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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The Class of '85- You did a lot of damage, Dr. Spock

We who support President Elect Donald Trump are discouraged and puzzled by the youth who are out on the streets making demands and denouncing the election.  This generation of kids are called 'millennials', born from 1982 to 2002 or so.

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Yes,  the ones we see are obnoxious, selfish, confused, smelly and uninformed.   Half of them in Portland were to lazy to vote.  They just want to BREAK something!  ANYTHING!!

But I wondered…who are the parents of these little anarchist wannabes?
Born from 1965 to 1980 or so.    Those were Generation X. That mystical age group who none of us ever were quite able to label.

But I can tell you much about the Class of '85, at least what I saw and see of it.

My daughter graduated that year, and I had been to many high school graduation ceremonies, but never saw one before or since like that one.    It was a graduation of several hundred seniors in the auditorium.  They didn't march in, they just kind of wandered down to the seating area.  They were loud and raunchy.  They had absolutely no respect or regard for their school or families in attendance.  They were already partying and we were just in the way.   No one heard the music playing.  Everyone over 18 looked embarrassed.  This bunch didn't need parents.   

The irony is, this is the same lot who 'loves' everyone and is OH, so 'tolerant' of any numbskull or criminal they come across.   The truth is subjective and NO one is smarter.  Stealing and lying are just little things we should accept.  Everyone does it!    But God help you if you criticize anything or dare voice an opinion, especially if you still believe that stealing and lying is a sin.  Yes, they worked.  Status and partying was important but who knows who raised their kids.  Usually the grandparents, we baby boomers, who our children have absolutely no use for. We should have kicked our kids asses a LOT more than we did.
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You did a lot of damage, Dr. Spock.

Somehow their kids got the 'tolerance' message and twisted it into a killing weapon to break the law and bludgeon everyone around them to get anything they want.  They also got the message that it's ok to just take what you want and never consider your fellow man.    NO, NOT all of them…I'm talking about the useless idiots tearing up our cities and rule of law!  I have a grandchild who, so far, has risen above all the nonsense and is productive and decent in spite of all of us.
This perverted education system, BRAINWASHING has embraced the Spock BS.

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Anonymous countenance said...

Millennials are generally the children of Baby Boomers, and before the very name "Millennials" settled in as that generation's official name, an alternate name for them was "Echo Boomers," because they were both the progeny of, and shared both similar and extending characteristics of their parents' generation. Another alternate name for them is Generation Y, simply because Y follows X.

I expound a lot about such things here:

7:04 AM  
Anonymous TheTownCrier said...

Thanks, Countenance!

8:43 AM  

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