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Friday, December 30, 2005

Mugged at Gunpoint by illegal Aliens! What a Christmas!

TheTownCrier, Editorial

I get many emails from frustrated Americans about immigration. Many want to speak up, but hesitate. Some of them are afraid. They shudder at being attacked with vile accusations of xenophobia by radical alien sympathizers. They fear retaliation by drug cartel gangs. They don’t want to cause “trouble”.

These are mostly private, hard working, decent people, abiding the law, trying to survive and leave something of this nation for their kids.

But instead they are being thrown into a “nation within a nation” with a foreign language and flag. They watch their middle class neighborhood morph into a colonia. They lose their jobs or work for the same wages they did 20 years ago. Some have their property used as a smuggling corridor, night after night, year after year.

Today a friend sent an email he had received by such a conflicted fellow American and asked if I could let someone know. I will share the email with her identity protected.

Speak up before you are too afraid to!’

Silence IS consent.

Subject: Fwd: Please PRAY for my friends! - Robbed at Gunpoint! What a Christmas!

"We had a tough season too. On the 22nd Becky was mugged at gun point and punched in the mouth by two [illegal mexicans] in the walmart parking lot, they took our entire Christmas budget from her! Then the cops just acted so nonchalant about it saying this has been going on everyday here in Salem [Oregon]. They haven't even tried to get them, no detectives have called us, walmart refuses to give us the security tape and no one cares. Meanwhile the Mexican Government in cooperation with ours keeps setting up mobile stations to issue a card to these guys so they can get bank accounts and houses and cars. OUTRAGEOUS!!!!!
Talk to you soon. “

A friends return email:

“just talked to [the victims] tonight after I received this email. I was just totally appalled! I feel SO BAD for them!
She said they were just so devastated, that they didn’t even
want to tell anyone. They had NO Christmas! I feel so bad for their 6 year old son & other 2 kids. Thank God she wasn't killed! [victim] said they took $1700 from her - it was all the money they had for Christmas. I asked about their parents, and they said, yes, that they knew... but that they didn't want to go anywhere at all for Christmas. [victim] was so traumatized that they didn't even want to leave the house.”

What has the NRA got to do with Immigration and terrorism?

Dec. 31st, 2005

Dear National Rifle Association,

I can’t tell you how many men in my life have proudly worn your NRA hats, patches and been paying members of your organization. These are law abiding, conservative, hard working Americans. Most of your members are.

But something doesn’t pass the smell test.

Why is Grover Norquist on your board of directors? It’s obvious your membership is not doing it’s job by voting or paying attention. I will do all I can to change that. It becomes more obvious day by day that Mr. Norquist could care less about the 2nd Amendment or much else American and Constitutional.

Grover Norquist, republican strategist.
Friend of radical Islam/CAIR and open borders/amnesty.

Point man to the White House/Karl Rove on immigration.
The quickest to publicly accuse Americans of racism because we demand our
immigration laws be enforced and our borders protected.
Master of propaganda talking points.
Patron saint of the new revised Chamber of Commerce.
Good buddy of indicted, super lobbyist, Jack Abramoff .

You should or DO know all of this. My question is why do you want this questionable political operative in any position in the NRA? Is this why the NRA has not taken the position of 90% of the US citizen public for protecting our borders from foreign illegal masses and terrorists? Is this why you opposed the Real ID act?

The Second Amendment cannot stand alone. If you don’t believe that, then your organization has ceased to be what it once was.

What has happened to the NRA?



(Must Read!)

The Fast Rise and Steep Fall of Jack Abramoff
How a Well-Connected Lobbyist Became the Center of a Far-Reaching Corruption Scandal

By Susan Schmidt and James V. Grimaldi
Washington Post Staff Writers
Thursday, December 29, 2005; Page A01

A quarter of a century ago, Abramoff and anti-tax crusader Grover Norquist were fellow Young Turks of the Reagan revolution. They organized Massachusetts college campuses in the 1980 election -- Abramoff while he was an undergraduate at Brandeis and Norquist at Harvard Business School -- to help Ronald Reagan pull an upset in the state.

They moved to Washington, maneuvered to take over the College Republicans -- at the time a sleepy establishment organization -- and transformed it into a right-wing activist group. They were joined by Ralph Reed, an ambitious Georgian whose later Christian conversion would fuel his rise to national political prominence.

Soon they made headlines with such tactics as demolishing a mock Berlin Wall in Lafayette Park, where they also burned a Soviet leader in effigy. "We want to shock them," Abramoff told The Post at the time.[snip]
click on video, WashingtonJournal, Dec. 30, 2005 for Brian Lamb interview with James Grimaldi, The Washington Post for further Norquist information. _____

Famous graduates of the Youth Leadership School include Karl Rove, senior strategist to President George W. Bush; James Gilmore, former Virginia governor and chairman of the Republican National Committee; Senator Mitch McConnell, (R-KY); and Americans for Tax Reform President Grover Norquist.

The debate is boiling in conservative circles. In January, National Review magazine ran a cover story on the president's plan titled: "Amnesty, Again." This month, The Wall Street Journal published dueling pieces on its opinion pages. Fifteen Republicans including Grover Norquist, Newt Gingrich and Jack Kemp hailed the president's plan as "a humane, orderly, and economically sensible approach to migration."

CAIR organizers brought in a heavyweight political cast, including Zoe Lofgren, Art Torres, Ralph Nader, Grover Norquist and San Jose Mayor Ron Gonzales, to greet the Muslim audience Saturday afternoon. The meeting, according to activist Agha Saeed, would help answer one of the more puzzling questions for political observers: Other than the obvious foreign policy and civil rights issues, what, exactly, are American Muslim political issues?[snip]
By Frank J Gaffney Jr. | December 9, 2003

Why We Are Publishing This Article by David Horowitz

On the basis of the evidence assembled here, it seems beyond dispute that Grover Norquist has formed alliances with prominent Islamic radicals who have ties to the Saudis and to Libya and to Palestine Islamic Jihad, and who are now under indictment by U.S. authorities. Equally troubling is that the arrests of these individuals and their exposure as agents of terrorism have not resulted in noticeable second thoughts on Grover’s part or any meaningful effort to dissociate himself from his unsavory friends.

As Frank Gaffney’s article recounts, Grover’s own Islamic Institute was initially financed by one of the most notorious of these operatives, Abdurahman Alamoudi, a supporter of Hamas and Hezbollah who told the Annual Convention of the Islamic Association of Palestine in 1996, “If we are outside this country we can say ‘Oh, Allah destroy America.’ But once we are here, our mission in this country is to change it.” Grover appointed Alamoudi’s deputy, Khaled Saffuri to head his own organization. Together they gained access to the White House for Alamoudi and Sami al-Arian and others with similar agendas who used their cachet to spread Islamist influence to the American military and the prison system and the universities and the political arena with untold consequences for the nation.

Alamoudi and Norquist
The investment began when Alamoudi wrote two personal checks (a $10,000 loan and what appears to be a $10,000 gift) to help found Norquist’s Islamic Institute. In addition, Alamoudi made payments in 2000 and 2001 totaling $50,000 to Janus-Merritt Strategies, a lobbying firm with which Norquist was associated at the time.

[In September 2000], on [Karl Rove’s] way to the airport to catch his flight back to Texas, Khaled Saffuri, executive director of the Islamic Institute, joined Rove in his car. Saffuri explained to him that the vote of the Arab-American community, which includes both Muslims and Christians, still was up for grabs. The community is prosperous and could be the source of considerable campaign contributions. If Bush would mention in public just a few of the issues that concern Arab-Americans, Saffuri told Rove, he would win their hearts, their minds and their support.

I became aware of the intensity of the attachment when Norquist verbally assaulted me one day in the hallway outside our offices with the accusation that I had been calling Khan a terrorist. I assured him that I had done no such thing. Evidently, somebody else, though, had stumbled onto the fact that Khan’s late father, Mahboob Khan, was a prominent figure in the Islamist enterprise in America. It turns out that, among other things, he was the founder of a large Wahhabi center, mosque and school in Orange County, California.

After Khan’s family ties to terror became a focus of press attention, Suhail left the White House staff to go to work at the Department of Transportation. Grover Norquist closed a Wednesday Group meeting by tearfully apologizing to Suhail Khan for the injury caused him by “racists and bigots” and, by example, encouraging the assembled company to join him in a standing ovation to Khan. Most hadn’t a clue what he was talking about but went along. Mindful that Norquist had me in mind, I sat it out.

Consequently, over the years, and particularly as the Bush Administration’s Muslim outreach effort ramped up in the aftermath of 9/11, Grover Norquist was able to gain extraordinarily high-level access for a number of troubling individuals and groups. An undated White House memo, evidently prepared by Suhail Khan in early 2001 and intended to coordinate Muslim and Arab-American public liaison events, shows that Norquist’s Islamic Institute was instrumental in establishing Islamist connections with the Bush administration. The Islamic Institute provided the White House with a list of Muslim invitees, with the name, date of birth and Social Security number of each. As the founder of the Islamic Institute, Grover Norquist tops the list.

A leading Arab-American pollster, John Zogby, told The New Republic, “[Grover]’s played the role of interlocutor. With all respect, many of the leaders are immigrants and don't have years and years of experience. Grover has filled that void.” He went on to say that “absolutely, [Grover is] central to the White House outreach. [snip]
To: Sabertooth

“In the interests of full disclosure, can you briefly describe the Free Republic Network's connections to Grover Norquist?”

Allow me to answer that. Grover Norquist is one of several people who informally advises FRN on a number of issues. By 'informally' I mean that none of these people has any authority over anything we do; they just give us ideas or advice when we ask for it.

As you may know, Norquist's office is host every Wednesday to a meeting that is attended by representives from practically every conservative organization on the planet. The White House, Senator Frist's office, and Speaker Hastert's office also send representatives, and they tell us about the legislative agenda or other policy topics. Conservative candidates from around the country come there to introduce themselves. Virtually any group that has something going on can get a minute or two on the agenda, and I have done so numerous times to promote things the FRN was doing, such as the "Rally for America" events we did back in March. This is also how I was able to arrange for Angelwood to attend a speech given by President Bush. It is how we met Jeff Gannon of Talon News, who now hosts a program on Radio FR. In short, Grover Norquist has been of enormous help to us in connecting us with other people and organizations that share our goals.
283 posted on 12/11/2003 9:24:48 AM PST by Nick Danger

More discussions on this article here:


Thursday, December 29, 2005

Edward Abbey: "Immigration and Liberal Taboos"

Sonoran News
Published: Dec 28, 2005
Author: Edward Abbey

[From Abbey’s 1988 book One Life at a Time, Please.]

In the American Southwest, where I happen to live, only sixty miles north of the Mexican border, the subject of illegal aliens is a touchy one. Even the terminology is dangerous: the old word wetback is now considered a racist insult by all good liberals; and the perfectly correct terms illegal alien and illegal immigrant can set off charges of xenophobia, elitism, fascism, and the ever-popular genocide against anyone careless enough to use them. The only acceptable euphemism, it now appears, is something called undocumented worker. Thus the pregnant Mexican woman who appears, in the final stages of labor, at the doors of the emergency ward of an El Paso or San Diego hospital, demanding care for herself and the child she's about to deliver, becomes an "undocumented worker." The child becomes an automatic American citizen by virtue of its place of birth, eligible at once for all of the usual public welfare benefits. And with the child comes not only the mother but the child's family. And the mother's family. And the father's family. Can't break up families can we? They come to stay and they stay to multiply.

What of it? say the documented liberals; ours is a rich and generous nation, we have room for all, let them come. And let them stay, say the conservatives; a large, cheap, frightened, docile, surplus labor force is exactly what the economy needs. Put some fear into the unions: tighten discipline, spur productivity, whip up the competition for jobs. The conservatives love their cheap labor; the liberals love their cheap cause. (Neither group, you will notice, ever invites the immigrants to move into their homes. Not into their homes!) Both factions are supported by the cornucopia economists of the ever-expanding economy, who actually continue to believe that our basic resource is not land, air, water, but human bodies, more and more of them, the more the better in hive upon hive, world without end - ignoring the clear fact that those nations which most avidly practice this belief, such as Haiti, Puerto Rico, Mexico, to name only three, don't seem to be doing well. They look more like explosive slow-motion disasters, in fact, volcanic anthills, than functioning human societies. But that which our academic economists will not see and will not acknowledge is painfully obvious to los latinos: they stream north in ever-growing numbers.

Meanwhile, here at home in the land of endless plenty, we seem still unable to solve our traditional and nagging difficulties. After forty years of the most fantastic economic growth in the history of mankind, the United States remains burdened with mass unemployment, permanent poverty, an overloaded welfare system, violent crime, clogged courts, jam-packed prisons, commercial ("white-collar") crime, rotting cities and a poisoned environment, eroding farmlands and the disappearing family farm all of the usual forms of racial ethnic and sexual conflict (which immigration further intensifies), plus the ongoing destruction of what remains of our forests, fields, mountains, lakes, rivers, and seashores, accompanied by the extermination of whole specie's of plants and animals. To name but a few of our little nagging difficulties.

This being so, it occurs to some of us that perhaps evercontinuing industrial and population growth is not the true road to human happiness, that simple gross quantitative increase of this kind creates only more pain, dislocation, confusion, and misery. In which case it might be wise for us as American citizens to consider calling a halt to the mass influx of even more millions of hungry, ignorant, unskilled, and culturallymorally-generically impoverished people. At least until we have brought our own affairs into order. Especially when these uninvited millions bring with them an alien mode of life which - let us be honest about this - is not appealing to the majority of Americans. Why not? Because we prefer democratic government, for one thing; because we still hope for an open, spacious, uncrowded, and beautiful-yes, beautiful!-society, for another. The alternative, in the squalor, cruelty, and corruption of Latin America, is plain for all to see.

Yes, I know, if the American Indians had enforced such a policy none of us pale-faced honkies would be here. But the Indians were foolish, and divided, and failed to keep our WASP ancestors out. They've regretted it ever since.

To everything there is a season, to every wave a limit, to every range an optimum capacity. The United States has been fully settled, and more than full, for at least a century. We have nothing to gain, and everything to lose, by allowing the old boat to be swamped. How many of us, truthfully, would prefer to be submerged in the Caribbean-Latin version of civilization? (Howls of "Racism! Elitism! Xenophobia!" from the Marx brothers and the documented liberals.) Harsh words: but somebody has to say them. We cannot play "let's pretend" much longer, not in the present world.

Therefore-let us close our national borders to any further mass immigration, legal or illegal, from any source, as does every other nation on earth. The means are available, it's a simple technical-military problem. Even our Pentagon should be able to handle it. We've got an army somewhere on this planet, let's bring our soldiers home and station them where they can be of some actual and immediate benefit to the taxpayers who support them. That done, we can begin to concentrate attention on badly neglected internal affairs. Our internal affairs. Everyone would benefit, including the neighbors. Especially the neighbors. Ah yes. But what about those hungry hundreds of millions, those anxious billions, yearning toward the United States from every dark and desperate corner of the world? Shall we simply ignore them? Reject them? Is such a course possible?

"Poverty," said Samuel Johnson, "is the great enemy of human happiness. It certainly destroys liberty, makes some virtues impracticable, and all virtues extremely difficult."

You can say that again, Sam.

Poverty, injustice, over breeding, overpopulation, suffering, oppression, military rule, squalor, torture, terror, massacre: these ancient evils feed and breed on one another in synergistic symbiosis. To break the cycles of pain at least two new forces are required: social equity - and birth control. Population control. Our Hispanic neighbors are groping toward this discovery. If we truly wish to help them we must stop meddling in their domestic troubles and permit them to carry out the social, political, and moral revolution which is both necessary and inevitable.

Or if we must meddle, as we have always done, let us meddle for a change in a constructive way. Stop every campesino at our southern border, give him a handgun, a good rifle, and a case of ammunition, and send him home. He will know what to do with our gifts and good wishes. The people know who their enemies are.

Posted here:

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Juárez land dispute heats up, Farmers fear new development will force them out

The TownCrier wishes all of you a blessed and Merry Christmas. To our neighbors in Mexico, may your government and ruling class one day grant you freedom, prosperity and self determination. From the looks of the following article, it won't be coming your way soon. We in America understand how fragile property rights are. Feliz Navidad!

Louie Gilot
El Paso Times
Sunday, December 25, 2005

JUAREZ -- A melee at a city council meeting in Juárez marked the beginning of what could be one of the most important land development projects in the area and a new violent chapter for the poor farmers who stand in the way.

Council members voted Thursday to greenlight "San Jerónimo," an ambitious development of more than 40,000 acres across the border from the Santa Teresa Port of Entry. The land, owned by Mexican businessman Eloy Vallina, could be home to a major manufacturing center in the future. But not far from there, a community of about 100 farming families called Lomas de Poleo, fears for its survival.

"We are just between Juárez and San Jerónimo. We are in the middle, vulnerable," said Prisciliano Dominguez, a 50-year-old resident of Lomas de Poleo. "They are going to put their communication networks and their roads through us. They are going to impose taxes. We came here to escape the pressure of taxes."

For the past three years, the community -- perched on a mesa in Northwest Juárez -- has been the scene of a brutal land dispute between residents and Juárez industrialist Pedro Zaragoza Vizcarra. Both parties claim to own the land.

Thursday, Dominguez and 80 other residents and representatives of community organizations, went to the city council meeting hoping to testify, organizers said. But another group of about 80 people who apparently supported the pro-development Mayor Hector Murguia, attacked them, witnessed said. The city council retreated behind closed doors to vote.

City officials said all the council members, except the ones from the National Action Party, or PAN, voted in favor of the development. But they insisted that no public money would be used for the private project, according to state law.

They also asked that the developers build a roadway connecting San Jerónimo to Juárez through Anapra by the end of next year. City officials said the project would benefit Juárez by generating 39,500 jobs in the next 10 years and would provide an alternative route for the railroad that cuts through the congested center of town.

Vallina has been on the board of directors of Verde Group, which is developing land in Santa Teresa.

Community groups and residents said they wanted to be consulted on the project and wanted to clarify the ownership of Lomas de Poleo once and for all.

Residents have occupied the land since 1976, they said, after obtaining plots from the federal government. Three years ago, when talks of industrial development floated in the region, residents started getting harassed by groups of young men reportedly hired by Zaragoza, they said. One resident died in August in a fight with the young men.

Louie Gilot may be reached at, 546-6131.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

A Nation within a Nation! The cry of Invasion - Islamist state in Europe?

A Nation within a Nation! The cry of Invasion

The following article is not about our Southern Border. It is about the Balkans and the new plan our State Dept. has envisioned to carve out an “Islamic” state. Remember as you read below, “ the minority Serbs and Croats”, were the majority only a few years ago. Their country was invaded and they are now subjects of their invaders being prepped to no longer live in a Christian nation. The invaders have destroyed all the centuries old churches during Nato/Clinton/Bush “nation building”.

Anyone paying attention to the debate on illegal immigration into the United States has heard the battle cries of open border advocates, some of them US paid professors demanding a “Nation within a Nation” for Hispanics. The Serbs and Croats probably never thought it could happen either.
Islamist state in Europe?

The Washington Times
By Jeffrey T. Kuhner
December 18, 2005

The Bush administration has decided to get involved in another dangerous nation-building project -- in the volatile Balkans. More ominously, the effects of this intervention will lay the groundwork for an Islamist state in the heart of Europe.
Recently, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and the leaders of Bosnia's three main groups -- Muslims, Serbs and Croats -- met in Washington to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Dayton Accords, which ended Europe's worst bloodletting since 1945. The administration should have limited itself to a symbolic remembrance. Instead, it pressured Bosnia's political representatives to sign an agreement demanding constitutional reforms by early next year.
The plan seeks to establish a centralized, unitary republic dominated by a strong government in Sarajevo. The ultimate goal is to forge a more cohesive state that will finally eradicate the country's ethnic divisions.
Bosnia's current political system, with its rotating tripartite presidency, parallel administrations and vast bureaucracy, is neither rational nor efficient. Reform is needed. The American-backed plan, however, is a recipe for disaster. It is a form of radical social engineering that will have to be imposed against the wishes of the country's Serb and Croat populations.
More importantly, it will pave the way for potentially turning Bosnia into Europe's first Islamic republic. This will destabilize not only the Balkans, but the entire European continent.
During the Bosnian war of 1992-1995, many of the country's Muslims became radicalized. Thousands of foreign Arab fighters, known as the mujahideen, infiltrated into Bosnia in order to wage jihad against Christian Serb and Catholic Croat forces. Iran and Saudi Arabia's influence over the Bosnian Muslim authorities grew as the war ground on. Radical Islam took root in the Balkans.
Most of Bosnia's Muslims remain secular or moderate. But in his recent book, "Faith at War," Yaroslav Trofimov, the Wall Street Journal's foreign correspondent, documents the chilling rise of militant Islam since the end of the fighting.
Mr. Trofimov shows the Saudis have been funding numerous mosques in Sarajevo. At these places of worship, long-bearded Imams champion the doctrines of Wahhabism, a particularly intolerant version of Islam. The Saudis have also supported charities that serve as fronts for al Qaeda cells. Islamist radio stations, such as Radio Naba, and radical organizations, such as the Young Muslims, have proliferated. Parts of Bosnia, like the village of Bocinja, serve as enclaves for a remaining mujahideen.
What is most disturbing, however, is the influx of young Bosnian Muslim fighters into Iraq. They are joining the Islamofascist insurgents in their barbaric campaign against U.S. forces. At one of Sarajevo's main mosques, the second highest-ranking cleric in the country, Ismet Spahic, has publicly denounced the U.S.-led war in Iraq as "genocide."
This small minority of Islamic militants is growing, like a cancer on Bosnia's body politic. Thus far, the U.S., the European Union and the Sarajevo authorities have ignored the problem.
They have also turned a blind eye to the growing persecution of Bosnia's Christians, especially Croatian Catholics. Locked into a federation with the majority Muslims, the Croatians dwindled in number as they slowly leave their ancestral lands. Less than half-a-million are left. Those who remain suffer daily violations of their basic rights.
The Croatians are dying. If these constitutional reforms passes, it will be the Serbs' turn to be submerged by the growing Muslim majority.
The way to long-term stabilization is not by centralizing power and trying to forge an artificial "Bosnian" identity as the U.S. plan foolishly seeks to do. Switzerland is a better model: Make Bosnia an efficient decentralized state and devolve power to ethnic cantons with considerable political, religious and cultural autonomy. Making all three ethnic groups masters in their own house, will give each, especially the minority Serbs and Croats, an incentive to view Bosnia as their shared, common homeland. It will also help to contain radical Islam by providing an internal system of checks and balances. This will prevent any kind of potential Islamic movement from seizing national power.
To the Balkanists in the State Department, however, Bosnia is a giant laboratory for their experiment in multiethnic nation-building. Like other such experiments -- Yugoslavia, the Soviet Union, Czechoslovakia -- it will fail. This time the cost to the West will be even more severe: an Islamic inroad into the center of Europe. Washington will rue the day.

Jeffrey T. Kuhner is editor of Insight on the News ( and a contributor to the Commentary Pages of The Washington Times.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Congress to President Bush: Enforce Immigration law!

Dec. 17, 2005 7:20 pacific

One of the overlooked highlights of HR4437, the border security act passed by the House of representatives on 12/16/05 was an amendment by Cong. Sam Johnson (R-Tex). There were no objections to the amendment during debate, but only unanimous voice consensus that our immigration laws are not being enforced by the current administration.

Rep. Johnson eloquently outlined the numerous laws that are being ignored for political expediency by the Bush White House. There were many including the failure of agencies to talk among each other, share information to apprehend criminal aliens, to enforce employment laws, etc.

Barring the act itself and this amendment being diluted by the Senate to morph into an amnesty, the peoples house has spoken.

Mr. President, it is the will of the people and their elected representatives, that you must no longer selectively choose which laws you will enforce. Uphold your oath of office.

H.AMDT.640 (A003)
Amends: H.R.4437
Sponsor: Rep Johnson, Sam [TX-3] (offered 12/15/2005)

An amendment numbered 3 printed in part B of House Report 109-347

To express the sense of Congress that the President, Attorney General, Secretary of State, Secretary of Homeland Security and other Department Secretaries should immediately use every tool available to them to enforce the immigration laws of the U.S., as enacted by Congress.


12/15/2005 7:02pm:
Amendment (A003) offered by Mr. Johnson, Sam. (consideration: CR H11839-11842; text: CR H11839)
12/15/2005 7:11pm:
On agreeing to the Johnson, Sam amendment (A003) Agreed to by voice vote.

Terry Anderson, Articulating the popular rage!

"If You Ain't Mad, You Ain't Payin' Attention!"

If you have never had the pleasure of hearing Terry Anderson radio host from L.A. speak on the subject of immigration and illegal aliens, you must tune in Sunday nights at 9pm pacific. He's heard on several affiliates and KWDN out of Vegas. On that same station he cohosts with Mark Edwards on Wednesday nights 10pm to midnight on the Wake Up America radio show.

Terry has been featured on 60 minutes and Lou Dobbs among others. You can listen on the web and read the fine contributions on Terrys website at:

Friday, December 16, 2005

Immigration and Border Security Passage - HR4437

Published: Dec 16, 2005
Author: AuntB - transcribed from CSpan
Post Date: 2005-12-16 22:58:25 by AuntB

Immigration and Border Security Passage in the House

10:30 pm ET - U.S. House of Representatives

Upon Passage

HR 4437
Yea Nay Not voting

Republican 203 17 11

Democrat 36 162 3

Ind 1

Totals 239 182 14

There you have it, folks. No word yet on who the 28 republicans are who align themselves with liberals and lawbreakers. 17 voted no and 11 were just too yellow bellied to bother.

Here are a few (NOT all) highlights included in the bill that Cspan listed. The fence wasn't mentioned during the 5 minute vote. The anchor baby provision was dumped during a deal making by the rules committee.

Increases use of surveillance equipment

250 added inspectors at ports of entry

Mandatory minimum sentences for smuggling and reentry by an alien

Blocks admission of any street gang member

Allows deportation of 3 time drunk driver convictions of an alien

Mandatory employment verification system


The roll call votes are up. Hayworth voted against the bill, he said, because it didn't do enough. The rest are the usual suspects.

Repubs voting No

Bartlett (MD)
Diaz-Balart, L.
LeachHastings (WA)
Smith (NJ)
Wilson (NM)

Not voting

Barrett (SC)
Barton (TX)
Cole (OK)
Davis, Jo Ann
Diaz-Balart, M.
Young (AK)
Young (FL)

Want to make people angry? Lie to them.
Want to make them absolutely livid? Tell 'em the truth."

Posts of the Day-Best of the Web

To: SC33
“I'd rather see the above bill passed, flawed as it is, than anything like a "guest worker" program. “

How about a simple, "keep them from comming", "keep them from staying", "get them out now", and "stop them from getting in" bill? WITH all the penalties mentioned in this initiative, bill?

Is that so hard? is it? Huh?

12 posted on 12/13/2005 5:38:51 PM PST by Forte Runningrock

To: kitkat
" Apologize for that! I'm Irish, and nobody in my whole family are or ever were drunks."

I'm Irish and I'm sorry to hear it.
35 posted on 12/10/2005 3:08:25 PM PST by fat city ("The nation that controls magnetism controls the world."
"I would like to see one person on this thread propose some practical idea to get 13 Million people out of the woodwork, and become legal. Or, for that matter, explain to me how one goes about having law enforcement deport 13 Million Illegal alliens?"

It's been posted on FR hundreds of times.

Stop employers from hiring illegals, cut off welfare to illegals and enforce the 14th Amendment as it was intended, and 90% of your illegals will leave on their own at no cost to the American public.

By they way; If we can deport 1, we can deport 13 million.

227 posted on 11/30/2005 5:08:09 AM PST by Marine Inspector (Government is not the solution to our problem; Government is the problem)


The Ferengi Rules of Acquisition
They (open border lobby) seem to REALLY follow these examples...

Rule 020 » Only give money to people you know you can steal from.
Rule 027 » There's nothing more dangerous than an honest businessman.
Rule 029 » What's in it for me?
Rule 037 » If it's free, take it and worry about hidden costs later.
Rule 042 » What's mine is mine, and what's yours is mine too.
Rule 051 » Reward anyone who adds to your profits so they will continue to do so.
Rule 142 » There's no such thing as an unfair advantage.
Rule 202 » The justification of profit is profit.
Rule 211 » Employees are the rungs on the ladder of success... don't hesitate to step on them.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Illegal immigrants have tendency to break laws
Conor Fridersdorf, Staff Writer

Columnist Peggy Noonan wrote a superb essay this week that articulated why many Americans are deeply troubled by illegal immigration. Her thoughts, published by the Wall Street Journal, are worth considering at length.
"What does it mean that your first act on entering a country - your first act on that soil - is the breaking of that country's laws?" Noonan asks. "What does it suggest to you when that country does nothing about your lawbreaking because it cannot, or chooses not to? What does that tell you? Will that make you a better future citizen, or worse? More respecting of the rule of law in your new home, or less?"

She goes on: "If you assume or come to believe that that nation will not enforce its own laws for reasons that are essentially cynical, that have to do with the needs of big business or the needs of politicians, will that assumption or belief make you more or less likely to be moved by that country, proud of that country, eager to ally yourself with it emotionally, psychologically and spiritually?"

In the essay, Noonan's questions are rhetorical, but I'd like to answer them. Among immigrants whose first act upon entering the country is unlawful, I believe there will be a general decline in the rule of law.


We follow laws for three reasons. One is fear of punishment. Another is respect for the law's content: We don't murder because we know it's wrong, not because the legislature says we can't.

The third reason is a respect for the rule of law. I may think it's perfectly moral to run a stop sign in the middle of the night on an empty road, and I may not fear getting caught. Nevertheless I will stop at the sign because I believe that laws generally ought to be followed and I am in the habit of doing so.

Illegal immigrants still have personal values that keep them from becoming career criminals. And they still fear the repercussions of illegal behavior. But after breaking the law to enter our country, to work here and to remain here, how could they keep their respect for the rule of law intact? A slippery slope is at work and it applies to all of us.

Once we begin habitually running stop signs on empty roads it becomes a little bit less automatic to come to a complete stop during light traffic. It becomes less automatic to obey "No U Turn" signs or avoid crossing double yellow lines or to drive the speed limit.

And mustn't it work the same way for illegal immigrants?

Illegal entry, a rather unique law to break, is probably insufficient to change their habits with regard to the law. Yet, once here, illegal immigrants must break the law routinely. They acquire false documents illegally, get jobs illegally and stay here illegally. Mustn't this habit prove destructive over time?

If I am right, illegal immigration - by creating a subculture in which flouting the law is a consistent necessity for survival - undermines the rule of law in the United States in deeply destructive ways.

This is doubly true when you consider that illegal immigrants aren't the only ones pulled onto a slippery slope by their illegal entry. Citizens break the law to hire these illegal immigrants, to provide their fake documentation, etc.

It is tempting to say, "Yes, I break traffic laws now and then, but it hasn't gotten out of hand. I'm still a safe driver in general. Why shouldn't illegal immigrants be able to break the law when necessary without ever reaching the equivalent of blowing through a red light during rush hour?"

The answer is this: Some humans need laws to check their behavior more than others. If you and I, dear reader, lived in a society without murder laws, we'd never kill anyone, but other people would certainly murder a lot more. If we lived in a society where traffic rules weren't enforced, you and I might remain relatively safe drivers, but a percentage of the population would slip into dangerous habits. We all consent to being ticketed when we break traffic laws to guard against that.

I submit the same thing is true of illegal immigrants: Most who routinely break the law to survive will nevertheless remain generally upstanding. But some will find that once they've broken the law enough times, they lose respect for its place in society and they begin to commit offenses.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

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​We are now one of the largest Spanish-speaking nations in the world. We're a major source of Latin music, journalism and culture.

Just go to Miami, or San Antonio, Los Angeles, Chicago or West New York, New Jersey ... and close your eyes and listen. You could just as easily be in Santo Domingo or Santiago, or San Miguel de Allende.

For years our nation has debated this change -- some have praised it and others have resented it. By nominating me, my party has made a choice to welcome the new America.

George Bush from a campaign speech in Miami, August 2000.
26 posted on 12/10/2005 3:21:43 PM PST by raybbr

To: Reaganwuzthebest
Department of Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff yesterday said illegal immigration is a "severe and growing threat" and while it will take time to correct, the government has begun a campaign to secure America's borders.

Growing? Growing?

This reminds me of that scene in Alien:

Ash: It boils down to this being one tough little SOB
Ripley: And you let him on the ship.

We have been screaming about this for 10 years, and especially since 9/11. And NOW they admit to there being a problem?

And within the context of an amnesty?

Jeeze -- these people are insane. The entire administration.

5 posted on 12/10/2005 12:05:48 PM PST by freedumb2003

7. To: fitz (#2)

When 3 million Mexicans can just waltz over the border easily every year, many of them in the first stages of labor, then terrorists obviously aren't going to find it very difficult either.


Why should the terrorists even bother blowing us up? Our government, which runs on stupid as far as putting citizens first (think Hurricane Katrina) and sovereignty (ignoring borders, allowing Spanish to be spoken, stupid trade policies) is on self-destruct.

Nobody had to blow Rome up, after all.

Grania posted on 2005-12-10 14:54:20 ET

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Border Patrol agents arrest man wanted for murder in Los Angeles

Border Patrol agents arrest man wanted for murder in Los Angeles

Tucson, Arizona | Published: 12.06.2005

Border Patrol agents arrested a man wanted for murder in Los Angeles.

Jose Medina-Castañeda, 43, of Mexico, was captured in a group of 19 people trying to cross the border east of Douglas on Sunday, said Jim Hawkins, a Tucson sector spokesman. Agents checked their fingerprints and found a warrant for Medina-Castañeda issued in 1993.
He was booked into the Cochise County Jail and will be taken to California to face charges.

Medina-Castañeda is the 16th murder suspect caught by Tucson sector Border Patrol agents in the past 2 months.

AND another thing!
If you have not see these two sites, do so!
Outlines many of the murders committed by illegal aliens
To see the environmental devistation from illegal invasion

piles of litter at layup area In addition to direct damage to the fragile desert ecosystems, tremendous piles of litter and drug-carrying backpacks are discarded, along with thousands of abandoned vehicles.

"A nation without borders is not a nation." --President Reagan

Saturday, December 03, 2005



By Frosty Wooldridge

President Bush finally made a limousine tour of our broken borders. His cosmetic stops at the border presented photo ops much like his Johnny-come-later stops in New Orleans. He didn’t see the millions of tons of trash, stay to watch the thousands of illegals crossing nightly, nor did he ask any American citizens about their horror stories.

Nevertheless, he did make a few promising speeches on what he was going to do. However, and this is a big HOWEVER, he didn’t follow through with his speeches on giving 10,000 more Border Patrol officers and he has not followed through with interior enforcement of our immigration laws as to the arrest of employers of illegal aliens.

Instead, he presented yet more aspects of his guest worker amnesty program. Let’s not fool ourselves like Bush tries to fool us—it is an amnesty program. And, much like he didn’t think about or design an exit strategy from Iraq, he hasn’t thought of any of the problems with this guest worker program.

Additionally, why give them three to six year guest working cards when they are only here to pick lettuce, berries and apples? Why not a three month working visa and out the door at the end of the season? Since Bush refuses to think past his nose on this nightmare, we'll ask a few pertinent questions:

  1. Will spouses and children be able to accompany the guest worker? Just minor children, or adult ones as well?

Because if they do, we’ve got to build thousands of new schools, homes and infrastructure for these ‘seasonal’ fruit and berry pickers, and their families. This will mean millions of more people added to our already congested cities--along with the guest workers.

  1. Will any or all of the above be able to demand government services in the language of their choice, per President Clinton's Executive Order 13166? Will the workers be required to have at least a minimal working knowledge of English?

At what point do we expect our country’s language, English, to be honored by foreigners? Why not rescind Clinton’s moronic Executive Order 13166 that has cost American taxpayers millions of dollars? What happens when there are more Spanish speakers in sections of our country and the bigger cities that we simply abandon them as foreign city states within our country? Will we still be America or just another internally violent Third World nightmare?

  1. Will the children be eligible to attend school, and if so, at whose expense? In what language(s) will they be educated?

Give us a breakdown Mr. Bush on WHO will pay for these kids. Will the corporations who will be enjoying our country becoming the ‘low wage paying capitol of the world’ be shelling out money for guest workers’ kids?

  1. How will health care services - including birth control - be provided and paid for?

To give you, Mr. Bush, an idea of what this guest worker program will cost, how about the 86 hospitals that have collapsed in California because of non-paying hordes of illegals? Who, sir, will be paying for even more additional millions of guest workers using our medical services?

  1. Will any children born in the United States, automatically become US citizens?

You, Mr. Bush, have not stopped the ‘anchor baby’ invasion in the past five years at over 350,000 annually. What about these new ‘anchor babies’ and who will pay for them? Are you going to take it out of your retirement funds? Or will you be sending the bill to U.S. taxpayers as you have for the past five years?

  1. Will the workers be eligible for the Earned Income Tax Credit? Will children remaining in the home country count as deductions when calculating the EITC benefit? How will the number of dependents claimed be verified?

Since “Corruption becomes a mechanism by which citizens of Mexico operate,” how do you expect them to all of a sudden be honest, hard working and lawful outsiders in our country?

  1. Will IRS and Social Security charges be deducted from their wages? Will they be eligible for Social Security benefits, either here, or later in their home country? How many quarters of work will be required for eligibility? (Six years equals 24 quarters, less than the 40 quarters required for US citizens.)

What about it Mr. Bush? Have you thought this one out? What about the fact that our Social Security program is already in deep doodoo? Have you figured out an ‘exit strategy’ for these guest workers?

  1. Will workers be permitted to marry? Will those who marry a US citizen, or have a child while here, be able to stay beyond the six-year period? Would a man who fathers an "illegitimate" child qualify for citizenship on petition by the child when it reaches legal majority?

What about the integrity of citizenship for Americans versus blatant disregard for citizenship based on the loss of the rule of law? How do you turn that donkey around Mr. President?

  1. How about Worker's Compensation and unemployment?

Sir, we’re talking about 20 million illegal aliens working at slave wages that want to have medical and unemployment paid. But what happens when they demand a living wage?

  1. If the job for which the worker came to the United States evaporates or otherwise disappears, will workers be required to take a different job, or returned home? If relocation is required, who will pay the expense? Will they be eligible for unemployment? If so, who pays a premium?

Got an answer to that one Mr. Bush? I’d love to hear it.

  1. Will child labor laws apply, especially in the fields?

Since you’ll be rewarding millions of desparately poor Mexicans and other Third Worlders, how will you police their actions in the lettuce fields of despair?

  1. Will the workers be able to purchase a car, and obtain a US drivers license? If so, will they be required to purchase automobile insurance, and will this be available to them at a cost they can likely afford?

Will we be changing all our road signs into Spanish? How about Arabic? How about Portuguese?

  1. Will children be eligible to attend college? If so, at what tuition rate: in-state or out of state?

Who pays for those kids in our colleges when migrants work for such pathetic wages? How many of our kids will lose college slots to students from other countries?

  1. Will minimum wage laws apply? How about the Davis-Bacon Act?

Much like your ‘Mission Accomplished’ in Iraq, you’re about to create another debacle that will tip this country into crisis more than you quite understand or comprehend.

  1. Will the workers be free to unionize to demand improved wages and conditions?

When they demand living wages and unions, what are you going to do?

  1. Will there be requirements for immunizations, and initial and periodic health clearances? On what schedule? Who pays?

Perhaps you can get guys like Michael Brown formerly of FEMA to figure out that question?

  1. Will workers come under any contract? If so, enforceable in what courts? Will public defenders be provided? At whose expense?
  2. What system of identification documents will be required?
  3. If conditions have not improved in the home country after six years, what are the chances that the guest workers will go home? Did the guest workers imported to Europe after World War II go home when they were no longer needed, or did they stay and send for their families to join them?
  4. Will workers and their adult spouses be able to vote in local elections?
  5. How will the workers (and families?) be housed and fed?
  6. Will workers be permitted to travel home at will? Do they receive two weeks paid vacations?
  7. Given these difficulties, won't most employers of the illegal aliens still prefer illegals?

Mr. Bush, taken as a whole, isn’t this really just a system of Indentured Servitude? Isn’t it a plan that will rip this country into two countries? Won’t it legalize a slave class? Won’t it erupt into violent confrontations much like Paris, France? Isn’t it a recipe for disaster much like the man who swallowed the scorpion? Would you walk barefoot on broken glass? Or, do you want American citizens to walk on broken glass for you?

Why not once and for all stand up for America, for our Constitution, for our language, for our way of life, for what it means to be an American? Is that too much to ask?

Write for that 25-point action letter to stop this nation-destroying madness at Check out Mark Edwards’ "Wake Up America" talk show on 50,000 watt KDWN-Am-720 10:00 PM to midnight PT, or on the worldwide Internet at Also, check out at 1 866 329 3999; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; for patriotic songs by Luca Zanna; ;To order my CD report from the border: ‘ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION—OUR TROJAN HORSE’—PH. 1-800-248-3061 “IMMIGRATION’S UNARMED INVASION: DEADLY CONSEQUENCES” Call: 1 888 280 7715. – Find out why borders are so important. Become a part of the "21st Century Paul Revere" bicycle ride across America coast to coast next summer with Frosty as he and his band of riders carry this message from the Golden Gate Bridge to the steps of the nation's capitol in Washington, DC. Inquire at his email address for full details on how you can participate:

Thursday, December 01, 2005 owner speaks on immigration and the guest worker program owner Jim Robinson speaks on immigration and the guest worker program presented by the president.

To: Mo1; JeffAtlanta; WatchingInAmazement; AuntB
"So Americans have never engaged in agriculture, landscaping or painting before the Mexican immigrants came along?"

"Times have changed ... In my day, teenagers or college students would work many of these jobs to earn money"

Speaking of agriculture, I think there's a lot more to it than that. Today's ^corporate^ farming is much larger in scale and more competitive than the family farms were when we were young and worked the fields with our parents. Large labor intensive farming companies cannot use young unreliable teenagers or college students as laborers.

For example, the tree fruit growers in Central California depend on large crews of mostly immigrant workers. The crews work ten hours per day, six days per week and they are highly skilled and efficient in their work. The crews and contractors may or may not be direct employees of the growers using their services. Labor contractors in many cases work for many growers on many farms. The crews move from field to field, farm to farm as the work is needed. They load up and are transported by the foremen or contractors as needed. They start before day break and end sometimes after sundown. It's the most efficient way to supply a large reliable labor force and works out well for all involved. Unless they want to live in a labor camp for the season, I don't think this would work out well for young people.

I am opposed to illegal immigration and when I was working in the ag industry thought it was pretty much under control. Among other things, we supplied growers and packing houses with payroll software. I've written software for and helped get out many farm and or labor contractor payrolls. In those days, we programmed in checks to catch illegals. Number one, they had to have a valid non-duplicate social security number. They also had to have valid INS documentation. No valid social security card or INS documentation, no work, no paycheck. Any illegals were rejected and couldn't even get assigned to a work crew. And I don't think we had many illegals. Had some try to get in with forged documents, but that didn't work very well for them.

Can't speak for other states or industries, but if there was suddenly no immigrant farm labor available to our growers, I believe the entire farming system and farming economy of California would collapse. And that would probably collapse the entire California economy... and that in turn might collapse the entire US economy. Whether it would or not, if there are any winners, they would probably be in Chile and or other farm producing countries. America would be the big loser.

This is why I believe a guest worker program (at least for farming) would be feasible if not ideal. The employers requesting temporary immigrant workers would be similar to the labor contractors I used to work with. A system could be developed where the labor contractors (or large growers) could work with the immigration service to recruit reliable laborers as needed. The background check and paperwork would all be done at the immigration service and each certified temporary worker would join a contractor or grower's workforce. His info would be recorded in both the immigration database and the employer's database. The employers would have confidence that his entire workforce is legal and our immigration service would have a reliable system of tracking the temporary workers.

The employer's payroll service would automatically track all monies earned and report all taxes, deductions, social security, union fees or whatever back to the immigration service. The time in country and current location of the individual immigrants would also be tracked. If someone goes "AWOL" beyond a specified time limit, it would be known immediately and the now illegal immigrant could be located and deported or dealt with accordingly. The contractors or employers would be responsible for the training, housing, transportation and well being of his people. If the work drys up for any extended period of time and there are no other employers or contractors needing the labor, the immigrant would have to return home.

Also, I believe if such a system were possible, then there would definitely be an advantage for the immigrant to be here legally. He'd be assured of a steady job, housing, transportation, etc, and wouldn't have to fear being taken advantage of by coyotes and other unscrupulous operators. Also, illegals would be easier to spot, catch and deport. I think the market for illegals would soon dry up.

I know, I know. If only Americans were allowed to take these jobs then none of this would be necessary. If suddenly today there were no immigrants, then the price of farm labor would likely double or triple and even our highly educated people (comparatively speaking) would troop out to the fields to prune trees and vines and pick fruit and grapes in the hot sun for 10 hours per day 6 days per week. Well, wait a minute, just recruit more workers then they wouldn't have to work such long hours. And provide shade so it's not so hot. But, whatever, someone had better be there to harvest the fruit when it's ready or else the grower goes under, etc, etc, etc.

276 posted on 11/30/2005 11:48:50 PM PST by Jim Robinson