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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Reign of the 'Pussies' is OVER!


Cruzers kept telling me last week that Trump did NOT get the vote 75% of Iowans....well guess what...Cruz did NOT get 89% of New Hampshire voters!
Look, Folks, why not pick a winner instead of the guy you think will represent your churchiness?   It's the only logical reason to vote for Cruz and represents THE problem.....identity voting...a black guy for the blacks, a Hispanic for the illegal aliens, and Hillary just because she says she's a woman??

Donald Trump has PROVEN his leadership skills and his ability to wisely use money by running the MOST successful presidential campaign ever on a shoestring budget.....his FIRST political campaign.  If you don't have the intellectual curiosity to want to see what he can do for this nation, you're just not playing with an open mind.  
 Ted sure seems to forget things!   

Ted Cruz Failed To Disclose Ties To Caribbean Holding Company

An old college friendship led to financial entanglement with a Jamaican private equity firm and a British Virgin Islands holding company. Neither was disclosed during his 2012 campaign.

As for John Kasich, who came in 2nd.........owned by Lehman Bros who he represented for 10 years and started the big $$$ bail out mess.   He ought to be in Jail like the Goldman Sachs criminals.  John is the ESTABLISHMENT/GLOBAL candidate.

John Kasich's Wall Street ties could haunt 2016 bid ...

Jun 8, 2015 - Kasich joined Lehman's investment banking division as managing director

You should have seen the lefty Joe Cline on PBS last night...Charlie Rose show.  He was coming undone over Trump winning and insulted Trump supporters as being the dumbest, most dangerous people on earth.  Even another panelist set him straight that Trump is attracting all demographics and 'intelligence' and that voters are making the decision to kick the BUMS out!

BTW.....Did anyone catch the great ad during the democrat debate a few weeks ago featuring Barbara Jordan
and illegal immigration by Numbers USA?

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