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Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Hillary's move to use Russia as Excuse to upend our Election

Ok, people, the media is ALL over the idea that the Russians are going to mess with our election...this is a RUSE.
 The dems/Hillary are terrified they can't cheat the way they usually do (illegal aliens and the dead voting) to keep Trump from winning, so they are preparing a EXCUSE to dump/challenge the election.
 MARK MY WORDS. There is too much media coordination on this to be accidental!
Just another smarmy Clinton move, like trying to convince you that Hillary is getting the crowds.
THIS is the UNTOLD story of this election..Trump is getting bigger crowds than Obama got!


This old woman is not just corrupt, evidently she's ill!

These people do not think or play the game by any of the rules! Get them OUT of our government!…/immigration-fraud-muslim-minne…

Afghan President: Jihad attack at American University in Kabul orchestrated from Pakistan Soros bought favorable coverage of Iran deal and|By Robert Spencer

Guess what....Only 16% of the student body is non-Latino whites. This is another California black vs. Latino race war.
I thought segregation had been found UNLAWFUL...???

'A safe space for Black CSLA students ...'

_________________________ anyone dumb enough to believe this?

The FBI was unable to acquire or examine any of the 13 total mobile devices associated with Hillary Clinton's "two known" phone numbers, both in the D.C. area…

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