he passed away, I read an article about how, from a very early age, he had a knack for taking bits and pieces from wrecked cars, salvaging them, and putting them together to work, good as new.

That’s basically what he was doing with our country. He was salvaging those of us who had given up hope. He found some of us here in L.A., others in Nevada, still others in Illinois — scattered people, all over America, who thought they were alone.

Terry united and connected people all over America who actually care about America. He was like Radio Free Europe and the French underground rolled into one. He provided important information we couldn’t find anywhere else.

When I ran for Mayor of Los Angeles, he was the first person to put me on the radio. He gave me the privilege of talking to people all over the nation on his show, despite my having had zero political experience, no war chest of cash, and no other media coverage. It made a difference. People from all over the country not only wrote to encourage me, but also contributed their hard-earned money to my campaign, because they wanted to help me try to save America’s second-biggest city. I was totally blown away. A police officer in Chicago actually contributed to my campaign. I was so honored.

Terry likewise supported Jamiel’s Law — a “radical” proposal to deny “sanctuary city” protection for gang members. That anyone could oppose such a common-sense, modest, narrow proposal is still stupefying to me. But oppose it they did, and Terry was right there, fighting the massive disinformation campaign waged by people who took the side of gangs rather than the side of gangs’ victims. He didn’t just talk about Jamiel’s Law on the radio; he actually came to the rallies and the protests. That he took his time to attend meant a great deal to me and to the Shaw Family, too. If you had Terry Anderson on your side, you had the angels on your side.

Brave. That’s another word that springs to mind when you think about Terry. More like “fearless.” More like “invincible.” Terry was so strong, fearless and inspiring that It never even occurred to me that he could possibly pass away. I took for granted that we would always have Terry to egg us on, inspire us, keep our hopes up, and lead the fight to protect common sense values we never thought we would have to fight for.

I can’t believe he’s gone. I just can’t imagine a world without Terry Anderson. No one can fill those shoes. He was one of a kind.

I also can’t imagine how terrible his loss must be for his family. He was always strong, strong, strong. To lose such a great man, with so little warning, has to be absolutely impossible.

I just hope Terry’s family realizes how much we loved him, and how grateful we are that they shared this remarkable man with us, shared him with America.

We miss you, Terry, and we won’t let you down. You put us together. We won’t let anyone tear us apart.

Mark Levin has a good idea:



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Thursday, July 08, 2010

In Memory and appreciation, we lost a patriot - Terry Anderson


Once in a while, we are lucky enough to have SPECIAL people cross our paths. Seven years ago, I turned the radio on to the unforgettable voice of Terry Anderson admonishing the 'stupid people of America!' Every Sunday night, many of us tuned in. We were entertained, we were taught and we became friends with one of the most patriotic activists to ever grace this nation.
To those of you never lucky enough to know this fine man, you missed out!

All his shows are archived. They are timeless. Listen and learn.

Terry leaves an emptiness that will not soon be filled. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family. Thank you for sharing this brave, kind man with us. He will not be forgotten.

As for the current political Terry always said,
"If You Ain't Mad, You Ain't Payin' Attention!"

Thanks to Barbara Coe for informing us .

The True Patriot American Champion, talk show host and my dear friend, the beloved "Prisoner of South Central", TERRY ANDERSON, died at 3:30 AM this date, a victim of pancreatic and liver cancer. Although many of you have his home phone number, please do NOT call them at this time, but allow his family the private time they need to grieve his loss.
Messages and cards may be sent to 12400 Ventura Blvd - #643, Studio City, CA 91604. Details about a Memorial Service in his honor will be forthcoming as soon as I am advised.
God bless Terry, God bless each and every one of you who were his loyal supporters and God bless America!
In sorrow....
Barb Coe - CCIR

Read the tributes to Terry at Numbers USA.

[snip] "People, if you ain't sad you are one of the stupid people of America."-- Robert of AZ

Terry behind the microphone

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Terry at one of the many public gatherings he attended, often in Washington D.C. chasing down scoundrel politicians

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Some personal information.

[snip]Terry is survived by his wife Melanie, who was also his high school sweetheart, two sons, and two grandchildren. He was born in Oakland, Calif., but moved to South Los Angeles when he was a youngster and lived there ever since. After starting his radio show in November 2000, Terry would have broadcast for the 500th time in a few weeks.

He’s known for his well-prepared opening monologues (see one of his famous monologues here and watch him explaining how illegal immigration has harmed MacArthur Park here), which he often spent 20-30 hours a week to prepare.

In 10 years, he never missed a show, although he was pre-empted a few times by his home station on very short notice.

In the weeks leading up to his death, Terry Anderson had J.D. Hayworth, Republican challenger to John McCain, and Russell Pearce, author of Arizona’s new immigration enforcement law, on his radio program. In his “Clown of the Week” segment, he blasted the Obama Administration for their decision to sue the state of Arizona as well as DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, and head of the Los Angeles Archdiocese Cardinal Roger Mahony.”

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Sunday, July 04, 2010

The State of the Union, Independence Day, 2010

That is the state of our Union, thanks to globalists like Obama, his out of touch democrat party and the handful of RINO republicans like John McCain. One state is standing up to this federal meddling......

President Obama gave a big speech this week about 'immigration' (translation: AMNESTY). He gave no details...those surprises will be revealed later!
(Thanks Frank!)
"That's what governments are for.....gettin' in a man's way!"
Capt. Malcom Reynolds, Firefly
Recently, a survey was taken. 25% of residents of the USA don't know who we gained our independence from. Some said Mexico!

74% Americans Know What the 4th of July is About, 26 Percent are Clueless

Interesting that the same people who elect a Barak Obama are the same ones who have no particular loyalty to this nation or even understand our Declaration of Independence.

Don't depend on government or God to fix this mess we find ourselves in. It is our generation's charge to keep America alive and well. Wisdom is found in unlikely places....from the words of Rabbi Avram, from the wonderful old movie The Frisco Kid.

Chief Gray Cloud: [in reference to Avram's god] What does he do?
Avram: He... He can do anything!
Chief Gray Cloud: Then why can't he make rain?
Avram: Because he doesn't make rain. He gives us strength when we're suffering. He gives us compassion when all that we feel is hatred. He gives us courage when we're searching around blindly like little mice in the darkness... but He does not make rain!

Keep the spirit!

Favorite places to visit!
Terry Anderson tells it like it is on immigration!
Our dear friend and patriot, Terry Anderson has been ill. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

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