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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Memorial Day 2016 - All We ever wanted was a Fair Fight

We are witnessing a national election season unlike anything in our history.

Socialist anarchists and 'immigrants', many of whom are here by breaking our laws and entering our borders ILLEGALLY, violently gather in every city.  They proudly display their foreign flags  demanding that the CITIZEN elected candidate not be allowed to speak.  A candidate who only preaches that we should enforce our laws written by duly elected representatives.

The traitorous state sanctioned media refuses to report who the violent offenders are and instead cast the blame on the peaceful supporters gathering to hear their chosen candidate. 

It sounds like the plot from a B rated Sci Fi armageddon movie!  But think again!
This is reality in these United States in 2016.

THINK of it! 
Foreign invaders and their supporters are subverting the 1st amendment with violence and intimidation while burning our flag, with the help of your media and many elected officials while blaming the victims! 

New Mexico, May 23, 2016, outside a Trump Rally

This is how the Native American culture or any culture was destroyed.  This is tyranny of greedy politicians and an ignorant self serving masses, mobs in reality,  intent on taking what we have built.
Especially in the West, they have take  out the family farmer, the logger, manufacturing, our property rights.  They are taking our way of life and our property, every bit as much as they took it from the Indian in the 1830's when Cherokee leader Elias Boudinout wrote: 

"Perhaps Washington, Jefferson, Madison and Monroe were only tantalizing us when they encouraged us in the pursuit of agriculture and government.  Why were we not told long ago that we could not be permitted to establish a government within the limits of any state?  The Cherokees have always had a government of their own.  Nothing, however, was said when we were governed by savage laws.  Others say it is time for the Cherokees to submit to inevitable destiny.
     What Destiny?  To be slandered and then butchered?  Yes, this is the bitter cup prepared for us by a republican and religious government.  We shall drink it to the dregs."

And like today, rather than continuing their constitutional free elections, the Chief John Ross cancelled elections and had his bribed, ignorant followers kill those who tried to gather to speak against his tyranny.

Over these past decades, we 'common' folk followed the rules, tried to comply every time you demanded more of what is ours.  We opened our hearts and homes to the world and shared the sweat of our brow with the 'less privileged'.  All the while we watched our rights and protections, our culture be taken by one bureaucratic regulation after another. 

We were willing to share what we had, but our opposition demands it ALL…..our property, how we raise our families and worship, our guns, our right to free, peaceful association and the right to have our votes count, the right to keep the money earned from our legal work and the right to have our laws enforced, the right to a free and honest media.

 Now they demand we give up the right to attend a peaceful rally of our chosen candidate without the fear of being attacked or worse by people breaking those laws!

 All these animal loving lefties don't mind injuring innocent animals with their mayhem! Where is PETA when you need them?

We, people of good will and self reliance only ask for what every human being has asked for. 
A fair fight.

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