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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Obama will do for the USA what he did for Chicago

Community organizer for Chicago....that’s Obama’s claim to fame.

The only thing in Chicago that got more organized is crime, poverty and dependence.

Chicago Murder Rate Highest in Nation : NPR
The number of murders in Chicago this year tops 400 over the Labor Day weekend, more than any other city in the country. In an effort to combat the rising ...

.....murder almost 3 times the national average

......Robbery 2.7 times the national average

......All violent crime 1.88 times the national average

Chicago's Murder Rate Double American Soldiers Killed in Iraq ...
Sep 5, 2008 ... Throughout 2008, murder rates in Chicago have risen. In July Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich said he was prepared to call in the National ...

Chicago is a sanctuary city for illegal alien criminals.

........ 2006 ... Chicago police and city workers are prohibited from asking immigrants about their legal status. Rybak asked ICE agents last month to stop ... -

.........“Chicago's institutionalized gangs have adapted to the displacement of CHA residents, gentrification, an increase in renegade factions, rising black/Latino tensions”


*Twas The Night Before The Elections*

‘Twas the night before elections
And all through the town
Tempers were flaring
Emotions all up and down!

I, in my bathrobe
With a cat in my lap
Had cut off the TV
Tired of political crap.

When all of a sudden
There arose such a noise
I peered out of my window
Saw Obama and his boys

They had come for my wallet
They wanted my pay
To give to the others
Who had not worked a day!

He snatched up my money
And quick as a wink
Jumped back on his bandwagon
As I gagged from the stink

He then rallied his henchmen
Who were pulling his cart
I could tell they were out
To tear my country apart!

“On Fannie, on Freddie,
On Biden and Ayers!
On Acorn, On Pelosi”
He screamed at the pairs!

They took off for his cause
And as he flew out of sight
I heard him laugh at the nation
Who wouldn’t stand up and fight!

So I leave you to think
On this one final note-
(author unknown)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Racism in Obama's own words....

OBAMA Says "White Folks" Are "Cruel" And "Ignorant" (Real Audio: Barack Reads His Book)

LinkObama quotes:

From ‘Dreams of my Father’, “The emotion between the races could never be pure, even love was tarnished by the desire to find in the other some element that was missing in ourselves. Whether we sought out our demons or salvation, THE OTHER RACE (WHITE)WOULD ALWAYS REMAIN JUST THAT: MENACING, ALIEN AND APART.’ Barack Hussein Obama

From Dreams Of My Father: “That hate hadn’t gone away,” he wrote, BLAMING “WHITE PEOPLE — some CRUEL, some IGNORANT, sometimes a single face, sometimes just a faceless image of a system claiming power over our lives.” Barack Hussein Obama

He added: “To avoid being mistaken for a sellout, I CHOSE MY FRIENDS CAREFULLY. The more politically active black students. The foreign students. The Chicanos. THE MARXIST PROFESSORS and structural feminists.”

“There was something about him that MADE ME WARY”, Obama wrote. “A little too sure of himself, maybe. AND WHITE’
The Audacity of Hope’, Barack Hussein Obama

“that ghostly figure that haunted black dreams.”- Barack Hussein Obama, ‘ Audacity of Hope’


From ‘Dreams Of My Father’, “There were enough of us on campus to constitute a tribe, and when it came to hanging out many of us chose to function like a tribe, staying close together, traveling in packs,” he wrote. “It remained necessary to prove which side you were on,to show your LOYALTY TO THE BLACK MASSES, TO STRIKE OUT and name names” Barack Hussein Obama


Quote from Barack Obama’s book, Dreams Of My Father:


From ‘Audacity of Hope: “LOLO (Obama’s step father) FOLLOWED ISLAM....”I LOOKED TO LOLO FOR GUIDANCE”.


From The Audacity Of Hope, “WE ARE NO LONGER JUST A CHRISTIAN NATION, we are also a Jewish nation, a MUSLIM NATION, a Buddhist nation, a Hindu nation, and a nation of nonbelievers.”

Quotes by Obama, his pastor and mintor, Jeremiah Wright and their honored associate, Nation of Islam leader, Louis Farrakhan:
“God will destroy America by the hands of the Muslims....God will not give Japan or Europe the honor of bringing down the United States; this is an honor God will bestow upon Muslims.” – Nation of Islam Leader Louis Farrakhan

Monday, October 27, 2008

Sen. McCain, Gov. Palin, Do you want to win this thing?

It's yours to take, if you want to support what the American people want!

According to a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey, twenty-eight percent (28%) express anger about immigration. 74% continue to believe the government is not doing enough to secure the nation’s borders. Just 12% think enough is being done.

The 28% are your base who are NOT voting for you Mr. McCain! Get right on immigration and this race is yours.

Find the stats here: 26% Angry About Immigration, The Issue Candidates Ignore

Forty percent (40%) of likely McCain voters are angry about the current immigration situation. Among those who plan to vote for Obama, just 14% share the anger.

Eighty-three percent (83%) of those who plan to vote for McCain say gaining control of the border is more important than legalizing the status of undocumented workers. Likely Obama voters are evenly divided on the importance of the two.


Today Michael Reagan assured a listener that Obama is not a muslim. Okay, he's a black supremacist, as evidenced with his CLOSE association with Rev. Wright.

But WHY did he register as a MUSLIM in his Indonesian schools? Remember, Barak wasn't raised around here.......

Time Line of Barak Obama's life.


"In 1967 (possibly 1966), Ann Dunham marries Indonesian Muslim Lolo Soetoro Mangunharjo (1936-1987), who she meets at the University of Hawaii. Soetoro then returns to Indonesia. (Note that Soetoro was originally from Malaysia, but lived in Indonesia.) Obama and his mother later move to Indonesia to join Soetoro, probably in 1967. Soetoro likely adopted Obama, whose name is changed to Barry Soetoro. Elementary school records in Indonesia list Obama’s name as Barry Soetoro, his religion as Islam, and his citizenship as Indonesian. Obama attends Franciscus Primary School (1967-1969) and Besuki State Elementary School Menteng 01 in Jakarta (1969-1971). [6,14,172,289,324,329]

Obama practices Islam half-heartedly, irregularly attending prayer services at the mosque. According to one of his Indonesian school principals, Tine Hahiyary, the young Obama studies “Mangaji” (or “Mengagi”), which involves the recitation of the Quran. Note that Mangaji, in Indonesian schools, requires learning to recite the Quran in the Arabic language, and not the student’s native tongue. Non-Muslims or even moderate Muslims would not send their child to Mangaji classes; it is much more involved that a Christian child attending “Sunday School” class. (Many Indonesians wonder why Obama is hiding his Muslim past.) [15,251,332,336]

A former classmate of Obama in Indonesia, Rony Amiris, in 2007, described Obama as having enjoyed football, playing marbles, and being a very devout Muslim. Amir said, “Barry was previously quite religious in Islam.” [332]

Publicly, Obama denies he ever was a Muslim and claims he is a devout Christian. (He also alleges he was never in church when his pastor, Reverend Jeremiah Wright, was spewing anti-white and anti-American rhetoric in his sermons.) Many, if not most, of the world’s Muslims feel that “Obama may not want to be counted as a Muslim but Muslims are eager to count him as one of their own.” One Obama problem may be that if he is seen by radical Islamists as someone who denounced the Muslim religion to become a Christian, his background can be exploited to “argue that an apostate is leading the war on terror…” which can then help terrorists “…galvanize (additional) sympathizers into action.”

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Americans may be ignorant and apathetic, but they’re NOT racists

Photo: Barak Obama addressed a crowd of more than 8,000 people who turned out to see the Democatic presidential candidate, at the University of Nevada Reno William Peccole Park, Saturday October 25, 2008. Barak Obama is back on the campaign trail, after visiting his ailing grandmother in Hawaii. (Josie Lepe/ Mercury News)

In the past few weeks, if we’ve learned anything, it is if you talk about the economy, socialism, immigration or just about anything, you are labeled a RACIST!!

Time for the race baiters to join the 21st century. In the United States, for at least 60 years, bigotry has been shunned and outlawed. It wasn’t tolerated in our schools, bureaucracies or our homes. It is part of the past, a past all of us regret and never practiced, unless you are 90 years old and a democrat like Robert Byrd. There are pockets of bigotry largely among immigrant ethnic groups. Well, they’ll learn to not judge based on skin color just like our parents did if they pay attention.

Barak Obama was in REDNECK country yesterday. Take a look at the crowd.......see if you find anyone of color in that crowd of thousands.

ENOUGH of the race baiting by the media and politicians running on skin color.

*Suggestion - go watch the video's of this event in Reno,Nv. During the newscast, we noticed very few people 'of color'. Barak is getting most of his support by whitey. So, NOW, can we please talk about the issues?

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Democrat Prez candidate defends Palin.

In this video, Mike Gravel, former Senator from Alaska takes on a couple of rabid left 'reporters' and the lies they push.

How about Obama's state senate experience? Well, here it is.....the guy can't make a decision! And if he does, it's the wrong one!

"Barack Obama angered fellow Democrats in the Illinois Senate when he voted to strip millions of dollars from a child welfare office on Chicago’s West Side. But Obama had a ready explanation: He goofed. “I was not aware that I had voted no,” he said that day in June 2002, asking that the record be changed to reflect that he “intended to vote yes.”

" Some lawmakers say the practice also offers a relatively painless way to placate both sides of a difficult issue. Even if a lawmaker admits an error, the actual vote stands and the official record merely shows the Senator’s “intent.” On March 19, 1997, he announced he had fumbled an election-reform vote the day before, on a measure that passed 51 to 6: “I was trying to vote yes on this, and I was recorded as a no,” he said.

"The next day, he acknowledged voting “present” on a key telecommunications vote. He stood on March 11, 1999, to take back his vote against legislation to end good-behavior credits for certain felons in county jails. “I pressed the wrong button on that,” he said.

"Obama was the lone dissenter on Feb. 24, 2000, against 57 yeas for a ban on human cloning. “I pressed the wrong button by accident,” he said. But two of Obama’s bumbles came on more-sensitive topics. On Nov. 14, 1997, he backed legislation to permit riverboat casinos to operate even when the boats were dockside. The measure, pushed by the gambling industry and fought by church groups whose support Obama was seeking, passed with two “yeas” to spare — including Obama’s. "

"Moments after its passage he rose to say, “I’d like to be recorded as a no vote,” explaining that he had mistakenly voted for it.

SOURCE May 20, 2008--LA Times excerpt

Remember Obama claimed the terrorist Bill Ayers was 'just a guy in the neighborhood'....

Obama and Ayers Shared an Office for Three Years [with Klonsky]

This Chicago Annenberg Challenge website from 2002 shows the total amount of funds given to Bill Ayers’ Small Schools Workshop from 1995 to 2001. The amount is not the $175K I had reported earlier. According to this page, the total given under Barack Obama’s direct supervision was $1,056,162. Adding that amount to the money given by the Joyce Foundation and Woods Fund during Obama’s tenure brings the grand total to $1,968,718. Just shy of two million dollars! That’s a lot of scratch, to put it bluntly. And don’t forget, this doesn’t count the 3/4 million that went to John Ayers during the same time period.

Now here’s the second and bigger break, again big hat tip to Morgen for his work on this…

Bill Ayers and Barack Obama shared an office. Ayers’ Small Schools Workshop, the one Obama directed all that money too is located at 115 S. Sangamon Street, Chicago, Illinois 60607"

Saturday, October 18, 2008

So where ARE the lefties Smoking Nazis????

If Barak had been a white republican, just the fact that he smokes would have done him in with the left. Don’t I recall the dems going nuts when they heard Arnold smokes?

....some Democrats are trying to shut down the [smoking ]tent.

Critics view it as a monument to an unhealthy habit.

“It’s quite obnoxious,” said Assemblyman Juan Vargas, D-San Diego, whose office overlooks the tent and courtyard.

Vargas is carrying legislation that would force the tent to be folded. The bill passed its second committee Wednesday, winning the votes of all the Democrats on the Assembly Appropriations Committee.

“A cigar is simply a cigarette on steroids. It’s just as bad. It causes cancer,” said Vargas, who said he has never been in the tent. “I do think the example he sets is a poor one.”

Last year, anti-smoking activists protested the tent outside the Capitol, carrying photographs of well-known smokers who have died and a headstone labeled “Your Name Here.”

Barack Obama, William Ayers & ACORN


Barack, William Ayers, and ACORN video (MUST SEE -- ACORN was founded by Ayers, etc)

EVEN Hillary Clinton tries to warn us in this video!

"Kill all the rich people. Break up their cars and apartments. Bring
the revolution home. Kill your parents, that's where it's really at."
--Bill Ayers, Weather Underground, 1970

After Sept. 11, 2001, the reporter quoted Ayers as saying "I don't regret setting bombs" and "I feel we didn't do enough"

Former Border Patrol Agents Up For Resentencing

Isaac Paul Vasquez - KFOX Weekend Producer

October 17, 2008

EL PASO, Texas -- The U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals has ordered the resentencing of two former border patrol agents.The two agents were convicted of shooting a man near the U.S.-Mexico border.The resentencing was ordered after tossing out the agents' convictions for tampering with an official proceeding.Ignacio Ramos' resentencing will be Nov. 13 in El Paso, and Jose Compean's will be Nov. 12.The two were originally sentenced to more than 10 years in prison for shooting Osvaldo Aldrete Davila in 2005.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Americans Flunk Simple 3-Question Political Survey

Don't think it matters where Americans get their news? This proves it! Turn OFF the Main Stream Media...they LIE! If you don't know the democrats have been in charge of congress for the last 2 years, you should NOT be voting!

The survey, conducted between April 30 and June 1 by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press, measured the political knowledge of 3,612 U.S. adults. Participants were asked to name the controlling party of the U.S. House of Representatives, the U.S. secretary of state and Great Britain's prime minister.

Overall, just 18 percent of participants answered all three questions correctly.

More than 50 percent of Americans knew that the Democrats have a majority in the House, while 42 percent could identify the secretary of state (Condoleezza Rice). Less than 30 percent could name the prime minister of Great Britain (Gordon Brown).

Here's a detailed breakdown of the percentage of individuals answering each of the three questions correctly from the different news audiences:

The New Yorker/Atlantic: 71 percent (correctly identified Democrats as the majority in the House), 71 percent (correctly identified Condeleeza Rice), 59 percent (correctly identified Gordon Brown)
NPR: 73 percent, 72 percent, 57percent
Hannity & Colmes: 84 percent, 73 percent, 49 percent
Rush Limbaugh: 83 percent, 71 percent, 41 percent
Colbert Report: 73 percent, 65 percent, 49 percent
Daily Show: 65 percent, 48 percent, 36 percent
NewsHour: 66 percent, 52 percent, 47 percent
O'Reilly Factor: 70 percent, 60 percent, 41 percent
C-SPAN: 63 percent, 59 percent, 35 percent
Letterman/Leno: 51 percent, 42 percent, 31 percent (This is what most people watch!)
CNN: 59 percent, 48 percent, 29 percent
National Enquirer: 44 percent, 32 percent, 22 percent (This is what most people read!)


Late-Night Comics Skewer Republicans 7-to-1, Study Finds

If you're a fan of Jay Leno or David Letterman, you may already know this: You have to listen to seven Republican jokes for every one the late-night comedians tell about Democrats.


A study shows the Kings of Late Night are not equal-opportunity destroyers this year when it comes to telling jokes about the candidates for president and vice president -- they're hammering Republicans a stunning seven times more often than they skewer Democrats.

The Center for Media and Public Affairs, a media analysis group, kept a tally of jokes told about the presidential contenders on the "Late Show" and "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno" in the five weeks after McCain chose Sarah Palin to be his running mate and vaulted the little-known Alaska governor into the national spotlight.

The total: Republicans, 286. Democrats, 42.

"Generally the Republicans get targeted much more often than Democrats, but this election is driving it off the charts," said CMPA Executive Director Donald Rieck.

Letterman and Leno told 106 jokes about McCain and 180 about Palin in the 25 shows that aired between Aug. 29, when McCain chose her, and Oct. 2, the date of the vice presidential debate.

Barack Obama, who may be Leno's guest next week, was targeted only 26 times -- barely once a night. His gaffe-prone running mate, Joe Biden, who is scheduled to appear on Leno Thursday night, was hit only 16 times, not even one-tenth the number of jokes told about Palin over the five-week period.


Q: What do Obama and Osama have in common?

A: They both have friends who bombed the Pentagon. (And if you don't know this, YOU should not be voting!)

Obama wants to raise taxes and kill babies.

Palin wants to raise babies and kill taxes!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Everyone is out to destroy Palin - but it's Obama's past we should examine

Earlier this week, the McCain Campaign brought up the association of Barak Obama and ACORN.....who is ACORN?

ACORN is the 'community organization' responsible for fraudulent voter registration in several states....most notably Obama's own Chicago. They are also responsible for the SUBPRIME mortgage fiasco and the democrats in the bailout wanted to give ACORN billions more to continue this disaster.

Obama responded that he has or has had NO association with ACORN........

Oh, really?"

“I’ve been fighting alongside ACORN on issues you care about my entire career. Even before I was an elected official, when I ran Project Vote voter registration drive in Illinois, ACORN was smack dab in the middle of it, and we appreciate your work.” — Barack Obama, Speech to ACORN, November 2007"

In 1992, Acorn hired Mr. Obama to run a voter registration effort. He later became a trainer for the group, as well as its lawyer in election law cases.

For the best analysis read Melanie Philips in the Daily Mail From England. They get it!
This is just a snip, PLEASE read it all here!

Everyone is out to destroy Palin - but it's Obama's past we should examine

12th October 2008

With all eyes glued to the collapse of global capitalism as we know it, attention has been somewhat distracted from the race to lead what still remains the most powerful nation on earth - the United States. We ignore it at our peril.

From the shockingly partisan presentation by the pro-Obama media on both sides of the Atlantic, you'd think this was a contest between twin pillars of rectitude and inspirational high seriousness on the Democratic side, and a joke Republican ticket consisting of an erratic old man and a brainless, wacko, gun-toting beauty queen, who in a fit of madness John McCain picked as his vice-presidential candidate.

Unfortunately for the Democrats, the beauty queen in question, Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska, has struck an enormous chord with Middle America. As a result, Barack Obama's media supporters are making a huge effort to destroy her.

US Democratic nominee Senator Barack Obama: Are we giving him a too much leniency?

US Democratic nominee Senator Barack Obama: Are we giving him a too much leniency?


Obama wants to RAISE TAXES and KILL BABIES,
Sarah wants to RAISE BABIES and KILL TAXES.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Fake Palin SAT Scores Fool Left-O-Sphere

Folks, it's time to realize how the left will distort information and spread it. They have lied about Sarah Palin again! BTW...we are STILL waiting to see any of Barak's educational scores because he won't release them. See the fake and then the real SAT scores below. Sarah is anything but dumb!

Fake Palin SAT Scores Fool Left-O-Sphere

October 11, 2008

-By Warner Todd Huston

Did you hear that Governor Palin is stupid? Well, if you watch TV, listen to the radio, or read any news outlet you can’t help but find the lefties there claiming in unison that she is the dumbest woman to appear on the scene since Goldie Hawn made her chops as the blonde ditz on 1960’s TV. And, heck it’s gotta be true. Why, even her SAT scores prove it! Except that the “proof” of that is an Internet hoax that fooled Wonkette, the DailyKos and a blue million nutrooter sites. But, who cares? As long as it makes Palin look bad, we’re golden, baby! Truth-schmooth, right?

On October 10, blogger Dawn Eden found that a posted image of hers had been stolen, then altered, and then posted everywhere as “proof” that Sarah Palin is stupid. Apparently, the biggest stir was created by the tabloid site on its “Assignment Desk” section.

Originally, Gawker wondered if the image presented as Palin’s SAT scores was real and posited that it was believable. Later in the day, however, one of their own site commentors effectively proved it an obvious fake. But not before it fooled Wonkette and the DailyKos and a score of other nutrooter sites.

Before the obviousness of the fakery was settled, the DailyKos site pronounced the SAT score card as “credible,” and the unprofessionally profane Wonkette said that the faked scores “sounds about right.”

This fake image appeared on dozens of sites in a few hour’s time.

Unfortunately for the left’s indulging in gettin’-the-hate-on at Sarah Palin, though, this image was stolen and made to appear like Palin’s SAT score card. It was all a deliberate hoax.

This is the real image as posted by Dawn Eden.

This sort of thing goes beyond a merely misreported story, goes farther than a bad interpretation of facts, and enters into outright forgery. And what we have here is a perfect example of how the left has no interest in “truth” as long as their agenda is furthered. Situational “ethics” is the left’s calling card and this is more evidence of this salient truism.

So let’s not let the facts get in the way of a good story, shall we DailyKos?

Now, let’s keep our eyes peeled to see if the next level up in the Left-O-Sphere (and that would be the Old Media) start using this one. Look for the occasional comment by a lefty commentator about this “true SAT score report” to show up soon!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Pictures worth a thousand words.....

Obama was a member of the Socialist Party in Chicago

Obama was speaker at 1996 meeting of the Democratic Socialists of America
He has been verified as being a member. Pictured above is William Ayers, the terrorist bomber who started Obama's political career.

Chicago DSA is affiliated with the national Democratic Socialists of America but is separately incorporated. Anyone paying national membership dues in the Chicago area is automatically a member of the Chicago DSA local.

The Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) is the largest socialist organization in the United States, and the principal U.S. affiliate of the Socialist International... We are socialists.

Democratic socialists believe
that... diversity and opportunity necessitates a fundamental restructuring of our socio-economic order... We cannot accept capitalism's conception of economic relations as "free and private,"... The democratic socialist vision... draws upon Marxism, religious and ethical socialism, feminism, and other theories that critique human domination.


Hat tip to Sachmo for this!
Obama and Friends: John Murtagh, Child Victim of William Ayers Nail Bomb Speaks Out

Obama Paid ACORN $800,000 & Failed to Report

"Barack Obama's failure to accurately report his campaign's financial records is an incredibly suspicious situation that appears to be an attempt to hide his campaign's interaction with a left-wing organization previously convicted of voter fraud. For a candidate who claims to be practicing 'new' politics, his FEC reports look an awful lot like the 'old-style' Chicago politics of yesterday."

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Sarah Palin and The Nellie Olsons of the Media

They are beside themselves. Sarah Palin doesn't do the DC cocktail circuit or Hollywood parties. She's not 'one of them' and they are out to get her......from Katie Couric's dissmissive attitude to the pure vitriol of the 'ladies' of the View. Madonna even gets her digs in against Palin. Now THERE is a role model! Well, Madonna, Sarah isn't out to seek 'your good opinion' either!

Haven't you heard? The 'ladies' of the the mainstream media have decided who is qualified to be vice president and why. They give no reasons, but many excuses...."redneck", "hick", "small town mayor", "common", "stupid". You name the slur for anything western or rural and not 'of the beltway' and these Nellies have flung it all! They can't attack her on her positive record or her looks or decency because she is head, shoulders and lipstick above them all.

Today one of them, Brigitte Bardot calls Sarah a 'disgrace to women'. Ah, yes, another fine role model chiming in, probably wallowing in her faded, aged beauty. Another jealous Nellie.

Dolly Parton
gets it. "I can relate to Sarah. We're both small-town girls, both pentecostals and we both carry an AK-47."

Not all the left leaning pundits are so myopic that they don't see the real Sarah Palin.
Feminist Camille Paglia in today's Salon article, 'Nobody's dummy', puts to rest the bias.

"The mountain of rubbish poured out about Palin over the past month would rival Everest. What a disgrace for our jabbering army of liberal journalists and commentators, too many of whom behaved like snippy jackasses. The bourgeois conventionalism and rank snobbery of these alleged humanitarians stank up the place. As for Palin’s brutally edited interviews with Charlie Gibson and that viper, Katie Couric, don’t we all know that the best bits ended up on the cutting-room floor? Something has gone seriously wrong with Democratic ideology, which seems to have become a candied set of holier-than-thou bromides attached like tutti-frutti to a quivering green Jell-O mold of adolescent sentimentality."

Bardot or Palin? YOU decide.....

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

CONFIRMED - OBAMA won state senate seat running as a socialist with the NEW PARTY


The Post American World, by Fareed Zakaria

...connecting the dots to show Barack Obama's long-standing,
continuously developing, anti-American alliances...

CONFIRMED - OBAMA won state senate seat running as a socialist with the NEW PARTY


" New Party member Barack Obama was uncontested for a State Senate seat from Chicago. "

Illinois: Three NP-members won Democratic primaries last Spring and face off against Republican opponents on election day: Danny Davis (U.S. House), Barack Obama (State Senate) and Patricia Martin (Cook County Judiciary)."

"All four candidates attended the NP membership meeting on April 11th to express their gratitude......Barack Obama, victor in the 13th State Senate District, encouraged NPers to join in his task forces on Voter Education and Voter Registration."

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Web Archives Confirm Barack Obama Was Member Of Socialist 'New Party' In 1996

In June sources released information that during his campaign for the State Senate in Illinois, Barack Obama was endorsed by an organization known as the Chicago "New Party". The 'New Party' was a political party established by the Democratic Socialists of America (the DSA) to push forth the socialist principles of the DSA by focusing on winnable elections at a local level and spreading the Socialist movement upwards. The admittedly Socialist Organization experienced a moderate rise in numbers between 1995 and 1999. By 1999, however, the Socialist 'New Party' was essentially defunct after losing a supreme court challenge that ruled the organizations "fusion" reform platform as unconstitutional.

After allegations surfaced in early summer over the 'New Party's' endorsement of Obama, the Obama campaign along with the remnants of the New Party and Democratic Socialists of America claimed that Obama was never a member of either organization. The DSA and 'New Party' then systematically attempted to cover up any ties between Obama and the Socialist Organizations. However, it now appears that Barack Obama was indeed a certified and acknowledged member of the DSA's New Party.

On Tuesday, I discovered a web page that had been scrubbed from the New Party's website. The web page which was published in October 1996, was an internet newsletter update on that years congressional races. Although the web page was deleted from the New Party's website, the non-profit Internet Archive Organization had archived the page.

From the October 1996 Update of the DSA 'New Party':
"New Party members are busy knocking on doors, hammering down lawn signs, and phoning voters to support NP candidates this fall. Here are some of our key races...

Illinois: Three NP-members won Democratic primaries last Spring and face off against Republican opponents on election day: Danny Davis (U.S. House), Barack Obama (State Senate) and Patricia Martin (Cook County Judiciary)."

Link To The New Party Update

Beyond the archived web page from the Socialist New Party is the recognition by the "Progressive Populist" magazine in November 1996 that Obama was indeed an acknowledged member of the Socialist Party.

"New Party members and supported candidates won 16 of 23 races, including an at-large race for the Little Rock, Ark., City Council, a seat on the county board for Little Rock and the school board for Prince George's County, Md. Chicago is sending the first New Party member to Congress, as Danny Davis, who ran as a Democrat, won an overwhelming 85% victory. New Party member Barack Obama was uncontested for a State Senate seat from Chicago. "

Link To The November 1996 Progressive Populist Article

The Democratic Socialist Party of America published in their July/August Edition of New Ground 47 Newsletter.

"The Chicago New Party is increasely becoming a viable political organization that can make a different in Chicago politics. It is crucial for a political organization to have a solid infrastructure and visible results in its political program. The New Party has continued to solidify this base...

the NP's '96 Political Program has been enormously successful with 3 of 4 endorsed candidates winning electoral primaries. All four candidates attended the NP membership meeting on April 11th to express their gratitude. Danny Davis, winner in the 7th Congressional District, invited NPers to join his Campaign Steering Committee. Patricia Martin, who won the race for Judge in 7th Subcircuit Court, explained that due to the NP she was able to network and get experienced advice from progressives like Davis. Barack Obama, victor in the 13th State Senate District, encouraged NPers to join in his task forces on Voter Education and Voter Registration."

Link To DSA Article

Obama's membership within the 'New Party' is disturbing as even Green Party members attacked the DSA and New Party as nothing more than a fringe group. The New Party had hoped to implement Socialist Rule in the United States and was established to counteract the influence of a Democratic Party that they viewed as too moderate and too centered. Now it seems that nearly 10 years after the socialist party fell apart, their strategy of upward growth has reached the White House. Obama's ties to the DSA's New Party is beyond just an association it is outright membership, as clearly defined by the parties August 1996 newsletter, in an outright Socialist organization.

Yes, confirmation that Obama would have had to sign a contract with the NP:


Chicago New Party Update

by Bruce Bentley

About 50 activists attended the Chicago New Party membership meeting in July. The purpose of the meeting was to update members on local activities and to hear appeals for NP support from four potential political candidates. The NP is being very active in organization building and politics. There are 300 members in Chicago. In order to build an organizational and financial base the NP is sponsoring house parties. Locally it has been successful both fiscally and in building a grassroots base. Nationwide it has resulted in 1000 people committed to monthly contributions. The NP’s political strategy is to support progressive candidates in elections only if they have a concrete chance to “win”. This has resulted in a winning ratio of 77 of 110 elections. Candidates must be approved via a NP political committee. Once approved, candidates must sign a contract with the NP. The contract mandates that they must have a visible and active relationship with the NP.

The political entourage included Alderman Michael Chandler, William Delgado, chief of staff for State Rep Miguel del Valle, and spokespersons for State Sen. Alice Palmer, Sonya Sanchez, chief of staff for State Sen. Jesse Garcia, who is running for State Rep in Garcia’s District; and Barack Obama, chief of staff for State Sen. Alice Palmer. Obama is running for Palmer’s vacant seat.



According to this, BHO got $126,349 in contributions from Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac

And don't forget, his domestic policy adviser, FRANKLIN RAINES, headed Fannie for YEARS and he raked in millions!

Monday, October 06, 2008

A move to secede on California-Oregon border

These people are my friends and neighbors! And it's about time!!!

Members of the Jefferson Citizen's Committee during the patriotic rebellion of 1941.

Proposed map of Jefferson
Proposed map of the State of Jefferson

A move to secede on California-Oregon border

Sunday, October 5, 2008

(10-05) 04:00 PDT Yreka, Siskiyou County -- Some folks around here think the economic sky is falling and state lawmakers in Sacramento and Salem are ignoring their constituents in the hinterlands.

Guess the time is ripe to create a whole new state.

That's the thinking up here along the border between California and Oregon, where 12 sparsely populated, thickly forested counties in both states want to break away and generate the 51st star on the nation's flag - the state of Jefferson.

You can see the signs of discontent from Klamath Falls to Dunsmuir, where green double-X "Jefferson State" flags hang in scores of businesses. You can hear the talk of revolution at lunch counters and grocery lines, where people grumble that politicians to the north and south don't care.

You can even hear the dissent on the radio, where 21 area FM stations broadcast from Oregon into California under the banner of "Jefferson Public Radio."

"We have nothing in common with you people down south. Nothing," said Randy Bashaw, manager of the Jefferson State Forest Products lumber mill in the Trinity County hamlet of Hayfork. "The sooner we're done with all you people, the better."

Talking about secession has been a quasi-joking conversational saw since 1941, when five counties in the area started things by actually declaring themselves - briefly - to be the state of Jefferson. But now, with the economy in trouble and unemployment soaring, the idea of greater independence is getting its most serious consideration since World War II.

Locals complain that federal and state regulators have hampered the fishing and timber industries to protect forestlands and endangered species such as sucker fish and the spotted owl. Jobs are so scarce that the median income in the area is only two-thirds that of the rest of the state. Most water from the rainy Shasta region is shipped south, with little economic benefit to the area. Even the California sales tax draws sneers.

If they ran their own state, the reasoning goes, folks in Siskiyou, Modoc and the other potential Jefferson counties could whack the red tape from both federal and state officials and get rid of the sales tax.

Seeking signatures

The Grange Hall of Yreka, a farm-based service organization, is activating 51 of its brethren halls in the area to collect 1 million signatures to have a statehood advisory measure put on the California ballot. Tony Intiso, a runoff candidate in the Nov. 4 election for Siskiyou County Board of Supervisors, has pledged to force the issue and is running campaign ads calling for regional freedom. The number of registered users of a decade-old Web site advocating partition has suddenly shot from dozens to more than 900.

"Heck yeah, it's a darn good idea," said Richard Mitchell, manager of the Cooley & Pollard Hardware Store on Miner Street, the main drag in the blink-and-you-miss-it town of Yreka. "Those liberal people down south don't understand us at all, and if there was a vote today to form a new state, it would pass in a heartbeat.

"I would bet on it."

The window of Mitchell's store, where he tends the register in worn work boots and a camouflage hunting cap, displays T-shirts and flags sporting the state "seal" of Jefferson: Two X's denoting the double-crossing the area supposedly gets from the capitols of California and Oregon.

Movement began in 1941

Mitchell also posts a copy of the original declaration of Jefferson independence, drafted in 1941 by the angry miners and loggers who pushed for secession over the appalling condition of roads. That movement - the coverage of which earned Chronicle reporter Stanton Delaplane a Pulitzer Prize - lasted just two weeks before the Pearl Harbor attack, when the movement dissolved in the name of national unity.

But it was never forgotten.

"It started out as a big joke back then, but then some folks got real serious and before long they had elected a governor and all that," said Frances Wacker, 95, whose husband, the late George Wacker, was one of the 1941 Jefferson movement leaders.

"I think some folks have become serious again and think they have something going."

Sixty-seven years ago, Wacker recalled, locals were frustrated because they were ignored when they complained to lawmakers that they couldn't easily ship copper and timber south to ports and markets on the axle-cracking roads. The roads have improved since then - the same trip now takes four hours, not the eight of 1941 - but the unhappiness has not.

"It's not rocket science to see why it makes sense, and how we could do it," said Brian Petersen, a landscaper who runs the main online forum advocating statehood, "The capitols of California and Oregon ignore us. We want out.

"All we have to do is get an initiative on the ballot and vote to get things going."

Peterson has run his Web site for 10 years. For most of the time since, the site had a mailing list of about 100.

In the past year, though, as the Grange began its petition drive and unemployment throughout the region rose to about 10 percent - almost three points above the California average - the mailing list grew nearly 10 times in size.

"If you want any chance of fixing things, sometimes you have to break the system," said Leo Bergeron, master of Yreka's Greenhorn Grange Hall and past master of the statewide, agriculturally oriented Grange service club. "Now, we have to break the system."

For years, he said, locals have proudly claimed Jefferson is a "state of mind" born of living in an expanse of forestlands and hamlets that is roughly the size of Wales and has about the same population as San Francisco. Redding, with a population of 80,000, is the closest thing to a metropolis. And with 60,000 cattle, Siskiyou County has 15,000 more bovines than it does people. Along the way, tourist-minded locals have come up with the flags, an official state cow ("Moo-dona," a huge sculpture alongside Interstate 5) and an official beer (microbrewed in Etna). The legend of Big Foot is also big around here.

But Bergeron's not playing around.

"If you do it seriously, some people will think you're a kook," said Bergeron, who spearheads the Grange effort. "But 9 out of 10 people have an interest in this - and we need to reach the ones who are really serious."

Working toward '09 measure

Bergeron's first goal is to gather 1,200 signatures in Siskiyou County to put an advisory secession initiative on the county ballot in 2009. At the same time, he is urging the 51 Grange Halls in Jefferson territory, and those on the mailing list of, to gear up for collecting 1 million signatures to take the advisory measure statewide.

"We'll need the approval of both states and the federal government, but it can be done," he said. "And even if we don't become a new state, we will have made a statement and can at least get some more independence in our own affairs."

Such a statement would be news to most in Sacramento.

"Never heard of Jefferson," said Aaron McLear, spokesman for Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. "We are going to decline comment."

Gail Fiorini-Jenner, co-author of two books on the state of Jefferson, said the almost 900,000 people who live in the territory aren't hicks. Just feisty. And that, she said, is not new: Since the 1850s, there have been similar attempts to create the states of Klamath and Shasta.

"Everyone thinks we're dumb rednecks, but we have the far left, the far right and a lot of the middle up here," she said. "Our only trouble is we have no political power. It's no wonder people want to change that."

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The original Jefferson Citizen's Committee chose Yreka as the interim state capital.

Two X's painted on the bottom of a gold pan during the patriotic rebellion served as the State Seal. The two X's symbolized the peoples being double crossed by Salem and Sacramento, the disrespectful capitals of Oregon and California.

Stanton Delaplane of the San Francisco Chronicle won the Pulitzer Prize for Journalism for his series of articles on the Jefferson movement of 1941.

Pearl Harbor was bombed by the Japanese on December 7th and the United States was in the midst of World War II bringing an end to the 1941 uprising.

The individuals involved pledged their allegiance to the United States and served our country to win the war.