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Monday, September 16, 2013

Another one bites the Dust!! TED CRUZ = AMNESTY

 I KNOW you're all desperate to BELIEVE in SOMEONE!  Me too! But aren't you tired of getting conned???  There ARE decent people out there to support, but you can't as long as you won't let go of the LIARS!

Several years ago, we who want enforcement of our immigration laws,  came to a conclusion.
ANY politician who says "Secure the border FIRST" was full of, excuse me, CRAP and means to have all the illegals stay here.  THAT IS AMNESTY!!!

Ted Cruz:  " I hope that this body will adopt the amendment I've introduced to provide real border security and to ensure that border security occurs first before legalization."  

Oh, yes, yes, he says OVER and OVER that he's against AMNESTY!  He even has a petition for us to sign AGAINST AMNESTY...but it doesn't say ONE WORD about NOT legalizing them or deporting does say YOU want to increase legal imported workers!  Do you read what you sign???

  • Whereas, our nation’s immigration system is broken and must be fixed.
  • Whereas, any immigration reform must lead with real border security first.
  • Whereas, the Gang of Eight’s bill does not secure the border and gives amnesty to those here illegally.
  • Whereas, legal immigration should be supported and encouraged.
  • Resolved, I request the House of Representatives reject the Gang of Eight’s bill and instead pass legislation that actually secures our border.
It is commendable that Cruz wants to secure the border! But that is the only difference with him and the gang of 8!
In the past few days, Cruz has even gone so far as to admit he wants MORE legal immigrant workers!

Asked about what to do with the people here illegally.... he stressed that he had never tried to undo the goal of allowing them to stay.

“The amendment that I introduced removed the path to citizenship, but it did not change the underlying work permit from the Gang of Eight,” he said during a recent visit to El Paso. Cruz also noted that he had not called for deportation or, as Mitt Romney famously advocated, self-deportation.
Cruz said recent polling indicated that people outside Washington support some reform, including legal status without citizenship......Cruz has proposed increasing the number of green cards awarded annually, to 1.35 million from 675,000. He also wants to eliminate the per-country limit that he said left applicants from countries like Mexico, China and India hamstrung when they tried to gain legal entry to this country.

HE IS LYING!  Mexico sends more LEGAL immigrants than any other country!!! WHAT is he talking about???!!
NO objective polls of US citizens conclude we want aliens to have LEGAL STATUS!  Just the opposite...we want them DEPORTED!  Cruz KNOWS, or he should, that in many local elections aliens CAN and DO vote if they are 'legally' here!

 Rueters/Ipsos POLL: 
30 percent of those polled think that “most illegal immigrants, with some exceptions, should be deported”, while 23 percent believe all illegal immigrants should be deported.
Only 5 percent believe all illegal immigrants should be allowed to stay in the United States legally, and 31 percent want most illegal immigrants to stay.

Aren't you GOP apologists TIRED of being used?  Aren't you tired of propping up these con men???   I'm still looking for anything where he's ever said the obvious...ENFORCE THE LAW!!!
But, THAT would include deportation, wouldn't it???

A good GOP lemming read the above WORDS of CRUZ and told me, "No, no he didn't say that, it's a lie!"

Then WHY isn't he objecting! Either Sen. Cruz doesn't understand the meaning of Amnesty or he's just another opportunist using us like Rubio/Norquist/Conda did! YOU decide, but use some facts to do it for a change!


UPDATE:  A bit of missed information!

Posted by  The Right Scoop on May 6th, 2013
........the firebrand Republican has nothing but praise for his colleague Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., as he pursues immigration reform.
“Marco has worked very, very hard to tackle the very difficult problem of how to fix our broken immigration system,” Cruz said in a interview with the Houston Chronicle. “And I think he has worked in good faith in a sincere desire to craft a solution as to how to approach immigration.”
Cruz added that Rubio was a “good friend” and “one of the strongest leaders on the national scene.”
In spite of his praise, Cruz maintained that giving illegal immigrants a pathway to citizenship was not something he supported.  (WOW! He sure went around that 'legalization' thing, didn't he?)

AND  HERE's WHY they are both wrong!

Undocumented LA County Parents On Pace To Receive $650M In Welfare Benefits ^ | September 16, 2013 | LOS ANGELES (

LOS ANGELES ( — A projected $650 million in welfare benefits will be distributed to illegal alien parents in 2013, county officials said Monday.
Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich announced the latest figures from the Department of Public Social Services, which showed more than $376 million in CalWORKs benefits and food stamps combined have been distributed through July to illegal alien parents for their native-born children Approximately $54 million in welfare payments are issued each month, consisting of nearly $20 million in CalWORKs and $34 million in food stamp issuances, according to the data.

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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Free Speech AMERICAN STYLE! The Muslims threw a protest, and no one showed up


Look at who showed up the same day at the joke of a protest called the "Million" Muslim March...This group demands to be yet another 'victim class' and is pissing and moaning that their 1st amendment rights are threatened...funny that...THEY were given a permit but DC refused one to the Bikers!

Video Evidence: "Million Muslim March" Draws Laughable Crowd, Mostly 9/11 Truthers (Click to View)
On the other hand......
THIS is how AMERICANS protest!

These corporations are NOT practicing 'capitalism'....they are practicing government sanctioned, regulated and controlled theft. They OWN both sides of the isle!
Yeah it's like that.


Well, looks like they have ALL sold out! $$$ talks, and BS walks, folks. That's the state of our government. Law abiding US citizens have NO representation. Jeff Sessions seems to be the only one left who gets it!

The Tale of Two Tragic News Stories

Two 17 year old black teenagers are killed.   One in Los Angeles, one in Florida.

For one, Treyvon Martin, the media fans the flames to continue the story with it's numerous distortions for months.  His parents are all over the media, day after day, even as his former gangbanger father covers his own Crips gang affiliated tattoos.

 Ethnic activists and bleeding heart liberals wail and moan at the tragic 'race inspired' death of an 'innocent' young man as they demand self defense laws be done away with.   Universities even honor the dead boy at their football games, spelling out his name on the field.  Obama treated the incident as if Treyvon was 'his child'.    Martin's childhood photo is everywhere.  Not so much is the photo of the him as a gangbanger smoking dope and using vulgar gestures who was found with stolen jewelry in his backpack and was proven to have instigated violence against the man who killed him. 

This is NO defense of the shooter, Zimmerman.  TheTownCrier has said before, this  'crime' is more about two wanna be tough guys who collided, and one paid with his life.  This is about the coverage of two young black dead men by the media.


Jamiel Shaw, the other 17 year old,  was a promising student athlete who's mother was serving her country in Iraq when he was MURDERED.  This crime was completely preventable.   But to this day, the media IGNORES this story.  Why?

It's all about a PC agenda and padding the pockets of cheap labor mongering corporate interests.  Political correctness designed for social engineering and producing BIG race baiting bucks by the likes of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, who have never said a word about the tragic, PREVENTABLE death of Jamiel Shaw.   

Unlike Trayvon Martin, Jamiel Shaw was targeted and brutally murdered because of his race, or rather for being the WRONG race.  Jamiel was innocent.  He did NOTHING except for the fact that he was NOT Latino!   Jamiel was targeted and murdered by an illegal alien Mexican gang banger, Pedro Espinosa.  Just because he could!  He shot Shaw a day after he had been released from jail in March 2008.  He should have never been allowed to remain in this country.

Telling the story of Jamiel Shaw serves no purpose to fan the 'hate Whitey' flames.
It serves no purpose in convincing the public that all illegal aliens are NOT humble peasants.  It serves NO purpose in deceiving us all into accepting yet another illegitimate amnesty and excuses for not enforcing our laws and protecting the THOUSANDS of innocent victims of illegal alien crime.

Today, the media gives us the story of Trayvon's mother, who is invited to testify before the senate at the request of gun grabbing Dick Durbin, attempting to destroy more of your God given rights to defend yourselves.

Jamiel's  family has worked tirelessly since his senseless death over 5 years ago to push lawmakers to ENFORCE the laws to protect our children from foreign criminals.   Every day, they work.  They have been ignored.   

Will YOU tell the story of Jamiel Shaw??   The media and YOUR elected officials certainly will not.

Trayvon Martin's friend, the UNIQUE Rachel Jeantel testifies at trial, media repeats over and over.
Jamiel Shaw's friends, mourning the loss of their friend and teammate. None of whom you ever were allowed to heard from. 

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Friday, September 06, 2013

Pictures worth a thousand words, and news YOU missed!

James Woods has been ON FIRE lately!   Let's run him for president, he makes more sense than anyone else!   TheTownCrier has talked about Woods before.   He is smart, studied Political Science at MIT and articulate.   In a debate, I don't think anyone could beat him.  And besides that, Dolly Parton says Woods is the best kisser in Hollywood. If you're going to be screwed by politicians anyway, at least there's that!

Poll: Majority Of Americans Approve Of Sending Congress To Syria
WASHINGTON—As President Obama continues to push for a plan of limited military intervention in Syria, a new poll of........LOL
The times finally noticed! Anyone else!! STATE OF JEFFERSON, here we come!

  1. If you are not aware of the THOUSANDS of innocents women, children, US CITIZENS who are DEAD at the hands of illegal aliens, you best educate yourselves, FAST!
     Call Congress (202-224-3121) and tell them NO AMNESTY!!!!

    Another innocent women murdered.  PREVENTABLE, if our law were enforced!   It seems every week there is a stabbing or driveby shooting and all are illegal alien/GANG related, yes, even 800 miles from the border!