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Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Marco Rubio and the Club for Growth

So, I go out and get the mail...and what do I see...a letter from MARCO RUBIO.  This time he is  fund raising for the Club for Growth!

 Question..WHY?? I'm not registered as a republican and sure never signed on to anything with the amnesty loving Club for Growth! They included a 'survey' for the hook, to make you think they actually give a damn about what you think! THEY DO NOT! They are behind the scenes of this amnesty! They always are! 

Yesterday in our article, "SILENCE IS CONSENT", we noted some amnesty facts about the Club for Growth, who never met a lopsided, government regulated, cheap labor agreement like Nafta they didn't love!

So, Kiddies! THE fix is IN! The Club for Growth, Freedom Works, the ACU, CPAC, ATR, SOME Tea Parties, Chamber of Commerce are NOT the Conservative groups they claim to be and are compromised. The one thing they have in common is GROVER NORQUIST and his open border friends Steve Moore, Cesar Conda, Karl Rove, et. al.  These men represent everything wrong with the GOP.   They all have every intention of facilitating this amnesty by the gang of eight!

AND yes, some of you have told me "But, but, I can't find anything from the Club or Freedom Works that SAYS they support THIS Amnesty!"....SILENCE IS CONSENT! 

YOU MUST check more into these groups you support! Who started them?  What are the positions of their board members?    MOST are run by lobbyists and do not deserve your support and actually  work for our enemies while they fund raise from the conservative base!  WHY do they do it?  Because it and I have made them rich!

PS...on the  4 page Club/Rubio survey...NOT ONE WORD ABOUT IMMIGRATION! 

SILENCE IS CONSENT! WAKE UP AMERICA!  C'mon people!  If the Club is using Rubio as their fundraising spokesman, do you think they OPPOSE his immigration reform scam????? HELLO!

[snip]  Philosophically, it’s not surprising that libertarian, free-market oriented organizations such as the Club for Growth and FreedomWorks confirmed to me late Monday that they have no position on the immigration policies currently being debated in the House and Senate, nor do they intend to be active either supporting or opposing the legislation that is expected to emerge. But given how much influence these groups have had over congressional Republicans in recent months, their inaction could prove significant. 

Now, while we're at it, I have a question for all of you.  Grover Norquist is on the board of most of the above groups, as well as the Hispanic Leadership Fund and the National Rifle Association.  And yes, I worry about that.  The NRA seems to be on the right side, so far.   But they have a 'pledge' for their chosen candidates, not unlike the oath Norquist's Americans for Tax Reform requires for their endorsement.   (BTW..Norquist lobbies for Microsoft, GE, foreign interest to keep THEIR taxes low, not you or me!...what has that group EVER done to reduce a tax for us?)

TheTownCrier is all about protecting the 2nd amendment and our rights, but this part of the 'pledge' bothers me...Does it bother you?

Candidates who were endorsed by the NRA, pledged to:

6) oppose legislation which bans people on the Terrorist Watch List from purchasing weapons;

Do you think this is a BAD idea?? Smells like Islam loving Grover Norquist to us!

PAY ATTENTION!  Rubio was handpicked for 2016, either to run for prez or VP under a BUSH!

Sun, 02/24/2013 - 21:57 · Importance: 4

2010 donors to Marco Rubio: Club for Growth, Koch brothers, finance, Goldman Sachs...

For a possible clue to why Marco Rubio does what he does, these were the top 10 donors to his 2010 senatorial campaign (link):
Club for Growth $363,826
Elliott Management $118,648
Senate Conservatives Fund     $105,494
MCM Corp $54,400
Flo-Sun Inc $48,500
Bank of America $35,400
State Farm Insurance $34,582
Crow Holdings $34,500
Goldman Sachs $32,442
Koch Industries $32,200 [BIG funder of Norquist!]
In 2010, no other candidate got more money (directly) from the Koch family than Rubio. As discussed at that link, they support organizations that advocate for loose borders. And as discussed in depth on the Marco Rubio page, he supports a massive legalization program for illegal aliens. While a direct link between him receiving their money and him promoting amnesty isn't known, t's extremely unlikely that he would have received any money from the Koch brothers if his immigration position were that of, say, Pat Buchanan.
The first organization in the list (known around here as the "Club for Profits at Any Price") doesn't appear to have taken a position on immigration, but they can be assumed to be part of the high immigration right. Their goal is to help businesses increase their profits, no matter the costs borne by everyone else. [snip...READ IT ALL!]


Here's one Tea Party who figured out Norquist long ago!
 Tea Party Nation  Grover Norquist: A Republican who acts like a Democrat? 

Posted by Dr. Rich Swier on October 10, 2011  MUST READ ARTICLE...all about Norquist!

[snip]  Grover Norquist’s name surfaced recently in a publicized discussion about Islamic Jihadists that have taken root in America. No, he isn’t a Tea Party activist but apparently he’s identifying his 1985-founded ATR group with them and some Tea Parties are falling for it. The quote refers to the pair as a “Trojan Horse.” [Excerpted from The Washington Times, September 29, 2012]
I suggest Grover Norquist is the only Trojan Horse and if anyone’s been ‘Trojan Horsed’ it’s been the Tea Party.  GOOD ARTICLE!

TEA PARTY Patriots has been sending out good amnesty information and is fighting for US! 
This is what you see when you click on their homepage!

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