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Friday, April 29, 2016

Trump faces off with the 'Klan with a Tan' in Costa Mesa

That's what the wonderful Terry Anderson used to call these imported rioters.

Over 31,000 people showed up to support their candidate for president, even though they had to fight their way through the crowd of ILLEGAL ALIEN loving protestors displaying their patriotism....for MEXICO!!
The rest of the country often condemns California, but they were the first to TRY to stop this invasion with prop. 187.   We can thank the big lobbyists of the GOP for destroying that....Grover Norquist, CESAR CONDA, Steven Moore, along with Hugh Hewitt, Jack Kemp who destroyed Prop. 187. And they are the SAME people who own Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio.

They attacked peaceful Trump supporters, blocked traffic, destroyed public property.   If they'd been a bunch of ranchers from Oregon or Nevada waving American Flags, they'd have been shot!  WHERE was their 'first amendment' free speech area as was demanded by the feds for the Bundy protest????

Useful IDIOTS! Trump is right...this is what Mexico sends us!  " Trump supporters surrounded one man who waved a Mexican flag and shouted "Build that wall! Build that wall!" -- a reference to Trump's call to create barrier between the United States and Mexico to stop illegal border crossings. "

These imported anarchists do NOT speak for American Latinos!  

Mr. Trump was humbled and inspired by this loyal California crowd.   He began his presentation by introducing Jamiel Shaw and other families of VICTIMS of illegal aliens!
He is the ONLY candidate to bother fighting for them!    
Just one of the Trump supporters attacked by 'Mexico's finest!'  TRUMP IS RIGHT!

When US citizens are attacked and stopped from supporting a candidate by illegal aliens, WE HAVE A PROBLEM! The 3rd world has invaded...more blood will be shed. GET THEM OUT OF HERE! Build the it TALL!
Hospitalized last night after being attacked for WEARING a Trump hat and  shirt!

At the same time a rally for John Kasich was being held in Medford, Oregon, where 250 people bothered to show up, many who were protesting him...peacefully, quietly!

And RAFAEL EDWARD CRUZ......what a Maroon!  As Trump said, he's the only candidate in history who has NO chance to win yet has picked a VP!   

TTC has warned you before about Carly FioRINO!    This is proof Ted is a globalist, open border, free traitor sold out piece of garbage!    
Thursday, September 17, 2015
CARLY ALERT!!! Birds of Feather? Cheap Labor & Common Core

Earlier today I read about a Craig Barrett who held a private fundraiser for Fiorina on Sept. 10th in Arizona. He is the chief Common Core pusher in AZ and Board member/ Chairman of Achieve Inc., the Common Core standards architects.
But I just found that this guy Barrett also heads Intel and the push for more foreign workers. The fundraiser featured Former US Sen. Jon Kyl...who in 2007 with Ted Kennedy and McCain was one of the senators to write Bush’s amnesty. Carly is in bed with the enemy!
Link to fundraiser:
The largest donation to the Fiorina super PAC — close to $1.6 million — came from Jerry Perenchio, the former CEO of Univision and national finance co-chairman for John McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign with deep ties to California.”
A couple years ago, TTC told you that CARLY also did her share of hispandering during her failed California Senate run. She is tied up with PRO Amnesty lobbyists, like Grover Norquist.
[snip] Fiorina is a MCCAIN GIRL!
Latinos Launch 42-City Bus Campaign to Get Out the Vote for Fiorina
WASHINGTON, Sept. 24 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Today the Latino Partnership for Conservative Principles, a leading voice on Latino....
This is a PRO AMNESTY not be fooled. It’s chocked full of the MOST pro amnesty gop hacks known!

“At which point Fiorina, then a campaign surrogate for presumptive GOP nominee John McCain, offered some unprompted praise for Clinton: If Fiorina hadn’t been backing McCain, she told me, she would have been for Clinton.
“That’s off the record,” Fiorina immediately added.”

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