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Monday, December 29, 2008

Obama wants YOUR opinion on IMMIGRATION

This is interesting.

An email came from “John Podesta”..for the Barak Obama transition team requesting ‘input’ and questions on various issues. Since ‘immigration’ isn’t on the list, I checked the prior questions they’ve gotten. Please! Tell them what you think!

Some of the questions the Obama team is reading:

“How soon will you recommend that the border fence be completed? I know that I would be more amenable to discuss immigration reform once the fence is built to keep out illegals AND terrorists.”
Jim, Long Beach CA

“”When should we expect a comprehensive immigration reform that includes amnesty from the Obama-Biden Administration?””
Terry E., Brandon, MS

“When Congress revisits Immigration Reform, will universal healthcare be included, if they pay into it?”
Venus G, Houston

“What EXACTLY is your stance on immigration policy? I know how you voted when it came up in the Senate!!! (with McCain) Don’t you feel the need to secure our southern border and put a stop to the flow of union-busting cheap labor?”


The email from Podesta: We recently launched a new feature on called Open for Questions. Thousands of you responded, asking 10,000 questions and voting nearly a million times on questions from others.

Now that we’ve answered some of the most popular ones from the last round, we are open for questions again. Ask whatever you like, and vote up or down on the other questions to let us know which ones you most want the Transition to answer.

Get started now at

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah , Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The threat that is Mexico has FINALLY hit the media!

You know it’s BAD, when they finally report it. Last night, CBS Nightly News with Couric did a solid 10 minutes on the WAR in MEXICO that has NOW spilled over our borders.....More deaths than Iraq....more beheadings (even showed the bodies!)....5th journalist killed this year....citizens in terror...and ALL the stuff we’ve been crying about for how many years??

Well, McCain, et al’s PC immigration experiment has finally left us with what I believe is a terrible dilemma. We will be overrun with an exodus from Mexico like nothing this nation has ever seen. We will either take them or we will be forced to send troops to Mexico to work along side a corrupt army and police.

One way or another a lot of people are going to die over some people's greed/ideology.


AND even Associated Press suddenly 'gets it'

Mexican drug smugglers pose top crime threat
Associated Press
Dec. 15, 2008, 6:34PM

WASHINGTON — Mexican drug traffickers who pair up with gangs and use a sophisticated network to smuggle drugs across the border have become the biggest organized crime threat to the United States, the Justice Department reported Monday.

Most of the cocaine available in the U.S. is brought across the southwest border by Mexican groups, according to the annual report by the Justice Department’s National Drug Intelligence Center.

Additionally, Mexican drug smugglers are increasingly working with Italian Mafia and other traditional organized crime groups nationwide, the report says.

“Mexican drug trafficking organizations represent the greatest organized crime threat to the United States,” the report concluded. “The influence of Mexican drug trafficking organizations over domestic drug trafficking is unrivaled.”.[snip]


Unruly Passenger Forces Emergency Landing

A JetBlue flight headed from New York to Burbank was forced to make an emergency landing in Salt Lake City late Monday night (Illegal Alien......)

Air travel.....and this today about rail travel... Recommends Heightened Awareness For Railways Operating Along The US-Mexico Border

“Based on information from trusted Law Enforcement sources, we are recommending a heightened state of awareness for all railway operations along the USA-Mexico border, based on recent threats and observed activity”

Heightened Awareness Recommended For Railways Operating Along The US-Mexico Border
Submitted by national on Monday, 15 December 2008

Note: Special thanks for much of this information

from our retired border agents group.

Meet them here:

Saturday, December 06, 2008

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