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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween Stupid Americans! Build the fence!

Oct 31, 2006 7:16 am US/Eastern

Naked Man In Mask Attacks Babysitter

(CBS/AP) LAKE CARMEL, N.Y. Here's a Halloween tale that is true. A naked man breaks into a home late at night where a 12-year-old girl is babysitting her 2-year-old and 6-year-old neighbors. It happened Saturday night in a two-family home off Towners Court in Lake Carmel.

Kent Town Police say a little before 11 p.m. Saturday the babysitter and the two younger children were watching television in a bedroom when the 12-year-old girl noticed a light go off in the living room.

A few seconds later a naked man wearing a mask jumped on top of her. Kent Police Lieutenant Alex DiVernieri says the girl was able to fight off the guy by punching him in the face. When he ran out, she took the two children to her family's apartment upstairs and her father called 9-11.

Officer Joe Peters responded within a minute and saw a stranger near the garage. He grabbed the man, who was now clothed, but the man slipped out of his jacket and took off toward Ryan Park nearby.

The suspect fell into a stream and was arrested. Police say he is 33-year-old Rigoberto Perez a homeless illegal alien from Guatemala. He's being charged with burglary, assault, and unlawful imprisonment.

Police say the babysitter was treated for injuries to her neck and back.

Friday, October 27, 2006

FICKLE FINGER OF FATE AWARD, Guess which finger, Vincente Fox!

Mexico isn't happy about the President signing the bill for 700 miles of fencing. Their president had this to say yesterday.

The United States, Fox said, "cannot explain, in any way, its success and being the world´s greatest economic power if not for the immigration flows (into it) since the founding of that nation."

We are NOT a nation of immigrants, Senor Fox. --- Expletive deleted. :<) _________ Be sure to click here!
This map will go to any year to show the demographic/racial makeup of the USA and each state at any time, past and projected. INTERESTING!!

USA Population: 2010 estimate


USA Total: 315,534,716

1790 | 1800 | 1810 | 1820 | 1830 | 1840 | 1850 | 1860 | 1870 | 1880 | 1890 | 1900 | 1910 | 1920 | 1930 | 1940 | 1950 | 1960 | 1970 | 1980 | 1990 | 2000

2010 | 2020 | 2030 | 2040 | 2050 | 2060 | 2070 | 2080 | 2090

Source:, for example

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Mr. Reconquista, Show me yours and I'll show you mine!

San Antonio was host to Lou Dobbs and his townhall meeting on immigration Wednesday. Among the knowledgeable speakers were Robert Rector, Heritage Foundation, Roy Beck with NumbersUSA, Dan Stein, Pres, FAIR, REP. MICHAEL MCCAUL whose subcommitte recently released a must read report, "A line in the Sand".

One particular irony was presented by Prof. George Grayson, College Wm. & Mary,
"Mexico is an extremely wealthy country. It has everything, gold, silver, oil, natural gas. The problem is that the politicians don't pay attention to the poor.

Mexico devotes less than six percent of its budget to education, six percent to healthcare. Their tax collection level as a part of their national product is about the same level as Haiti and the corruption is ubiquitous. There is a saying in Mexico show me a politician who is poor and I will show you a poor politician.

Mexico brings in 40,000 Guatemalan guest workers each year, and when you ask the big coffee growers in Chiapas why they don't hire local people because the unemployment rate is high, they say they won't work hard. They're irresponsible, you can't count on them, the same thing that growers say in this country about Americans."

Dobbs, being the consumate diplomat, invited into the meeting the open border minority (OBM) who were protesting outside the building. One of them comments,

" Yes, sir, there is a problem of racism that comes along with colonialism that continues to permeate this society. The displacement of the original people of this land, that is what the problem is. And until the identity of the machica, which is the Mexicano is entered in as an indigenous person into immigration legislation, there will never be justice because we were displaced of our lands and until our proper identification is returned back us to, our lands will never be returned to us. But at least return us our identity. We are indigenous people to this land."

Really? Well, Mr. Reconquista, show me yours and I'll show you mine.

Mexicans illegally in this country had no ancestors who lived in these United States. I've offered the challenge to hundreds of them. The handful of Mexicans who lived here when the US bought that land from Mexico left no descendants in Mexico, especially the southern area and Central America where most illegals now come from. NO, they became AMERICANS. Their progeny are citizens.

This country is sacred land to we NATIVE born citizens, most of us with long historical ancestry. We don't take lightly being told we don't belong here, but you invaders do.

I have family who pioneered, built and died defending this country, many were indigenous as you claim to be, buried in Massachusetts, New York, Washington DC, Virginia, Ohio, Missouri, Georgia, Arkansas,Tennessee, Oklahoma Indian Territory, Texas, Kansas, Oregon, California, Arizona, New Mexico, South Carolina, North Carolina, Utah. There are a couple buried in Mexico.

Now, show me yours. Where do your ancestors rest?

Know this, we will protect this sacred ground. There are millions more of us than you and you can't have enough anchor babies to change it before my fellow Americans get enough of your "attitude". Go back to the third world you wish to impose on us and take your dream of colonizing my country with you. The sooner the better.

Also this outrage....take note that the countries against the fence are all big illegal alien contributors.

Mexico gets support of 27 nations to attack U.S. plans for border fence in OAS


MEXICO CITY – Mexico, supported by 27 other nations, made a declaration at the Organization of American States on Wednesday, slamming U.S. plans to build hundreds of miles (kilometers) of fence on its southern border.

The declaration, read out at the OAS headquarters in Washington, said the barriers would not solve the immigration problem and urged the U.S. government to rethink its position, according to press releases from the OAS and Mexican foreign ministry.

Mexico has also said it will challenge the fence plans at the United Nations.

The 27 nations that supported Mexico in Wednesday's declaration were Antigua, Argentina, Barbados, Belize, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Chile, Ecuador, El Salvador, Granada, Guatemala, Guyana, Haiti, Honduras, Jamaica, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, San Kitts and Nevis, San Lucia, San Vicente, Suriname, Uruguay and Venezuela.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Snow says question on officers' prison time 'nonsensical'

White House spokesman Tony Snow

Asking whether two U.S. Border Patrol agents sentenced to prison for shooting a drug-smuggling suspect in the buttocks is "nonsensical," according to a White House spokesman, even if it is something of high interest among WND readers.

Yesterday Les Kinsolving, WND's correspondent at the White House, asked Bush spokesman Tony Snow whether Bush would use his power to pardon to free the agents.

"That's an unanswerable question, Les. The president is the person who is responsible for pardons. You can tell the network, which made you ask that question, that it is nonsensical," Snow said.

The question referenced the terms of 11 years and 12 years handed down by U.S. District Court Judge Kathleen Cardone in El Paso, Texas, last week. She gave Jose Alonso Compean 12 years in prison and Ignacio Ramos 11 years and one day despite a plea by their attorney for a new trial after three jurors said they were coerced into voting guilty in the case, the Washington Times reported.

As WND has reported, a federal jury convicted Compean, 28, and Ramos, 37, in March after a two-week trial on charges of causing serious bodily injury, assault with a deadly weapon, discharge of a firearm in relation to a crime of violence and a civil rights violation

Ramos is an eight-year veteran of the U.S. Naval Reserve and a former nominee for Border Patrol Agent of the Year. [snip]


More open border minority speak from Tony Snow when he was a "Freeper". The morning he was appointed press secretary all posts were wiped out.

Les, next time ask Snow how a Bush appointed open border lakey like US ATTY. Johnny Sutton is supposed to see "justice" done with the baggage he's got.

Johnny Sutton, US Attorney responsible for this.

Mr. Sutton also serves as the chairman of the Attorney General’s Advisory Committee (AGAC) which plays a significant role in determining policies and programs of the Department and in carrying out the national goals set by the President and the Attorney General. The AGAC consists of 17 members appointed by the Attorney General and represents different judicial circuits, various-sized offices, and expertise. Mr. Sutton also serves on the Border and Immigration Law Enforcement Subcommittee of the AGAC.

US Attorney Johnny SuttonPrior to becoming United States Attorney, Mr. Sutton served as an Associate Deputy Attorney General at the U.S. Department of Justice in Washington, D.C., and as a Policy Coordinator for the Bush-Cheney Transition Team assigned to the Department of Justice.

Mr. Sutton served as the Criminal Justice Policy Director for then-Governor George W. Bush from 1995-2000, advising the Governor on all criminal justice issues,* with specific oversight in the areas of criminal law, prison capacity and management, parole operations and legislative initiatives. Prior to his service in the Governor’s office, Mr. Sutton worked as a criminal trial prosecutor in the Harris County District Attorney’s Office (Houston, Texas) for eight years.

As a prosecutor, he was lead trial counsel in over sixty felony cases, including numerous capital murder, aggravated robbery, and sexual assault cases. He is fluent in Spanish, having appeared as a television commentator for the Spanish language network Univision during the Selena homicide trial.

* hmmmm....prisons, private prisons who are BIG campaign donors and THRIVE off incarcerating illegal aliens!!!!

Then here's this tidbit!! Pray this border agent doesn't get the "justice" of the Bush open border lovers administration on him!

Border Patrol agent is shot in the foot(by suspected illegal)

SAN JUAN — Federal authorities are investigating a weekend shooting near the Rio Grande that left a Border Patrol agent with a minor injury.

The 6-year veteran was chasing a suspected undocumented immigrant through brush at about 3 p.m. Sunday when the man turned and fired at the agent, said Roy Cervantes, an agency spokesman in the Rio Grande Valley.

The agent, whom Cervantes would not identify, was shot in the foot and was treated at a hospital and released the same day.

Cervantes said the agent had returned fire at the man. A search was under way Monday.

Take the poll on the convicted border agents here!

Tony Snow says asking about pardon for Border Patrol agents is 'nonsensical.' Do you agree?

Monday, October 23, 2006

All Indians are not Created Equal & HEROES

(Photo: Home of Elias Boudinout, aka Buck Watie, circa 1830, New Ochaota, Ga.)
TheTownCrier Editorial

Today we saw this headline on an internet news discussion forum,

"Triple fence along border would split Indian nation - 'We didn't ask for this,' tribal chairwoman says"

Soon a battle ensued with one side insisting, "Poor Indians", and gave the morbid, often embellished history of their mistreatment by the white man.

The other faction of posters claim Indians are and were lazy, troublemakers and they deserve zip.

Both wrong. And both right. Neither side got it completely. Here's one comment:

"But I do acknowlege what was done was wrong. And we should never disparage the American Indians, and the way they are now, because of what we did to them. Truth and knowlege can help us to help them rebuild their lives, regain their heritage, their pride, and be self sufficient."

What "we" did to them? WE???

There's the problem. When do "WE" get to stop paying for the sins of our fathers (whether we were related by anything but color or not)? Where is there law, common or written, of God or man, that says that a white baby born tomorrow owes a red baby born the same day, ANYTHING?

If the Indian has "pride", he doesn't need anyone's "help" finding his heritage, which most of us share neither by blood or memory, much less our"rebuilding" his life for him. THAT kind of "help" is exactly what the US government imposed on the natives that the poster tries to defend. They thought they knew what was "best" for the Indian in 1838, too.

Always quoted is the mortality and suffering on the Trail of Tears that removed the Cherokee to Indian Territory in Oklahoma in 1838-39. My great grgrandmother died weeks after the journey. She could not face the barren territory that was not her lifelong home. She was ill and she could not adapt.

Most of us think about that time in history of uncivilized, but humble Indians with a loin cloth, teepee, some arrows, a pony and a squaw. By the way, before the Cherokee adopted constitutional law, they were a matriarchal society.

All Indians are not created equal. The experience of some was not the experience of all. Just as today, we have different cultures, dialects, beliefs depending on where in this country we live, whether we are rural or urban also defines us. Some of us wouldn't adapt if we were uprooted and moved across the country against our will, either.

The Cherokee were embroiled in a civil war of their own long before the trail of tears. Generations earlier, the Cherokee had submitted to the idea that to prosper was to adapt to the ruling class views of "civilized". Most of them. Many remained "pure" blooded, unyielding and self destructive. They were the ones that died by the thousands on the Trail of Tears.

My ancestors were part of the faction, the Ridge Party, that chose to prosper, embrace American society. By the time they were forced to leave their homes in Georgia, they ran a newspaper, printed in English and Cherokee. They had plantations and homes designed by architects in Europe. They dressed in imported silk and satin. And they owned black slaves. Those slaves will tell you an astonishing story unlike you've read before, in their own words.

They were aristocratic Southerners, devoutly Christian and they took ' American' names, like James Madison, George Washington, William Penn. One could say they "assimilated" too well. But it didn't matter when those in power wanted what they had. It wasn't because they were "red" and the power was "white". That happens to be the way it turned out that time in history. There had been just as much "red" on "red" destruction that carried on past our own civil war within the Cherokee Tribe. Two ancestors were assasinated by their "own" for signing a treaty with the dreaded "white man".

The fact is, "WE" were no part of any of it. There were hundreds of personal motives,on all sides, many honorable, many horrible, just as there are facing us all today. All Indians were not created equal. Neither are the cultures of today.

My grgrUncle led a wagon train on the Trail of Tears and before leaving they shipped their belongings by barge to lighten their load for provisions and charted their own trail. They took their own doctor with them on the journey of 3 months in the worst of winter. They lost 21 people, compared to the hundreds on other trains that bothered with no preparations or foresight and waited in stockades to be herded out to die in the snow. Their lack of education, which many refused, did not aid their fateful advance.
"The Bell Detachment traveled 707 miles in 89 days and disbanded at Vinyard Post Office (present-day Evansville) in Washington County, Arkansas, on January 7, 1839. Twenty-one of the 660 Cherokee Indians who began the journey in Tennessee died en route."
Adapting and "assimilation" didn't stop the corrupt government of Georgia and the United States from forcing the Cherokee from their lands and homes at New Ochoata, Ga. which was the first place the Cherokee had been removed to generations earlier. Those "savages" were educated better than most people of their time, much of it in Indian schools, which were also not created "equal.* Some were excellent.

A typical home of New Ochota was described by a white New England father in law in a letter in 1829 , 10 years before the Trail of Tears.

"She has a large and convenient framed house, two story, 60 by 40 ft. on the ground, well done off and well furnished with comforts of life. They get their supplies of clothes and groceries—they have their year's store of teas, clothes, paper, ink, etc.,—from Boston, and their sugars, molasses, etc., from Augusta; they have two or three barrels of flour on hand at once.

"This neighborhood is truly an interesting and pleasant place; the ground is smooth and level as a floor—the centre of the Nation—a new place laid out in city form, —one hundred lots, one acre each—a spring called the public spring, about twice as large as our saw-mill brook, near the centre, with other springs on the plat; six framed houses in sight, besides a Council House, Court House, printing office, and four stores all in sight of Boudinot's house."

By the time the Trail of Tears tragedy occurred, the end of the "Indian nation" as it was a hundred years before was well assured. All natives aren't created equal, and neither are cultures. It was those first welcoming, foolish savages in the 1600's that needed a decent immigration policy!



Thanks to Casey Wian of CNN's Lou Dobbs for contacting us on our important story about Mexican Drug Cartels operating in Siskiyou County, Calif. Sheriff Rick Riggins is our hero.
Trackback TownCrier articles on marijuana farms of the Pacific NW.

Sheriff’s office honored

Daily News Staff Writer
Published: Monday, October 23, 2006 6:17 PM CDT
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Siskiyou Daily News photo/Brad Smith Sheriff Rick Riggins holds the plaque that was presented to the Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Office last Monday. The SCSO and several other law enforcement agencies were recoginized for their efforts in combatting cartel-operated marijuana “plantations.”

YREKA — In Medford, Ore. last Monday, Oregon Republican Congressman Greg Walden presented Siskiyou County Sheriff Rick Riggins and Jackson County Sheriff Mike Winters each with a plaque, commending both men and their agencies for their efforts in combatting drug cartels.

For Riggins, it was a proud moment for the entire Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Office.

“I’m proud to say that I work with the best people in law enforcement,” Riggins said. “This department has worked hard, very hard, to eradicate these illegal marijuana grows.”

Both Riggins and Winters have forged an unique pact between their agencies. The sheriffs decided to combine their numbers and resources in an effort to fight encroaching drug cartels.

“What Sheriff Winters and I did was the best thing to do. In a time of slashed budgets and limited finding from government grants, teaming up against the cartels was the most logical choice,” Riggins said.

It was a choice that caught the attention of many, including Walden and even CNN’s Lou Dobbs.

Dobbs sent a news team to chronicle a raid here in Siskiyou County. That story aired on CNN, in two different segments, garnering national attention.

“That media coverage showed the nation the level of the cartels’ incursion,” Riggins said. “It showed how brazen they are and what we’re up against.”

Many took notice — including Congressman Greg Walden.

On the House floor, Walden said the “task force of over 175 people and 19 agencies led by Jackson County Sheriff Mike Winters and Siskiyou County Sheriff Rick Riggins dealt a telling blow on the cartels’ illicit activities on our public lands.”

That “telling blow” included depriving the cartels of more than $320 million dollars and several tons of marijuana plants.

According to Riggins and other law enforcement officials, most of that money goes into the cartels’ other venture: Methamphetamine labs operating in Mexico. Current intelligence indicates that the cartels are transporting meth across the border.

“We’ve sent the cartels a message,” Riggins said. “If they try to operate here in our county — we will come after them. We will shut them down.”

For Riggins, it’s also a matter of public safety.

“The cartels are operating on public lands,” he said. “Hikers and hunters are at risk because some of them can accidentally stumble onto marijuana growing operation.” Riggins said that there have been documented accounts of people encountering such operations.

“Innocent people have been hurt,” Riggins said. “The cartels are ruthless. They don’t care who gets in their way. The cartels will intimidate, hurt or even kill anyone who poses a threat to their operations.”

Which leads to the possibility of escalation. With the cartels’ loss of tons of marijuana — hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth — will they go further to protect their operations with more lethal traps or even put up a fight?

“It’s a possibility,” Riggins stated. “It’s always a possibility. We’ve found weapons and ammunition in the past. The growers ran — didn’t put up a fight at all. Will they change their tactics? They might. But our Special Response Team is trained for that sort of thing as is the Jackson SRT.”

Riggins added that the resolve of the SCSO and its allies is stronger than the cartels’.

“This is our home,” he said. “It’s not their home, their land. We don’t want them here. We will hit them hard at any given opportunity and keep hitting them until they stop.”

It’s a fight that Riggins isn’t fighting alone.

“You know, when I received this plaque, I did it for the entire department, for each and everyone of my deputies and detectives. I do work with the best,” he said.

Working with people like that, Riggins feels, is the proudest thing he’s ever done and he doesn’t need a plaque to tell him that.

Saturday, October 21, 2006


Ah, Texas, what has happened to you!!!? The state where I was born, where my ancestors pioneered. Texas Pride!! All gone...
The excuse for vacating this sentence is nonsense!

Court throws out ex-SA gang member's death sentence

SAN ANTONIO A former San Antonio street gang member condemned for killing a woman during a robbery is getting a chance for a new sentence.

The death sentence of Gabriel Gonzales has been thrown out by the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals.The court says defense lawyers at his 1997 trial should have shown jurors evidence that Gonzales was sexually abused as a child -- and the resulting post-traumatic stress disorder followed him into adulthood.Yesterday's ruling upholds the conviction, but allows Gonzales to have a new sentencing trial.

Louella Hilton was gunned down during the 1994 robbery of the pawnshop she operated with her husband.Gonzales, one of five charged in the slaying, was identified as the triggerman.Susan Reed, who's now the Bexar (BEAR) County district attorney, was the presiding judge at trial. The case is now handled by a special prosecutor.

HONORABLE MENTION! Cong. Heather Wilson, NM (R)

Congresswoman on page board buried file on husband's child abuse allegation
In 1995, just three days into her tenure as Secretary of the New Mexico Children, Youth and Families Department, Wilson removed a routine working file alleging that her husband had engaged in inappropriate contact with a minor. The file was then transferred to the department's attorney in her own Albuquerque office, where it soon went missing.At the time, a local investigative news team learned about the swap, but could not confirm certain details of the file. ..........

I recall a speech in the late 90's by Heather Wilson, railing against our military aggression in Kosovo and that we stayed TOO long. She stated (paraphrasing), 'We should go in there, win the war and bring our troops home!'

Well, Heather, why isn't your opinion the same for Iraq?

Another congressional HYPOCRITE!

Thursday, October 19, 2006


US Rep. Michael McCaul, "As Chairman of the Homeland Security Subcommittee on Investigations I recently released a border report entitled,
A Line in the Sand: Confronting the Threat at the Southwest Border.”

Highlights of the report!

While the Southwest border hosts robust legal commercial activity, the border also is the site of violent criminal enterprises. These enterprises are carried out by organized criminal syndicates and include the smuggling of drugs, humans, weapons, and cash across the U.S.-Mexico border.
During 2005, Border Patrol apprehended approximately 1.2 million illegal aliens; of those 165,000 were from countries other than Mexico. Of the non-Mexican aliens, approximately 650 were from special interest countries. Special interest countries are those “designated by the intelligence community as countries that could export individuals that could bring harm to our country in the way of terrorism.” 1 A significant portion of illegal activity at the border relates to illegal drug smuggling. Below is a summary of FY 2005 Federal drug seizures, which shows a total of 1,129, 275 pounds of cocaine and 6,866,465 million pounds of marijuana.

Federal law enforcement estimates that 10 percent to 30 percent of illegal aliens are actually apprehended and 10 percent to 20 percent of drugs are seized. 2 Therefore, in 2005, as many as 4 to 10 million illegal aliens crossed into the United States; and as much as 5.6 to 11.2 million pounds of cocaine and 34.3 to 68.6 million pounds of marijuana entered the United States. The triple threat of drug smuggling, illegal and unknown crossers, and rising violence are the reality facing communities. While many illegal aliens cross the border searching for employment, not all illegal aliens are crossing into the United States to find work. Law enforcement has stated that some individuals come across the border because they have been forced to leave their home countries due to their criminal activity. These dangerous criminals are fleeing the law in other countries and seeking refuge in the United States.

n addition, human smugglers coordinate with the drug cartels, paying a fee to use the cartels’ safe smuggling routes into the Unites States. There are also indications the cartels may be moving to diversify their criminal enterprises to include the increasingly lucrative human smuggling trade. Moreover, U.S. law enforcement has established that there is increasing coordination between Mexican drug cartels, human smuggling networks and U.S.-based gangs. The cartels use street and prison gangs located in the United States as their distribution networks. In the United States, the gang members operate as surrogates and enforcers for the cartels. Murders and kidnappings on the both sides of the border have significantly increased in recent years. The violence along the U.S.-Mexican border has increased so dramatically, the United States Ambassador to Mexico, Tony Garza, during the last year, has issued an unprecedented number of diplomatic notes to the Mexican Government and threat advisories to U.S. citizens traveling to Mexico. During August 2005, the Ambassador closed the U.S. consulate in Nuevo Laredo for one week in order to assess security.

In addition to the criminal activities and violence of the cartels on our Southwest border, there is an ever-present threat of terrorist infiltration over the Southwest border. Data indicates that there are hundreds of illegal aliens apprehended entering the United States each year who are from countries known to support and sponsor terrorism. • U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement investigations have revealed that aliens were smuggled from the Middle East to staging areas in Central and South America, before being smuggled illegally into the United States. • Members of Hezbollah have already entered the United States across the Southwest border.

Based on a review of the data, interviews conducted and other information collected, Subcommittee staff finds that:

1. Drug trafficking organizations and human smuggling networks are proliferating and strengthening their control of key corridors along our Nation’s Southwest border.
2. The Mexican drug cartels wield substantial control over the U.S.-Mexican border. Law enforcement on the border agree that very little crosses the respective cartel territories, or “plazas,” along the Southwest border without cartel knowledge, approval, and financial remuneration.
3. These criminal organizations and networks are highly sophisticated and organized, operating with military style weapons and technology, utilizing counter surveillance techniques and acting aggressively against both law enforcement and competitors.
4. Drug trafficking organizations, human smuggling networks and U.S. based gangs are increasingly coordinating with one another to achieve their objectives.
5. Federal, State and local law enforcement report new and ever-increasing levels of ruthlessness and violence associated with these criminal organizations, which are increasingly spilling across the border into the United States and moving into local communities.
6. Each year hundreds of illegal aliens from countries known to harbor terrorists or promote terrorism are routinely encountered and apprehended attempting to enter the U.S. illegally.
7. The existing resources of the U.S. Border Patrol and local law enforcement must continue to be enhanced to counter the cartels and the criminal networks they leverage to circumvent law enforcement.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

FICKLE FINGER OF FATE AWARD! Guess which finger, US State Dept!

You CANNOT make this stuff up! The Bush State Dept. not only doesn't care if Americans die, they want the Israili's to be as STUPID as we are!

U.S. protests restrictions on its citizens entering West Bank
Haaretz ^ | 10/18/2006 | Aluff Benn

The US government has lodged a vigorous protest with Israel over its restrictions on the entry of Palestinian-Americans into the territories.

State Department officials told senior Israeli diplomats in Washington that they find it "hard to understand" Israel's discriminating against American citizens based on their ethnic background.

The officials also stressed that in the past, the U.S. had encouraged Palestinian-Americans to settle in the territories, in order to facilitate Palestinian economic growth. Some of these individuals own homes and businesses in the territories, and the Israeli restrictions make it hard for them to look after their assets.

Israel promised to look into the American complaint. A diplomatic source in Jerusalem said on Tuesday that the individuals involved have been blacklisted for security reasons, based on targeted intelligence.

The officials also stressed that in the past, the U.S. had encouraged Palestinian-Americans to settle in the territories, in order to facilitate Palestinian economic growth. Some of these individuals own homes and businesses in the territories, and the Israeli restrictions make it hard for them to look after their assets.

Israel promised to look into the American complaint. A diplomatic source in Jerusalem said on Tuesday that the individuals involved have been blacklisted for security reasons, based on targeted intelligence.

Texas lawmaker outlines intensifying border problem-a conduit for terrorism

WASHINGTON A report today points to drug cartels as the root problem needing to be addressed to secure the U-S/Mexico border from terrorism.

The report was released by Texas Congressman Mike McCaul, who chairs the House Homeland Security Committee's subcommittee on investigations.It follows the slate of hearings House Republicans held this summer as part of an effort to stymie a sweeping immigration reform bill passed by the Senate.House bills focused instead on enforcement, and a bill to build 700 miles of fencing passed Congress last month.Drug-related violence in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, across from Laredo, Texas, has captured the national spotlight in a deadly turf war between rival gangs.The report said the illegal drug industry is becoming a conduit for terrorism activity in Latin America. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Lawmaker outlines intensifying border problems

SUZANNE GAMBOA Associated Press

A report issued by a Texas congressman Monday points to drug cartels as the root problem needing to be addressed to secure the U.S.-Mexico border from terrorism.

The report was released by Rep. Mike McCaul, who chairs the House Homeland Security Committee's subcommittee on investigations. It follows the slate of hearings House Republicans held this summer as part of their effort to stymie a sweeping immigration reform bill passed by the Senate. House bills focused instead on enforcement, and a bill to build 700 miles of fencing passed Congress last month.

"There's a reactionary part to securing the border," said McCaul, R-Texas. "This is a look at a second piece, the root of what's happening down there. The head of the snake is the cartels. They need to be eradicated. That's going to take a lot of things, (including) information sharing with Mexico and Latin America."

Drug-related violence in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, across from Laredo, Texas, captured the national spotlight as a turf war between rival drug gangs fighting over lucrative smuggling routes to the United States erupted. The arrests and slayings of high-level drug kingpins have added to the violent battle for power that continues.

McCaul's report said the cartels operate with military grade weapons, technology and intelligence and "their own paramilitary enforcers." The report is based on testimony by law enforcement officials in congressional hearings, news media reports and the committee's interviews with law enforcement.

Smugglers of human beings coordinate with drug cartels, paying a fee to use their safe smuggling routes into the U.S., and the cartels may be trying to move into the human smuggling trade, according to the report.

The cartels also use street and prison gangs in the U.S. as distribution networks, while gang members operate as "surrogates" and "enforcers" for cartels.

The report said the illegal drug industry is becoming a conduit for terrorism activity in Latin America, with groups like Hamas, Hezbollah and Islamiya Al Gamat active in Latin America. The groups generate funding through money laundering, drug trafficking, arms deals and other activities, according to the report.

"While threats to our nation from international terrorism are well known, the threats spawned by narcoterrorism are lesser known, but reach deeply into this country," the report said.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

GW Bush, The Moonies and Paraguay

We noticed a news item today, " Bush buys land in Northern Paraguay". Looks like it's going to be an interesting "latin American" neighborhood.

Undersecretary for the Social Habitat in the Argentine Federal Planning Ministry, issued a memo partially reproduced by digital, in which he spoke of the purchase by Bush of a 98,842-acre farm in northern Paraguay, between Brazil and Bolivia

Prensa Latina - Buenos Aires: An Argentine official regarded the intention of the George W. Bush family to settle on the Acuifero Guarani (Paraguay) as surprising, besides being a bad signal for the governments of the region.

Luis D Elia, undersecretary for the Social Habitat in the Argentine Federal Planning Ministry, issued a memo partially reproduced by digital, in which he spoke of the purchase by Bush of a 98,842-acre farm in northern Paraguay, between Brazil and Bolivia.[snip]

Then we noticed this tidbit, "
Uproar after Moonies buy town"
The residents of Puerto Casado, in Paraguay, have demanded that their town be handed over to the local council after it was purchased by the sect known as the Moonies.

The Unification Church of the Reverend Sung Myung Moon acquired more than 300,000 hectares of land in the northern department of Alto Paraguay.

The land was sold by an Argentine company and includes the town of Puerto Casado which has about
6,000 inhabitants.

The Installation of a US Military Base in Paraguay

On July 1, the first contingent of 500 U.S. soldiers arrived in Paraguay, and on the 7th of that month, reacting to widespread alarm, the U.S. Embassy in Asuncisn issued a communiqui stating that the U.S. had not intention of establishing a permanent base in the country.

Finally, on Aug. 16, Rumsfeld arrived in Asuncisn for a brief tour that took him also to Peru, another country that's being pressured to grant immunity to U.S. troops.

And this:
"In the early stages of the Reagan Revolution that embraced the Washington Times and Moon's anti-Communist movement, it was embarrassing to be caught at a Moon event," wrote The Gadflyer last year. "Until George H.W. Bush appeared with Moon in 1996, thanking him for a newspaper that 'brings sanity to Washington.'" That was while on an extended trip to South America in Moon's company. A Reuters' story of Nov 25 of that year describes the former president as "full of praise" for Moon at a banquet in Buenos Aires, toasting him as "the man with the vision." (And Moon helped Bush out with his own vision thing, paying him $100,000 for the pleasure of his company.) Bush and Moon then travelled together to Uruguay, "to help him inaugurate a seminary in the capital, Montevideo, to train 4,200 young Japanese women to spread the word of his Church of Unification across Latin America."

News you missed!
Bush sets U.S. refugee ceiling at 70,000
Wed Oct 11, 7:16 PM ET WASHINGTON -

President Bush said Wednesday that up to 70,000 refugees from around the world can be admitted to the United States in the next year.

• 22,000 from Africa.

• 11,000 from East Asia.

• 6,500 from Europe and Central Asia.

• 5,500 from the Near East and South Asia.

• 5,000 from Latin America and the Caribbean.

The remaining 20,000 can be allocated by the State Department to various regions as the need arises.

Jenna Bush in Paraguay for UNICEF plan

Local news media reported that Jenna Bush arrived Saturday in the Paraguayan capital of Asuncion on a commercial flight, then dined Sunday evening with Paraguayan President Nicanor Duarte and his family at their official residence. She also met with U.S. Ambassador James Cason. Officials did not confirm those accounts.[snip]

Mexico president-elect unveils reform plan

Wed Oct 11, 1:12 AM ET

MEXICO CITY - Mexico's president-elect laid out a proposal for reform in Mexico in the coming years, pledging to tackle poverty, create jobs and promote equality.

In a speech before politicians and businessmen, President-elect Felipe Calderon stressed the need to join the club of the world's fastest-growing economies. He said his plan — which will be open for public consultation starting Thursday — will provide the long-term roadmap Mexico has lacked in the past.

"Our country can become one of the five most important emerging economies, along with China, India, Brazil and Russia," said Calderon, who pledged that his plan would allow Mexico to eradicate the grinding poverty afflicting about 20 percent of Mexico's 103 million people.

Calderon's plan addresses sustainable development, which he said could boost his country's per-capita income from the equivalent of about $8,000 today to around $30,000 by 2030.[snip]

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Illegal immigration: the myths and the facts

By JOE R. DAVENPORT 10/14/2006 Buffalo News
Myth: We are a nation of immigrants.

Fact: This myth is false on its face. Nearly 88 percent of the people living in the United States today are not immigrants; they were born here. This is a nation of natives, not a nation of immigrants. "But," the liberal propagandists reply, "we all have ancestors who came from other countries." And, one might reply, so does just about every other nation on Earth.

Are not the French merely descendents of the immigrant barbarian Franks, who drove out the Roman-era Celtic Gauls? And the English are simply immigrant Angles and Saxons who virtually wiped out the Celtic Britons in the fifth century A.D.

They too are nations of immigrants under this liberal myth, as is practically every other nation on Earth. The myth descends to meaninglessness upon any serious analysis. Yet whenever this myth is uttered, we are expected to nod our heads in agreement that a deep and salient point has been made.

Myth: Illegal immigrants are taking only jobs that Americans do not want.

Fact: Many illegal immigrants are able to work for less than market value because they don't pay income or Social Security taxes and are able to take their entire paycheck (or cash) home. This is not only unfair competition against employers who follow the law and pay employees "above the table," but it depresses the wage scale for Americans who would otherwise select jobs currently filled by illegal immigrants.

These are jobs that Americans "do not want" only because the illegal immigrants have depressed the wage scale for the positions. Take away the illegal immigrants, and wages would rise to the level where Americans would take the jobs.

Myth: Illegal immigrants have a right to come here. It is our Christian duty to provide hospitality.

Fact: Nearly two-thirds of the 32.5 million foreign-born people living in the United States entered this country legally, and the United States has more legal immigrants than any other country in the world.

That's hardly poor hospitality, and no bill before Congress that has a chance of becoming law would change this nation's hospitality. But it is poor hospitality to say to the nearly 22 million legal immigrants who waited in line that they wasted their time following the rules because illegal immigrants will now get the same status.

The need to deport illegal aliens and secure our borders has nothing to do with persecuting minorities or lack of hospitality. The United States can continue to allow a number of immigrants into this country legally, depending upon how many can be reasonably assimilated without destroying our American identity. Rather, securing our borders is necessary as a matter of principle - in the interests of equal justice under law - as well as practical security in this age of international terrorism.

Joe R. Davenport recently moved to Niagara Falls from Del Rio, Texas, on the Mexican border.

In 1999, the US homicide rate, over all, was 5.7 per 100,000. This is a high rate compared with most countries in Western Europe: Italy (2.25), Belgium and England/Wales (1.41), and Ireland (.62), but America seems safe when compared with Mexico, which despite very strict gun laws, has a homicide rate of 17.58—-over three times the US rate.

It is difficult to make comparative generalizations, but according to the Overseas Security Advisory Council (a “federal advisory committee” whose mission is to advise Americans on security issues in foreign countries): “In the categories of murder, rape and robbery, Mexico’s Distrito Federal (Mexico City and the surrounding region) posts 3 to 4 times the incidence of these crimes than does New York City, greater Los Angeles or Washington, D.C.

What this means when Mexicans enter the US can be measured by the fact that in 2003, while about 27% of prisoners in federal prisons were aliens, 67% of that figure were Mexican—or 18% of the total. When other Latin Americans were added in, the percentage reaches 23%

JOBS AMERICAN CITIZENS WON'T DO? According the the Pew Hispanic center, and data from 2005 census reports, the largest percentage of those jobs are done by US CITIZENS.

About 7.2 million unauthorized migrants were employed in March 2005, accounting for about 4.9% of the civilian labor force. They made up a large share of all workers in a few more detailed occupational categories, including 24% of all workers employed in farming occupations, 17% in cleaning, 14% in construction and 12% in food preparation.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Woman named McBride had 6 grooms, police say

CNN - LAWRENCEVILLE, Georgia (AP) -- Shawnta McBride is apparently more than living up to her name.

McBride, 31, has married five men without divorcing her first husband, according to warrants issued by Gwinnett County Police detectives. She is charged with five counts of bigamy and false swearing.

Police are searching for McBride, whose last known address was in Decatur.

McBride wed Robert K. Konaido in September 2004, according to court records. The arrest warrants say she has since married five other men at the county courthouse.

Police said her case is similar to those of two men arrested in the suburban Atlanta county in September. Police suspect the men married half a dozen or more women each to help them gain American citizenship.

Four of McBride's grooms were born in Ghana, one was from Morocco and one was a London native, said Lorraine Stafford, the Probate Court administrator.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Here he goes again!Lead, follow or get out of the way!

Good words today and facts from Mike Cutler, former INS agent who testifies before congress and appears on many news commentaries.

Here he goes again!
President Bush is once again linking the fence he is promising to build with a guest worker amnesty program. I have addressed this issue many times but I am compelled to make it clear that a guest worker amnesty program makes absolutely zero sense!
At present there are millions of illegal aliens living and working illegally in the United States. We are absolutely clueless as to their true identities and to think that the agency that has proven itself to he utterly inept at creating a system that possesses even a shred of integrity where the immigration benefits program is concerned cannot seriously expect that under the avalanche of applications for a guest worker program that would surely result from such an amnesty program would suddenly be capable of pulling off the magic act of all times, the ability to know the true identities of these millions of illegal aliens and to also determine with any degree of certainty when they truly entered the United States, represents a leap of faith that borders on the insane! The simple truth is that there is absolutely no way that our government could effectively vet the millions of applications that would undoubtedly be filed by the millions of aliens who would apply for such a guest worker amnesty program. We would not be able to determine whether or not the names that they would claim to be theirs were truly their names. Additionally, there would be no meaningful way to determine when they actually entered the United States. This is a critical issue because it would be easy for illegal aliens to falsely claim to have been physically present in the United Sates for the required period of time to be eligible to participate in the program. Since there is no door America could shut, our nation would undoubtedly be inundated by millions of additional illegal aliens he would enter our country illegally in order to acquire legal status to which they would not be, in fact, entitled. T.J. Bonner is the president of the Border Patrol Council, the organization that represents the more than 10,000 Border Patrol agents who stand watch on our nation's borders. He and I have testified before Congressional hearings together on occasion. I recall that at one such hearing, he stated that when the President made a speech promising a guest worker amnesty program, the next day the number of apprehensions by the Border Patrol soared dramatically and many of the aliens who were caught asked about the program the President talked about! Clearly, these people are paying attention!
The amnesty program that was created in 1986 was tiny compared with the program that the President and the other supporters of a guest worker amnesty program would implement today. That program was disastrous and should be seen as a lesson on what not to do. Besides the fact that the program of 1986 was also rife with fraud and rewarded aliens for violating our laws, it encouraged the greatest influx of illegal aliens in the history of our nation. Today this issue should be seen as the potential threat to national security that it would become. It would be a simple matter of terrorists to show up at immigration offices around the United States, provide a false name and then walk away with a freshly issued identity document that could be used as a "breeder" document, enabling the bearer to then obtain a driver's license, and a Social Security Number that would make it easy to open bank accounts and create a brand new fictitious identity that would enable terrorists to circumvent the various terrorist watch lists as well as the so-called "No-Fly" list and gain access to all sorts of employment and venues around the United States.
While we would be spending billions of dollars purportedly creating a "gated community" out of the United States, our government would be simultaneously providing terrorists and criminals with the keys to the gate!
The notion that "Illegal aliens do the work Americans won't do is a slap in the face to hard working American citizens by their very own elected "representatives" and politicians! When I spoke before the Executive Board of the International Association of Chiefs of Police in Boston last March, I was surprised to find that one of the other invited speakers was a special assistant to the President. She was quick to make that assertion about the illegal aliens who would do the jobs Americans won't do and my response to her back then is worth considering now. I told her, "I saw the videos of the coal miners who perished in West Virginia about a year ago and those men were all citizens of the United States! Indeed, as long as there are American men and women who will go to work each day in coal mines and steel foundries; as long as their are Americans who will drive garbage trucks and, as we saw on September 11, 2001, voluntarily jump on the back of a fire engine and race into burning towers attempting to save the lives of utter strangers, I would submit that there are no jobs Americans won't take provided that the job pays them enough to support their families!"
The oft-repeated claim that by allowing illegal aliens to work in the United States would free up law enforcement to deal with terrorists is the greatest myth ever perpetrated on the American people! When Robert Mueller, the Director of the FBI has spoken about so-called "Sleeper cells" he is describing aliens who enter the United States either by running our nation's borders or through ports of entry and then embed themselves within our nation, hiding in plain sight among us in communities around the United States. Whenever you read about a terrorism suspect who was arrested by the FBI, you will almost always see a description of the work he or she had been doing up until the time of the arrest. Such terrorism suspects have engaged in doing everything from driving taxi cabs and ice cream trucks to working on used car lots and even teaching in universities. I cannot remember the last time the FBI arrested a terrorism suspect who was on the unemployment line, hiding in a basement or and attic or curled up in a "spider hole" in the ground. They were almost without exception, gainfully employed in the United States- doing the work Americans won't do, plotting to destroy our nation and slaughter our citizens!
Do you know what a terrorist will most likely do two days before he engages in an attack against the country in which he has embedded himself? He will go to work on the job he has held for months or years, hiding in plain sight!
The Civil War was the bloodiest war ever fought by the United States and it nearly tore our nation in two! We have traditionally been taught that the Civil War was about slavery. In point of fact, slavery was about cheap, compliant and exploitable labor! Here we are, roughly 150 later, still battling over a desire for cheap, complaint and exploitable labor! The time has come to bring this madness to an end. A guest worker amnesty program would solve nothing while creating a national security nightmare for our nation at a time that we are waging a war against terrorists.
It is time for our nation to take the "high road" and demand that Mexico and other countries, especially those with which we have trade agreements, provide greater economic opportunity for their own citizens within their own borders, to decrease the numbers of illegal aliens who enter our country and to also create a better standard of living for these impoverished people within their own countries. Such demands should be part of any future trade agreement between this country and the other countries of the world.
Lead, follow or get out of the way!
-michael cutler-

Bush vows to build fence

By Stephen Dinan and Joseph Curl
Published October 12, 2006

President Bush yesterday pledged to follow through on building 698 miles of wall along the U.S.-Mexico border but said that the Department of Homeland Security will decide where and that he wants sensors and cameras to watch the border.
"We're going to do both," Mr. Bush said at a press conference yesterday. "We're just going to make sure that we build it in a spot where it works."
Some fence advocates and members of Congress have questioned Mr. Bush's commitment to fencing. The president yesterday said it is a part of his broader border-security strategy.
"You can't fence the entire border, but what you can do is you can use a combination of fencing and technology to make it easier for the Border Patrol to enforce our border," he said.
Mr. Bush said any solution on the border will also require a guest-worker program, which he said would funnel workers through legal points of entry.
Mr. Bush last week signed the homeland-security spending bill, which includes $1.2 billion for fencing and other infrastructure, such as cameras, vehicle barriers and ground-based radar...........