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Thursday, February 18, 2016

The RNC is Corrupt and out to destroy Trump. NRSC & NRCC scamming Trump supporters.

RNC Withdraws Fundraiser Raising Money Off Trump After “The Donald” Calls Them Out

The RNC has withdrawn a fundraising pitch that attempted to raise money off support of GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump.
The RNC told people they could get on “Trump’s list” and show him they support him before tonight’s debate.
“The RNC, which is probably not on my side, just illegally put out a fundraising notice saying Donald Trump wants you to contribute to the RNC.,” Trump said. “Get on Trump’s List” is totally unauthorized, do not pay! I am self funding my campaign! Notice has just been withdrawn.”

Trackback with our articles about the GOP scams being run against Trump and his supporters.

UNDERSTAND THIS! Not one cent would reach Trump! It will go to Cruz and Rubio and Bush!   By their own statement when you click on their links they tell you this (well hidden of course!): 

"The RNC does not accept contributions earmarked for any candidate or other committee. Contributions are used to fund all RNC programs, and will be spent as the RNC determines within its sole discretion."
THE RNC/ NRSC/NRCC is CORRUPT! THIS is what Trump is trying to tell you! WAKE UP!
NO ONE else is on your side!

Here’s the RNC Trump Fundraising pitch:

The RNC and their groups will spend any amount of $ to stop Trump and tell any lie they can dream up to do it. The only power we have is our vote, and it's all over by the time the primary gets to most of us on the West end of the nation.

As soon as a state has its primary, I hope that all Trump supporters will immediately change their registration from R to unaffiliated.

Somehow the RNC has to get the message, because they are starting to damage Trump.
ABC is showing a new national poll tonight with Cruz ahead, then Nicki Haley crucifying Trump stumping for a VP spot with Rubio. 

ALL the guns are out to get Trump AND US....the media, the DNC, the RNC....ALL of K st, most of talk radio has been bought off too.

We simply have to let the RNC know we are wise to their dirty tricks, just one being raising $ for their candidates in Trump’s name to rip off Trump supporters, which has gone on for MONTHS.

I for one will tell them I will NOT vote for their sorry candidate this time. 

I’ll vote for Bernie Sanders first. Let these ignorant voters suffer with Socialism if they can’t stand up for the only candidate willing to expose this corrupt political system. Somehow we have to give them the message that we aren’t going to support them anymore.
Last week the RNC was caught soliciting money donations in Trump's name and not one cent, by their own charter, will ever go to the Trump campaign.

September was when we started reporting on the scams for Trump gear by the NRSC (which Cruz used to run) and the NRCC which Ryan and Greg Walden now run. There are half dozen articles since.
If we, in mass, change our registrations after the primary and let the RNC know it, they might pay attention....What do YOU think? I am happy to entertain any legal ideas. In the mean time, send Trump some $$! He's going to need it.
Purchase ONLY here:

September was we started reporting on this. There are half dozen articles since.

MARCO RUBIO IS AN ANCHOR BABY!   How can anyone KNOW this and even think of allowing one to become president!?

[snip]  CERTIFIED Naturalization Petition for Mario Rubio, Marco Rubio's dad. Marco Rubio's dad was not a citizen at the time he was born, therefore he can never be eligible to be President or Vice-President unless the Article 2 requirement is changed by the Amendment process. You can't pick and choose which parts of the Constitution to uphold and which to ignore.   More documents at link:
Ted Cruz LIES!

More audio of Dan Patrick attacking Ted Cruz during the 2012 primary on his radio program has surfaced — this time over Cruz's “record” at the Attorney General's office, siding with the Obama Administration on China policy, and his representation of a Chinese company accused of stealing U.S. blueprints.  
Patrick told his audience that Cruz uses his record when it's convenient but distances himself when it's not. Patrick said Cruz, “takes all the credit in the world for going to the supreme court” that was due to Greg Abbott.
“He runs to his record in the supreme court but in the chinese company, 'Oh well I'm just a lawyer on the case', well that's what he was…he didn't go and argue all those cases. He used to tell people I won at the supreme court on the Ten Commandments. No he didn't Greg Abbott…Greg Abbott argued that case, Greg Abbott argued that case, not Ted Cruz. Ted Cruz filed a brief on it, but he takes credit for it, but he just signed the paper. But on the Chinese case he says, 'well yea i signed lead counsel but I don't take credit for it.' In my world you can't play it both ways.
At one point Patrick all but accused Cruz of lying about his position on China being inline with the Obama Administration, “He's on Laura Ingraham show and he is siding with Obama on the China policy which were Laura's words, not mine, you heard them in the commercial. And now he is on the other side of the issue.” Patrick then reenacted a conversation where Cruz denies the accusation and Patrick responds with, “Of course you did…” 


A History of Deception

The definitive timeline of what Ted Cruz said and did in the 2013 immigration debate.

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