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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Bitter Enders, Unite!!! Guess who's behind the latest amnesty push???

That's right, you guessed it...the same guy behind Bush's Amnesty who has managed to muck up every attempt at immigration reform since the 80's including California's prop. 187.
The K Street Grand Poobah, the one and only (praise be to ALLAH!) Muslim loving, open border GROVER NORQUIST!

Headline:    Grover vs. ‘the Bitter Enders’
(Grover trying to give Rubio & the gang of 8 political cover )
NRO ^ | April 9,2013
[snips]  Grover Norquist is known as an anti-tax crusader, but in the coming weeks he will be just as much a pro-immigration crusader, combating what he calls the “bitter enders” who oppose comprehensive immigration reform.
Norquist says that he’s trying to counteract the effect of “a handful of radio talk-show hosts who talk loudly.”
“In short, Lopez argues that anti-comprehensive-reform forces are often also pro-abortion, pro-eugenics, and pro-sterilization. ATR’s leaders have put the Lopez study in front of every prominent social conservative leader they know. “
The Grover and Rubio immigration propaganda is straight out of the Leftist, speech censoring SPLC! Norquist is just as leftist, just as radical and much more dangerous because he looks to conservatives for his funding of ALL things UNconservative!  I don't know what radio talking heads he's referring to since Rush, Hannity, Beck or Levin NEVER say a word against Grover Norquist!  And until YOU demand they do, nothing changes!  You can carry on about Barak Obama all day, but until you root the enemy out of our own camp...NOTHING CHANGES!  Norquist has to be exposed and booted out of the conservative movement.  It should have happened years ago.

 ALL those Christians in the tea party just got slammed pretty much like Obama insults them...Norquist is no more a Christian than Obama, and no more a conservative either! Though Norquist won’t admit to being Muslim, he married one and promotes the most radical of  Muslim donor  helped Grover start his Islamic Insititute is in prison!  And that's just where Grover should be.  His friend and associate Jack Abramoff looks like a "K" St. piker compared to Norquist.

[snip]Grover Norquist. He was co author of Gingrich's 'contract with America' (which didn't even mention the illegal alien/immigration problem!) and the force behind Bush's 'comprehensive immigration reform'. Along with other signatories, he managed to destroy California's Prop. 187's effort to control illegal immigration.

 Newt Gingrich describes Norquist as “the most innovative, creative, courageous and entrepreneurial leader of the anti-tax efforts and of conservative grassroots activism in America . . . He has truly made a difference and truly changed American history.”
Where you find Gingrich, you will find Norquist and be saddled with more cheap labor 'trade' agreements like Nafta, Gatt, and any give away to any 3rd world sewer they choose. And where you find them both, you will likely find Karl Rove. Count on it! Rove, Norquist, Gingrich...the 3 headed Trojan horse of the GOP.

Truth is, as tangled as all the 'non-profits' are between Rove, Norquist, Ralph Reed and a few others, the entire thing resembles more of a money laundering scheme than not.

Grover has been a lobbyist for Bill Gates...this is ALL about cheap labor and lop sided trade deals for the likes of Microsoft, not saving the average taxpayer a dime!  Americans for Tax Reform is a COVER to do the bidding of powerful people, none of whom are 'conservative'.

[snip] “And he’s [Norquist] personally doing fine: Lee Fang at the Nation revealed this week that he gets two-thirds of his funding from two big corporate billionaire-backed nonprofits: the Center to Protect Patients Rights, which donated $4,189,000 to Americans for Tax Reform in 2010, and Karl Rove’s Crossroads GPS, which gave him $4 million.”

My favorite Norquist quote: “I started out as a right-winger, and when I retire I want to be a squishy middle-of-the-roader,” he jokes, chortling at the thought. 

Those words are from Obama's book!

Hey, Amnesty loving lefties...foreign workers only benefit your hated 1%!  Stop being useful idiots.

Amnesty & guest worker programs only benefit the richest 1%! 

An increase in the number of workers leads to lower wages. 
Illegal immigration reduces the wage of native workers by an estimated $99 to $118 billion a year, and generates a gain for businesses and other users of immigrants of $107 to $128 billion. Immigration has its largest negative impact on the wage of native workers who lack a high school diploma.

A theory-based framework predicts that the immigrants who entered the country from 1990 to 2010 reduced the average annual earnings of American workers by $1,396 in the short run. Because immigration (legal and illegal) increased the supply of workers unevenly, the impact varies across skill groups, with high school dropouts being the most negatively affected group.

The same type of education/age comparison used to measure the wage impact shows that a 10 percent increase in the size of a skill group reduced the fraction of native-born blacks in that group holding a job by 5.1 percentage points.


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