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Illegal immigration is simply 'share the wealth’ socialism and a CRIME not a race!


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William Wilberforce, the British parliamentarian and abolitionist, told his colleagues, “Having heard all of this, you may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

Monday, November 25, 2013

James Woods for President 2016

If you haven't heard Jim Woods express his political views YOU are missing out on someone special!

Several places have launched James Woods for President cites....don't be left out!

WE NEED LEADERSHIP, not more DC shuffle! Woods can't be bought!



World class Poker player...MIT Graduate...a GREAT actor....ARTICULATE....Promotes science and what is GOOD for the USA! WHAT's not to like! Dolly Parton says Woods is the best kisser in Hollywood. If you're going to be screwed by politicians anyway, at least there's that! 
His private life?? PRIVATE..HEY, we aren't looking for a spouse, we need a LEADER! THAT is James Woods.

tirade on Twitter: 'This President is a true abomination'

When Woods won a lawsuit over the wrongful death of his beloved only brother, Michael, he didn't pocket the money like our DC hacks would, he worked with the hospital to make sure it would never happen again and made sure his brothers children were provided for!

Actor James Woods during the trial over his brother's death
The hospital’s chief executive, Sandra Coletta, acknowledged at a news conference with Woods outside court that mistakes were made. She said the hospital is creating an institute in Michael Woods’ honor and investing $1.25 million over the next five years to study redesigning health care and reducing errors.
“I remember saying to someone, ‘The only way I could ever settle this case is if Jimmy would stand with me and agree to change this hospital for the better. If we could combine our efforts and take the pain that he and his family had endured, and join it with us to improve the care of patients going forward. Then we could settle.’
So we asked if he would meet with us. And I met with him. And that’s really where all the headlines come: ‘She said she was sorry!’ Quite honestly I did nothing other than what my mother taught me. I think all too often in health care we evaluate, and we are counseled, and we read books upon books. But sometimes you just have to go back to your core value.
I faced a man who had lost his brother, a brother he had raised in the absence of a father. A brother who cared for an elderly mother while he was out doing his career. Someone who was very dear and close to his heart. When I met that man, I did not meet ‘James Woods.’ I met a family member who had lost a brother, because an order that was written by our emergency physician was not carried out by the staff.
‘Either you are a better actress than I am an actor, or I’m going to be coming after you.’
We did settle the case and we established the Michael J. Woods Institute, and the purpose of the institute is to redesign health care from a human factors perspective… What happened in our emergency department was: the combination of the process and the human fallibility and the design of the space all conspired to create that failure. And that’s the perspective that we all agreed to do. So I can’t tell you how to say you’re sorry. I can just tell you to do what feels right in your heart, because that’s what that moment was about…
When Jim and I started to talk, he very nicely looked at me and said, ‘Either you are a better actress than I am an actor, or I’m going to be coming after you.’ Because the words ‘I’m sorry and can we put this behind us and work forward’ are meaningless if you do nothing with it. They’re not words to be stated lightly, they are words that are meant to create change. So I was fortunate because I’m not as good an actress as he is an actor, which meant that I meant what I was saying, and we have made dramatic change in our emergency department, and hopefully in the future through the rest of our hospital.”
THAT is leadership! 

Monday, November 11, 2013

Cuccinelli, Ted Cruz and other curiosities YOU need to know!

Our last article, ' Grover Norquist is the Conservative Litmus Test!' , couldn't have been more correct!   Last Tuesday, actual conservative Ken Cuccinelli not only lost his race in Virginia for governor, he was thrown under the GOP bus.  They did NOTHING to help him defeat the smarmy Terry McAuliffe or counter all the lies the Dems told.   But why???

First, Cuccinelli is pro immigration enforcement!  Second, he refused to sign Grover Norquist's blood oath pledge!       Are you paying attention, Mark LevinGlenn Beck!!!??? WAKE UP!   

Cuccinelli is against Illegal Immigration....THIS is why Cuccinelli lost in Virginia. IF you don't play by Grover Norquist's rules, you don't play in the GOP at all!
More about Ted Cruz....

Did you know that Ted Cruz was the domestic policy advisor for the 2000 Bush Campaign?? Ted Cruz helped develop Bush's immigration position.....

Ted Cruz helped develop Bush's immigration position! What hand did he have in that famous 'family values don't stop at the Rio Grande' BS and insulting the Minutemen????  I want to know what Ted knows and WHEN he knew it!

The only daylight between he and Bush is that Ted did not advocate a path to citizenship, just to legality for all aliens as well as MORE foreign workers. Other than that, there is NO DIFFERENCE!

The blindness of the Tea Party on this issue and their hero Ted Cruz is going to bite them just like it did with Rubio!

"Cruz helped craft the campaign’s immigration policy, which called for speeding up the application process, increasing the number of work visas, and allowing the relatives of permanent residents to visit the U.S. while their applicants were pending. “Family values don’t stop at the Rio Grande,” Bush used to say."


This story is about U.S. Rep. Luis Gutierrez, big mouth proponent of amnesty, giving college to illegals, the DREAM act, has decided the aliens  and their supporters he's been pushing are ....'unpleasant'....
You see they INVADED HIS office and that Ticked him off! He had them arrested!  

Leading Pro-Immigrant Congressman Severs Ties With DREAMer Groups; Calls Them Manipulative, Racists

[snip] U.S. Capitol Police confirmed that the immigrants, Marco Pacheco and Marcela Espinoza, were arrested for unlawful entry.  (for going to the cong. office!)