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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Wonder why California is broke??? Senior Illegal aliens!

Yes, there are plenty of reasons, and here is just one! California gives over and above what the feds give to Illegal Aliens. Yesterday I was at my doctor's office and picked up a booklet funded 'with a generous grant from the Calif. Bar Foundation', titled, "Seniors & the Law" A Guide for Maturing Californians. They pointed out many programs, such as property tax deferment for seniors in financial trouble, that have been eliminated because of budget cuts...but they didn't cut this one!

Pg. 3

"California's cash Assistance Program is for Seniors.... turned down because of their immigration status....such seniors may be able to get almost the same amount of cash as they would have through SSI"

By the way, California SSI and all the goodies that go with it pays more than my 45 year paid into Social Security would pay per month!

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Anonymous Omar said...

There's a reason California is going broke, and it's not because of illegal aliens. It's because of all the major California companies outsourcing to make a bigger profit, so there are less jobs. You're just placing blame on illegals.

There's also a reason there's so much hispanic decent in the the southwest, because that territory was once Spanish, and eventually Mexican territory. So naturally when the United States "purchased" it from Mexico it also included the citizens of Mexico living within said territory, what with living there as it was and all. That's where Hispanic decedents comes from you smut-writing fuck.

3:17 AM  
Anonymous Omar said...

It's not about a nation that can't defend its border, rather a nation that WON'T.
Why? Employers have found a way to exploit illegal residents for little pay, and still look out for their own interest. But as soon as the resident asks for benefits, they are out of their mind. How many American corporations do you think there are in Latin America.. America corporations are the ones sucking out all of the natural resources thanks to the Latin American politicians who allow this so their own citizens are left with nothing.

Nice smear campaign, how about you start putting blame on your money-smelling politicians who have sold the country to corporations.

3:26 AM  

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