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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Immigration Myth of the day debunked!

MYTH: "A guest worker program will end illegal immigration! The Bracero program in the 1960s was a total success!"

John Fonte is a senior fellow at the Hudson Institute, who often testifies before congress on immigration. Here he picks apart the fallacy of "temporary workers".

[snip] The counter-letter touts the old Bracero program as a successful model for limiting illegal immigration. But, as U.C. Davis professor Phil Martin testified before the House on July 19, during the 22 year (1942–1964) Bracero program “some 4.6 million Mexicans were legally admitted, but over 5.3 million were apprehended demonstrating that even a large guest worker program can be accompanied by larger illegal migration.” Thus, the counter-letter fails to note that illegal immigration actually increased during the Bracero program.

The above should finally put to rest the lie of the "success" of the old Bracero program. Most of these "temp workers" had to be deported because they didn't leave on their own.

Temporary workers are anything but temporary. And increasing guest workers won't stop illegal entry.


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