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Sunday, August 14, 2016

News you missed! Pics worth a thousand words

 The above graph demonstrates the FACT that Blacks are killing Blacks and that Blacks are killing whites, not the other way around!
 Seems the world thinks Obama is the guy who made Isis prosper!

 Do NOT believe the media lies....Trump attracts thousands.  Hillary.. dozens!

Many folks are doing this, but this is the truth of it.  Unless we get off our butts and get the real news/facts out on the street and confront this media where it lives, Trump loses. We should be in front of every alphabet network in every city, every day.


Trump is our Ben Franklin - Brilliant, Boisterous, Brave and ALL AMERICAN!

Headline:  How We Killed the Tea Party

Greedy PACs drained the movement with endless pleas for money to support “conservative” causes and candidates. I worked for one of them. But Tea Party ideas live on. By Paul H. Jossey
"A small group of supposedly conservative lawyers and consultants saw something different: dollar signs......What was left of the Tea Party split for a while between Trump and, while he was still in the race, Ted Cruz, who was backed by Jenny Beth Martin, co-founder and national coordinator of the Tea Party Patriots. In 2014, the Tea Party Patriots group spent just 10 percent of the $14.4 million it collected actually supporting candidates, with the rest going to consultants and vendors and Martin’s hefty salary of $15,000 per month; in all, she makes an estimated $450,000 a year from her Tea Party-related ventures......Every dollar swallowed up in PAC overhead or vendor fees was a dollar that did not go to federal Tea Party candidates in crucial primaries or general elections. This allowed the GOP to easily defeat or ignore them (with some rare exceptions). Second, the PACs drained money especially from local Tea Party groups, some of which were actively trying to grow the movement electorally from the ground up"
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I’ve been warning about this scam using the Tea Party and it’s supporters for years. First, Freedom works jumped in, then BIG, CORRUPT lobbyists like open Border Sal Russo started Tea Party Express and Jenny Beth Martin and her scam of Tea Party patriots. There have been others also....they spend the contribution $$ on themselves!
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