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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Border Patrol issues new border terrorist warning

Lou Dobbs Tonight, Broken Borders, Aired 11/28/06

DOBBS: The chief of the U.S. Border Patrol today admitted that our porous borders are a gateway for terrorists and threaten our national security. And one federal program seems to be having some success training local law enforcement to enforce immigration laws.

Bill Tucker reports on the program helping a sheriff's department deal with illegal immigration.

CASEY WIAN, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Lou, while politicians in Washington, D.C., debate the merits of a border fence and illegal alien amnesty, the head of the Border Patrol says they should instead focus on preventing terrorists from crossing our borders.

Border Patrol chief David Aguilar told a Texas homeland security conference it's critical to stop illegal aliens and drugs but more important to prevent another terrorist attack on U.S. soil.

DAVID AGUILAR, BORDER PATROL CHIEF: It is not just illegal immigration. It is not just narcotics. It is national security. We must not lose sight of the fact that there are those that see our country's borders as gateways, gateways to martyrdom, and a means to achieve their extremist goals of destroying our way of life.
WIAN: He emphasized the point with video of more than a hundred illegal aliens.

AGUILAR: I would ask anybody to tell me where the narcotic trafficker is, where the person looking for a job is in there, or more importantly, where that person trying to hide amongst that group is -- that is trying to come into this country a hurt (ph) to the United States.

WIAN: Aguilar did not take a position on amnesty for the millions of illegal aliens already in the United States, and he downplayed the importance of 700 miles of new border fencing. He says the 12,000-agent Border Patrol is beginning to receive the resources it needs.

One key senator advocates doubling the number of Border Patrol agents.

SEN. JOHN CORNYN (R), TEXAS: We are a nation of immigrants and we are the better for it. But we are also a nation of laws. And we can't look ourselves in the mirror today and lay claim to that heritage as a nation of laws with such rampant disregard for our laws, whether it's our immigration laws at the border or at the work site. And it has devastating consequences.

WIAN: Cornyn says it's time the Border Patrol receive the same sophisticated technology now used by the U.S. military.

The Border Patrol says an 8 percent decline in apprehensions of illegal aliens this year is evidence its strategies are beginning to pay off, because, Lou, it says fewer people are now trying to cross the border illegally.

DOBBS: And yet, to hear Aguilar, who is a fine, decent fellow, say what we've been saying on this broadcast for literally the past four years, as if it is some sort of revelation, Casey, and yet at the same time acknowledge that we're not doing nearly enough to secure these borders, where is the sense in all of this?

WIAN: Well, I think it is an effort by the chief of the Border Patrol to try to refocus the national debate on border security strategy, because people have gotten so bogged down in the issue of illegal alien amnesty, in the issue of 700 miles or 300 miles or 2,000 miles of fences along the border. As he rightly points out, these are only parts of the solutions to this problem. It's multifaceted. He needs a lot more resources and a true national commitment to securing the border, which we haven't seen from Washington -- Lou.

DOBBS: It is a shame that Aguilar thinks that he has to have some sort of politically correct permission from Americans who have, by vast majorities in every poll, said they want that border secure, five years after September 11th, for the very reasons that we've been talking about on this broadcast. Mexico is the number one source of the most dangerous drugs being imported into this country. It is a potential gateway, as he says, to terrorists into this country, which we have been saying since September 11th.
And the fact that illegal immigration, because there's some sort of ideological, hidebound orthodoxy, both the left and the right, that doesn't want to deal with the issue, it's unexcitable.
WIAN: Well, listening to Aguilar's remarks today, it sounded to me as if they were directed toward political leaders in Washington and not to ordinary Americans, who are far too aware of the problems created by our open borders -- Lou.

Harry S Truman:

Once a government is committed to the principle of silencing the voice of opposition, it has only one way to go, and that is down the path of increasingly repressive measures, until it becomes a source of terror to all its citizens and creates a country where everyone lives in fear.
Grover Norquist

"I started out as a right-winger, and when I retire I want to be a squishy middle-of-the-roader," he jokes, chortling at the thought. (Grover should be close to retirement if that's his mark!)
The GOP can't even figure out why they lost 06.

So how are they going to figure out how to win in 08?

5 posted on 11/27/2006 7:49:39 PM PST by TomGuy
To: Ben Ficklin

If the illegals hadn't been allowed in to begin with do you think all these conservative counties and states would suddenly be going democrat? What's your answer? No need to tell me, I already know, since you want the endless train of cheap labor as well as the GOP power for the lower taxes and regulations you expect conservatives to kiss up to the invaders. Nope, not going to happen...

16 posted on 11/22/2006 7:44:36 PM PST by Reaganwuzthebest


RACIST: Spanish word for a person who wants the law to be enforced!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

News You Missed!! Immigration this Week

Immigrant groups prepare big push for amnesty, visas

RIVERSIDE, Calif. -- With the Democrats set to take control of Congress next year, pro-immigrant groups are meeting around the nation to devise a new strategy to win amnesty for illegal immigrants, repeal of the Secure Fence Act and more visas for foreigners.

Activists say they have a better chance of gaining reforms under the Democrats than under the Republicans, but believe it will still require intense political pressure and efforts to mold public opinion.

"We are not taking it like the Democrats are a panacea for immigration reform," said Armando Navarro, coordinator of the National Alliance for Human Rights, an umbrella organization for Hispanic groups in Southern California. "But if they hope to capture the White House in 2008, they better listen to us."[snip]

We SURE get a lot of threats from these groups, don't we?? It's getting old.
"So Long, Texas -- Hello, Mexico!"

"I think this is a very humorous and certainly revealing look at the illegal immigration and border security crisis in this country through the music of Johnny Tex and the Texicans." Lou Dobbs • Listen: "So Long, Texas -- Hello, Mexico!"


Police: Suspect in killing of 1-year-old Phoenix girl in Mexico

Nov 17, 2006
Phoenix police say they've confirmed that a 17-year-old suspect sought in the death of his girlfriend's one-year-old daughter in Phoenix is now in Mexico, that he had crossed the border before the crime was reported.

Police say Abraham Penaloza-Serrano's girlfriend left for work Wednesday morning, leaving him to care for her four children, the oldest of whom is eight years old.

When the girlfriend, Anna Vasquez, returned to their north Phoenix apartment Wednesday night, she found her four children had been left alone and that her one-year-old daughter, Kathy, was dead.

Vasquez says one of other children told her that the suspect had kicked the baby because she was whining and wanted a bottle.

Police detectives believe the baby died of blunt force trauma, and that she was killed shortly after Vasquez left for work.
Neighbors seek answers in children's deaths

ELKHART, Ind. -- A day after authorities arrested an Indiana woman in connection with the deaths of her four children, residents in this town were still searching for answers about the case.

Angelica Alvarez, 27, and the mother of the two girls and two boys, was "arrested based on probable cause," said Bill Wargo, chief criminal investigator with the Elkhart County prosecutor's office. "About all I can say is there have been numerous police calls out to her house during the last year, and they focused on domestic and custody issues. We will know more very soon."

Neighbors and friends said Alvarez, who spoke only Spanish, had been in the U.S. for about five years. A priest at the parish where Alvarez attended mass and had her two youngest children baptized, said she was struggling with depression. Others described her as lonely.

The victims have been as Jennifer Lopez, 8; Gonzalo Lopez, 6; Daniel Valdez, 4, and Jessica Valdez, 2. Neighbors said that Gonzalo Lopez, the father of the two older children, would often come by to see them, and that in one case about a month ago, police had to be called to end a disturbance between Lopez and Alvarez.

Alvarez is now married to Fernando Valdez, father of the two youngest children. They lived in a single story wood-frame house a in low-income section of Elkhart for about five years.

A neighbor, "When I opened the door, she was just standing there smiling with her two smallest children—one of them was in her arms. She just stood there and started wiping the chocolate off of her baby's face. I thought it was strange. Then she went to the next house."[snip]

US to unveil new citizenship test

Starting this winter, questions will center on American ideals rather than historical facts.
By Ben Arnoldy | Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor
BOSTON – To gain American citizenship, immigrants must be able to answer such questions as: What was the 49th state added to our Union? What color are the stars on our flag? And who wrote the Star Spangled Banner?

Sound trivial? The US government thinks so, and plans to roll out a new pilot test this winter.

The changes raise the bar - critics say too high - for immigrants to show not only that they care enough to study for a test, but also that they understand and share American values. Behind the shift is rising anxiety among Americans about high levels of immigration and European troubles with large, unassimilated communities, say observers.[snip]

Message from Mike Cutler

I just noticed that the CBS News Show, "60 Minutes" will air a segment about the Mayor of Hazelton, Pennsylvania tomorrow, and his efforts to create an inhospitable environment for illegal aliens. I have provided insight to Steve Kroft's producers on other occasions, quite some time ago, and he is generally on the money with his reports. (I was not contacted for this story), I am concerned that the 'blurb' on the 60 Minutes website talks about Spanish-speaking residents. I hope that he makes it clear that the issue is about the immigration laws that the Mayor of Hazelton appears to be concerned about.
Have a great weekend! -mike-

Bill Clinton: Economic Adviser for Mexico (You can't make up this stuff!)

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton said he sees great potential for economic growth under Mexican President-elect Felipe Calderon.

"Mexico has a great opportunity," Clinton said Thursday at a business conference in the northern city of Monterrey, during a question-and-answer session broadcast on Mexican TV network Televisa.

"I would love to be working with the new president of Mexico. I would love to be his economic adviser," said Clinton.[snip]

FickleFingerOfFATE Award! Cong. Bennie Thompson, guess which finger!

Meet Cong. Bennie Thompson, (D), who will now head the Homeland Security Committee in the house of representatives, an outspoken opponent of any border fence/enforcement bill.

Jim Pinkerton
puts it this way, " Thompson was one of those 138 members of Congress who voted against the wall two months ago. And just on Monday he told UPI that he was planning to "revisit" the wall issue, adding that he was more inclined toward a "virtual wall" - monitors, cameras and other surveillance systems. The question, of course, is whether Thompson's concepts of "revisitation" and "virtualization" are just sly code words for "elimination."

We had a moment of good news when illegals were demanded by Smithfield Foods Inc. (SFD) North Carolina hog slaughtering plant, to present valid ID to keep their jobs.

Immediately, Thompson sent a letter to the Cintas firm in California telling them they were being racists! Now we hear the Smithfield Packing plant has reached an agreement with the protesting workers that has enabled "all" employees to return to work beginning today. Supposedly they will be given more time to correct the SSN issue.

Thompson and his democrat cronies and the White House have every intention of doing away with the 700 mile fence just passed into law. They want a "virtual fence". One that will be ripe with pork and overspends because the money will be handled by David Norquist, brother of Grover, who seems to dictate immigration policy for the Bush Administration. David was promoted to head the spending at DHS, after managing the billions of mishandled spending for the Defense Dept.

Contact info:


The Committee on Homeland Security
U.S. House of Representatives
Office: (202)226-4817
Fax: (202) 226-3399

Here is the Lou Dobbs discussion about this last night.

In San Jose, California, Cintas put six workers on unpaid leave when their Social Security numbers turned up bogus, something that prompted a warning letter from the top Democrat on the Homeland Security Committee.

ROMANS: Congressman Bennie Thompson sent a letter to the Cintas CEO warning him against potential discrimination. Now, it is illegal to knowingly employ illegal aliens, and there is nothing more color blind, Lou, than a Social Security number. When that match comes back negative there is no color involved.

DOBBS: And there is -- well, there are maddening, frustrating issues facing this country, but nothing really tops illegal immigration in this country. Bennie Thompson, who stands to chair the House Homeland Security Committee, having the effrontery to send that letter is absolutely idiotic.

ROMANS: Cintas says that letter came right out of the blue. No phone call saying, what's going on there, what are you doing, give me some background on this. He said it was a letter that fired off a warning right away.

DOBBS: Talking about discrimination, when in point of fact, laws of the United States are being violated. That company trying to move into conformity and he sends an intimidating, threatening letter to a company like that?

I mean, he ought to be ashamed of himself, and at the very least, he owes the American people and that company an explanation. And, indeed, the Homeland Security Department, because he is actually trying to impede the enforcement of those laws.

Smithfield facing protests from illegal alien workers, protests from a union? What in the world are they doing?

That brings us to the subject of our poll tonight. Our question is simply, do you believe Smithfield Meat Packing is racist and discriminatory in requiring that employees have valid Social Security numbers? We're just curious what you think. Yes or no?

NOTE: 98% say these legal actions are NOT discriminatory!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

R.I.P. - Economist Milton Friedman has died.

Not often can someone say they "love" an economist, but like most of America, I loved Milton Friedman. My first introduction to economic beliefs came from Friedman. He was practical, logical and all American.

I recall a cspan roundtable meeting in the early '90's, a discussion about NAFTA. Friedman had been invited by his former student, Dick Army. Unfortunately Army didn't put in practice the things he should have learned from Friedman.

As Milton stated," NAFTA is NOT free trade, it is managed trade"

He despised our welfare system, [paraphrasing] "We wrongly, collectively say to an unmarried pregnant teenager...don't get married, we'll set you up with an apartment, feed you, take care of you with tax dollars!"

Thank you Milton Friedman, for trying to teach us what we should know!

Milton Friedman, economist, has died from USA Today

Nobel Prize-winning economist Milton Friedman has died at age 94, the Associated Press reports, citing a spokesman for the Milton & D. Rose Friedman foundation as its source.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Dobbs: I'm a populist, deal with it

Dobbs: I'm a populist, deal with it

POSTED: 12:15 p.m. EST, November 15, 2006

NEW YORK (CNN) -- The Democratic victory last week has our political elites in both parties and in the national media squealing like stuck pigs. Way to go, America, we may be on the way.

It seems nothing frightens our free trade and pro-illegal immigration orthodoxies more than putting the common good and the national interest above dominant special interests, corporate America and, of course, our darling elites in both political parties and the media.

The Bush administration long ago took polemics and false choices to a high art form. On the issue of the war in Iraq, this administration has starkly defined our choices, until recently, as "stay the course" or "cut and run." Any critic of our conduct of this war, like me, has been declared unpatriotic. Any critic of this administration's faith-based economic policies that drive its free-trade agenda, like me, has been labeled an economic isolationist.

But now the name-calling and labeling is reaching a new level, and from all quarters. The political, business and media elites have called me a "table-thumping protectionist" because I want balanced and mutual trade, because I want this country to export as much as it imports. They've called me a racist, nativist xenophobe because, in order to win the war on terror, the war on drugs and to stop illegal immigration, I want our borders and ports secured.

Over the past week, pundits and savants of both the left and the right have been trying to simultaneously define me and the newly elected Democratic victors in the Senate and the House by accusing us of being populists. What a dirty little word. Horrifying.

I admit to being, among many other things, a proponent of populism. But I do believe my critics should look up the definition before they sling the word at me like a filthy epithet. On second thought, it may be to them, because a populist is, after all, nothing more than "a supporter of the rights and the power of the people." In fact, I'm a damn proud populist.

Since the election, there's been an incredible confluence of one of the nation's most liberal online magazines -- Slate -- with one of the world's most traditional establishment newspapers -- The Financial Times -- to decry what Slate columnist Jacob Weisberg calls the ascension of the "Lou Dobbs Democrats."

Weisberg decries what he sees as my "economic nationalism" and instructs us that such nationalism "begins from the populist premise that working people aren't doing so well. But instead of blaming the rich at home, it focuses its energy on the poor abroad."

The Financial Times also published Weisberg's column, obviously equally unsettled with the possible turnaround in the new Congress, which could inconveniently lead to some mild discomfort for the Times' corporate masters and some marginal improvement in the lives of America's middle class.

Both Slate and The Financial Times resist saying what I've been saying loudly and clearly: We're in a class war, and our middle class is losing, and losing badly. But I do blame and have blamed the rich, corporate America and our political elites in both parties who have permitted the unabated assault on middle-class working men and women and their families. And by God, I hope they're right about the Lou Dobbs Democrats, and I hope they find some Lou Dobbs Republicans in the fight to return our government to the people.

I have never blamed the poor of Mexico, China or India for corporate America's avarice and our political elites' cowardice. I blame us for forgetting that the United States is first a nation, and secondly a marketplace or an economy, and I blame us for being taken as fools by both political parties for far too long. It is not nationalism by any stretch of the imagination for me to remind those in power that our political system, our great democracy, makes possible our free-enterprise economy, and not vice versa as the elites continually propagandize.

From the right, The Weekly Standard lamented that the Lou Dobbs Democrats "didn't just attack the GOP's corruption and malfeasance; they embraced a more thoroughgoing economic populism...." The conservative Standard is obviously more upset that the newly elected Democratic senators and congressmen want to focus not only on the corruption and incompetence of the Republicans, but -- God help us -- many of our new officeholders also actually want to see this great free-enterprise democracy work for all Americans. No wonder the orthodoxies on the left and the right are convulsing.

Human Events Online, another conservative publication, attacks my sincerity and conviction with the bizarre notion that because -- as it says -- I can "afford a bottle of Cristal or Dom Perignon" that my concern for the middle class is really nothing more than crocodile tears. Human Events didn't quite get the fact that as flawed as I am, as many mistakes as I've made in my life, the one thing I haven't done is forget that I was born poor, both parents working, and I've never forgotten those who have made my opportunities in this country possible.

Also disturbed by the perturbation in their political universe and liberal orthodoxy, Newsweek columnists Fareed Zakaria and Jonathan Alter attacked my positions on illegal immigration (I'm against it) and border security (I'm for it).

Zakaria refers to "CNN's Lou Dobbs and his angry band of xenophobes" and Jonathan Alter describes those who agree with me as "nativist Lou Dobbsians." But Alter and Zakaria are far too bright to not know better. I've never once called for a restriction on legal immigration -- in fact, I've called for an increase, if it can be demonstrated that as a matter of public policy the nation requires more than the one million people we bring into this country legally each year.

And what does it mean to be a nativist in the United States in the 21st century when ours is the most ethnically and racially diverse society on the face of the earth? Both Alter and Zakaria are smart enough to know the answer to that question, and they know better than to write such drivel. Neither Zakaria or Alter can substantiate their disappointing attempts at labels with a single thing I've ever said or written. I say what I mean and I mean what I say.

What we all need to be about now is honesty and forthrightness. And the truth is, our political, business and media elites have abandoned the cornerstone of this great nation: equality of rights, equality of economic opportunity and equality of educational opportunity.

And, yes, I'm an ardent and fervent believer in the first three words of that radical populist document, which begins with the words "We the People."


Me, too, Lou Dobbs, me too. Populist Party anyone? Why not! Hmmm????


Saturday, November 11, 2006

Just Because...You Can't make up this stuff !

SAO PAULO, Brazil (AP) -- A Brazilian woman who was shot six times in the head after an altercation with her ex-husband was out of the hospital and talking to the media on Saturday.

"I know this was a miracle," 21-year-old housewife Patricia Goncalves Pereira told Globo TV. "Now I just want to extract the bullets and live my life."

Pereira was shot Friday in the small city of Monte Claros, about 900 kilometers (560 miles) north of Sao Paulo, after quarreling with her former husband, who was reportedly upset because she refused to get back together with him. She was also shot once in the hand.

Doctors could not explain why the .32-caliber bullets did not penetrate Pereira's skull and didn't even need to be extracted immediately.

"I can't explain how something like this happened," surgeon Adriano Teixeira said, adding that the bullets were lodged under the woman's scalp.

The ex-husband was still at large.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Posts of the Day-Best of the web - Election

To: UnbelievingScumOnTheOtherSide

Teddy, now we can do amnesty and the North America Union.
19 posted on 11/08/2006 7:03:14 AM PST by SUSSA

To: Goldi-Lox (

"You haters let your emotions destroy our Republic."

Don't even TRY to lay that line of crap on ME! The people responsible for destroying our Republic are the dumbasses who voted for his re-election after seeing all the evidence of what and who he is,merely because he has a "R" behind his name.

In other words,it was YOU people who put party ahead of country and re-elected and then kept supporting this traitor,NOT those of us who pinned the tail on that Donkey in Elephant clothing.

sneakypete posted on 2006-11-08

To: thoughtomator (

The great thing is now old JimBoy can't preen FR as a useful tool for the GOP. It ceased to be the day DUMB DUMB decided to start banning every conservative voice at FR. He further alienated true GOP supporters and I believe is a factor in the party's BIG loss. Everything the GOP needed to know to win but didn't want to hear came out of the mouths of banned freepers who were trying to warn them of a major impending loss. But old JIMBOY decided to suppress opinion and he and the party heard only the sound of their own self serving voices. FREE REPUBLIC should be proud for helping the Dems win big yesterday. They couldn't done it without Jimboy and Tony Snowboy hessian88 posted on 2006-11-08

TOS was just a reflection of the entire GOP. They spit on principled conservatives, with their big government, big spending, open borders, destructive country killing policies.

Payback can be brutal. Joe Hadenuf posted on 2006-11-08

As one who was banned from FR for telling the truth about the Republicans and what was going to happen to them if they didn't shape up, I had a good laugh reading that thread. Thanks.

swampfox06 posted on 2006-11-08

20. To: hessian88 (#8)

What Jim and crew did to FR over the past couple of years mirrors closely what the GOP has done to conservatives over the past six - ignore, ignore, ignore, and finally drive out when they couldn't be ignored any longer.

I wonder if a lost election will cause the party boosters to jump off the bandwagon, and leave FR to the conservatives for whom it was started in the first place?

thoughtomator posted on 2006-11-08

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

After the Amnesty: 20 years later

Many of the hispanic names we hear, who are US citizens committing crimes, especially smuggling and drugs are more than likely the product of the 1986 Amnesty. The Americans of Mexican descent that I have known are just that - AMERICANS - they are not of the criminal element who would be so racist as to only associate with the Mexican enclaves.

It also explains the many Mexicans that are US citizens who refuse to speak English, etc. Background checks were NOT done on the biggest portion of these illegal "migrants" before they were legalized. They can hand out citizenship all they want to those that haven't earne
d it, but it will NEVER make them Americans. As soon as this election is over (can't be too soon for us!) they will try to push through another Amnesty (guest worker) - be prepared!

from the November 06, 2006 edition The Christian Science Monitor

After the Amnesty: 20 years later

In 1986, the US government offered amnesty – legal status – to 3 million illegal immigrants. Here are seven of their stories.
By Luis Andres Henao | Correspondent of The Christian Science Monitor
Twenty years ago Monday, Congress passed the largest effort to date to curb undocumented immigration to this country. Under the Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA), employers were sanctioned for the first time for hiring undocumented workers. The bill also called for tighter controls along the Mexican border. But the bill was a compromise: Enforcement was balanced by an amnesty provision.

Under IRCA, undocumented immigrants who had lived in the United States prior to 1982 and those who had worked as seasonal agricultural workers before May 1986 could seek legal status and eventually US citizenship.
Nearly 3 million undocumented immigrants were granted legal residence under the amnesty. Most of them were Mexican (more than 80 percent) and lived in the Los Angeles area. Salvadorans, Filipinos, Haitians, Poles, and Vietnamese also benefited from the program.

But two decades later, illegal immigration is still a hot-button issue and amnesty is a dirty word to some. Private-citizen minutemen and National Guardsmen have rushed to the Mexican border. This spring, millions of undocumented immigrants and others marched in the streets of US cities to protest federal legislation that would criminalize illegal immigrants.

It's an issue that may reignite if a new Congress picks up the debate this coming January.

Amid the shouts of today are decades-old echoes from the IRCA.

Critics say the bill set a damaging precedent for future amnesties. IRCA supporters say the word "amnesty" mischaracterizes the bill's intent.

"An amnesty cleans people who have broken the law," says former US Rep. Romano Mazzoli (D) of Kentucky. He and former US Sen. Alan Simpson (R) of Wyoming were the primary architects and cosponsors of IRCA. "But in our bill, you had to prove that you were a law-abiding person who honored the institutions of our country.... So you can take your pick of euphemisms, but if you use the word 'amnesty,' people will get angry, throw their hands up in the air, and scream: 'They're rewarding people for misbehaving!' "

Today Mr. Mazzoli defends the bill as the best way to combat illegal immigration at the time. The six administrations that followed, he says, are to blame for not enforcing tighter restrictions. And now, "It's déjà vu all over again," Mazzoli says. "These are the same issues that we had 20 years ago."

William King Jr., was the Western regional director of the US Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) and responsible for carrying out the amnesty program. He says that he had hope that the legislation would work at first. But IRCA was a three-legged stool, he says. One leg was employer sanctions, another was increased border security, and the third was the amnesty program. "In truth, only the amnesty program became a fact," he says, and the effort failed.

To John Keeley, a spokesman for the Center for Immigration Studies, a nonprofit group that wants tighter immigration controls, IRCA was well intentioned - but implementation was lacking. "There was a half-hearted attempt at immigration control by the late '80s and early '90s by the old INS," he says, but political pressure brought that to a "screeching halt" by the middle of the decade.

One of the big problems with the IRCA amnesty was all the counterfeit applications, especially from seasonal agricultural workers. Economists Pia Orrenius and Madeline Zavodny studied the effects of amnesty programs on undocumented immigration and presented their findings in the August 2003 issue of Demography magazine. They say that the number of seasonal workers qualifying for amnesty was about 300,000. But in the end, more than 1 million applications were granted. "Most people agree that there was substantial fraud because the document requirement and the residency requirement were quite low for that part of the program," Ms. Zavodny says.

"I don't think anyone says that it deterred illegal immigration," says Cecilia Muñoz, vice president of The National Council of La Raza, the nation's largest Latino advocacy group. "But it succeeded in legalizing 3 million people. Their wages went up, and they're fully integrated into American society." (I'll bet they aren't!)

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

NEWS YOU MISSED! Things that make ya go," Huh??"

(photo: The troops in Iraq with a message for John Kerry aka idiot!)

2 Border Agents Get Prison Time for Taking Bribes to Release Illegals, Smugglers
(Remember as you read this that 2 border patrol agents were just sentenced to twice as long for doing their jobs trying to stop a foreign drug runner!)

Wednesday, November 01, 2006 SAN DIEGO — Two former Border Patrol agents were sentenced Tuesday to more than six years each in prison for taking nearly $180,000 in bribes in exchange for releasing immigrant smugglers and illegal immigrants from federal custody.

Mario Alvarez and Samuel McClaren released smugglers and their customers from jail while working on a prisoner transfer program with the Mexican government. They once released a prisoner in a Wal-Mart parking lot for a fee of $6,000, according to court documents.

The agents, based in El Centro, once smuggled two illegal immigrants across the border themselves in a government vehicle and released them for cash, according to court documents. They turned over the location of surveillance cameras and other Border Patrol intelligence to smugglers.

"I made some terrible mistakes, and what I did was wrong," Alvarez, a native of Mexico, told U.S. District Judge John Houston, who sentenced him to six years and three months in prison.

McClaren, 44, wiped away tears with a handkerchief before Houston sentenced him to 6 1/2 years in prison. [snip]

"Conservative" Murdoch Endorses Hillary
By Cliff Kincaid | November 1, 2006
The editorial must have been a surprise to those Post readers unfamiliar with how Rupert Murdoch has been moving left.

An influential voice in the "conservative media" has jumped ship. The New York Post has endorsed Hillary Clinton for the Senate over a solid conservative, John Spencer. It's another sign that Post owner Rupert Murdoch, whose News Corporation is also the parent of the Fox News Channel, is moving to the left.

The endorsement by the New York Post came shortly after Senator Clinton indicated she would approve of state action to legalize homosexual marriage.

On all the major issues, Spencer and Clinton disagree. These include border security, gun control, abortion, affirmative action, special rights for homosexuals, and flag burning. A principled conservative, Spencer is pro-life, pro-marriage, pro-economic growth, pro-2nd amendment, and anti-illegal immigration. He is a true conservative. But the New York Post dismissed him as not "credible."[snip]

Mexican diplomat urges a partnership
(and Cong. Greg Walden says a NorthAmericanUnion is just a conspiracy theory!)

10/31/2006 Hernán Rozemberg Express-News Immigration Writer

U.S.-Mexico relations could remain paralyzed unless leaders of the two nations and Canada formalize a North American partnership — akin to the European Union — before the U.S. baby boomer retirement wave hits in the next eight years, a ranking Mexican diplomat said here Tuesday. Enrique Berruga, Mexico's ambassador to the United Nations, shared his perspectives on the current and future U.S.-Mexico relationship at a panel discussion at the University of Texas at San Antonio Downtown Campus.

Noting that both countries depend on each other economically, Berruga urged leaders to see the big picture and put petty politics aside for the region's benefit.

Instead of putting up fences or walls, U.S. policy would be better served by investing more in Mexico so the country can do a better job of standing on its own, keeping its work force employed instead of watching it flee north, he said.

"We will be together forever and we need to make the best out of it," Berruga said.........

Rights Group Sues Immigration Agency (SPLC at their subversion again!)

A civil rights group sued the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency Wednesday, claiming its agents had harassed five U.S. citizens of Mexican descent during raids targeting illegal immigrants in southeast Georgia.

The Southern Poverty Law Center said the agents were engaging in a "Gestapo-like" campaign to drive Latinos out of the area. It claimed the agents entered houses without warrants, stopped cars on the street, terrified Latinos and vandalized their property.

"They trampled on the constitutional rights of every person of Hispanic descent who was unfortunate to be in their way," said Mary Bauer, an attorney with the center who is representing the plaintiffs. "You don't get to stop all who look brown."

The center, based in Montgomery, Ala., wants an injunction preventing ICE from conducting similar raids, as well as unspecified compensation for the plaintiffs.

ICE spokesman Marc Raimondi called the accusations "patently false." He said agents were looking only for immigrants who used fraudulent documents to work at a local poultry plant.

The complaint, filed in federal court, concerns a sweep in which more than 120 illegal immigrants were rounded up around Stillmore in rural southeastern Georgia.........