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Friday, May 10, 2013

Comprehensive Immigration Reform: Demographic Pandering or Sound Policy?- Niger Innis

Recently, (one of many 'tea party' organizations) decided to form a political strategy group and appointed Niger Innis to head it.  He has also,  this week, been in meetings with the Gang of 8.  Up until the following article by Innis today, we've simply not heard from about this amnesty.   This article by Innis sounds good, but he has also said that he'd like the gang of 8 to improve the can't be improved, it needs tossed!  Anyone has to realize it's full of pork and loosens all immigration, including illegal.....even inviting back people who have been deported!  

Time will tell if Innis and his is grass roots or sell outs on amnesty. 

Another article states:  
Innis' group TheTeaParty.Net is walking a fine line of supporting Rubio's efforts to make it more conservative without endorsing the Gang of Eight's bill while still maintaining its tea party cred.
"We're going to stay engaged in that process to make sure that this bill stays true to conservative principles," Innis said. Other Tea Party activists are opposing the Gang of Eight bill all together.
Jenny Beth Martin of Tea Party Patriots said her group has significant reservations over the process, size and focus of the bill.
"People are frustrated," Martin said of how long the bill is and that the final costs aren't known. "We want to see the border secure first."

Oddly enough, J.D. Hayworth is  a part of's new group....I can't find a word from him about all this.  He was speaking against Rubio & the gang's plan up to a couple months ago.

Comprehensive Immigration Reform: Demographic Pandering or Sound Policy?

May 10, 2013

Last week there were 85 May Day demonstrations led by Latinos in cities like New York, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Los Angeles. Latinos rallied for “immigration reform”, as if it was a civil rights entitlement, not generosity extended. The naïve and innocent protesters’ cause was not helped by the infiltration by the Occupy Wall Street anarchists.
The fact is “Immigration Reform” was moving quite fast through this congress well before these far from constructive demonstrations. The bipartisan “Gang of Eight” has been the catalyst for this endeavor. But the unasked obvious question for this massive legislative lift is this, why are we doing it? Are we attempting to truly fix a broken immigration system or engaging in a massive bipartisan pander fest for the fastest growing demographic group, Latinos. I fear it’s more of the latter, not the former.
The politics of the exercise is crystal clear. Democrats want more raw votes, as Jay Leno brilliantly revealed with his joking jab at AP for ceasing to use the term, “Illegal Alien” with the new term, “Undocumented Democrats”.
Innis: Comprehensive Immigration Reform: Latino Pandering or Sound Policy?
Republican Presidential Candidate Romney speaking to Latino voters in Florida.   (Mary Altaffer/AP Photo) --[Note: Cesar Conda was also Mitt's 'advisor'...we'd have gotten AMNESTY either way the election went!]

Senator John McCain far more serious and as revealing said on ABC’s This Week, “Well, I’ll give you a little straight talk. Look at the last election…We are losing, dramatically, the Hispanic vote, which we think should be ours, for a variety of reasons.”
So the brazen political motivations are clear.

What is far less clear are the policy benefits of this exercise in its current form.
According to a recent report by the Heritage Foundation, we could be looking at a permanent problem rather than a permanent solution. According to the report the new citizens would cost taxpayers $6.3 trillion over the next 50 years in federal services and benefits (far beyond what they would pay in taxes or generate in GDP growth).
This is the critical debate to have before any votes are cast. Sadly it is a debate that is occurring almost entirely within the conservative movement. On one end you have groups like the aforementioned Heritage Foundation on the other pro-business US Chamber of Commerce and stalwart libertarians, the Cato institute.
Democrats are almost universally embracing this 844 page, Obamacare-like, bill for politics, not policy.
Worse, some are starting to engage in Sharptonesque racial intimidation tactics to ram this policy through, like Obamacare.
Earlier this week former Gov. Bill Richardson charged Sen. Ted Cruz with “he should not be defined as a Hispanic” because he is anti-immigration.
There are compelling reasons to implement a true America First immigration plan, starting with border security. We are a land of immigrants. Immigration, with assimilation, has generally been good for America. We need to be certain that this is the focus as we analyze this bill. Our politicians must not lose these ideals in the rush do good politics

Not bad, Mr. Innis, if you can influence to be more proactive to stop this nightmare, good!  Maybe you'll push Tea PartyExpress to think of immigration and this illegal alien CRISIS as something other than a 'social issue'....what a PHONY excuse!

=================Things that make you go....HMMMM???'s heroine, Saint Sarah Palin likes the TeaPartyExpress....and she's always liked McCain...and she's always been for a pathway to 'citizenship'....but remains silent on these current events...and THAT is the ONLY thing she's been silent about!
 Title:   Vietnam Wall Visiting Buckeye (Sarah Palin Speaks )
Thu May 9 17:19:03 2013 · 39 of 39
Jim Robinson to KC_Lion
Sal Russo, head of the Tea Party Express walked her over to me and introduced me as Jim Robinson of Free Republic. She definitely knows us.
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"I think the immigration issue is an important issue and Republicans have looked like they have their head in the sand and are not being serious about addressing a problem," Russo said.
"People are in this country a long time and they are not legal. We have to get them legal in some way in a process that gets people legal that are here…We should do it because it's the right thing. We need to reform immigration because we need a system that works," Russo said.

=================Things that make you go....HMMMM???

THIS is going to help the economy???? And Rubio/Norquist say Heritage figures are wrong??

[snip]  Only four Republicans voted against the substitute amendment, which expands the legislation to 867 pages and increases funding for implementation of reform by $900 billion. It passed by a margin of 14-4.

Read more:

=================Things that make you go....HMMMM???

A foreign grown pot farm in our national forest was accident the other day!

Do you understand that these armed foreign national aliens will be AMNESTIED with their OREGON driver licenses!

 YEP! They'll make FINE citizens! YOU betcha...where are you enviromentalists while this destruction of public lands goes on??  

"near the community of Applegate was being cultivated by growers for Mexican drug gangs, and it's been used before."

=================Things that make you go....HMMMM???

"Twenty-nine percent of registered voters think that an armed revolution might be necessary in the next few years in order to protect liberties, according to a Public Mind poll by Fairleigh Dickinson University. "

I hear too much of this kind of talk.  "We're heading for civil War!"

 People who talk like this have no idea what our ancestors had to sacrifice, what horrors they endured in the wars of this nation.  None of us have ever had to live in a nation with war.  You have no idea what your words mean.

I agree, there will be unrest.  People are being forced to live with large uncontrolled migrations and State Dept. sanctioned terrorism.  Mexico, on our border is at WAR!
  We are being balkanized, and some of us tried to stop it BECAUSE WE DON'T WANT VIOLENCE!!!   We're tired of the crime, the cost, the INSULTS!

But the powers that be, for whatever selfish reasons, are not going to be happy until there is more civil unrest.    They have blood on their hands for not stopping the socialization and push into criminality and poverty of this nation.  

Don't let them push you into violence.  NO ONE WINS!   Most of you won't even speak up much less STAND up and fight!    You're too lazy to even know who your enemies are.



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