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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Can you hear us now, CBS????

The CBS Early show host, Maggie Rodriguez , simply could not discuss the march by Americans in DC without playing the race card. Straight out of the ‘Katie Couric school of gotcha journalism', she insisted the proof the marchers are racisits, was the posters of Obama in ‘white face’....white face????
It’s the joker, silly woman! No problem, though, when the same was done to Bush!
It's NOT about race and 'identity' Maggie*, except for prejudiced pundits like you! And CBS will be next on the "Can you hear us now" campaign!

How soon we forget????

*She served as a reporter for the Univision Network (1991-1994) in Miami. Rodriguez' career in journalism began at WLTV Miami (1989-90), a Univision-owned station, where she was an associate producer, field producer and assignment editor.....She also is the recipient of the Hispanic Heritage Council’s prestigious "Young Hispanic Leadership Award" for professional accomplishments and community service.

Maggie, for your service to disinformation, divide and conquer politics and racebaiting
you get this award!

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