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Friday, August 11, 2017

White Privilege & Aliens DO vote legally in the USA!

It was bound to happen, I suppose, because liberals are wrong 95% of the time.  One of them thinks my conservative views are because of my 'privileged white' upbringing.

KISS MY ASS! You ignorant sluts.  YOU have no idea what poverty is……I do!  And I pulled myself out of it…BY MYSELF.  NOT the government…ever! I raised my kids, by myself..ME!   If I can do it, ANYONE CAN DO IT!
One more time…shut your pie holes.  You are ignorant and dangerous!  GET A JOB!
This is the first home of your TownCrier.  My mom and older sister, Daddy and a an 8'x10' homemade trailer house, heading to Oregon to build homes for the returning WW2 vets who were homesteading.   If there was no work, they went and FOUND IT instead of pissing and bitching demanding that I pay your way.  NO! Tired of it! NO one paid my way! NO ONE but me.


People are not aware that several states allow aliens to vote in local elections.  It's an outrage! And more democrat enclaves are pushing for more alien votes.

Noncitizen Voting
Noncitizen voting is currently only allowed in city or local district voting. No state has extended noncitizen voting to statewide elections.
Several districts in Maryland allow noncitizens to vote. The most cited example is Takoma Park, which has allowed noncitizen voting in city elections since 1993.
The city of Chicago also allows noncitizens to vote in local school council (LSC) elections.
    •    To vote in a LSC election, an adult must demonstrate (1) that he or she is the parent/guardian of a student enrolled at the school, or (2) that he or she lives within the attendance area boundaries of the school.
In 2015 the District of Columbia (B 28) and Connecticut (HB 5170) have proposals  to allow noncitizens to vote in local elections.

update: Just today article popping up about that voter fraud that doesn't exist according to DEMOCRATS!

THINK for a moment, democrats...why do your leaders want voter fraud to continue? WHY????
A New Hampshire judge hands the Presidential Advisory…
Some 3.5 million more people are registered to vote in the U.S. than are alive among America’s adult citizens. Such…

Move along! no voter fraud here!!
Andrew J. Spieles, who attempted to register deceased…
This is all recent! I didn't go looking for it, just paid attention....
it's all over, has been for years. 
YOU must stop listening to the talking heads on TV!


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