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Sunday, August 16, 2009

85,000 Acre California Fire caused by Mexican Drug Cartels - confirmed!

TheTownCrier has been warning this would happen for years! Our DHS, governor and hispandering politicians have chosen to ignore it....instead they cut water off to farmers!

Fire Investigators Determine Cause of La Brea Fire

Incident: La Brea Wildfire (84,150 acres, 25% contained)

Date: August 15, 2009


GOLETA, CA... A week-long investigation by U.S. Forest Service Special Agents, Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Narcotics Unit and Fire Investigators has revealed the cause of the La Brea Fire. Investigators revealed that the La Brea Fire was started by a cooking fire in a marijuana drug trafficking operation.

The Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Narcotics Unit has confirmed that the camp at the origin of the fire was an illegal marijuana operation believed to be run by a Mexican National Drug Organization. The Narcotics Unit has been working in the area within the last month eradicating other nearby marijuana cultivation sites.

Although the La Brea Fire started more than one week ago, there is evidence that the unburned marijuana garden area has been occupied within the last several days. The Narcotics Unit has secured the camp area which was located in remote and rugged terrain. It is also believed that the suspects are still within the San Rafael Wilderness trying to leave the area on foot. Officials warn not to approach anyone who looks suspicious but to instead contact the nearest law enforcement agency.[snip]

You may contact our illegal alien loving governor here:
And open border lover, Barbara Boxer here:


Take note of the "shrine" on the right to the Virgin of Guadalupe. Just good Christians growing the dope that would put a citizen in jail for a long time. Think what the environmentalists and the law would do to you, if you did this to our forests!

The "kitchen". Notice the candles beneath in all the garbage.

Please note the huge holes dug to plant. The land is scraped of any natural vegetation. Water is piped in from the natural watershed. Chemicals are spread over hundreds of acres. The trees are skinned with only a canopy left for cover. Remember, US citizens aren't allowed to touch anything in our National Forests.

Favorite places to visit!

The SHERIFF is back!

Terry Anderson tells it like it is on immigration!

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