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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Illegal aliens take over our streets..Plead for El Chapo to save them!

Yes, I SAW it, and am still looking for the sign the 'latino' protestor was holding up a couple days ago…."SAVE US EL CHAPO"
That's right! THIS is your new 'immigrant' marching in your streets, demanding our laws be changed to suit them and demanding we throw out the last election!

WAKE UP, people…not ONE….NOT ONE of these protestors is worth saving or leaving in this nation.  NONE of them will add to the prosperity or civility of this nation.  They are ANARCHISTS who hate the rule of law!  This is TERRORISM, SEDITION…they break every sovereign law we have with impunity and hold up an international drug lord…El Chapo Guzman, who recently escaped prison again,  as a hero while they burn our flag and president in efigy!   BTW..Chapo does not 'escape'...the corrupt Mexican authorities with wishes from the Mexican public, LET HIM GO!~

Take a look at this….NOT ONE AMERICAN FLAG.. plenty of Mexican flags on our streets….and what is that prominent red and black flag???  I am reading that is the flag of Anarchists!   What is the blue and white flag?   THESE ARE NOT AMERICANS and NEVER WILL BE!

In Mexico, they praise El Chapo Guzman, who has murdered hundreds of their own people!
  Translation:   "WE WANT FREE CHAPO!"

More images from the protests....

Liberals, get it through your THICK heads...these are the RACISTS, NOT Trump or his supporters!
Other signs were raised proclaiming " BROWN POWER". Understand this!! These 'immigrants' think they own this nation..they want YOU GONE!

Image result for Brown Power


NOT tolerated in Texas!!

In an especially telling video posted to Twitter, Austin police officers tried to arrest one such idiot, only to be surrounded by young hooligans hellbent on stopping what they falsely believed was an act of injustice.....The punk was quickly grabbed and flung to the ground like a rag doll. Ouch. Sorry kid, but them’s the breaks in Texas, where adults run the show  — not punk kids who still live in their mothers’ basements.

UNDERSTAND THIS!!  ANCHOR babies, or JACKPOT babies as the wonderful Terry Anderson called them voted for HRC in California! MILLIONS of them now can legally vote....and many more illegal vote too!  Anyone who can vote is supposed to speak ENGLISH!  If not for illegal immigration, Trump would have vastly won the popular vote as well.  
Dennis Michael Lynch shared a link.
 The 60 minute interview Sunday was tolerable...and I'm trying to decide what I think of this picture of Trump they I hate it or like it?  It looks like a wax figure, not lifelike...kinda looks like Jefferson...what was CBS trying to convey?


There has never been ONE incident
in 70 years reporting that Donald Trump had EVER lost his temper or been violent, yet the media pushed that lie! HRC, is LEGEND for hers, so I believe this report! We have EMAILS of Podesta telling her staff to 'sober her up!'...Media won't report that either!
This reporter hasn't been wrong yet! Look at the link.
Image result for Hillary drunkImage result for Hillary drunkImage result for Hillary drunkImage result for Hillary drunkImage result for Hillary drunk


AMEN! This guy nails it!
'As mutants take to the streets chanting “Not My President,” which was deemed to be racist until just Tuesday, it’s important to thank Donald Trump for that too. He has removed the stigma attached to disagreeing with the policies of a president that has gripped this nation for eight years.'

(Bizpac Review) – Busted! George Soros strikes again? As violent anti-Trump riots head into Day 5, new evidence suggests the protests were staged by operatives…


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