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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Is everyone bought off by the Illegal Alien Lobbyists????

TheTownCrier had a disagreement with a radio host yesterday.

His guest was a state representative, a republican,  who has introduced a bill to give illegal aliens drivers license.   Their conversation was polite with no objection to the bill by the host.

  I commented to the host that the lawmaker should have been given some challenge about this...why doesn't the lawmaker promote existing immigration law, instead of rewarding illegal behavior.

The host, usually a fair chap, decided to get ALL righteous and indignant, informing me how stupid I was...that a mere state rep can't do anything about federal law.

BALDERDASH!   The excuses are getting old...and dangerous!
If that were true,  he ought to butt out and not defy  'federal law' instead of pushing a state bill to reward aliens!  If he can inject himself into NON enforcement, he can inject himself to push enforcement as well!

First, this state is overrun with illegal alien gangbangers.  It is considered one of four sanctuary states out of 50.   Drive by shootings, stabbings, rapes, and graffiti ALL over the place, every day, armed Mexican drug cartels growing plantations on our public lands....800 miles from the border.

And what does our REPUBLICAN/CONSERVATIVE State Rep, Dennis Richardson do...REWARD THE LAWBREAKERS instead with the privilege to drive legally while in the country ....


This UNDERMINES federal law....which says I must show a birth certificate, be a CITIZEN of the USA to get a driver's license!  It violates a federal identification law enacted to protect national security after the 2001 terrorist attacks.

Arizona state reps passed laws to control illegal alien lawlessness in their state.   As did Kansas, Oklahoma, Georgia and other states.   ALL AT A STATE LEVEL.
New Mexico is still trying to repeal giving licenses to illegal least they are TRYING!

[snip]Governor Martinez contends that New Mexico’s license system is subject to widespread fraud. In fact, the state has brought charges against several crime rings, in which brokers were paid to supplement fraudulent documents for foreign nationals from Poland, China, Mexico and other countries.
Additionally, a review of license data conducted by a national news wire reveals that dozens of address have been used over and over again by immigrants to get driver’s licenses in New Mexico. Though limited, the probe identified 170 addresses in New Mexico at which 10 or more licenses have been issued to different foreign nationals from 2003 through 2011."

We need representatives who stand for the rule of law and US/State  sovereignty instead of buckling, as the radio host said, because the state is controlled by liberals.
Shall we all just give up and let the country go, because we are outnumbered?
NOT very American!

Report: 40 states passed immigration legislation in 2011 ...

[snip](Reuters) - Nearly 250 new immigration laws and resolutions were enacted in 40 states during the first half of 2011 indicating a growing frustration with the federal government's handling of the issue, according to a new report.
The laws range from hiring restrictions to voter identification and allowing in-state tuition for illegal immigrants, according to the report released Tuesday by the National Conference of State Legislatures. 
The numbers show a slight decrease in activity from last year, but every state and Puerto Rico proposed legislation dealing on the issue in the first six months of 2011.

  "Immigration impacts every policy issue there is, and people are trying to figure out how to manage it, for better or for worse, because the federal government won't."
Among the findings in the report, released during the council's annual meeting in San Antonio:
** 14 states included funding for immigration initiatives in their budgets.
** Governors vetoed 12 pieces of legislation, including bills related to social services and immigration.
** Ten states enacted legislation requiring businesses or contractors to use the government E-Verify program to ensure the legal status of workers.
** Five states -- Alabama, Georgia, Utah, Indiana and South Carolina -- enacted omnibus laws inspired by Arizona's 2010 law, which gave police the power to enforce immigration. All have been challenged in court.
** 19 states passed 38 laws addressing law enforcement.
** Georgia, Kansas, Texas, and Vermont created or strengthened state human trafficking laws.
** Three states - Alabama, Kansas and Utah - passed voter ID bills dealing with immigration.[snip]

The Fiscal Burden of Illegal Aliens on Oregonians (2012)

Major cuts had to be made in the state's 2012-13 budget to pare back spending for schools and social safety net programs to overcome a revenue shortfall of $3.5 billion. This report identifies more than $1 billion in annual fiscal costs borne by the state's taxpayers because of illegal immigration. State lawmakers have available the means to reduce that burden.
This study examines what the estimated 170,000 illegal aliens and an additional 64,000 U.S.-born children of illegal aliens cost Oregonians.
  • K–12 Education Costs
    About $575 Million
  • Supplemental English Instruction
    About $159 Million
  • Justice and Law Enforcement
    (includes policing, court and prison costs)
    About $140 Million
  • Health Care and Social Assistance
    About $125 Million
The average Oregon household headed by a U.S. citizen pays about $728 annually to cover the costs of the state's illegal alien population. The estimated tax revenue from illegal aliens is about $77 million — 7.3 percent of the estimated burden. Illegal aliens pay relatively little in taxes...

What I find most curious is the pro enforcement stand of this very same legislator stated just a few years ago....

"A major failure in the 74th session was the complete lack of Immigration reform. We introduced a number of immigration reforms to strengthen Oregon’s laws on illegal immigration. Unfortunately, none were allowed to pass through the system and become law. Oregon still needs to implement proof of citizenship before someone is allowed to vote or obtain a driver’s license. ...............
We also introduced legislation to require proof of legal presence for state benefits, and to allow state agency employees to report those who cannot provide valid proof of legal presence to federal immigration authorities. We also sought to prohibit state agencies and businesses having state contracts from hiring illegal immigrants (HB 3554) .....
While I am on the subject of Illegal Immigration, to protect public safety, we unsuccessfully attempted to pass HB 3553 which would have allowed law enforcement to investigate and detain violators of federal immigration laws and would have empowered Oregon district attorneys to transfer illegal immigrants convicted of crimes to federal immigration authorities. The failure to deal with Illegal Immigration at both the state and the federal levels is, in my opinion, a dereliction of duty by our elected officials."

UPDATE:  Only 5 states give Dr. Licenses to Illegal ALIENS, and Oregon just HAS to jump in!
Oregon Senate Bill 833

But the president of Oregonians for Immigration Reform, Cynthia Kendoll, says giving people the ability to drive, who can't prove they're in the United States legally, is simply wrong even if the goal is making roads safer.

"It's against the law for them to work here.  And so you're just continuing to sort of legitimize and normalize their presence here,” she said. "So in the simplest terms, they're not supposed to be here, so why should they have a driver's license?"

Say NO to driver licenses for illegal aliens

When you as a citizen go into the DMV to renew your Oregon driver license you will have to prove that you are legally in the United States.  You will have to provide your Social Security number, a real birth certificate or valid passport and proof that you live in Oregon.  All an illegal alien would have to get a special license is to show a Mexican Matricular card and proof that they live in Oregon.  Maybe an Oregon Trail Card will suffice.  
The most important document a Mexican drug cartel dealer might possess is a valid state driver license.  It would enable to them to drive up and down I-5 and sell their drugs. If a state trooper happened to pull them over for a traffic violation, the drug dealer could produce his special Oregon license and the state trooper wouldn’t have probable cause to search his vehicle. 
Oregon ranks fourth in the nation in per capita illicit drug use.  Last year 240 people died of drug over dose, up 20% from the previous year.  More people died in 2011 of drug overdose than were killed (208) driving a car in Oregon.  And now the governor wants to give a special driver license to illegal aliens.  Welcome drug dealers! 
Governor Kitzhaber, (503) 378-3111 ought to hear from you as well as the sponsors of the bill.

The eight chief sponsors are: Sens. Chip Shields, D-Portland, Arnie Roblan, D-Coos Bay, Chuck Thomsen, R-Hood River, Bill Hansell, R-Athena, Reps. Jessica Vega Pederson, D-Portland, Chris Harker, D-Washington County, Mark Johnson, R-Hood River, and Vic Gilliam, R-Molalla.

Interesting comments here!


I just don't get Oregon politicians.  They seemingly do everything in their power to attract every transient and illegal alien in the country, while at the same time implement policies that repel businesses and drive away high wage earners.
Why is Oregon so desperate to become a poor sanctuary state?  You're not going to be able to fund all of those grandiose social engineering programs on the backs of minimum wage jobs.
Anyways, I thought that Oregon was originally forced to not issue government ID's to illegal aliens because of the Real ID Act.
Why does anyone want to legitimize anything related to a person who is here illegally?  How can anyone legally be doing anything if their very presence here is illegal?  What's next?  Short-term social security cards? 
I am not an anti-immigration zealot.  The vast majority of us are Americans because someone in our past immigrated.  This is a national issue and should be addressed on the national stage.  Oregon doesn't need to be a leader in confusing the issues of immigration and legal behavior.
Oregon, Washington's Mexico.
Do cops have to learn Spanish in order to administer the law to an illegal  ?

UPDATE!!! Oregonians more liberal than Conneticut????

Should Connecticut Grant Driver’s Licenses To Undocumented Immigrants?

Your vote has been counted.

Thank you for participating!

TrueVote Results

  • Yes 22.66% 351 of 1549
  • No 66.95% 1037 of 1549
  • Yes, but with background checks 10.39% 161 of 1549

BTW...OREGON Legislature votes on this today!!  THANKS to our State Rep. Sal Esquivel who is voting NO!   

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Blogger cricket23 said...

" Republican Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida argued this morning on "This Week" that a key provision of the bill, the so-called "pathway to citizenship" for undocumented immigrants, would not give anything away".

Sure it does Senator, it gives or sells our American citizenship to 11 million illegal aliens that broke our Immigration Laws to get here!


It's sad when some politicians and segments of our population want to degrade our American Citizenship to the point where it has no value or meaning.


"This amnesty will give citizenship to only 1.1 to 1.3 million illegal aliens. We will secure the borders henceforth. We will never again bring forward another amnestybill like this."

-- Massachusetts Senator Ted Kennedy on the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 19869884.



"The agreement we just reached is the best possible chance we will have in
years to secure our borders, bring millions of people out of the shadows and
into the sunshine of America"
May 17, 2007

Ted Kennedy -- Senator from Massachusetts
Member of the Democratic Party

2:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fight patriots. Fight amnesty. Fight as if your future depends on it because it does.

Never give up; never give in; never, never, never. Do not get discouraged because there are literally millions of Americans who are with you.

6:42 PM  

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