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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Posts of the Day-Best of the Web - Immigration

Aug. 1, 2006 Las Vegas. Last night on the Mark Edwards, Wake Up America Radio show, Jim Gilchrist, founder of the Minutemen Project stated the MMP has several projects but,
" We are NOT in the fence building business."

Gilchrist was asked if his organization had anything to do with the fence building controversy surrounding Chris Simcox and his MCDC.

On a show last week, Mark Edwards & Terry Anderson shared thoughts with callers about the SAVE program and "Border Scams." They warned listeners to use caution when donating to groups claiming to be fighting for America and our sovereignty."

The archive for last night will be posted in a few days on the same link.

"This isn't the first case of grifting masquerading as conservatism, and it won't be the last."
69 posted on 07/20/2006 5:09:54 PM PDT by Miss Marple

"Passionate attachment to another nation produces a variety of evils...the illusion of common interests where no real common interests exist; adopting the enmities of the other; and participation in the quarrels and wars of the other without any justification. Still another evil is that such a passionate attachment gives to ambitious, corrupted or deluded citizens the facility to betray or sacrifice the interests of their own country." George Washington
First President of the United States of America (1789-1797)

"There is no such thing as an illegal immigrant. An immigrant is someone who applies to come to this country, and goes through the regulations and paperwork necessary to gain legal entry. He wants and intends to be an American.
An illegal is a law breaking invader, who immediately is furnished with fake papers, in many instances is paid in cash, and send his earnings back to Mexico, and is offered benefits paid for by loyal American taxpayers. He intends to continue his allegiance to Mexico, and perpetuate his Mexican culture. He does not want to become an American. He just wants all the benefits of one. " 34 posted on 07/26/2006 1:45:54 PM PDT by Paperdoll

"Prior to the Civil War the southern, and particularly Virginian, planters had a lock on national politics with strangle-hold on the White House. No US President got in without being beholden to this powerful groups economic interests.

No US president since Reagan has achieved the office without being beholden to the powerful interests of those who want cheap labor.

Cheap labor did not make America great. It did create the final spark that caused civil war." 39 posted on 07/25/2006 9:18:54 PM PDT by Hawk1976

Anyone, who's not a complete idiot, can tell by looking at Latino countries what values Latinos will bring here. 124 posted on 07/24/2006 10:05:31 PM PDT by Razz Barry
Recent LaRAZA covention (see the attendees, AllState Ins, etc.)
New Poll: Americans Prefer House bill 4437 over senate bill
Poll is First to Offer the Public a Choice
Between House and Senate Plan for Immigration "reform"


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