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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Mob Rule, Power sponsored Anarchy: Different century, same brainwashed masses.

                                     Photo: Artist rendering of Major Ridge, The Ridge, Cherokee leader.

You may have never heard of the Cherokee Civil War.   It is a  term used to describe the destruction of that tribe from within over a 40 year period by Chief John Ross by means of propaganda, isolating the masses from the free speech of those who would tell them the truth.   A tactic we see played out daily in our current political circus.

 As my Dad used to say, "The Cherokee didn't need the  White man's government to destroy them, they did that well enough on their own!"

 The most amazing thing is this:  Many, not all Cherokee,  either still believe that Major Ridge, Cherokee leader, and his followers SOLD their native Georgia lands to the government.

The timeline, the facts, the history all say this is a lie, but that lie persists.

Along with propaganda and Chief John Ross using his influence and the treasury of the tribe,  caused the ignorant of the tribe to assassinate several of their most prominent, trusted leaders, Major Ridge and his son John were among them.These were the leaders who brought dignity and prosperity to the Cherokee Nation and made the mistakes of their lives electing John Ross as their leader.  Stopping free speech was his first move.  Then he cancelled elections and confiscated the treasury.  Then he simply oversaw the elimination by murder of any who opposed him.

Andrew Jackson pushed through his Indian removal bill in 1830.  This, as Cong. David Crockett, who opposed it, described as a mistake and a done deal.

Followers of Ridge met with the US Government in 1835 to try to salvage some kind of deal known as the Treaty of New Echota, for their people to settle in the new lands they were already by law going to be removed to.

Chief John Ross held out for more money, convincing the tribe he was going to work a miracle and they would be allowed to stay. It is because of Chief John Ross's greed that so many Cherokee died on the Trail of Tears in 1838 and 1839, because they had to be forcibly removed without means or provisions to sustain them. He was a master at class warfare, racial division and hate mongering.   His personal tribal assassins didn't mind that he was only 1/8 Cherokee with blue eyes if the payoff was good enough.  He was also a prominent African Slave owner.  (YO...Lizzie Warren!)
                        Rose Cottage, Plantation of Chief John Ross, Circa 1860, near Tahlequah, Indian Territory

The Ridge party planned logically, removed themselves and lost few lives on the trail they took.

The timeline is simple, but it escapes those who refuse to see:

1830….Indian Removal Act, passed by CONGRESS, signed by Andrew Jackson.May 28, 1830, authorizing the president to grant unsettled lands west of the Mississippi in exchange for Indian lands within existing state borders.
1835…. Treaty of New Echota by the Ridge party
1838…..Removal to Indian Territory by Army

Just as the masses of violent, hate filled, IGNORANT Antifa, BLM, and all the other leftist goon squads use their destruction today to end free speech and elections, so did the savages of the Cherokee Tribe. 
There is nothing new under the sun.  Our memories are too short to inform us. Hate and ignorance comes in all colors.

The story of how the Cherokee lost their Nation is told in this book.
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