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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Left and right....everyone sold out, time to face reality.

Conservatives have proven they care more about the money coming from the Koch Bros. and the lies coming from Grover Norquist than they care about the truth or freedom.  Not a dimes worth of difference between them and liberal democrats.

You sold out!  You refused to shine the light of truth on  your sacred cows like the Bush's, Rubio, Sara Palin, etc.  YOU have determined our future and it won't be pretty.  You were warned.

There are STILL republicans who want to run jack asses like Newt Gingrich for President. If you have no better memory than that, you shouldn't be voting!
 Now...the TEN most dangerous people in the GOP:
2. Newt Gingrich
3. The Koch Brothers
4. Al Cardenas
5. Cesar Conda - WHO??
6. John McCain
7. Karl Rove
8. John Boehner
9. Mitch McConnell
10. Anyone named BUSH or Cheney
AND if you don't know WHY they are dangerous, YOU should NOT be voting!

Now run along you phony Christians and even more phony Turd Blossom conservatives, your NEW AMERICA is waiting for you....and you're not going to like it any better than the few of us who had to fight the left and YOU to try to stop it!   Damn you for not opening your eyes, for sinking to be followers of the cult of personality.   None of you are worth any more years of my precious time.
You have blood on your hands.  You destroyed the greatest nation ever know to man.  

Ann Coulter came close to getting this right in her recent column:

Beware of Liberals who come in Evangelicals’ clothing

"Principles do not vary depending on personal circumstances. But these so-called Evangelicals wouldn’t know a principle unless it sat next to them in the pew.....

Adopting a classic liberal trait, these Christians incapable of abstract thinking seem to believe that true compassion consists of giving away something that isn’t theirs. They repeatedly cite the biblical passage about treating the stranger as you would yourself. But I note that they don’t invite strangers to move into their houses, sleep in their beds, eat their food and have sex with their wives.

No, they demand that we transform our country into a bankrupt, Third World hellhole so that they can feel good about themselves. But every American has an interest in what kind of country this is. America isn’t theirs to give away out of phony “Christian” compassion."

Thanks to our few, faithful readers who actually GOT IT!    Our time has passed.  Good bye all.

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