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Monday, May 09, 2016

Trump won't bail out Puerto Rico, But Paul Ryan, his boss Cesar Conda & Congress will!

HEADLINE:   Donald Trump won't bail out Puerto Rico
CNN -Money ^ | May 7, 2016 | Heather Long

Donald Trump says Puerto Rico has "far far too much debt," and the U.S. government shouldn't bail out the island.......
Puerto Rico is in crisis mode. It has run up $70 billion in debt, a staggering amount for an island of under 3.5 million people.....
"You have to cut the debt way down and get back to business," he said.


Remember the name I keep telling you NOT to forget...CESAR CONDA, the immigration lawyer/powerful lobbyist who OWNS Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio.

...Read on!

SELL OUTS: Paul Ryan, National Review Call For Puerto Rico Bailout For Hedge Fund Masters & Lobbyist Pals  
April 21, 2016
[snip]  Ryan is being lobbied hard by Cesar Conda. That name may sound familiar to you. He was Senator Rubio’s controversial, pro-amnesty chief of staff.
[Conda] has called himself a “conservative mentor” to Paul Ryan on his LinkedIn and was once Ryan’s colleague at the Alexis de Tocqueville Institution where they worked together on open borders immigration proposals. Together they killed an immigration restriction bill in 1996. (Matthew Rees, “Rookies of the Year,” The Weekly Standard, April 15, 1996).
National Review and Speaker Paul Ryan have called for bailing out Puerto Rico but don’t disclose their considerable ties to the hedge fund managers and lobbyists who stand to profit.   
Puerto Rico has become a nice little tax dodge for the ultra rich and many of those ultra rich billionaire set like National Review and donate to it.
The solution for Puerto Rico? “Stop spending so much money! Privatize! Cut that minimum wage!” says the cucks. The real solution? Cut Puerto Rico lose. But we can’t do that, that would be raaacist...... we’re told by our DC sources that Conda is lobbying Congress for the bailout. His Twitter feed certainly seems to suggest it. In the past Conda has worked for the Puerto Rican Statehood Council, a DC-based outfit working to make Puerto Rico our 51st state.
Do we really want to have another state that’s heavily indebted with low IQ Latinos?

Paul Ryan
Paul Ryan, congressman for Puerto Rico?


Lobbying Spending Database-Puerto Rico Statehood Council, 2016 ...
Center for Responsive Politics
Lobbyists representing Puerto Rico Statehood Council, 2016: Year: 2016, "), 2015, "), 2014 ... Conda, Cesar V · Revolving Door Profile · Cox, Chris C · Revolving ...

Lobbying Spending Database-Navigators Global LLC, 2015 ...
Center for Responsive Politics
Puerto Rico Statehood Council · Conda, Cesar V · Revolving Door Profile · AT&T Inc · Cornerstone Government Affairs · Oracle Corp (Oracle America)*

 How often are these Rino globalists going to side with the left???

Rep. Luis Gutierrez Delivers Impassioned Speech Calling For Puerto Rico Aid

This was the socialist leftie that Ryan stood with to push the Gang of 8 amnesty!

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