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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Illegal Aliens Shoot Texas Trooper VIDEO

By way of:

Title: Illegal Aliens Shoot Texas Trooper VIDEO
Source: YouTube
URL Source: v=DM1PYuYXfxw
Published: Jul 24, 2006
Author: The Watchdog
Post Date: 2006-07-24 23:50:25 by Independent Conservative

Here is the police camera feed of two illegals shooting this trooper multiple times at a traffic stop. I'm not 100% sure if the trooper survives, due to the fact that when I googled the key words, more than one incident pops up. (Imagine that!)

But hopefully this is the trooper that survives, due to his vest.

Hey, they just want to work, don't you know.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Even if you care nothing about immigration, care about this! MUST SEE VIDEO.

(Photo: Klamath Falls, Oregon May, 2001, Klamath Bucket Brigade.)

Even if you care nothing about immigration, care about this! MUST SEE VIDEO.
ANYONE can understand this one!

"This is a MUST SEE video for anyone interested in the immigration debate, whether you are a citizen, an illegal alien or a Congressman. ... all » This clip from the longer video, Immigration by the Numbers, features Roy Beck demonstrating the catastrophe of the huge numbers of both legal and illegal immigration by Third World people into the modern nations. He uses standard statistics (US Census) and simple gumballs to show this disaster in the making."

A couple things to keep in mind as you watch this video:

We have already fought "water wars" in this country,how many more millions can our infrastructure handle? The answer is, IT CAN'T.

Roy Beck is talking about legal immigration numbers. None of it includes the up to 30 million here illegally with estimates of 5 to 10 thousand PER DAY added to that.

"They have to bloom where they're planted" Roy Beck, NumbersUSA

Don't miss this great article on eyewitness report of the Maywood Mayhem!

NOTE! 8/31/06

Some of the emails, comments about this video we've received!

" Gets my vote. This guy blows it wide open." Joe

"EXCELLENT (and frightening) video. I have sent it to everyone on my e-mail list ....It's eye-opening and shocking, and apparently this is what our politicians want to serve up to their (and our) grandchildren." Indalay

" I would LOVE to see this played on TV. Can we send a copy to Hannity or O'Reilly - what am I saying, how about Lou Dobbs?" S.V.

"Scary video!! Now I really understand how urgent this is!! " Roz

Monday, August 28, 2006

Social Security for Illegal aliens, but American citizens wait years!

There has been a lot (but not enough!) of discussion about the Bush Administration Mexican Totalization agreement whereby illegal aliens will qualify for disability/retirement benefits with a fraction of the time worked that citizens must have. And to pour salt in the wound, the Senate "immigration reform" that would simply break the SS bank.

One day you or a loved one may need to apply for your Social Security disability benefits. Things happen, people get hurt or sick. And most people have no notion what bureaucratic nonsense you will face.

Look at this petition to reform SS disability. And, no, I'm not talking about private savings accounts as reform, I'm saying THIS MONSTER NEEDS TO BE KILLED! You may wait years for the SS Administration to get around to qualify you for benefits. It won't matter how many decades you worked or how sick you are. And you will have to hire an attorney, the system counts on it.

Read the testimonies of veterans who are denied year after year, people who have lost their homes or have died before SS could bother with them.

Mary in Florida: why is it that those who come to this country can get our benefits faster than we can?

Susan in Indiana: Perhaps this country needs to have their eyes opened yet again by how people are treated/living while waiting for SSD/SSI. This is also horrific!!! I think people in general have a blind eye towards things that make them feel uncomfortable. Especially the Government! For this might mean taking a closer look and having to fix a broken system, rediverting funds from pork barrel projects to actually helping the very people that put elected officials into office. Lord forbid!

Ash in Ohio:my mom was a nurse for 23 years, she's payed into the system all her life. Now she needs the services that she payed for and they're refusing to give back... If this is indicative of how much the US Government cares about the people that elected them, then I suppose it's time to move to another country

Clarence in S.C.: my wife and i are fixing to loose everything we own.I applied for disability on sept.2004. I worked for 38 years and am a honorable navy veteran.We have never been on welfare. I have been turned down twice and am waiting for my case to be assigned to a law judge.

Jean in Wisc.: Quit treating us like we are not a citizen of the U.S.

Claudia in Tenn: Our gov't should start taking care of AMERICAN citizens FIRST! WE are the ones who pay the taxes, and disabled citizens should be able to access the benefits faster and easier.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Pardon me, but this is BULL CRAP! Citizens attacked in Maywood!

(photo: - see more here of Maywood! - Note Mexican flag flying above Post office - upper left)
(photo:The Chicano Moratorium links Struggles in Palestine and Aztlan as hundreds march on the streets of East LA)

First, watch the video from YOUTUBE.

A peaceful rally of US Citizens, lead by in the sanctuary city of Maywood, California, was disrupted by violent pro illegal alien disruptors. The goons pull the same violent game every time any US citizens protest or rally, and most cities don't care!

People! If you do not DEMAND protection from law enforcement and enforcement of our immigration laws this country is GONE.
Do you understand?
You have lost the right to peacefully assemble, because the LAW will NOT protect you from criminals. And it is because YOU remain silent and condone this anarchy! You're children are going to die. That's the bottom line.

This is a snip from a VERY biased media report.
" *Sat., 2:00pm Counter-protesters raise Mexican flag up Maywood post office flag pole Caller reports 100 counters and 30 SOS-MM still facing off in Maywood near post office. A small group of counters have replaced the US flag at Maywood post office with a Mexican flag. Police tried to pull the Mexican flag down but the ropes got stuck and it still flies at this time.
  • Sat., 2:20pm - Anti-immigrants being escorted back to their cars by police. Anti-immigrants are being escorted back to their cars by police now. Some Counters moving to follow.
  • Sat. 3:00pm – Maywood protest winding down. SOS-MM are gone. Counters dispersing. No arrests reported."
  • From the same source, is this "inspiring" story about yet another Latino march. (See photo above)
    Now think about this......Latinos have joined the anti war movement along with the rest of the socialists/anarchists/criminals. There is NOTHING about the USA except what they can bleed from it that interests them!
    Chicano Moratorium March Draws Hundreds Aug. 26, 2006
    Hundreds marched down Whittier Boulevard, retracing the steps of the Chicano Moratorium's march against the Vietnam war, and attended the 36th anniversary rally and celebration, at Salazar Park. Naturally, this celebration was also a protest against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and in solidarity with the people of Palestine, and against the militarization of the border, and increasing sweeps of mesoamerican workers at their workplaces and homes. The Chicano Moratorium links Struggles in Palestine and Aztlan as hundreds march on the streets of East LA.

    One of the leaders of the CER, a former JROTC cadet, spoke out against military by saying, “I will not be a soldier for Yankee imperialism!” and “I will not fight the White Man’s war.” He then continued to say “this is for la Raza” as he pumped his fist in the air.

    Amongst the crowd, members of Union del Barrio lead the marchers in chants that included, “Raza Si, Migra No,” “Esta es Mi Tierra, Esta Es Mi Lucha” and repeated Chants of, “Que Viva Mexico, Lebanon, Palestine, Cuba y Venezuela.

    Just as the first Chicano Moratorium that made connections between Yankee imperialism in Southeast Asia and Raza Oppression here at home, Raza today is making the connections again; only this time the connections are between Yankee/Zionist imperialism in the Middle East and Raza oppression throughout Latin America.

    Protesters made clear their opposition to the US invasion of Iraq. In the spirit of Muhammad Ali, Vicente Jimenez, a member of Somos Raza and CER, stated, “Ain’t no Iraqi, Ain’t no Palestinian, ever call me an illegal.” His statement clearly pointed out who was La Raza’s true enemy and natural ally. ”
    Some posters said it best:
    "So what's it going to take folks? A dead demonstrator? Put the Godamn remote control down, help save your country. It will be way too late if Bush and his Globalist cronies get their way."

    "I want everyone to think about how serious this is - our fellow citizens were attacked for walking down the sidewalk in an American city carrying an American flag. Is this what our soldiers fought for?"

    I survived MAYWOOD 2006 and all I got was this stupid T-Shirt!!!"

    News you missed - Immigration

    It's Gingrich's to Lose (Zogby '08 White House Poll Shows Tancredo 4th)
    Washington Whispers
    "Sorry, Hillary. And Big John, you might have missed your chance in 2000.

    That's because a new and innovative poll from John Zogby about 2008 presidential candidates finds former Republican Speaker Newt Gingrich way out front of fellow GOP-ers like Sen. John McCain and also finds moderates like former Virginia Gov. Mark Warner far ahead of libs like Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton.

    Here's the unusual thing about the Zogby poll released to Whispers: When questioning likely primary voters, only brief biographies and not names were given.

    In other words, voters picked the one with the best experience. Without her name recognition working for her, Clinton came in a miserable sixth out of 10.

    Surprises on the GOP side: Harsh immigration critic Rep. Tom Tancredo ranks fourth, showing the power of the anti-immigrant issue.

    The GOP rankings: Gingrich, 21.4; McCain, 13.3; former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, 11.2; Tancredo, 9.9; Nebraska Sen. Chuck Hagel, 6.1; Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, 5.8; Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, 5.6; Virginia Sen. George Allen, 4.9; Kansas Sen. Sam Brownback,4.3; Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, 3.8; New York Gov. George Pataki, 2.8."[snip]

    So, what’s so interesting about this poll? The comments on “conservative” forums for one thing:

    "Go Newt, you've got my vote!”

    “I like Mike Huckabee. No real baggage that I know of.”

    “"Zogby just wants Gingrich to run, so he will be pounded by the media for being forced out as speaker and what he was being accused of at the time. It will make him look unelectable and the donks would win then.”
    Some posters believe Huckabee is a conservative regardless of his totalitarian views on banning smoking and his constant shilling for open borders, calling anyone who wants enforcement “racist”.

    Some of this discussion included that there is a liberal conspiracy headed by Zogby , who is out to “get” Newt, finish him off before he has a chance.


    Zogby and Gingrich have one special tie that binds them. Grover Norquist of the Islamic Institute.

    Gingrich, along with Norquist and other open border advocates signed a letter in the Wall St. Journal last year proclaiming Bush’s “path to citizenship/amensty” for all the illegal aliens in this country is “good policy”.

    Lately, Newt has done a public 180 about immigration, demanding that the borders be secured. But some of us remember him pushing all these years for looser restrictions on border jumpers along with his friends Grover and Zogby and Bush. Zogby is often invited, as is Gingrich to Norquists beltway planning sessions and Muslim promotion events.

    Gingrich and Norquist have been close associates for decades.
    Newt Gingrich describes Norquist as "...the most creative and most effective conservative activist in the country."

    Last week, I turned on CSpan, and who was there working as an interviewer on Book Notes? Our man Grover Norquist, who seems to have his pawprints on all that is Washington DC , up to and including the White House.

    To gain a better understanding of this complicated alliance and how it affects public policy today, we present the following article.
    Grover Norquist's Strange Alliance with Radical Islam;
    Fevered Pitch - By Franklin Foer, November 1, 2001The New Republic

    [snip] During the 2000 campaign, Norquist urged Karl Rove to focus on the Muslim vote--pointing to, among other things, the thousands of Muslims in the key state of Michigan.By all appearances, the Bush campaign heeded Norquist's advice. In an admirable departure from the usual Republican script, Bush frequently integrated mosques into his platitudes about churches and synagogues. In the second presidential debate, Bush vowed to repeal the use of secret evidence, just as Norquist had promised. Bush even named Saffuri as the campaign's National Advisor on Arab and Muslim Affairs.

    When Bush won, Norquist credited the Muslim strategy. "Bush's talk about outreach and inclusion had extraordinary results--the Muslim community went 2-1 for Bill Clinton in 1996 and almost 8-1 for Bush in 2000," he told The Washington Times. (That statistic is almost certainly untrue, and Bush actually lost Michigan, the state where Muslims are most heavily concentrated.) Or, as Norquist put it in the Spectator, "George W. Bush was elected President of the United States of America because of the Muslim vote."

    Norquist quickly set about turning that supposed electoral influence into legislative influence. One day after Bush's inauguration, he and Saffuri arranged for Muslim leaders to meet Newt Gingrich and Congressman Tom Davis, head of the National Republican Congressional Committee. Soon Saffuri began regularly appearing at the White House, accompanying imams and heads of Islamic organizations to discuss the faith-based initiative and concerns about law enforcement persecution of Muslims. Suhail Khan, an administration adviser who helps plan Muslim outreach, once served on the Islamic Institute's board. And at one of his regular Wednesday meetings, according
    to two witnesses, Norquist announced that he had lobbied to get Khan his White House post. On the afternoon of September 11, a group of Muslim leaders happened to have plans to meet the president in the West Wing to discuss their grievances with racial profiling and secret evidence. When they couldn't enter the building, along with almost everyone else, they headed a few blocks uptown and reconvened--in the conference room of Norquist's office.

    But the events of September 11 have cast some of Norquist's relationships in a less flattering light. Consider first the history and recent statements of the American Muslim Council, the organization that presented Norquist with an achievement award, and whose officials attend Norquist-arranged meetings with the Republican hierarchy. In the 1990s it co-sponsored two conferences with the United Association for Studies and Research, which, according to The New York Times, a convicted Hamas operative named Mohammed Abdel-Hamid Salah in 1993 called "the political command" of Hamas in the United States. At a Washington rally last year, Abdurahman Alamoudi, Saffuri's boss at the AMC, declared, "I have been labeled by the media in New York to be a supporter of Hamas. Anybody support Hamas here?...Hear that, Bill Clinton? We are all supporters of Hamas. I wished they added that I am also a supporter of Hezbollah." In press releases and forums, the AMC has defended the terrorist-harboring Sudanese government against charges that it massively violates human rights and condones slavery. As late as June of this year, the AMC put out a press release entitled "SLAVERY IN SUDAN IS A SHAM.."

    The record of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)--which, like the AMC, sends members to meetings organized by Norquist and Saffuri--is no more encouraging. When interviewed by Salon's Jake Tapper on September 26, CAIR Communication Director Ibrahim Hooper refused to condemn Osama bin Laden. CAIR founder Nihad Awad, who appeared with Bush at the Washington
    Islamic Center, has argued that "[t]here is ample evidence indicating that both the Mossad and the Egyptian Intelligence played a role in the [1993 World Trade Center] explosion." And Siraj Wahaj, who has served as a CAIR board member, has been described by federal prosecutor Mary Jo White as a possible conspirator in the '93 bombing. As Harvard professor of Islamic studies Ali Asani has complained, "There is general concern among Muslim intellectuals about how not only CAIR but some of these other organizations
    are claiming to speak in the name of the Muslim community, and how they're coming to be recognized by the government as spokespeople for the Muslim community in the U.S."

    And Norquist hasn't only developed close ties to American groups that apologize for terror. He has also flacked for at least one Middle Eastern autocracy: Qatar. Eager to improve relations with the United States, Qatar worked with Norquist and Saffuri to help portray itself as a liberal outpost in the Islamic world. In April, Saffuri sponsored the "First Annual Conference on Free Trade and Democracy" in the Qatari capital of Doha, for which the Islamic Institute received over $150,000 in payments from the Qatar Embassy's Ministry of Foreign Affairs Account. (Saffuri says these were reimbursements for the travel expenses of congressional delegates.) A lobbyist at Norquist's firm, Janus-Merritt, has solicited pro-Qatari op-eds from at least one conservative pundit. When the emir of Qatar came to
    Washington, Saffuri hosted a Capitol Hill luncheon in his honor. And just three weeks after September 11, Norquist wrote an op-ed in The Washington Times in which he claimed that "Qatar has taken great strides to enshrine values of universal suffrage, a free press, and human rights." He continued, "[S]he really means it on being a reliable ally."

    Qatar may not be Iraq, but Norquist's arguments are still laughable. Freedom House, which monitors religious liberty, rates Qatar "not free." Among countries in the Middle East--a region hardly known for its liberalism--Qatar finished in the bottom half of a Heritage Foundation "Index of Economic Freedom." Two days after Norquist's op-ed, The Washington Post reported on Qatar's refusal to support a widening of the war on terrorism to include Islamic Jihad, Hamas, or Hezbollah. And, just two weeks later, the foreign minister of Qatar--our "reliable ally"--announced that "[t]he attacks against Afghanistan are unacceptable and we have condemned them. It is our clear position."

    Norquist's new associations--particularly his links to groups like CAIR and the AMC--have not gone unnoticed in conservative ranks. Paul Weyrich says, "I have on at least one occasion [confronted him] and he assured me that he knew what he was doing and that I shouldn't have any concerns." Another conservative says he told Norquist about the two organizations' statements on terrorism, but it didn't make an impression. "We can't knock it off; we want them on our own team," Norquist replied.

    OUR team? That obviously does not include the American people. Some “conservative” forums are more than happy to keep quiet the voices that would expose Norquist, Gingerich, Bush, et. al.

    TRackback Norquist:
    The Elusive Pimpernel pushing Gingrich for President.

    The pimping of the President - Abramoff/Norquist

    What has the NRA got to do with Immigration and terrorism?

    Chamber of Commerce Explains how to Eliminate the Middle Class

    by William R. Hawkins

    American Economic Alert

    Lou Dobbs, host of the popular CNN Moneyline show, has been doing a great job covering the decline of American manufacturing and the perils such a decline poses for both the country’s prosperity and national security in our tumultuous world. He interviewed the always acerbic Thomas Donohue, president of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce on the January 8 program on President Bush’s proposal to give some form of legal “guest worker” status to millions of illegal aliens. Donohue argued that such an amnesty was a good thing for the large corporations that control his business organization. But along the way, Donohue unknowingly presented to the viewing audience how the issues of “open borders” for both foreign goods (trade) and foreign peoples (immigration) are related.

    The common thread is obvious enough: the search for cheap labor -- whether at home or abroad. But the decision on which jobs are to be kept in this country and which are to be sent overseas is one that involves potentially restructuring and stratifying American society in ways that would render the country unrecognizable within a generation.

    Donohue wants the gates open for immigrant workers because he believes, “We have a serious, serious question over the next few years of where we are going to get our workers. And if we don't have workers, we will send the jobs somewhere else.” So this explains why hundreds of factories have been closing in the United States -- they apparently have been sitting idle due to a lack of workers! But wait, haven’t 2.8 million manufacturing workers been laid off in the last three years? Haven’t 300,000 to 500,000 white collar service jobs been “outsourced” overseas? And haven’t the big corporations in Donohue’s Chamber been in the lead in this shift of jobs to foreign production sites?

    The plot thickened when Dobbs challenged Donohue about the ability of immigrant labor to fill the high-tech jobs on which future American leadership is supposed to depend. “Estimates vary, but the most recent estimate that I have seen suggests that two-thirds of illegal immigrants coming to this country don't even have a completed secondary education. They do not speak English, for the most part,” said Dobbs, who then asked, “How effective a work force can they be?”

    Donohue responded, “Well, actually, 70 percent of the jobs in this country do not require extensive training.” So business doesn’t need an educated workforce? This is not what the Chamber of Commerce website states: “To remain competitive, business needs employees who are prepared to meet the rapidly changing demands of the 21st century workplace...Over 80% of the 23 million jobs that will be created in the next 10 years will require some postsecondary education.” The Chamber position piece then cites a report from the National Commission on Mathematics and Science Teaching for the 21st Century that concludes “60% of all new jobs in the early 21st century will require skills that are possessed by only 20% of the current workforce.”

    How do we square this apparent contradiction between Donohue and his organization? The answer lies in understanding how the transnational firms are restructuring the country. In a future America , low-level, unskilled labor will provide luxury services for the elite. The low-skilled will serve in restaurants, hotels and resorts, provide child care and maid service, drive executives around and provide security guards for their offices and estates. The influx of immigrants will keep the wages of this new peasant class low. Dobbs noted, “Harvard studies show that $190 to 200 billion a year are lost in wages to working men and women in this country as a result of illegal immigration.” There is already significant downward pressure on wages exerted by an oversupply of labor.

    Donohue tried to claim he supported good pay for such work, saying “the law provides for a minimum wage. And no one in this country should be employed in a full-time job that is not paid a minimum wage.” But again, if one looks at the Chamber’s website, the following statement is found: “In the past, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce has opposed increases to the minimum wage. Although the intent of an increase is to help low income workers, studies show that it can have the opposite effect by causing loss of entry-level jobs…given the fact that our economy has only recently began to recover, the Chamber will again oppose drastic increases such as the one proposed by Senator Kennedy during the 107th Congress [which would have raised the minimum hourly wage by $1.50 over an 18-month period.” In other words, if peasants cost too much, it’s not worth hiring them.

    Meanwhile, the jobs that do require skills or a higher education will be shipped overseas where they can be let at what would be peasant wages in the United States . We already know the corporate preference for $1 a day factory workers, but as economist Robert J. Samuelson noted in a recent Washington Post column [January 14], the higher-end service jobs also have a large pay differential when outsourced to India or China. For software engineers the difference is $60 an hour here versus $6 overseas; for accountants, its $75,000 a year here versus $15,000 overseas.

    The American middle class is too expensive for Donohue, so it will be eliminated. But the remaining upper managers, corporate officers, and moneyed elites will still need their servants, gardeners, sewer workers and bodyguards – especially the latter as a future America comes to look more like a Third World oligarchy than the affluent republic it once was.

    Saturday, August 26, 2006

    Hear discussions on MCDC Border Fence/fundraising

    Good News! The WakeUpAmerica Radio Show with Mark Edwards is back on the air! This is the program that Jim Gilchrist announced his intention to form the MinuteManProject.

    At the Archive link you will find audio of the broadcasts below and many others. They are well worth a listen!

    July 19, 2006:
    Mark Edwards interviews Glen Spencer. Glen talks about what's "still" missing along the US / Mexican border.

    July 26, 2006:
    Mark Edwards & Terry Anderson shared thoughts with callers about the SAVE program and "Border Scams." They warned listeners to use caution when donating to groups claiming to be fighting for America and our sovereignty.

    From WakeUpAmerica

    The Broadcast is Back !!

    UNITED WE STAND! Thanks so much to everyone's patriotic support, The Wake Up America broadcast returns to the air on KLAV, 1230AM, Las Vegas. Wake Up America will resume broadcasting on Thursday, September 7th for a 2 hour broadcast beginning at 8pm. This broadcast will stream live on the internet. Listeners will have 4 local lines with 1 toll free line for national internet listeners. Steve Eichler, executive director from The Minuteman Project will host with Mark Edwards, Founder of The Wake Up America Foundation, co-hosting live from Wisconsin! Let everybody know that Wake Up America can be heard every Thursday night, 8 to 10pm, PT, on KLAV, 1230AM and internet stream.

    WAKE UP AMERICA!! More than 2 years and 500 broadcasts have succeeded in waking up more Americans to the Illegal Alien Invasion, this awakening must continue. It is vital to our safety, security, sovereignty, freedoms, and most importantly, our children.

    Wednesday, August 23, 2006

    Mexican Drug Cartel Pot farm bust near popular recreation area - Oregon

    Police round up $12.5 million in marijuana (2:35 p.m.)

    Medford Mail Tribune ( Medford, Oregon)

    Police seized 2,500 marijuana plants with a street value estimated at up to $12.5 million on Monday and arrested two armed men they found at the gardens.

    Rafael Santoya-Pineda and Noel Tadia-Arreguin are in Jackson County Jail on immigration holds today.

    The plants, each 4 to 6 feet tall, grew in scattered gardens on three acres of Bureau of Land Management property near Hyatt Lake, Jackson County Sheriff Mike Winters said. Plants of that size can produce about a pound of marijuana, which would have a value of around $5,000 on the street at the retail level, he said.

    Officials had watched the growing operation, believed to be linked to a Mexican drug cartel, and swept in Monday to destroy it just before harvest time, sheriff's Lt. Pat Rowland said.

    SWAT teams from Jackson and Douglas counties and Oregon State Police, along with officers from the Drug Enforcement Administration, U.S. Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, and Immigration and Customs Enforcement conducted Monday's raid.

    Investigators pulled out the plants, hoisted them in nets with a helicopter and filled a 10-yard dump truck. The plants were taken to a mill and burned, Winters said. Evidence also was collected at the scene during the day-long police effort.


    Invasion - The Mexican border has moved 800 miles north

    Our national forests have been invaded by Mexican drug cartels, aided by MS-13 gangbangers and AWOL Mexican military growing massive marijuana farms. Last year we wrote an article, "Green cards and gangs" which was followed up by Michelle Malkin's article " Gangland".

    The photos here were taken by Sheriff Rick Riggins in Siskiyou County, California during raids of these farms . He has graciously allowed us to present them.

    Tuesday, August 22, 2006

    Immigrant activist holed up in church is no Rosa Parks

    Chicago Sun-Times ^ | August 22, 2006 | MARY MITCHELL

    Elvira Arellano is definitely no Rosa Parks.

    I even doubt that Arellano has any idea who Parks really was.

    Because if she did, she wouldn't have hid inside the Adalberto United Methodist Church instead of reporting to immigration authorities for deportation. But with her son in tow, Arellano and her supporters could have marched into the immigration office and showed America exactly what the present immigration laws really mean:

    That a single mother can be separated from her child; that husbands can be snatched from their wives; that working-class families can be torn apart simply because America has waited far too long to craft a fair and reasonable immigration policy.

    Maybe then more of us would respect her stance.

    But a week ago, Arellano, who is being described as an immigration activist, fled to the West Side church seeking sanctuary. The church is pastored by longtime social activist Rev. Walter "Slim" Coleman. She has vowed to stay put, and Coleman has promised to let her stay put.

    "I'm strong, I've learned from Rosa Parks -- I'm not going to the back of the bus. The law is wrong," Arellano told reporters last week.

    Despite the rhetoric, the 31-year-old Arellano doesn't seem to know much about black Americans' struggle for civil rights.

    Didn't break the law

    Parks didn't refuse to go to the back of the bus. She refused to give up her seat to a white man who couldn't find a seat in the so-called "white section." As onerous as the Jim Crow laws were, Parks didn't break them. That's why she could calmly go to the police station and sit in jail until her husband came to bail her out.

    Because Parks wasn't a lawbreaker, the local NAACP decided to use her as a test case to challenge the Jim Crow laws. Her righteous cause drew widespread support and launched the civil rights movement in earnest.

    Arellano obviously doesn't know anything about this important piece of history. If she did, she would care more about the circumstances of all illegal immigrants and not just her own.

    As they say in the streets, Arellano is pimping the system. She is using Rosa Parks' name to buy herself more time, and that disgusts me.

    Arellano is not a victim of an unjust system. She crossed into the U.S. from Mexico in 1997, obtained a fake ID and was caught at the border and returned home. Three days later, she sneaked back into the country and made her way to Washington state, where she managed to get a driver's license. She met her son's father and gave birth to her son in 1998. Two years later, Arellano moved to Chicago and again managed to get a fake ID -- a Social Security card -- and landed a job as a cleaning lady at O'Hare Airport. Three years after that, she was caught and pleaded guilty to working under a false Social Security number.

    Her chutzpah makes her a folk hero to some, but her blatant exploitation of Parks' legacy undermines the fragile coalition between some blacks and Hispanics that has formed around the immigration issue.

    Some of us -- particularly those who came to the urban areas during the Great Migration -- admire the courage it takes for someone to leave everything behind to strike out in search of a better life. But none should forget that blacks paid their dues.

    Our ancestors didn't come here looking for work. They were dragged here against their will to work someone else's fields. They were the unpaid cotton, berry and peach pickers. They were the unpaid gardeners, construction laborers, nannies and domestics. If they stole an identity, it was to escape the cruel lash of the slavemaster. Their children weren't born American citizens, they were born chattel.

    But instead of thanking blacks for paving the way, other groups have walked across black backs without so much as a "thank you for your sacrifices."

    Should have returned to Mexico

    The benefits that so many other groups -- women included -- now enjoy were purchased with black blood, sweat and tears.

    As for Arellano, she's extremely fortunate. Black people were lynched in the past for defying any ol' white man, let alone one with authority.

    Still, I understand why she garnered empathy from U.S. Rep. Luis Gutierrez and U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin. America's immigration system is such a mess, both men stepped in in 2003 and secured a one-year extension from deportation on Arellano's behalf. They secured another one-year extension in 2004 and again in 2005.

    During that grace period, Arellano should have returned to Mexico and gone to the back of the line. But she chose instead to butt those who play by the rules.

    Obviously fearing a publicity nightmare, immigration authorities say they will not storm the church to deport Arellano. Instead, they will wait her out. Although a wise decision, it nonetheless sends a dangerous message.

    Hopefully, while Arellano is languishing she will brush up on black history.

    Cartoon of the Day

    "This hurts, that hurts -- what are you, some kind of hypochondriac?"

    Sunday, August 20, 2006

    Did you contribute to the MCDC/Simcox Fence? Refund bonanza!

    According to poster Buckaroo on the Liberty Forum there is NO problem with the fence project being handled by Diener Associates/MCDC/Simcox. In fact, Buckeroo claims to know all the players and defends their non action in answering this one question:

    What percentage of donations for the security fence actually go to that project?

    Buckaroo answers this way:

    I do. All of the donations specifically earmarked for the effort.

    buckeroo posted on 2006-08-19

    "Earmarked" ?

    So, maybe MCDC will tell you how they "earmark" donations. Buckeroo can't.

    Buckaroo has made the following pledge IF you can get your donation returned from MCDC.

    If the issue about all your friends lost trust in you concerning their donations towards the effort is of any merit, ask for a prompt cash refund.
    Upon receipt and authentication I shall personally quadruple the sum.

    Friday, August 18, 2006

    Quote of the Day / Best of the Web ( Illegal Aliens)

    "In my humble opinion, if the United Nations succeeds in destroying America, it will be no small satisfaction that at least there’s a s**t load of illegal aliens that will go down with us."

    "In my humble opinion, George Bush will be immortalized in Mexican history as The Gringo President Who Let Us Steal America. Someone should tell George that America should no more be everybody’s country than Mars should be everybody’s planet."

    "In my humble opinion, the most dangerous thing about George Bush is his determination to appear reasonable. American blood is being pumped into the gutters of Baghdad, while the Bush Administration is busy turning the Alamo into another Taco Bell. " Norman Liebmann

    "Oh , For heavens sake ! Blood and soil has been used by every decent American in one sense or another since 1776. We are human beings !! Our dead are buried in certain places !! We have memories of home , of places , of locations , of kinfolk , farms, ranches, Churches and yes, even a whole country. Free Republic has been taken over by kids and neo-con, smart-alecks, that couldn't tell a guest house from a whorehouse, or a serious comment from a Shakespearean pun !!" 33 posted on 08/16/2006 8:29:53 AM PDT by okiedog

    "You are dead on correct. Race baiting (injecting race into a debate where it has no legitimate place, for the sole purpose of heightening and exploiting racial tension in order to stifle the debate) is one of the most virulent forms of racism."

    "This is the irony of the whole situation--Mexico sucks, so the illegals come to the U.S. , a place as close to paradise as any on earth, to escape Mexico, which sucks, and then they want to turn this country into Mexico, which sucks." 24 posted on 08/02/2006 by rottndog

    Monday, August 14, 2006

    Recent Statistics on "Hard-Working" Illegal Immigrants - Read it and weap!

    By William H. Calhoun (08/11/2006)

    The vast majority of illegal immigrants in America are Mexican, who were once proverbial for laziness and crime, but now are championed by the liberal media (NY Times) and neoconservative media (Wall Street Journal) as “hard-working Americans.”

    Statistics, however, show otherwise. A recent study by the Pew Hispanic Center reveals the following:

    NOTE!!! We are unable to find the Pew Study referred to and have contacted the author of this article. We will advise you as to the outcome of our queries!

    Message from the author 8/18/06

    The statistics are reprinted in the Citizens Informer
    (Vol. 37), April - June 2006, in the article "Will
    Illegal Immigrants Become Good Citizens?"

    You may request a free copy of this paper at:

    Sunday, August 13, 2006

    Standing guard (Nat'l guard gets harsh reality on Border!)

    "This call-out was a way for us to do something in the United States, helping our own."

    Standing guard By Jerry Seper


    August 13, 2006 NOGALES, Ariz.

    Sgt. Steven W. Jacobs of the Virginia National Guard, one of thousands of guardsmen from 30 states deployed along the southwest border with Mexico, says he arrived here with "no idea" of how vulnerable America is.
    "I believe 95 percent of the people in this country have no clue of what it's like down here," says Sgt. Jacobs, a bear of a man with a vise-grip handshake. "I know I had no idea how many people come over this border every day and the weird things they do to get across.
    "They'll do anything to get into the United States, often coming over with just the clothes on their back," he says. "And it's not just here; this happens all along the border. I was very surprised at what I saw when we first arrived, but I am here to protect my country, and I will stay as long as they need me."
    Members of the team work 24 hours on and 24 hours off to fight this invasion of illegal aliens while facing temperatures that rise above 100 degrees, fearsome thunderstorms that send rivers of water down nearby gullies and swarms of always-present flies.
    Using binoculars, night-vision equipment and global positioning systems, the team seeks to spot anyone trying to enter the country illegally and to report their position to the Border Patrol. About a third of the National Guard force is assigned to entry-identification teams.
    "It's a long, hard shift, but we have been very successful," Spc. Jessee says. "We do the best we can to keep tabs on what is going on in our area, and the Border Patrol has responded quickly to our calls."
    More than 150 illegal aliens used to cross nightly into the United States over a ramshackle metal fence at the base of a hill here just below a ridge, on which the team set up an observation post. On the hilltops just south of the border, Mexican spotters train equally sophisticated equipment on the Guard, directing smugglers of aliens and drugs to safer areas.
    "They've got their own spotters watching us, trying to catch us when we're not looking," Sgt. Jacobs says.

    'Significant dent'
    Alien smugglers, he says, sometimes send people along the border to see how the Guard troops react and how quickly the Border Patrol responds. But he says his team has put a "significant dent" in the number of aliens crossing into his sector, with the daily count dropping from 150 to fewer than 20.
    'Eye-opening' service
    All of the 6,199 Guard troops stationed in the border states volunteered for the mission. Among them is Spc. Travis Arnold of the Wisconsin National Guard, who also served a year in Iraq. He says he plans to help secure the border for two years.
    "This certainly has been an eye-opening experience," Spc. Arnold says. "Immigration is not a huge issue in Wisconsin. It was the sheer number of people coming over that border that surprised me the most. I had no idea how many people jump that fence every day."
    Spc. Arnold works eight-hour shifts at the Border Patrol field office in Nogales. He and a partner, Spc. Kirstin Schultz, monitor live border-surveillance videos on more than 40 television screens. Their job is to report to the Border Patrol any incursions by illegal aliens or drug smugglers.
    "I didn't realize just how quickly they come over the fences," Spc. Schultz says. "We are the agents' eyes until they make contact, and we can get them additional help if they get into trouble."
    Sgt. Brian Eckberg and Spc. Timothy Reisinger, also members of the Wisconsin National Guard who work at the Nogales field office, are assigned to monitor the detention area. They do required paperwork on apprehended border crossers, maintain detention records and call for help for agents when they need it.
    "We are freeing up the agents to be able to do enforcement work in the field," Sgt. Eckberg says. "I feel we are accomplishing a lot here for the agency and the country."
    More than 200 illegals a day are processed at the detention center at the Nogales station. With 500 agents, the station is the agency's largest and sits close to the border with Mexico.

    'Glad to be here'
    Maj. Fay Ludens, a National Guard spokeswoman, says the troops "are glad to be here."
    "Nobody is here who didn't want to be here," says Maj. Ludens, a member of the South Dakota National Guard who retires this month after 23 years. "I think we have all learned a lot about the Border Patrol and how the Border Patrol and the National Guard can work together.
    "This call-out was a way for us to do something in the United States, helping our own."
    Border Patrol spokesman Sean King says the Guard's presence in Nogales alone enabled that field office to free up 40 agents for enforcement duties along the border, a 10 percent staffing increase per shift. The increased manpower, he says, allows the office to put agents in areas "not now patrolled."
    "The National Guard has given us the ability to strengthen our overall effort to secure the border," Mr. King says.
    Apprehensions dropped by 17 percent in the Nogales office's 32-mile jurisdiction, he says, and 21 percent in the Tucson sector, which includes 281 miles of border.
    Last year, the Tucson sector accounted for about half of the 1.15 million illegal aliens apprehended on America's southern and northern borders -- about 1,300 arrests every day.
    Gen. Blum, the Guard's bureau chief, describes Operation Jump Start as a law-enforcement operation rather than a military one. He says the Guard's role is to provide military support to civilian law enforcement, as directed by the president and the secretary of defense.
    "We are not doing Border Patrol law-enforcement work," Gen. Blum says during a press conference in Washington. "We're doing everything else that other badge-carrying Border Patrol people used to have to do. We are replacing them so that they can get badges back to the border."

    Saturday, August 12, 2006

    Most Americans Want Illegal Immigration Stopped-New Polls!

    By Nathan Burchfiel Staff Writer
    August 11, 2006

    ( - Most Americans want the government to stop illegal entry into the country before discussing what to do about the estimated 12 million people already living in the U.S. illegally, according to a poll released Friday by a conservative grassroots organization.

    The findings are "exactly contradictory to what the president said," according to Steve Elliott, president of "He insisted that we have to have a comprehensive solution that would cover border security and amnesty and guest worker programs."

    The poll of more than 1,400 Americans conducted Aug. 1-3 found that 73 percent of respondents view the illegal immigration situation as a "serious problem," and 81 percent want the government to secure the borders before deciding what to do about illegal aliens already in the U.S.

    Similarly, a May 2006 Fox News/Opinion Dynamics poll found that 86 percent of Americans view illegal immigration as either "very serious" or "somewhat serious." identifies itself as a "conservative, pro-family and pro-faith" organization of "hundreds of thousands of citizens." The group encourages its members to join online petitions to "make a difference in our nation."

    Elliott told Cybercast News Service that his group "support[s] legal immigration and, like most Americans, we want the borders secured and we don't support [President Bush's] amnesty plan."

    Elliott said Americans view illegal immigration as a serious problem "because of the terrorist threat, the security threat to our country." He accused supporters of illegal immigration of ignoring that threat.

    As Cybercast News Service previously reported, illegal aliens of Middle Eastern descent have been able to blend into Mexican culture and pass into the United States while pretending to be Mexican.

    "Americans recognize that porous borders are a threat to our national security, and they want that solved as a top national security priority," Elliott said.

    But Laura Reiff, co-chair of the Essential Worker Immigration Coalition, believes the national security risk from illegal immigration is minimal.

    "The vast majority of the undocumented here are from CAFTA/NAFTA (Central and North American Free Trade Agreement) countries, mostly Mexico. I would say one in a million has any connection whatsoever to terrorism, if even that," she told Cybercast News Service.

    "But," Reiff added, "we do need to find out who's here, who is amongst us, and that is the argument we use in the national security area for developing a program for finding out who the undocumented are."

    "Everyone can agree," she added, that there is a serious problem from illegal immigration. But, Reiff argued, the only way to fix the problem is for the government to offer an easier way to enter the country legally simultaneous to any crackdown on illegal entry.

    "You're deluding yourself to say that you're going to fix the problem by securing the border, because the border will never be secured," Reiff said. "The only way to fix the problem of undocumented coming into this country and with the current undocumented population is to do everything at the same time ... in one comprehensive bill."

    The poll did not ask respondents how they would deal with illegal aliens after securing the border, but a June 12 NBC/Wall Street Journal poll found that 50 percent of Americans favor a plan similar to the Senate bill that would build a 370-mile fence along the border with Mexico and grant amnesty to illegal aliens who have been in the United States for more than two years.

    In the NBC poll, one third of respondents favored the House plan, which calls for a 700-mile fence along the Mexican border and would deport aliens who are already in the United States illegally.

    Wednesday, August 09, 2006

    OUTRAGE of the DAY! US CITIZENS attacked by alien supporters!

    Must see video of this! You won't see it on the news! Thank you YOUTUBE, you ARE the new Media!

    Anti-Illegal Immigration Speakers Attacked on Boston Common

    A small group of activists crossing the country speaking against illegal immigration, were chased out of Boston by a group of Spanish speaking immigrants Saturday while attempting to deliver a speech on Boston Common. The six “Paul Revere Riders” are traveling by motorcycle to the capital of all 48 contiguous states, speaking on the need for America to protect its own borders and the negative economic impact of illegal immigration on this country. ....[snip]

    This forum poster sums it up: " A taste of things to come. Latino immigrants are bringing their form of political discourse -- corruption, intimidation & violence -- to the United States. Respect for the rule of law is an Anglo-Saxon value that most other cultures cannot understand"

    16 posted on 08/09/2006 10:11:58 AM PDT by Applebutter

    MEChA Mass Murderer Has Ties To Marcos Aguilar

    Transcript of The Aztec Al-Qaeda Video [snips] MUST SEE!

    Thanks to for this information!

    NARRATOR: Marcos Aguilar, the Principal and founder of the Academia Semillas del Pueblo school and Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa are both former members of the UCLA chapter of MEChA.

    Antonio Villaraigosa and Marcos Aguilar

    MEChA was founded for the sole purpose of radicalizing young Latino students with a hatred for America, Chicano pride, and separatism.

    Returning the American Southwest to Mexico was the stated goal in the late 60’s when MEChA was founded but today they seek nothing less than control of the United States either by ballot box or by armed revolution.

    While Antonio Villaraigosa was President of the UCLA Chapter of MEChA, he engineered the removal of the director of the Chicano Studies Center. Antonio claimed the director was “trying to alter the concept behind Chicano studies” by refusing to include the Communist Chicano group “National Committee to Free Los Tres.” Antonio demanded Communist inclusion within UCLA’s Chicano Studies Center.

    Antonio Villaraigosa (aka Tony Villar) 1974

    In 1993 as a member of UCLA’s chapter of MEChA, Marcos Aguilar, along with other Chicano radicals trashed the Faculty Center causing $50,000 in damage. Marcos and 9 other students then went on a two week hunger strike demanding that the Chicano Studies Program be given departmental status. They sought the creation of a Chicano studies major at UCLA and eventually the school Chancellor gave in.

    When I was a high school teacher at Garfield High School, one of the largest high schools in the United States. Most of the Mexican children there had lost a sense of identity. Because, it’s own administration and the general policy of the LA Unified School District is in fact to Americanize Mexican and African American children in Los Angeles. And they would argue that that’s good. I believe that that’s not good.

    NARRATOR: Today Marcos Aguilar runs his own charter school for grades K through 8. The school is funded by state taxpayers and the National Council of La Raza, or “The Race.” Most of the students are the children of illegal aliens. They are taught Chicano pride, Aztec mythology, and Aztec math. The school teaches primarily in Spanish, but it also teaches Mandarin and the ancient native language, Nahuatl which is now used by members of the Mexican Mafia.

    MARCOS AGUILAR: Nowhere in the constitution of the United States or in the Declaration of Independence does it say that because you come here that you know have to become an American.

    NARRATOR: The school teaches a hatred of America and ethnic segregation. English, math and American history take a back seat to Danza Azteca, a traditional form of Aztec Indian dance.

    This is Marcos Aguilar beating the drum on July 4th, 1996, Americans that gathered to celebrate Independence Day and rally against illegal immigration. Marcos Aguilar was there along with other Chicano radicals in protest.

    Marcos Aguilar in 1996. Aztec warrior or Vegas showgirl?

    BROWN BERET: And we claim this land is ours. It’s always been ours, and we’re still here. And none of this talk about deporting. If anyone is gonna be deported it’s you.

    NARRATOR: American citizens were brutally attacked by illegal aliens and Communist Chicano radicals.

    MAN WITH BLOODY HEAD: When the officers departed. Then, all hell broke loose.

    MAN IN T-SHIRT: This is what they do to American Citizens. They destroy us. They hurt us.

    MAN WITH BLOODY HEAD: They just hate America and anything America stands for.

    CHICANO RADICALS: We didn’t cross the borders, the borders crossed us. Who’s the illegal aliens? Pilgrims!

    MARCOS AGUILAR: The United States is who is the immigrant here. Not us.

    NARRATOR: Marcos’ school earned the lowest possible scores on the statewide Academic Performance Index, meriting a 1 on a scale of 10. It also ranked the lowest out of all the charter schools in the Los Angeles Unified School District.

    MARCOS AGUILAR: They may not score the highest on the API tests. But the success there is that they didn’t commit suicide and that they graduated from high school.

    NARRATOR: The Semillas school has only been in existence for 4 years and until recently it only taught up to the 5th grade, so none of Aguilars’ students could have graduated yet. And when you consider the abysmal test scores and that 63% of Latino’s in Los Angeles drop out of high school, it’s unlikely that any of Aguilar’s students will graduate.

    If not committing suicide is a measure of success for Marcos Aguilar, then he must be extremely proud of his protégé Juan Alvarez seen here dancing beside him. Marcos Aguilar taught at Garfield high school where he met Juan Alvarez. This is a yearbook photo of Aguilar in the Danza Azteca group that he founded. On the opposite page is Juan Alvarez in the MEChA club.

    Juan Manuel Alvarez in 1996

    In January of 2005, Juan Alvarez parked his Jeep Grand Cherokee on the Metro link railroad tracks in Glendale, CA. He then stood by as an approaching passenger train smashed into it. The train derailed into another train traveling in the opposite direction and 11 people were killed and nearly 200 were injured.

    11 dead, 180 injured

    After the crash, Alvarez raised his arms into the air and fell to his knees. He than fled the scene and visited a friend from the Danza Azteca dance group. He poked himself in the arms and chest with a pair of scissors which at first had some believing that he had tried to commit suicide on the tracks. But the wounds were only superficial and eyewitness accounts along evidence at the scene pointed out that Alvarez had doused the interior and exterior of the vehicle in gasoline. He was hoping that his vehicle would explode on impact.

    If Alvarez wasn’t trying to commit suicide, why did he leave his SUV on the tracks? And why did he poke himself with scissors, enough to bleed, but not enough to cause serious injury.

    One explanation was that he was trying to get the attention of his ex-wife. Of course he could have bought her flowers if that was his intention.

    It is reported that Juan Alvarez often dressed as an Indian in his everyday life, much the way Marcos Aguilar does. Perhaps a better explanation of why Juan Alvarez murdered eleven innocent people is because he took his Aztec beliefs to the extreme.

    Juan Manuel Alvarez, the MEChA Mass Murderer

    In ancient Aztec society, human sacrifice and bloodletting were primary forms of ritual.

    The Aztecs accomplished this duty through human sacrifice and bloodletting. They would cut themselves until they bled.

    In 2006, KABC reporter Sandy Wells was assaulted when he tried to interview Marcos Aguilar. Marcos refused to speak with him and as the reporter walked back to his car he was nearly run down by a vehicle that drove up onto the sidewalk. He was tackled to the ground by the driver and the audio tape was stolen from his voice recorder.

    When news of the assault hit the mainstream press the school became notorious. Its unusual teaching practices and failing test scores were impossible to defend but Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa issued a statement. He supported the school, and its teaching philosophy. Even though the school focused on Chicano Pride, a hatred for America, and racial separatism, he stated that it was protected by the First Amendment right of free speech.

    Tuesday, August 08, 2006

    FBI: Approach Missing Egyptians with Caution- Immigration Myths DeBunked!

    FBI: Approach Missing Egyptians with Caution (11 missing from NY airport since July)

    (8/08/06) The FBI has issued an urgent nationwide alert for 11 Egyptian students who entered the United States last week but failed to show up for their courses at Montana State University.

    Now, isn’t that special??

    Good Bush supporters are making some incorrect assumptions on the net today about this:

    To: onyx
    “If they're here on student visas and they failed to report to class, they are in violation of their visas and should be hunted, right?”

    That's the way I understand it as well.
    237 posted on 08/08/2006 1:07:41 PM PDT by Chena

    Correct me if I'm wrong...but as a Jew with an ISraeli stamp on my passport, I don't believe I'm allowed in Egypt...true? And if that's true...why in God's name would we allow them in our Country?
    239 posted on 08/08/2006 1:09:08 PM PDT by Hildy


    Is someone hunting them? Absolutely! Fewer than 300 I.C.E. agents nationwide work on visa absconders for all of the 4 MILLION plus visa overstays that the government knows of!

    Read what Mike Cutler, former INS agent has to say in congressional testimony:

    “Consider that New York is the safest big city in the United States. It has more than 8 million residents who are confined to the relatively small area that makes up the five boroughs of the city of New York, but it is policed by roughly 37,000 police officers. It has been estimated that there are about twice as many illegal aliens present in the United States as there are residents living in the city of New York and these aliens are scattered throughout our nation. Yet there are fewer than 3,000 special agents of ICE who are dedicated to enforcing the immigration laws for the entire country.”

    Now as for this question earlier, “why in God's name would we allow them in our Country?”

    They are here because some of your favorite “conservative” (LOL!) republicans want them here, the more the better.

    Prez hopeful George Allen would increase the number visas given out and has voted for every increase on every kind of visa.

    And George Bush never met a visa increase he didn’t push, but refuses to demand Homeland Security provide more enforcement and deportation of the millions of current visa overstays, not to mention the lack of vetting processes. The 11 current Egyptians on the loose are the tip of that proverbial iceberg.

    Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison disclosed the dangers in a Senate speech last year:

    "Also last July, an Egyptian man United States authorities described as one of their most wanted smugglers of humans was arrested on charges of operating a ring that illegally brought people from Egypt and other Middle Eastern countries to the United States. The indictment says Abdallah and his associates would direct people seeking to reach the United States to travel to one of several Latin American countries, and from there to Guatemala. They would then be transported to America through Mexico in return for payments of thousands of dollars in smuggling fees."

    Monday, August 07, 2006

    All Minute Men are Not Created Equal

    Aug 7, 2006

    This morning Jim Gilchrist was interviewed on the Bill Meyer Show, KMED Radio. Gilchrist, the founder of the MinuteManProject and co-author of " Minutemen: The Battle to Secure America's Borders ", told those interested to contact him and the MMP through the web site only, NOT, which was used by professional fundraisers for his congressional run last year. He said,
    "that website has been hijacked and lawyers are working on getting it straightened out".

    For over a year the proponents of lax border security and mass illegal immigration have tried every political and media trick they could to discredit the MinuteManProject. You know the ones: The ACLU, LaRaza, Grover Norquist, Harry Reid, John McCain, RINO's, The Catholic Church, shills on internet forums, The President!

    According to them, the Minutemen were a bunch of vigilantes, just waiting to bag a "brown" one! NOT one minuteman decided what color the majority of these illegal invaders would be. The MMP is made up of ALL races, religions, ethnicities, just as illegal aliens are.

    That dog never did hunt!

    The Minutemen proved them all wrong in this year plus at the borders and in their activism across this nation. They have acted with dignity and restraint. Never a reported violent act against an illegal alien, though there have been dozens from the invadersRus crowd against MMP participants, which is ignored and often encouraged.

    But those are the tactics they use, race baiting and unproven accusations, because there is no good reason to continue "as usual". Then a few weeks ago, some people on the anti-illegal side started questioning the money handlers surrounding Chris Simcox, founder of Arizona's Civil Defense Corps, which he later changed to MinutemenCivilDefenseCorps after Gilchrist formed the MMP. The two groups were never "one".

    There are dozens of totally independent minute men groups under their own leadership across the country. It's a "grass roots" sort of the thing, precisely what corrupt power hates the most. The OBL is now "embellishing" this situation with Simcox, his well known beltway fundraising mechanism and his "security fence" in yet another attempt to dismiss and insult the entire MMP movement by proclaiming that "if one could be tainted, they are all tainted".

    YET, they refuse to admit that ignoring the rule of law by allowing as many as 30 million foreign nationals to break into this country with no recourse does taint every immigrant and citizen. The legal ones get to learn yet another language, besides the required English, because one minority demands it and wait for years to immigrate legally. Most naturalized citizens understand how absurd our entire system is. The innocent illegal ones are exploited and abused by the criminal element so rampant in their own societies. They realize all too well that they are merely some rich man's "commodity". Did that look like "appreciation" when millions of them marched and chanted in our streets last spring?

    The irony is so thick you could wall up the entire border with it.

    In 2004, the minute man project was an idea created by Jim Gilchrist, Californian, retired CPA, US Veteran. The concept was given voice in late 2004 on KDWN Radio, from Las Vegas on the Wake Up America Show with Mark Edwards, with Jim calling in as a concerned citizen, recognizing the country and government and rule of law are at a breaking point over uncontrolled and often encouraged illegal immigration along with the crime, drugs, disease that flow in with them.

    Chris Simcox was one of thousands who followed the lead of Jim GilChrist. GilChrist and Simcox are and always have been separate and distinct entities that found a common cause and time. Gilchrist let the big DC PR people Simcox uses help handle his campaign last year and has seen fit to brake free of them since, with the exception of getting his name removed from a web site in their control leftover from the campaign. It doesn't seem like a lot to ask to have final say how and where your own name is used.

    But then fairness didn't stop a Latino professor and his crowd from showing up at Jim Gilchrist's home in protest before the MMP ever took place last year.

    Some say that Simcox, or the PR conglomerate in charge of his operations, is not keeping promises to construct a security fence on the border with collected donations. Gilchrist and the MMP have never been involved with that project. As Jim said, "we're not fence builders". Time will tell, but to assume the entire MMP is somehow tied to Simcox, et al, is as silly as thinking all republicans love John McCain or George Bush!

    The 5 to 10 percent of voters, who constitute the OBL and would squander all that is good about this country by continuing our broken borders, want you to think about one guy in Arizona instead of the 5, 000 to 10,000 aliens illegally entering each and every day in this country. Afraid they might not make the money mismanagement charge stick, they are even calling Simcox a racist again, which has never been demonstrated. They so want to find someone to discredit, when all else fails they yell, "liar!, racist!"

    Illegal alien enthusiasts, think about this:

    President Bush just made another "mission" accomplished" speech about his 6,000 National guard border patrollers, otherwise known as his carrot of "enforcement" to hide the stick of amnesty.

    But there isn't 6,000 and they aren't protecting the border. Would he lie???

    Friday, August 04, 2006

    Wake UP America! Immigration news

    The Wake Up America Foundation and radio program are a wealth of information. Here are a few of the stories they list for today.

    Don Teague - NBC News
    Dallas Hospital Cares for Illegal Immigrants
    Parkland Memorial Hospital — the same iconic institution where doctors tried to save John F. Kennedy in 1963 — is today where tens of thousands of illegal immigrants receive taxpayer subsidized care. “Whether they come from this country or somewhere else, doesn’t matter how I treat them,” says Richard Benson, a doctor at Parkland Hospital. The most common patients here are expectant mothers. Each year about 16,000 babies are born at Parkland. The hospital estimates about 70 percent of them are delivered by undocumented mothers.

    * George Putnam -
    One Reporter's Opinion: Our Shocking Vulnerability
    It is this reporter's opinion that if the following story – revealed in testimony before the Senate Finance Committee concerning the vulnerability of our borders with Mexico and Canada – won't shock you, nothing will. Our own U.S. undercover investigators have repeatedly entered the United States using fake documents; in some cases, Homeland Security agents didn't ask for identification. At nine border crossings, on the Mexican and Canadian borders, U.S. agents never questioned the authenticity of counterfeit documents, according to Government Accountability Office (GAO) testimony.

    * Stephen Dinan - The washington Times
    Bush Tells Hill to 'Do Its Duty' on Immigration Bill
    President Bush squarely countered his legislative critics on immigration yesterday, telling the Congress to "do its duty" by passing a bill that includes a guest-worker program and a path to citizenship for illegal aliens. "I understand this border," Mr. Bush said, standing just yards from the U.S.-Mexico border at Anzalduas County Park. He proclaimed success on his pledge to dispatch 6,000 National Guard troops to the border states by Tuesday to help the U.S. Border Patrol and said it is making a dent in illegal entry. But he also said that enforcement alone isn't enough to stem the flow and that a program for future temporary workers is needed.

    * John McClaughry - The Washington Times
    Illegal Alien Downsizing
    Perhaps the most difficult problem of immigration policy is how to cope with the 11 million to 20 million illegal aliens already in this country. This number includes not just unattached working age males but millions of spouses, children and aged relatives. Some have been here illegally for decades, either on false documentation or simply in the shadows beyond the reach of the law. Deporting illegals apprehended within the country is difficult. The courts have held that apprehended aliens have due process rights, and legal aid organizations are ready to provide assistance. Since apprehended illegals not wanted for a crime (other than illegal entry) cannot in practice be detained until the legal process plays out, they are commonly released on their own recognizance, quickly to disappear from view.

    * Associated Press
    Immigration Bills Proposed
    Two top Republican state legislators said Thursday they intend to introduce bills that would crack down on illegal immigration and make the topic an issue in the November elections. The legislative package, dubbed the Ohio Workforce Protection and Illegal Alien Enforcement Act, is vague on details. But hearings could begin in September on bills that would limit state-assistance programs for illegal immigrants and create an investigative unit to probe Ohio companies that employ illegals, said Senate President Bill Harris, R-Ashland. ``We have to respond to the kinds of things that voters feel their government is not doing for them, and this is one of the things that we feel is important to respond to,'' said House Speaker Jon Husted.

    * Mike Drummond - Pew Research Center
    Complaint: Firings benefited Hispanics
    The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission filed a federal discrimination complaint against a Charlotte supermarket on Thursday, accusing the store of firing workers because they were not Hispanic. In its complaint filed in U.S. District Court in Charlotte, the EEOC claims that in 2004, Compare Foods fired three longtime employees -- two of whom are black and one white -- from its North Tryon Street store and replaced them with Hispanic workers. The issue strikes at sub-surface tension between two of America's largest minority groups, as Hispanics continue to make dramatic population gains. "As our nation undergoes demographic shifts, employers must be mindful not to target any specific group for discrimination because they prefer workers of a different race or nationality," Lynette Barnes, the EEOC's Charlotte regional attorney, said in a statement.

    * Associated Press
    Bush Discusses Immigration During Visit to Mexican Border
    President Bush got a firsthand look Thursday at ways the government fights illegal immigration and said that securing the border with Mexico will require more people and modern technology. For Bush's arrival at the airport in nearby McAllen, Texas, the Border Patrol had set up several tools it uses on patrol -- helicopters, a boat and a small plane. Then the president's motorcade took him past waving residents lined up along the streets of Mission to a point about a half-mile from the border. He looked at a "skybox" -- a small box equipped with infrared technology that can be raised in the air so that agents can get a view of busy crossing points. He also petted some of the horses used by agents on the ground.

    * Rachel Swarns - The New York Times
    In Georgia, Immigrants Unsettle Old Sense of Place
    For generations, people here have savored the predictable cadences of small-town living. They knew their neighbors and their neighbors neighbors, the sweet sound of Sunday church mornings and the rumble of tractors tilling the rich soil. And they knew that most outsiders would drive right through this blue-collar community of tidy bungalows and mobile homes, without stopping or settling, on their way to bigger, busier places. Then Mexican immigrants started streaming in. Lured in the 1990s by abundant agricultural work and new manufacturing jobs, the newcomers landed in a town with one traffic light, no tortillas in the supermarket and residents who stared openly at foreigners in a county that saw its last wave of immigrants in the 1850s.

    * Rep. John Hostettler - National Review Online
    In Over Our Heads
    “Illegal immigrants do the jobs that Americans won’t do”. For those who advocate a so-called guestworker program for illegal immigrants, this is their mantra of choice. Yet numerous experts have concluded that this is simply not the case. Research by the Center for Labor Market Studies and the Center for Immigration Studies, for example, indicates that American citizens in the construction and labor sectors are actually being displaced by illegal immigration in large numbers. American citizens are essentially being told to wait in line for a job behind illegal immigrants.

    Thursday, August 03, 2006

    Must see Video...Illegal Aliens roam free, citizens harrassed by LEO. San Diego

    You have to see this!

    I can't find words to describe how awful this is, watch it all, just a few minutes, loads easy. And then send it to everyone you know.

    And in your spare time call these congresscritters! And the president!

    Washington -CONGRESSIONAL Switch Board numbers:
    toll-free numbers
    Ask for the representative with whom you want to speak
    White House
    202-456-1111 comments
    Capital switch board
    Go to the "ask a question" interactive section
    and get your concerns in front of the White House.

    The "FENCE" saga continues, Contradictions Continue

    Please correct us if we're wrong, but the only fence constructed so far by the MCDC is a 5 strand barb wire cattle fence. Perhaps they will soon announce where they are building "security fences and barriers".

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Minuteman news and reports from the field

    PHOENIX, AZ (August 3, 2006) – Chris Simcox, President of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps (“MCDC”), released the following statement on the Senate vote to fund some limited U.S./Mexico border fencing and vehicle barriers:

    [snip]“In the meantime, the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps is designing and doing the engineering studies, and actually already building security fences and barriers on private land using private donations. We are also identifying the locations where the fences will do the most good along the entire southern border. If the government ever does finally decide to authorize AND fund AND build these security measures, the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps will already have the design data, plans and the information about where fences will be most effective.”

    (Las Vegas, 8/2/06) Mark Edwards and Terry Anderson discussed "fund raising" and the scam artists that leach onto worthy causes for dollars on the national radio show, Wake Up America!

    Anderson advised, "Be careful who you put your faith in, question your leadership".

    He stated he has warned others that have been "handled" by these pros to "disavow yourself" of them.

    "Our books are wide open for anyone to see any time", announced Edwards, who heads the Wake Up America Foundation, and feels any legitimate organization should do the same.

    Further Mark proclaims, " Ask questions! Tell non-profits - SHOW ME!"

    Edwards, by way of his popular radio program helped promote the Las Vegas Minutemen chapter. Now that group appears to be under the umbrella of the MCDC being operated by the entities handling the same Simcox/MCDC fence building project.

    Information, discussion and press releases on the MCDC/Simcox can be found here.

    Wednesday, August 02, 2006

    Immigration News You Missed Today!

    (Photo: A.E. Araiza / Arizona Daily Star)

    --Crossers burying border in garbage - Despite cleanups, trash along smuggling routes piles up faster
    AZSTARNET Aug 2, 2006 By Tony Davis
    In the Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge near Arivaca, No More Deaths volunteer Mark Kelso picks his way through a trash-laden area that is a pickup site for illegal entrants, an illustration of the nearly 25 million pounds of garbage thought to have been dropped in Southern Arizona.
    (Some people hire these litterers as house/grounds keepers...Yeah...that's the ticket!)
    --Sessions Wins Senate Amendment Funding Border Fence (Good news!)
    Source: Times Daily Published: Aug 2, 2006 Author: AP AID=/20060802/APN/608020806&cachetime=5
    Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions won an amendment to a defense appropriations bill Wednesday to spend nearly $2 billion on a 370-mile fence and 461 miles of vehicle barriers along the U.S. border with Mexico.

    The Senate adopted the Republican's amendment 94-3. [snip]
    (They ARE listening, people, keep calling these Senators! Good for Sessions, he didn’t wait for the White House or his traitorous collegues to stop stalling on decent legislation! Vote ‘em out in ‘o6 ‘cause ‘08 is TOO late!)

    (And some "not so good" news....)

    Judicial Injustice! Outrage of the DAY!
    --Outside an immigration court in Chicago demanding the law not be enforced. Lou Dobbs Tonight/Broken Borders Aired 8/1 and 8/2/06
    UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We're asking for a miracle. We're asking them to postpone the deportation, postpone it until the Congress can pass the law. (AMNESTY!)

    Bill Tucker/Cnn: : Their wish was granted. The court ruled that because immigration law might be changed, existing law is meaningless for the 11 who appeared before the court. So the judge granted a stay of deportation for one year.

    The 11 were arrested in a massive workplace enforcement action by Immigrations and Customs Enforcement last April in which nearly 1,200 illegal alien employees in 26 states were arrested, all working for the same employer.

    The ruling and the logic is disturbing to advocates of the law.

    VICTOR CERDA, SIFF & CERDA: Well, the judge's decision is clearly troubling in the sense that to make a decision based on speculation of changes in law really is not what they are paid for. It's not their role. Frankly, their role should be to apply the laws as they stand.

    -- Dead Mom Dragged Across Desert
    Source: Albuquerque Journal (subscription), NM - 4 hours ago (8/02/06)
    immigrants the Hernandezes had been traveling with, and they arrested three men ... to Florida where the woman's husband was living as an undocumented immigrant. ...
    (You can imagine, sorry I’m too cheap to pay for the subscription, so that’s all you get!. :<)

    --Ex-Border Patrol agent in car with immigrants held
    Associated Press Aug. 2, 2006, 7:22AM
    LAREDO - A former Border Patrol agent who resigned amid accusations he solicited sex from illegal immigrants was arrested after 11 undocumented people were found in the car he was driving.

    William Ferrone was arrested by his former colleagues Friday in Cotulla, the U.S. Border Patrol said in a statement. Border Patrol agents stopped Ferrone after people were seen getting into the car from the side of the highway. Seven immigrants were Mexican and four were Honduran. One immigrant said she was ill and was taken to a hospital for observation.

    Ferrone resigned in 2004 after a 26-year-old illegal immigrant said he solicited sexual favors in the back of his patrol car.[snip]

    --Documents say brothel used undocumented women
    8/2/2006 12:28 PM By: Associated Press
    Federal agents say they've broken up brothels in eastern Travis County and the Oklahoma City area that catered mostly to undocumented workers.

    Court documents show the brothels were part of a multistate prostitution ring and employed immigrant women as prostitutes. The documents show women from Mexico and Central and South American countries worked in the houses and in some cases reported being held against their will.

    Officials say the Travis County brothel was the second in that area run by the same man. They say 34-year-old Juan Balderas-Orosco escaped capture when authorities raided the first one four years ago. [snip]