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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The John McCain Truth Files

The John McCain Truth Files

Capitol Hill staffers rate their bosses.
McCain got no glory from those who work with him.
“Every election year we survey top aides on both sides of the aisle—administrative assistants, press secretaries, legislative directors, and chiefs of committee staffs—to get their up-close and personal, and anonymous, views. While there may be lots of partisan backbiting among congress members, their staffers seem far more capable of putting politics aside and making honest judgments. It wasn’t unusual for aides in both parties to name one of their own as “spineless” or give the “workhorse” nod to someone across the aisle. “

Worst Follower 2. John McCain (R-Ariz.) Show Horse 2. John McCain (R-Ariz.) Hottest Temper 2. John McCain (R-Ariz.) known to snap at staff when the cameras are off

McCain’s the candidate of amnesty for illegal aliens.
McCain supports embryonic stem-cell research.
McCain has said “I would not support repeal of Roe vs. Wade”.
McCain opposed the Bush tax cuts, and refuses to sign the “No New Taxes” pledge.
McCain supports legislation that would increase taxes on energy.
McCain was the ring-leader of the Senate “Gang of 14”, which kept the then Senate Republican leadership from ending the ability of Democrats to filibuster Bush’s judicial nominees.
McCain supports legislation to grant due-process rights to terrorists.
McCain sponsored the inept legislation which restricts free-speech rights of those involved
in the political process, (the McCain/Feingold bill)
McCain called evangelical-conservatives an “evil influence” on the Republican Party.
McCain - member of the Keating 5 that caused a bipartisan scandal during the S&L meltdown.
McCain had a recall election ran against him by the conservatives in Arizona.
McCain blocked the investigation into whether Viet Nam and the Soviets were still holding over 600 of our missing POWs in 1990.

Latest (Jan. 2008) OVERALL Presidential Candidate Ratings On IMMIGRATION
How Good Are The Promises of Each Candidate to PROTECT Workers, Communities and Taxpayers FROM ILLEGAL & OVER-IMMIGRATION?

VERY GOOD# Mitt Romney (28 points)
GOOD# RON PAUL(24 points) # MIKE HUCKABEE(24 points)
BAD# JOHN McCAIN (5 points) # JOHN EDWARDS (5 points) # HILLARY CLINTON (4 points) # BARACK OBAMA (4 points)

Please note that our ratings do NOT amount to endorsements. Nor do they convey anything about the character, the strength or any other positions about the candidates.


Defending His Amnesty Bill, “Presidential hopeful John McCain - who has been dogged for years by questions about his volcanic temper - erupted in an angry, profanity-laced tirade at a fellow Republican senator, sources told The Post yesterday. In a heated dispute over immigration-law overhaul, McCain screamed, ‘F— you!’ at Texas Sen. John Cornyn, who had been raising concerns about the legislation. ‘This is chickens—stuff,’ McCain snapped at Cornyn, according to several people in the room off the Senate floor Thursday. ‘You’ve always been against this bill, and you’re just trying to derail it.’” (Charles Hurt, “Raising McCain,” New York Post, 5/19/07)

In 2000, Sen. McCain Ran An Attack Ad Comparing Then-Gov. George W. Bush To Bill Clinton. SEN. MCCAIN: “I guess it was bound to happen. Governor Bush’s campaign is getting desperate, with a negative ad about me. The fact is, I’ll use the surplus money to fix Social Security, cut your taxes and pay down the debt. Governor Bush uses all of the surplus for tax cuts, with not one new penny for Social Security or the debt. His ad twists the truth like Clinton. We’re all pretty tired of that. As president, I’ll be conservative and always tell you the truth. No matter what.” (McCain 2000, Campaign Ad, 2/9/00;

Sen. McCain Repeatedly Called Sen. Pete Domenici (R-NM) nams. “Why can’t McCain win the votes of his own colleagues? To explain, a Republican senator tells this story: at a GOP meeting last fall, McCain erupted out of the blue at the respected Budget Committee chairman, Pete Domenici, saying, ‘Only an a–hole would put together a budget like this.’ Offended, Domenici stood up and gave a dignified, restrained speech about how in all his years in the Senate, through many heated debates, no one had ever called him that. Another senator might have taken the moment to check his temper. But McCain went on: ‘I wouldn’t call you an a–hole unless you really were an a–hole.’ The Republican senator witnessing the scene had considered supporting McCain for president, but changed his mind. ‘I decided,’ the senator told Newsweek, ‘I didn’t want this guy anywhere near a trigger.’” (Evan Thomas, et al., “Senator Hothead,” Newsweek, 2/21/00)

Sen. McCain Had A Heated Exchange With Sen. Charles Grassley (R-IA) And Called Him A “F*cking Jerk.” “Senators are not used to having their intelligence or integrity challenged by another senator. ‘Are you calling me stupid?’ Sen. Chuck Grassley once inquired during a debate with McCain over the fate of the Vietnam MIAs, according to a source who was present. ‘No,’ replied McCain, ‘I’m calling you a f—ing jerk!” (Evan Thomas, et al., “Senator Hothead,” Newsweek, 2/21/00)

In 1995, Sen. McCain Had A “Scuffle” With 92-Year-Old Sen. Strom Thurmond (R-SC) On The Senate Floor. “In January 1995, McCain was midway through an opening statement at a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing when chairman Strom Thurmond asked, ‘Is the senator about through?’ McCain glared at Thurmond, thanked him for his ‘courtesy’ (translation: buzz off), and continued on. McCain later confronted Thurmond on the Senate floor. A scuffle ensued, and the two didn’t part friends.” (Harry Jaffe, “Senator Hothead,” The Washingtonian, 2/97)

Sen. McCain Attacked Christian Leaders And Republicans In A Blistering Speech During The 2000 Campaign. MCCAIN: “Unfortunately, Governor Bush is a Pat Robertson Republican who will lose to Al Gore. … The political tactics of division and slander are not our values… They are corrupting influences on religion and politics, and those who practice them in the name of religion or in the name of the Republican Party or in the name of America shame our faith, our party and our country. Neither party should be defined by pandering to the outer reaches of American politics and the agents of intolerance, whether they be Louis Farrakhan or Al Sharpton on the left, or Pat Robertson or Jerry Falwell on the right.” (Sen. John McCain, Remarks, Virginia Beach, VA, 2/28/00)

Celebrating His First Senate Election In 1986, Sen. McCain Screamed At And Harassed A Young Volunteer. “It was election night 1986, John McCain had just been elected to the U.S. Senate for the first time. Even so, he was not in a good mood. McCain was yelling at the top of his lungs and poking the chest of a young volunteer who had set up a lectern that was too tall for the 5-foot-9 politician to be seen to advantage, according to a witness to the outburst. ‘Here this poor guy is thinking he has done a good job, and he gets a new butt ripped because McCain didn’t look good on television,’ Jon Hinz told a reporter Thursday. At the time, Hinz was executive director of the Arizona Republican Party. … ‘There were an awful lot of people in the room,’ Hinz recalled. ‘You’d have to stick cotton in your ears not to hear it. He (McCain) was screaming at him, and he was red in the face.’” (Kris Mayes and Charles Kelly, “Stories Surface On Senator’s Demeanor,” The Arizona Republic, 11/5/99)

Sen. McCain “Publicly Abused” Senator Richard Shelby (R-AL). “[McCain] noted his propensity for passion but insisted that he doesn’t ‘insult anybody or fly off the handle or anything like that.’ This is, quite simply, hogwash. McCain often insults people and flies off the handle…. There have been the many times McCain has called reporters ‘liars’ and ‘idiots’ when they have had the audacity to ask him unpleasant, but pertinent, questions. ” (Editorial, “There’s Something About McCain,” The Austin American-Statesman, 1/24/07)

Is it any wonder McCain has few endorsements from his Congressional piers?

Monday, January 28, 2008

"Viva McCain Fiestas" (YOU Can't make this up!)

Dear Amigos, (Nov. 2007)

Saludos!! As you may have heard, we are organizing "Viva McCain Fiestas" all over the nation on Dec. 9th at 7:00-9:00p.m. ET to watch the Univision Republican Debate and support John McCain. (See flyer below.)

To "Host" a Fiesta simply:

1. Register (by sending me an email to letting me know names of those watching, email addresses and cities);

2. Watch the Univision TV Debate;

3. Have a computer on to Watch/Hear Senator McCain LIVE through our web site; and

4. Donate $25 through web page (not required but needed!!)

Over Thanksgiving I singlehandedly signed up 75 family members and friends to participate. Please send me MUCHOS and forward the flyer to all your amigos!

Juan Hernandez
Hispanic Outreach Director

You are cordially invited to attend
"Viva McCain Fiestas"

during the
Univisin TV Presidential Debate

Sunday, December 9, 2007

7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. EST

To participate in the McCain Univision Debate Fiesta, please do the following:

1. Host or attend a "McCain Fiesta" at your home, church, local restaurant, community center, etc., tuning in to Univision's Presidential Debate.
2. Sign up to join the nationwide effort to support Senator McCain - contact Juan Hernandez at; or Beth Sturgeon at
3. Register your "McCain Fiesta" at
4. Consider donating $25 or more to the campaign (Click on to donate.)

On Sunday, December 9, click on John McCain will join the "McCain Fiesta" in Miami and speak LIVE to those who are joining him via internet. Detailed information on timing and the Senator's appearance will follow and be updated on the website periodically.

Please contact Juan Hernandez or Beth Sturgeon for more information:

Juan: and Beth: - phone: (512) 350-6110

We sincerely ask for your consideration in helping to underwrite this nationwide initiative. No donation is required to participate in a debate party, although we ask you to consider giving $25 (Los Amigos). For a contribution of $100 or more, you support will be listed on the "Viva McCain Fiestas" website. Please email Beth at to let her know, at what level you are supporting the campaign (when you have sent in your donation) so she can post your support on the website!

These are the levels, at which we will list your contribution:

$2,300 Los Presidentes (receive campaign sweatshirt and signed book)

$1,000 Los Jefes (receive campaign sweatshirt and signed book)

$500 Los Hermanos (receive campaign sweatshirt)

$250 Los Primos (receive campaign sweatshirt)

$100 Los Compadres -- $25 Los Amigos

Paid for by John McCain 2008.

John McCain recently said this, trying to distance himself from the radical Hernandez, who is on his campaign staff:

The straight-talking senator was asked about his Hispanic Outreach Director, Dr. Juan Hernandez, at a campaign event in Florida Sunday. Here’s video of his reaction.

SENATOR JOHN MCCAIN: He’s on my staff because he supports my policies and my proposals and my legislative proposal to secure the borders first. No one will receive social security benefits who is in this country illegally. I don’t know what his previous positions are or other positions are, he supports mine. I have nothing to do with his. He has volunteered to help me with outreach to our Hispanic citizenry as I outreach to every citizen in America. I’ve been very clear on my position on immigration; I’ve been very clear on my position on"

"Social Security. Of course I am grateful that so many people came from Ireland to the United States of American and anybody else who come here legally and that’s the only system I will ever support. I have no idea but I will check in to the information you’ve given me. I promise you, I will secure our borders, I will not allow anyone to come here illegally, I will not allow anyone to receive Social Security or any other benefits because they have come here illegally and broken our laws."

[McCain] transformed the electoral landscape into something where George Soros could have more say than the NRA, right-to-life organizations or any other conservative organization normally aligned with the Republican Party.

McCain came very close to transforming America into a third-world copy of Mexico.

Here are the Senators who voted against the Cornyn amendment , which would have established a permanent bar for gang members, terrorists, and other criminals looking to snag a shamnesty visa. Republicans underlined:

Thanks Vigilanteman

Friday, January 25, 2008

Support your candidate by stopping John McCain!

TheTownCrier will not endorse a candidate in this primary, we'll leave that to the rest of you.

AT this point, our concern is stopping the media's pick of John McCain, endorsed today by the N.Y. Times along with Hillary. THAT should motivate you to get the word out to those depending on the media for information. Unless we get very lucky, and he is allowed to display his hair trigger obnoxious temper we will be stuck with the worst candidate the GOP could offer up.


John's campaign slogan is "Strong and Wrong." P.J. O'Rourke

Meet the open borders family: McCain, Hernandez, Soros, and the “Reform Institute”
By Michelle Malkin • January 25, 2008 03:50 PM

Follow the bouncing ball with me:

Shamnesty peddler John McCain taps former Mexican government official/shamnesty advocate Juan Hernandez as his presidential campaign Hispanic Outreach Director.

Hernandez is a fellow at McCain’s “Reform Institute.” What has he been working on there for the past year?

“Dr. Juan Hernandez serves as a Senior Fellow of the Institute’s Comprehensive Immigration Reform Initiative.”

That is: Shamnesty.

Among the immigration projects at McCain’s Reform Institute: An art contest in which students depicted their protests against a southern border fence.

The winner on the American side of the border?



The grand prize winner incorporated the specious open-borders propaganda comparing our fence to keep trespassers out to the Berlin Wall designed to wall people in:


Is this what McCain believes in his heart, too? No wonder he cursed the “goddamned fence.”

The Reform Institute is a tax-exempt, supposedly independent 501(c)(3) group, as Ed Morrissey noted two years ago, “that employs Rick Davis, who also works on McCain’s staff as his chief political advisor, and they pay him $110,000 per year. The Reform Institute has often supported McCain, paid for events highlighting him and his agenda, presumably including campaign finance reform.” The Reform Institute received $200,000 in donations from Cablevision…and McCain basically tried to intervene on Cablevision’s behalf by writing a letter to the FCC supporting its regulatory agenda. Morrissey noted at the time: “[T]he Reform Institute helps keep McCain’s staff gainfully employed between campaigns, allowing McCain to do less fundraising while retaining the best of the available talent. For instance, Carl Hulse and Ann Kornblut note that Rick Davis managed McCain’s presidential campaign in 2000 before founding Reform Institute. Now its president, he gets over $100,000 a year from RI for “consulting services”. That money allows Davis to remain available for McCain’s future campaigns, and the funding he raises for RI gives him inroads for building support.”

Yep. Which is exactly how it worked out. Davis is now McCain’s campaign manager.

Here’s the 990 form for the Reform Institute, filed in 2003, listing Davis and his “consulting fees:”


Who funded the Reform Institute, which boasts Juan “Think Mexico First” Hernandez as its resident amnesty fellow? The donor list is a who’s who of ultra left-wing, open borders elites. Again, via Ed Morrissey’s research:

* The Tides Foundation, which heavily promotes “reproductive justice”, giving over $500,000 to pro-abortion efforts. They also actively oppose the death penalty (so do I, FYI). John McCain opposes abortion and supports the death penalty, so why is his chief political advisor getting so much support from those who ostensibly oppose him?

* Educational Foundation Of America, which also supports abortion. EFA also opposes drilling in ANWR, an issue on which McCain has an ambivalent record. It also supports euthanasia and assisted suicide through the Death With Dignity National Center, a group which it gave $45,000. It gave $100,000 to the Alliance for Nuclear Accountability, which opposed the Yucca Mountain nuclear depository (McCain supported it), and opposes development of low-yield nuclear “bunker buster” bombs, which McCain supports.

In fact, EFA appears to contribute to just about every left-wing cause imaginable, as well as a number of noncontriversial charities and outreach efforts.

* The Proteus Fund, which also opposed the Yucca Mountain repository, spending $75K to stop it. That pales in comparison to the $935K they spent on supporting gay marriage initiatives, which McCain strongly opposes. They have also spent over $800,000 funding nuclear-disarmament and antiwar causes in each of the last two years. Their Security Policy Working Group contains nothing but left-of-center groups like Project on Defense Alternatives, which calls the Iraqi elections “faulty” and predicted disaster for the Bush administration’s “program of coercive transformation throughout the region.”

* OSI (Open Society Institute), founded and funded by George Soros. Among a litany of left-wing causes supported by OSI are People For The American Way, to support their Supreme Court Project. (Hint: It isn’t intended on assisting Bush get his nominees confirmed.) They also gave $150,000 to the Campaign Legal Center, which will be important shortly.

* David Geffen Foundation also shows up on the list, although not in the top tier. David Geffen is an entertainment-industry mogul who supports Democrats and left-wing causes. They do not have a website I could find, but notes that in 2002, most of the grants Geffen gave went to environmental activists and the Tides Foundation and Tides Center.

Via Discover the Networks, you’ll see that Soros’s OSI is a key open borders funder–providing support to the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund; the Immigrant Legal Resource Center; the National Immigration Law Center; the National Immigration Forum; the National Council of La Raza; and the American Immigration Law Foundation.

Remind me again which party’s presidential nomination John McCain is running for?


Fellow shamnesty peddler Mel Martinez officially joins la familia McCain. Via the Orlando Sentinel:

U.S. Sen. Mel Martinez will endorse Republican presidential candidate John McCain later today, according to a person close to McCain’s campaign.

Martinez will announce the endorsement at a meeting of the Latin Builders Association in Miami, which McCain is scheduled to address at 4:45 p.m.

Attention, Florida voters: Ask John McCain.

--VERY Interesting!

With Thompson out, Tom McClintock leans to Ron Paul

Mark Steyn: (First they came for the Pigs) "Here's another news item out of Britain this week: A new version of "The Three Little Pigs" was turned down for some "excellence in education" award on the grounds that "the use of pigs raises cultural issues" and, as a result, the judges "had concerns for the Asian community" – i.e., Muslims. Non-Muslim Asians – Hindus and Buddhists – have no "concerns" about anthropomorphized pigs.

This is now a recurring theme in British life. A while back, it was a local government council telling workers not to have knickknacks on their desks representing Winnie-the-Pooh's porcine sidekick, Piglet.

As Martin Niemoller famously said, first they came for Piglet, and I did not speak out because I was not a Disney character and, if I was, I'm more of an Eeyore. So then they came for the Three Little Pigs, and Babe, and by the time I realized my country had turned into a 24/7 Looney Tunes it was too late, because there was no Porky Pig to stammer "Th-th-th-that's all, folks!" and bring the nightmare to an end.

Just for the record, it's true that Muslims, like Jews, are not partial to bacon and sausages. But the Quran has nothing to say about cartoon pigs. Likewise, it is silent on the matter of whether one can name a teddy bear after Muhammad.

What all these stories have in common is the excessivedeference to Islam. If "The Three Little Pigs" are verbotenwhen Muslims do not yet comprise 10 percent of the British population, what else will be on the blacklist by the time they're, say, 20 percent?"

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Hunter endorses Huckabee?

This poster pretty much nails it.

Tancredo going to Romney was a bit of a shock, but I can respect the choice (on a strategic level at the bare minimum); Hunter endorsing Huckabee was a greater shock, and either Hunter has made an error in judgment, or his strongest convictions are different from those I gauged him to possess.

I'm close to running out of space on my nose for clothespins, but I've thrown myself into Ron Paul's pool. I'm searching for a spot that the anti-war moonbats and pot-heads haven't pissed in (but hey, the water is warm).

341 posted on 01/23/2008 M203M4

If you haven’t seen this, do take time to listen, there are some good explanations on it. I am convinced Hunter is not anti Mormon and I’m thankful for that. Personally he says he has a lot of respect for Romney, just disagrees with policy.

Why Duncan Hunter Endorsed Mike Huckabee


Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The State of Franklin and this pathetic primary

Some years ago while researching genealogy I found birth records of two ancestors who were born in the State of Franklin.

Say what?

Must be a misprint.... so I searched further, and there it was..... an historical fact. The State of Franklin, the 14th state existed four years within three counties of North Carolina in what is now included in the state of Tennessee. In fact those settlers, my ancestors were taking the land by force from some of my other ancestors.......Another story, another day....

The State organized in 1784 , had a governor, John Sevier and a constitution that guaranteed religious freedom, and required that routine legislation be submitted to the citizens for debate and approval.

Lawyers, ministers, and doctors, were excluded from public office in their constitution. Lawyers were correctly felt to already be involved in the judicial branch of the government. The other two occupations generally held positions of influence in the community and were seen as possibly conflicting of the general interest. They already had a responsibility to serve the community as well.

Because of continuing land disputes and finally agreement and inclusion within the State of North Carolina, the State of Franklin did not survive.

Oh, my! What a difference our government might be under such a guideline. I'm not even saying I'm sure I'd vote for such an idea, but still, it's titillating to contemplate. We would lose over half the members of congress.

That's got to be an improvement! If those folks of 1784 were around today, I'm sure they'd add lobbyists to the exemption list.

In the current presidential race, only Romney and McCain would qualify to run. At least we wouldn't have to see any of the Rudy, Ron Paul, drop dead Fred, Huckabee and The Hillary/Obama/Edwards show. Real people might even get a chance to run for office instead of every bureaucracy being stuffed full of ivy league barristers.

Nah, only in our dreams..........
....... and in history.

Thompson endorsed McCain before:

-—KANSAS CITY, Missouri (CNN) — Sen. John McCain’s bid for the Republican 2000 presidential nomination got a boost Wednesday when he was endorsed by fellow Sen. Fred Thompson, who joined McCain’s campaign as national co-chairman.

“When it comes to personal courage and integrity and the courage to do what he thinks is right, regardless of whether or not it’s particularly popular at the moment, John McCain has shown characteristics of leadership like no one else I’ve ever seen,” Thompson said at a press conference.


Contrary to popular rumors, Duncan Hunter HAS NOT endorsed any other candidate for President!
Hear him on Neil Cavuto yesterday!

After the Race

Rep. Duncan Hunter's first television interview since withdrawing from 2008 race

Monday, January 21, 2008

Brother Huck’s Travelin' Salvation Show!

Birds of a feather.......
Bill Clinton Welcomes Huckabee at MLK Church Remembrance

Brietbart ^ | 1-12-08 | Breitbart

Check out the video.

Sung to Neil Diamond’s Brother Love’s Traveling Salvation Show

Brother Huck’s Travelin' Salvation Show

Cold January night.......
And the propaganda’s hanging down
And conservatives on the ground feelin’ beat.
Move up the road to the outside of town
And the sound of that good liberal beat!

Sits a ragged governor
Where there ain’t no truth,
And that gospel group tellin’ you and me

It’s Huck, Brother Huck, say
Brother Huck’s Travelin' Salvation Show!
Pack up anchor babies and grab the old ladies
And ev’ryone cries ‘cause everyone knows
Brother Huck’s lies.

Halle- Hallelujah......

Starting soft and slow
Like a small town hick
And when he lets go,
Half the country's sick!

It’s Huck, Huck Love, say
Brother Huck's Travelin' Salvation Show!
Take an old wrestler , a 'B' movie hustler
And ev’ryone goes, ‘cause everyone knows
Brother Huck’s flam flam show.



"Now that Duncan Hunter has withdrawn from the race, I have a case of Electile Dysfunction, the failure to be aroused by any of the other candidates" dit_xi


In the "CAN'T MAKE UP THIS STUFF" category.....

Mexico debate in Mesa turns violent

Lindsay Butler, Tribune

A Mesa resident was shot in the ankle and taken to a nearby hospital following a disagreement about which state in Mexico is better.

Jose Antonio Lopez, 17, and another man in his 20s whose name was not released were sitting in the living room of a home near Stapley Drive and Broadway Road on Saturday discussing which of their home states in Mexico “was the better place to live,” according to Mesa police.

The disagreement turned violent when Lopez's adversary pulled out a gun and shot him in the ankle. The shooter took off before police arrived.

Lopez was taken to the hospital with wounds that were not considered life-threatening, police said.

ME: HEY! If your home is so great it's worth getting shot over GO HOME!!!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Thank You, Duncan Hunter!

Rod Nehring, California Republican Party

Congressman Duncan Hunter lives just a few miles from me. We're both residents of San Diego's East County, a thoroughly Republican region where rugged individualism is popular and taxes are not.

In leaving the Presidential contest this weekend, Congressman Hunter wraps up a lengthy political career that brought common sense and reason to a Congress where it is often in short supply.

Politically, Duncan Hunter has been a strong Republican team player, yet one unafraid of bringing added attention to the issues he's most passionate about, with national defense and border security at the top of that list. As Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, he always put support for the troops at the top of the agenda.

On behalf of the entire California Republican Party, we thank and respect Duncan Hunter for his service to his community and his country. posted by Ron Nehring at

Video Tribute To Duncan Hunter

Duncan Hunter... May God Bless.

Hunter's W. Va. Factor....
Before dropping his presidential bid Saturday, Duncan Hunter had been one of seven GOP contenders registered for the West Virginia Republican Party's Feb. 5 convention.

And though he had attracted four delegates to the state convention, none of his at-large candidates survived the recent voting

Thanks Candor7!


Latinos are now America’s largest minority.

I have one question.


No, not the numbers. I understand about the birth rate and the immigration. I know that there are 37 million Latinos in America and 36 million blacks and that there are more Latinos than blacks. The numbers are easy.

What I don’t understand is why Latinos are a “minority.”

Italians aren’t. Germans aren’t. Poles aren’t.

Why are Latinos?

Why has one group immigrating to this country from a non-English background been partitioned into minority status while others have merely learned the language and the culture and fit in?

What’s different about Latinos?

Personally, I don’t think there is a difference.

Except in attitude.

I think Latinos are minorities in America because they want to be. And because they typically make choices which assure and perpetuate their “minority” status.

Of course, “Latino” is a very small word for a large and varied group of people. From dozens of countries and scores of cultures, they are very different types of people. And their experiences in America have tremendous variability. My opinion is based on a generalization, but it is a largely accurate generalization.

And that is that Latinos tend to cling to Spanish as their prime language. They also strongly identify with their family’s nation of origin and cling to its traditions and attitudes.

Which won’t work.

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. And when in America, do as the Americans do. Or forever be a minority.

That may not sound hospitable, but it’s the way it is.

Many nationalities and language groups have immigrated to the United States. Yet they are not minorities. Even if they are darker skinned. Some Italians, for example, are as olive-skinned as some Latinos. Yet Italians became a successful part of the American mainstream within a generation.

That is because they became American.

They learned the language and, though they retained significant aspects of their culture, their allegiance and identification became American.

If Latinos are to stop being minorities, they must do the same.

They must learn English. They must master English. They cannot and will not advance without doing so. No one or no group can.

But instead of promoting English, many Latino interest groups demand government and business services be provided in Spanish. That effectively segregates Latinos from both society and success.

Additionally, many Latinos retain a primary personal identification with their family’s home country. Even, sometimes, after two and three generations in this country. Heritage is good, but the past can’t be master of the present. And where you’re from is not as important as where you are.

Many people of Irish, German or Italian descent are very proud of their heritage, and yet they are Americans first – in every way. Newly arrived Latinos must strive to be the same.

And if they do, they will be better for it.

More importantly, America will be better for it.

If Latinos stop being “minorities” and become a part of the mainstream – as some already and successfully have – the nation will be strengthened and pushed forward by their vitality and virtue. But if they remain minorities, the country will be increasingly divided and group priorities will continue to interfere with national interests.

It may seem a minor distinction, but it’s not. Much is riding on it.

The goal cannot be to Hispanicize America, but to Americanize Hispanics. That may sound culturally arrogant, but it’s a reality. We’re looking to strengthen America, not build another Quebec.

Which may sound like chastising. But it’s not. It’s the sound of opportunity.

Because as long as Latinos are an American minority they will never fully realize the American dream. But when they wade into the mainstream and play by its rules, bringing their own particular strengths, they will rise to the heights of every part of American society.

Many Latino cultures place a premium on two foundations of American culture: Work and virtue. In this country, good people who work hard come out on top.

There is no reason Latinos can’t do that in increasing numbers.

But first they will have to stop being Mexicans or Puerto Ricans or Peruvians. They will have to stop being Latinos.

In the same way that Germans and Italians had to stop.

Like their neighbors, they will have to become Americans.

Not minority Americans.

Just Americans.

- by Bob Lonsberry © 2008

Friday, January 18, 2008

Hunter on top in Nevada!

Duncan Hunter has been able to spend time in Nevada and go around the media who excludes him from the discussion. This is what happens when the people are allowed to hear and see a GOOD candidate. Have you seen any republican beat everyone even the dems in a poll??


Nevada Caucus poll
Jan 16 08 - 10:06 AM

Who do you plan to support in Saturday's caucus?

Duncan Hunter, the Patriot's Best Friend
January 18, 2008 01:00 PM EST

It was December 23rd 1978, and I was about to go home to Colorado for my very first Air Force Christmas leave. I was stationed at KI Sawyer AFB in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The transition from spoiled high school brat to a B-52 aircraft mechanic was drastic. Managed by super stressed out Vietnam Vets , pulling Nuclear Alert, and pushing maintenance stands through two feet of snow at sixty below zero (wind chill factor) was quite an experience, to say the least. The dormitory rooms I called home were 12’ by 12’ boxes painted over dozens of times. The good chow was a plus.

The fall of Saigon was only 3 years distant. The Carter administration and 16 percent interest rates were in full swing. Farmers were losing their farms at an unprecedented rate. Japan was gaining a foothold in the U.S auto industry. Even though my father, a retired Air Force Master Sergeant could depend on his VA check, times were tough. Both he and my Bavarian mother worked very hard, and watched every penny they made. For them “The Depression” and Post WWII Germany were a significant memories.

After technical school, things were much different in “The real Air force”. Attitudes among first termers were extremely bad. It was a “we/them” relationship between lifers and first term Airman. Drugs were still prevalent among a large percentage of the military populous. Airman and most DOD people did not wear their uniforms in public. "Baby killer" was still fresh on our minds! I never wore my blues to the airport etc.

Things began to change in January 1980. Reagan immediately raised military wages 14 percent. The DOD established “Golden flow” and started randomly testing for drugs. Bad attitudes were systematically replaced with professionalism. Old school yell and scream military discipline measures were also replaced. Lead by example, patient consensus building, mentoring, and interaction skills became the order of the day.

George Bush Senior’s victory during Desert Storm brought back the pride to be in the military.

All this time, Duncan Hunter was a member of the “House Armed services Committee”. For 27 years, Duncan has worked diligently to improve the standard of living for the GI. Dormitory cells were replaced with apartment sized living quarters. Old equipment was replaced with cutting edge technology. Zero tolerance was instituted and attitudes sky rocketed. The quality of training and operational readiness change dramatically. Survival rates after a battlefield injury increased from 70 to 90 percent.

Today, Duncan Hunter is still in tune with the military. In some cases, he is on a first name basis with our military leaders etc. He continues to make sure our boys and girls are as safe as possible while serving on the battle field. He continues to make sure our troops are taken care of at home. He continues to make sure our troops move forward and take advantage of opportunity. A combat veteran in Vietnam, he has been there. So with almost 40 years of affiliation and demonstrated excellence when it comes to helping create a better military for our patriots, my heart is with Duncan Hunter. Please give Duncan Hunter your vote, for he does deserve it.



Rep. Duncan Hunter accepting the 2006 Keeper of the Flame Award.

(Washington, D.C.): On September 20, 2006, the Center for Security Policy paid tribute to House Armed Services Committee Chairman Duncan Hunter and Those Who Serve – the men and women who render invaluable service to the Nation in the War on Terror.

Congressman Hunter’s address to the nearly 400 attendees at this elegant black-tie dinner held at Washington's landmark Union Station was preceded by a welcome from Dinner Chairman Jim Pitts, Corporate Vice President of the Northrup Grumman Corporation, and remarks by Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. The Keeper of the Flame Awards were presented to Rep. Hunter and five outstanding representatives of Those Who Serve in the U.S. armed forces by House Appropriations Committee Chairman Jerry Lewis and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Peter Pace, respectively.

The event concluded with moving remarks by Westwood One’s nationally syndicated talk show host Lars Larsen, who recently lost a close friend in combat in Iraq. Mr. Larsen joined in thanking Congressman Hunter and all Those Who Serve, and encouraged their support through the work of the Center for Security Policy.

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Huckabee is BAD news!

Mike Huckabee is BOUGHT and PAID for

Must watch.

THIS is what they want us to settle for. (New Huck Info!)

19 December 2007
Looking at the Republican field

Cato Institute’s Fiscal Policy Report Card on America’s Governors: 2006.

Mike Huckabee, Republican Legislature: Democratic
Final-Term Grade: F
Final Overall Grade: D

Thanks to a final term grade of F, Huckabee earns an overall grade of D for his entire governorship. Like many Republicans, his grades dropped the longer he stayed in office. In his first few years, he fought hard for a sweeping $70 million tax cut package that was the first broad-based tax cut in the state in more than 20 years. He even signed a bill to cut the state’s 6 percent capital gains tax—a significant progrowth accomplishment.

But nine days after being reelected in 2002, he proposed a sales tax increase to cover a budget deficit caused partly by large spending increases that he proposed and approved, including an expansion in Medicare eligibility that Huckabee made a centerpiece of his 1997 agenda. He agreed to a 3 percent income tax “surcharge” and a 25-cent cigarette tax increase. In response to a court order to increase spending on education, Huckabee proposed another sales tax increase. Huckabee wants to run for the GOP presidential nomination next year. He’s already been hailed as a viable big-government conservative candidate by some. That seems about right: Huckabee’s leadership has left taxpayers in Arkansas much worse off.

Apparently the good folks in Arkansas had a rough time of it with Mike Huckabee: Big Government Conservative.

Huckabee was in line with these governors:

Montana Brian Schweitzer (D)* 47 F
Alabama Bob Riley (R) 47 F
Washington Christine Gregoire (D)* 47 F
Arkansas Mike Huckabee (R) 46 F
Nevada Kenny Guinn (R) 46 F
Delaware Ruth Ann Minner (D)* 44 F
North Carolina Michael Easley (D)* 44 F
Arizona Janet Napolitano (D) 43 F
Louisiana Kathleen Blanco (D)* 43 F
Ohio Bob Taft (R) 53 C
Kentucky Ernie Fletcher (R) 53 C
Maryland Robert Ehrlich (R) 53 C
Vermont James Douglas (R) 53 C
Michigan Jennifer Granholm (D) 53 C

"Flanked and supported by movie strongman Chuck Norris, former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee told a roomful of Washington reporters Thursday that he will defend his effort to educate the children of illegal immigrants "even if it costs me the election."

Huckabee has been criticized by Mitt Romney and others in the GOP presidential race for supporting legislation in Arkansas that would have made all youngsters who graduate from state high schools eligible to compete for college scholarships, no matter what the legal status of their parents.

With Norris citing examples of children of illegal immigrants he has helped educate through his foundation, Huckabee declared that "my soul will not let me" compromise on that stand--despite the bill's rejection in his state senate.


Plagiarist Huckabee???

I was listening to Laura Ingraham talking with Center for Immigration Studies Mark Krikorian yesterday . Huckabee claims Krikorian devised his ‘immigration’ policy for him. Mark said he had been contacted by several people and wrote up a brief ‘what had to be done list’, by no means a complete policy that was published some time ago.

Huckabee simply took that article, added little to it and implied Mark and Huck worked out this new ‘policy’. Mark has never worked with or endorsed Huck. Never. His supporters made it sound like CIS had worked with him on this and thereby endorsed him for Pres.

Krikorian says, [Well, at least he finally credited me with writing it]

Cool clips (Laura365) NEW! Mark Kirkorian on the immigration issue.(pay to play)

This seems to be the article Krikorian was talking about that Huckabee hijacked. Ten Points for a Successful Presidential Candidate

By Mark Krikorian National Review May 23, 2005


“I have created a nine point immigration policy that says there is a 120 day period in which people go to their home country and start the process from the back of the line. —Mike Huckabee, Republican Debate, Myrtle Beach, S.C., Jan. 10, 2008.

This isn’t coming from a Romney campaign release; this is the Washington Post”

“When the campaign announced the governor’s nine-point immigration plan on Dec. 6, it noted that it was “partially modeled” on Krikorian’s proposal three years earlier. But Huckabee took credit for the plan in the Republican debate on Thursday night, and Mitt Romney’s campaign is crying foul. A Romney “Fact Check” said that the Huckabee plan had lifted “whole sections of Krikorian’s editorial without quotes or direct attribution.”

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Open Letter to the South Carolina GOP – Duncan Hunter is the Only Choice

Guest Editorial - Alexander J. Madison

Dear South Carolinians,

Your state has the opportunity to help shape the election at this historic time in our nation’s history. In fact, you have the opportunity to turn it on its head, for the sake of our shared conservative principles. This year, after many years without the option, South Carolina has a chance to select a rock-ribbed conservative Reaganite in the primary. His name is not McCain, Romney, Thompson or Huckabee. It is Duncan Hunter. And he deserves the support of every serious conservative. Allow me to explain why.

Duncan Hunter represents the Reagan wing of the party. While every candidate likes to bandy about the name of Ronald Reagan, there was one man that stood shoulder to shoulder with Reagan during his monumental presidency. Congressman Duncan Hunter was Reagan’s right hand man in the House. Hunter helped push through the record setting tax cuts, rebuild our demoralized military, fight the communists with unparalleled fervor and confidence, and attack the federal leviathan. None other than a hawkish Jack Kemp credits Hunter with being the guy who strong-armed SDI (also known as Star Wars and missile defense) through congress. Reagan also chose Hunter to lead the delegation to Europe to bring them on board with SDI. And no one was more instrumental than Duncan Hunter in helping Reagan beat back the communist infiltration into Central America.

In addition, one of Reagan’s campaign promises was to attempt to restore the constitutional right to prayer in schools, which the courts had stripped away. Though he failed in his attempts, Hunter led the campaign on this as well, and continues to support overturning this blatant unconstitutionalism. Hunter also formed the Conservative Opportunity Society with Vin Webber and Newt Gingrich in the 1980s to recruit fellow staunch conservatives to run for office to displace RINOs and democrats, leading up to the 1994 GOP sweep.

There is a reason why Peace through Strength is Hunter’s campaign motto. He believes it from his head to his toes. The loudest and sanest voice against the false notion of a ‘peace dividend’ after the collapse of the USSR was Duncan Hunter. The California congressman routinely used his position on the Armed Services Committee to stuff billions more in defense spending into the Bush I and Clinton budgets. It is no exaggeration to say that Hunter was the man most responsible for saving missile defense funding from evisceration during the Clinton years. His foresight has paid off, as the United States now has a series of deployed ground and Sea based missile defense systems; and will soon have the laser based missile destroyers that Reagan and Edward Teller had envisioned.

Duncan Hunter has also been the stalwart in the House when it comes to defending our Judeo-Christian values. He has sponsored legislation numerous times to provide the unborn with constitutional protection, most recently the Right to Life Act of 2007. His 100% lifetime rating from the National Right to Life group attests to his commitment. He has never wavered for a minute in his steadfast opposition to abortion, embryonic stem cell research, cloning, gay ‘marriage’, or the secularists’ agenda. He was and remains the strongest voice arguing against gays in the military, calling it a “liberal social experiment”. He has taken on the ACLU on numerous occasions, and played a pivotal role in saving the Mt. Soledad War Memorial Cross from their attempt to have it torn down.

Hunter is running on his record and leadership. And that record includes exceptional marks from the organizations that make up the Reagan Coalition. The American Conservative Union gives Hunter a 92 lifetime score, which is higher than any other candidate in the race. The Christian Coalition and the Concerned Women of America gave Hunter perfect marks, as have the NRA and Gun Owners of America. Hunter earns an “excellent” rating from every single group that monitors illegal immigration, including FAIR and NumbersUSA. And perhaps most importantly, Hunter scores a 100% from the American Security Council (ASC), the security think tank that Reagan leaned on during his terms in office. Hunter was also selected to be the ASC’s president in 1989 and he chaired the House Armed Services Committee prior to the democrats regaining control in 2006.

So what do the other candidates’ records tell us?

John McCain has rightfully been shunned by conservatives for a multitude of reasons.

1. Shortsighted attempts to drastically slash the Defense Budget. In 1990, President GW Bush and SecDef Dick Cheney proposed modest defense cuts. McCain led the charge to more than double those cuts. According to the April 6, 1990 Washington Post: Sens. William S. Cohen (R-Maine) and John McCain (R-Ariz.) outlined their wide-ranging plan that includes a reduction of U.S. forces in Europe, curtailment of the B-2 "stealth" bomber program and a freeze in spending for the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI).

2. McCain later teamed in 1995 with Russ Feingold, John Kerry and Fred Thompson to kill the B2 bomber program. He also was instrumental in supporting Clinton’s reductions in Army Divisions and became known as a “cheap hawk”. A far cry form Peace through Strength.

3. Taxes. During the debates over the 2001 Bush tax cuts, McCain played the ‘class warfare’ card in his arguments in opposition to them, saying, "I cannot in good conscience support a tax cut in which so many of the benefits go to the most fortunate among us at the expense of middle-class Americans who need tax relief." Now, of course, he claims to have resisted the Bush tax cuts because there were no corresponding spending cuts. He is lying.

4. Exaggeration and backstabbing. McCain is currently exaggerating about his role in the recent success in Iraq. He brags constantly on the campaign trail that he stood up to Rumsfeld and forced Bush into the ‘surge’ strategy. In fact, General Petraeus and Rumsfeld and Bush were working on new strategies for quelling the insurgency for many months prior to Rumsfeld’s retirement. Bush has always been flexible about changes in tactics, and it was Rumsfeld who tasked Petraeus to draw up a new strategy. Petraeus did so, and requested approximately 21,000 additional troops to theatre. McCain, as he made clear in 2005 to USA Today, was seeking troop increases for Iraq of 80,000 Army and 20,000 – 30,000 Marines. That wasn’t a ‘surge’, it was a near doubling of troop size, without a plan how to utilize them, and rejected by the Generals. To top it off, at Rummy’s retirement, McCain said Rumsfeld, despite disagreements, “deserved the country’s gratitude”….then turned around on the campaign trail and called him the “worst Secretary of Defense” in our country’s history. What a charlatan.

5. McCain-Kennedy. While this convoluted amnesty plan never made it into law, thanks to the American people melting down the Senate phone lines this past spring, to this day John McCain stands by the notion that we are not going to deport the illegal aliens here, but offer them a pathway to citizenship for a nominal fine. And though he now claims to want to seal the border, he was the fiercest opponent of Hunter’s “Enforcement only” immigration plans in 2005 and 2006.

6. McCain Feingold. This was the most egregious swipe at the first amendment in a very long time. Mercifully, the courts have begun to deconstruct this unconstitutional law.

7. World Opinion. McCain is worried about world opinion, and therefore wants to close a Guantanamo facility that has been exceedingly useful for our military, and wants to ban waterboarding. Fortunately, Duncan Hunter led the opposition to these hairbrained ideas, and just as fortunately, President Bush is listening to Hunter.

Mike Huckabee has a different set of issues that distinguish his lack of Reagan conservatism.

1. Fighting Conservatives. Mr Huckabee has a long history in Arkansas of tangling with the conservative wing of the party. To this day, very few of the conservative Arkansas legislators he worked with support his candidacy. He receives next to no support from the Arkansas Republican Assembly, the benchmark conservative organization in the state.

2. The Nanny State. If you want to ban public smoking nationwide, beef up education funding to put more arts and music into the nations public schools, regulate your ‘carbon footprint’, ban fatty foods from the school cafeterias, and duplicate the onerous children’s health insurance plans of Arkansas (called ARKids), then Huckabee is the man to vote for. However, if you see things like mandatory body fat tests for schoolkids and a 92% increase in Health and Human Services (meaning welfare) spending –things he ‘accomplished’ as governor – as the sign of a liberal busybody, perhaps you should reconsider.

3. Illegal Immigration. No one in the race, not even John McCain, has had as abysmal a record when it comes to coddling illegal aliens. Not only did the Huck promote an “open borders” policy, he labeled the conservatives who opposed him as “racists and demagogues”. In 2005, in a speech to the pro-illegal immigrant group LULAC, Huckabee labeled the enforcement only immigration bill proposed by the GOP Conservatives as "un-Christian, un-American, irresponsible and anti-life". Huh??? Huckabee also told the crowd that he "recognizes and cherishes diversity in culture, in language and in population." A politician who uses 'lib-speak' so effortlessly is no conservative.

4. Taxes. As Chris Wallace pointed out in last nights debate, taxes in Arkansas increased significantly during his tenure as governor. Huckabee's response was to list all the good things he spent it on, such as roads, schools, etc. EVERY governor spends money on roads and schools, but conservatives do not raise taxes to do it. Instead they use supply side economics to grow their treasuries, a concept that seems to have eluded Mr. Huckabee.

5. Class warfare. Throughout his career Huck has used two justifications for tax hikes and liberal spending habits: Christian values and class envy. There is nothing Christian about robbing Peter to pay Paul, whether it is proposed by a democrat or a republican. And to show that nothing has changed for the Huck, his newest ads end with this gagger: “I believe that most Americans want their President to remind them of he guy they work with, not the guy who laid them off".

6. Health Care. Just like Mitt Romney, Huckabee has a legacy of lurching his state towards socialized Medicine….and he’s proud of it. The program is called ARKids, designed to give ‘free’ medical insurance to kids under 19 from low and middle class families. As expected, folks who previously had insurance swarmed to the program, whose costs were shared between the fed’s SCHIP program and Arkansas taxpayers. I guess that explains why Huckabee was the only candidate in a recent Republican debate to not support President Bush’s veto of the democrats’ expanded funding for SCHIP.

7. Pardons. Wayne Durmond may be the most infamous case of a Huckabee pardon gone awry, but considering he had more than 1000 pardons and commutations for criminals during his tenure, the law of averages was bound to catch up to him. Apparently, it did not take much more than a criminal finding Jesus in prison for this bleeding heart governor to take pity. His number of pardons exceeded the pardons of all Arkansas’ neighboring states…combined.

While Fred Thompson has been doing his best to brandish credentials as a Reagan Revolutionary, especially in the last debate (kudos to Fred for taking on Mr. Huckabee), the real story is a bit less impressive.

1. 1980 primary Reagan versus Baker. After Reagan’s significant run for the nomination in 1976, there was no doubt in 1980 which candidate was going to take the country in a new, conservative direction. And the RINOs hated him for it. One very liberal Howard Baker was one of the establishment heavyweights running against the Gipper. Baker’s liberalism was well known, including his support for the execrable Equal Rights Amendment, gun control, abortion on demand, and the détente policy with the USSR, not to mention his prominent role in helping Carter give away the Panama Canal. And guess who Fred supported. Hint: It was not Reagan.

2. McCain. To make sure he picked a questionable candidate in more than one decade, Fred decided to co-chair McCain’s 2000 run for the presidency. Of course, they were strong allies on CFR and the efforts to kill the B2 bomber. Siding with McCain, Feingold and John Kerry to kill the B2 program instead of siding with Hunter, Dick Cheney, and Cap Weinberger, might have its uses in some circles, but it was not the circles generally occupied by Reaganites. And of course, McCain was and remains the favorite republican of folks like Chris Matthews, Russ Feingold and John Kerry.

3. Centrist. Not sure that Reagan ever called himself a centrist. I do know that Reagan was a strong ally of staunch conservatives ranging from Duncan Hunter to Jerry Falwell to Jesse Helms to Phyllis Schlafly. But Fred spent his entire career in the Senate’s Centrist Coalition, a coalition that included such folks as John Edwards, Olympia Snowe, Jim Jeffords and Diane Feinstein.

4. Global Warming. Fred cosponsored the most egregious global warming legislation to date, in 2002. It is called Title X – National Climate Change Policy. It is a $5 billion dollar plus behemoth of Gore-ish liberalism. Item 10 in the ‘findings’ section of the legislation includes this: Future international efforts in this regard should focus on recognizing the equitable responsibilities for addressing climate change by all nations, including commitments by the largest developing country emitters in a future, binding climate change treaty. Egads, where is the Bullshit Repellent when you need it!?

5. Dissembling. While Mitt Romney has given his explanation for how & when he switched from pro-choice to pro-life, you will not find a similar explanation from Mr. Thompson. In fact, he falsely says he was always pro-life. That is patently untrue, as all of his public statements and survey answers showed he was indeed pro-choice at least through the late1990s. Granted, he always supported certain restrictions, at least after the first trimester. But his direct quotes such as “The ultimate decision must be made by the woman. Government should treat its citizens as adults capable of making moral decisions on their own” are proof positive he was pro-choice. And his answers about his role in McCain Feingold have been equally evasive and disingenuous at best. CFR is every bit as much his baby as it is McCain’s or Feingold’s, with the worst part – the prohibition of independent issue ads before an election – receiving his full sponsorship and support. It appears that his ‘straight talk’ is similar to that of McCain’s.

6. Liberal Institutions. That Fred carved out pork spending is no surprise. Every single senator and congressman does so, whether through amendments to a bill or earmarks. But what that money is spent on is indicative of their values. Hunter has been blasted for defense related pork. Thompson, on the other hand, should have to answer why he sponsored and spent millions of dollars on a continuing basis for ‘educational’ Institutes for liberal ex-senators and hacks. Examples include an Institute for his mentor Howard Baker at the University of Tennessee, gay rights proponent Robert Stafford’s Public Policy Institute, and racist former NAACP chairman Benjamin Hooks’ Institute for Social Change at the University of Memphis, to name a few.

There may be a ‘federalist’ and a ‘maverick’ and a ‘constitutionalist’ in the race, but none surpass the record of Hunter on states rights, property rights, or the 2nd Amendment; and none even come remotely close to matching Hunter in his attempts to re-establish our sovereign borders and currency of our immigration laws.

There may be a preacher, a bishop, a federalist, a maverick, a constitutionalist, and a celebrity mayor in the race; but there is only one Reagan conservative.

It is time to ditch the ‘Kennedy Wing’ of the Republican Party and re-awaken the Reagan Wing. That, my friends, is a legacy we can proudly leave to our children.

Update, Jan. 18, 2007. Huck was favored by S. C......What are you people thinking?

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‘My guy can beat Hillary!!” That covers the best excuse the supporters of 'the top tier' candidates can give us. They all want you to believe that and it’s their biggest talking point. That and insults, rumors, marginalization. Seldom a discussion of a candidate's record is allowed.

I’ll vote for Obama before I’ll vote for Rudy, McCain or Huckabee. Obama can beat her. Then ‘the Kennedy Wing of the Republican party’ can finally get what they wished for....someone who can beat Hillary as the only qualification for office.

Do you remember one of the first debates many months ago when Duncan Hunter referred to some of his fellow candidates as , “THE KENNEDY WING OF THE REPUBLICAN PARTY”?

THAT is why Hunter is out of the media coverage and the debates. He told the truth. CAN’T have that! (Not to mention stopping any discussion of China, bad trade deals and immigration.)

McCain, Huckabee, Rudy....look who they’re giving us...LOOK who the media and globalist media pundits are pushing!

I think we should start calling it exactly what it is, don’t you? Hunter, as usual, called it first and called it right.


California's Arnold is certainly a perfect example.

YouTube - New Hampshire Debate: The Kennedy Wing of the Gop
Duncan Hunter Watch video - 1 min 11 sec -

Be sure to read what people say in the comment section when they're allowed to hear Duncan Hunter.

In the "IT'S ABOUT TIME" category.....

Employer Of Man Accused In Officer's Death Faces Charges

January 9, 2008 - The owner of a company that hired an illegal immigrant who has been charged with capital murder in connection with a police officer's death has been arrested and charged with harboring an illegal alien, KPRC Local 2 reported Wednesday.United States Attorney Don DeGabrielle said Robert Lane Camp, owner of Camp Landscaping in Deer Park, encouraged Juan Leonardo Quintero-Perez to unlawfully enter the country by hiring him."This prosecution demonstrates the consequences a U.S. citizen faces when he or she decides to harbor or assist an undocumented alien to enter the United States and to employ that alien unlawfully," DeGabrielle said.

Quintero-Perez has been accused of fatally shooting Houston Police Officer Rodney Johnson in September 2006. Johnson stopped Quintero-Perez in one of Camp's vehicles and placed him under arrest after he did not provide a driver's license, investigators said. He was handcuffed and placed in Johnson's patrol car.Detectives said Quintero-Perez shot Johnson from the back seat of the patrol car with a gun he had hidden on his body."Many illegal aliens, especially aliens with criminal convictions, are desperate to avoid being detected and apprehended," said Robert Ruitt, special agent in charge of the Immigrations and Customs Enforcement Office of Investigations in Houston. "These people also tend to take desperate actions and the results are often tragic."Court documents showed Quintero-Perez was charged with indecency with a child in 1998 and identified Camp as his employer. Camp posted his bond after his arrest. He was convicted and deported in 1999. [snip]

"You know who I feel bad for? Arab Americans who truly want to get into crop dusting"
Comedian Brian Regan

"Mexico sucks!" Comedian Carlos Mencia

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Duncan Hunter:" I am not going to quit, Mr. Corporate Executive! "

Duncan Hunter Takes on the Media

Stop the ACLU11:02 pm on January 7, 2008.

First he sent out a press release today calling for a major announcement for his campaign. Everyone assumed he was dropping out. Then he turned around to announce that he was staying in, and take some knocks at the media. Now this video is making the rounds.

Its really hilarious. Just look at Chrissy's face! I couldn't decide whether to feel sorry for Mr. Hunter or applaud him. Since I have great respect for the man, I think I will applaud him. I am not sure if this will turn into a good moment or backfire though. It is quite enjoyable though. Media blacking you out? Just waltz right in, and make them pay attention. He's obviously had enough.



(Guest Writer: AFY!)Jan. 8, 2008

What do Air Force Brigadier General Chuck Yeager and Ann Coulter have in common with the Missouri Republican Assembly?

Their endorsement of what the Missouri Republican assembly called a “true Republican”!

MRA state president Chris Brown stated, “Congressman Hunter is a true social conservative and honestly represents the Republican Wing of the Republican Party, when you add together Duncan Hunter’s commitment to the military, American jobs, and fighting for family and life issues, there is no better choice for President. America needs Hunter’s integrity, courage and proven leadership.”

Duncan Hunter is a fourteen term Congressman and Vietnam War Veteran.

Duncan Hunter is committed to controlling our borders; he built the border fence in San Diego which resulted in a reduction in smuggling of narcotics by 90% and a drop in crime by 50%. If he is elected President; he would have as one of his biggest priorities to build this same fence for our entire southern border.

In a recent debate Duncan Hunter stated that he felt that the “Democratic Party lost its identity” for example the failure of the Kennedy administration at the Bay of Pigs and when compared to Ronald Reagan actions in El Salvador which was so successful in bringing freedom to that nation; that at this moment the military of El Salvador is “fighting side by side with our guys in Iraq”! Duncan Hunter truly believes the Republican Party is “the Party of Freedom”.

This past Veterans day, Duncan hunter stated “We cannot thank them enough (Veterans) all sufficiently… (they) have represented the finest of human qualities… our Veterans made (a) sacrifice unflinchingly, with a character that General Douglas MacArthur describes as “stainless”. They make the sacrifice for their comrades in arms, their buddies and the immediate mission at hand. But in a greater sense they have made a sacrifice for millions of American whom they do not know and who do not know them”.

Finally I would like to close with this recent endorsement from former New Hampshire Senator Robert C. Smith: “There will never be another Ronald Reagan but fellow Californian Duncan Hunter can pick up the Reagan torch and light the way for America to come back from the dangers we now face.”

"But I am not going to quit, Mr. Corporate Executive! You think you can turn the light off on this campaign by taking off the debates 72 hours before the poll's over." Duncan Hunter, 1/8/08

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Lynne Hunter, “Don’t let the press pick your candidate”

Smart words from the smart lady who is Mrs. Duncan Hunter last Friday.

AMES, Iowa — Mike Huckabee played bass for much of the morning with his rock-and-roll band “Capitol Offense,” taking the stage at one point with an Elvis impersonator and Lynn Hunter, the wife of his rival for
the Republican nomination, Representative Duncan Hunter, to sing Johnny B. Goode.

“Is Elvis with you Lynn?” he asked?

“I’m afraid so,” she said. “He’s voting for Hunter.”

Photos from the Ames Straw Poll, August 2007
Duncan Hunter's decked out truck.
Congressman Hunter visits with supporters as the Straw Poll winds down.
Congressman Hunter had homemade ice cream at the Straw Poll. My sister and I tried it and it was delicious!

CHERYL SENTER / Associated Press
Presidential hopeful Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-Alpine, conducted business after ordering a cup of chili at the Red Arrow Diner in Manchester, N.H., yesterday.

And when everyone else is tired of doing the job, there will be Duncan Hunter carrying the load alone as he has done so often. Photo: Hunter as he was arriving on a recent late night,
headed to the Red Arrow Diner in Manchester, N.H., to meet voters.

Another blog endorsement for Hunter!

Stupid Iowa Primary Thingy

election 2008
All right quiz time folks:
Which candidate will the Iowans pick today for the Leftards?

1) Hillary "Which Way Does The Poll Blow Clinton.
2) John "I Love Them Poor People, Get Me My Pellegrino" Edwards.
3) Barack Hussein "Osama In Pakistan, Let's Bomb 'Em" Obama.
4) Bill Richardson.
5) Ron "My Ears Are Dennis Kucinich's Mother Ship Radar" Paul.

Which Candidate will the Iowans pick today for the Right?

1) Duncan "I Have Actually Done Something About The Border" Hunter.
2) Rudy "I'm The 9/11 Guy!" Giuliani.
3) John "Shamnesty" McCain.
4) Mitt "I Am Not A Ken Doll" Romney.
5) Fred "Can I get A New Campaign Manager" Thompson.

I'll start....I pick DUNCAN HUNTER!

I'm Going To Flip Flop: Vote Duncan Hunter

All right, after all this time I finally endorsed Fred Thompson as president on my Monday show. And now I'm going to flip flop.

I kept hearing....."I like Duncan Hunter, but he doesn't stand a chance."

But then if that's who I REALLY want and so many others all say the same damn thing, and we all vote for him, then dammit, HE DOES STAND A CHANCE!


Why do I endorse Duncan? Let me count the ways:
1)He believes judges "have a responsibility to strictly interpret our nation’s laws and not legislate from the bench with their own political or social agenda."
2)Wants to do away with stupid "hate crime" laws."I have always voted against this type of legislation because I firmly believe that the use of violence against any innocent person is wrong, regardless of that individuals race, religion, nationality or sexual orientation."
3)Duncan wants YOU to keep your guns, so you can protect Jenn from bad boys! " We must vigorously defend against all attempts to chip away at the Second Amendment. You know as well as I do that there is one thing criminals prefer over any other: unarmed victims."
4)No pandering on tax cuts,"I do not support efforts to identify segments of our society that are more deserving of a tax cut over another and I believe political stereotyping in this area hinders the goal of providing efficient tax relief. It is important to create a federal tax policy that is both fair to American taxpayers while, at the same time, ensuring that our nation meets its financial obligations."
5)On Education,"I believe we can educate students more effectively by returning school curriculum prerogatives to the states, local communities and, most importantly, to the family."
6)DUMPING THE ANCHOR BABY DEBACLE:"I oppose summarily bestowing citizenship on people who have crossed our borders illegally. Therefore, I cosponsored H.R. 1940, the Birthright Citizenship Act, which grants automatic citizenship only to those who have at least one parent who is a U.S. citizen." Amen!
7) Bite me China: "Further, America’s one-way-street trade relationship with China and other nations has reduced manufacturing jobs severely in the U.S. I would change the one-way-street into a two-way-street by putting the same charges on foreign goods that they put on ours."

There are many more reasons, he's Presidential, he's served, he's a good man.....

Hunter appeals to the common sense of most factions.

Interesting Fact

In his district, he consistently gets over 60% of the Hispanic vote and nearly 70% of the Democratic vote.