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Friday, October 28, 2016

Could THIS seriously be the 'one'? LOCK HER UP!

Could THIS seriously be the 'one'?  Is this scandal different…different enough to force the media to report or forever be explaining WHY they put a criminal enterprise in office?
Maybe, just maybe, miracles still happen!   I stopped believing..there have been SO many times since 1991 that we all thought…'there is no way the Clintons can keep in power after this…..'
It's time to END  the Clinton Crime Syndicate. 4 decades is ENOUGH!

GO TRUMP!    This man has already done more for this nation than any Clinton ever did!

Trump gets 10's of thousands at his rallies! From Twitter: Bill Clinton Rally the day after the #FBIReopensCase on Hillary. Could they find a smaller place? #HillaryForPrison
  Trump rally this of MANY!

 The STORY & video:  


  The star was repaired the next day.
Then a homeless black woman took action.  To protect the star from vandals, she planted herself on the sidewalk next to Trump’s star.  The woman was seen holding up a sign reading: “20 Million Illegals and Americans Sleep on the Streets in Tents. Vote Trump.”
Unfortunately, the woman was attacked by thugs, most of them Latinos and blacks .

Michael Delauzon ‏@MichaelDelauzon 24m24 minutes ago
GOOD NEWS: Homeless Woman who was severely beaten by Hillary Supporters for protecting Mr Trump's Star is found. Her name is Denise Scott.

Best case scenario...Hillary's infamous temper melts her down in PUBLIC where the media can't hide it like they do these 'rallies' and SOON! You know she's just PISSED! Love it!
 Thank you, Donald Trump..BEST ELECTION EVER! You saved us from the Bush Clan, now let's be done with these Clintons!

Posted on Sat Oct 29 15:40:43 2016 by Jeff Chandler

Trump in Colorado:

Pence in North Carolina:

Hillary in Florida:

Bill Clinton in Cleveland:

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Monday, October 10, 2016

OMG!!! Donald Trump said "PUSSY!"

Grow the hell up, people!
Trump was a PRIVATE CITIZEN!!!!!
 When he starts fitting cigars in the genitalia of White House aids in the Oval office, and his wife insults his victims using worse threats and language  than Trump EVER did, you let me know!  Clintons 'women' were subordinates who trusted him and were USED while he was supposed to be serving US...just like Hillary was supposed to be serving this nation instead of raking in $ for her foundation (90% goes to the Clintons and their cronies, NOT poor 3rd worlders!) while pretending to be secretary of state or a senator...where all she did was run for president!

(Just 4 of the VICTIMS of Bill and Hillary Clinton at the debate last night!)

I was away at a remote location without means of communication to the outside world, and come home to ..."IT's OVER...Trump is naughty!"

GOOD GAWD, what is wrong with ya?   The left says men can screw men, women can pretend they are men, Bill Clinton, with Hillary's help gets away with REAL RAPE and ASSAULT and THAT is okay...BUT, Donald Trump behaves in PRIVATE like ANY MAN, and everyone has their feminist knickers in a wad!

WHO gives a damn??? NO one with a brain!   SHUT UP ALREADY!


This rotten media is the biggest whore in the nation! If you can't see it, you don't WANT to see it!    From Martha Raddass debating with Trump and Hillary standing there watching to today, several outlets saying Trump is racist for referring to Hillary as 'she' or 'her'
FOR THE LOVE OF GAWD!!!!!   Perhaps he should start referring to her as IT instead!   Idiots! All of you who will allow this media to decide our candidates! SHAME ON YOU.

BTW...did anyone notice Anderson Coopers sad sack face last night at the debate?  The first time Hillary almost lost her FAMOUS temper, he looked like he'd seen a ghost....he knows shes WORTHLESS!!    WHY don't the rest of you libtards?

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