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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Trump is our Weapon. Use it or lose it!

Headline:   Why I'm for Ted Cruz
Texas Tribune 

A couple years ago, when many of us were trying to warn of the double faced jibberish coming out of Cruz, we were told quotes from the TEXAS TRIBUNE were misquoted, that they couldn’t be trusted....fact is they’ve always been pro Cruz.
And they were right.

On Immigration, Cruz Aims for Middle Ground   2013
[snip]When it comes to immigration reform, U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz has made it abundantly clear what he opposes: giving citizenship to people who broke the law to come here.
What has not been as evident is what he supports: legal status for millions of people here already, while making it easier for immigrants to come here through the front door.
“I have said many times that I want to see common-sense immigration reform pass,” he said. “I think most Americans want to see the problem fixed.”
What Cruz has tried to articulate in both word and deed is a middle ground. It got no support from Democrats in Washington, but it goes further than many on the far right want to go by offering leniency to undocumented immigrants here already: A path to legal status, but not to citizenship.
“The amendment that I introduced removed the path to citizenship, but it did not change the underlying work permit from the Gang of Eight,” he said during a recent visit to El Paso. Cruz also noted that he had not called for deportation....”


A Must read!
Trump Adviser Explains The Donald’s Immigration Plan: The Definition Of Compassion
Feb.23, 2016

This is the adviser who Jeff Sessions loaned to the Trump Campaign and answers ALL the questions on Trump's immigration policy! Basically...if you ENFORCE the laws, this situation takes care of itself!  DUH!


QUOTE of the DAY:   God played a nice trick on the holier than thou types. He raised up a flawed rich but honest man to lead this great country during these dark times.


Rove: Time's running out to stop Trump    (supporting RUBIO)

NONE of the Rove agenda is good. Remember the pet name GW Bush had for him?

Rubio was picked for this open border/bad trade job LONG ago!

“Former George W. Bush advisor, Karl Rove said that Rubio was “the best communicator since Ronald Reagan.” Rove appeared on Fox News Special Report with Bret Baier with Democrat Joe Trippi, who also believes that Rubio is the glue that could bring the Republican party together, and come to terms with the Democrats on immigration reform.” NOTE: This was written By Javier Manjarres on Feb. 4, 2013 Shark Tank.
April 2013
Trackback:  Turd Blossom Republicans have sold out Conservatives..WAKE UP...FAST!

Politics? Burn it ALL to the Ground! 

Politics? Burn it ALL to the Ground!

[snip]The very bloggers, party activists, pundits and and Republicans who for nearly two decades have told Americans to “just hold your nose and vote for the guy” are now telling Trump supporters they will not hold their noses. We can’t have the perfect candidate, they say. We can’t win a general election if we’re too conservative, they say. We can’t allow the left to shut down government because we’ll get blamed, they say.

Good Read, except for this:   " what Trump represents has nothing to do with issues or political positions"

Immigration, Trade, Education, healthcare, Vets, wars....Trump IS RIGHT on the issues!______________ 




I wish Carson and Kasich would get OUT! They will give their delegates to Rubio when they leave....that's what Good old Huckabee did...gave his to McCain and we got stuck with him!

AP Poll: 86% of Republicans Think Donald Trump Can Win General Election

…….a new AP-GfK poll finds registered Republicans and GOP-leaning voters put Trump at the top of the still-unwieldy GOP field when it comes to which candidate fits best with their stand on the issues. They give Trump the best marks for competence and decisiveness.
Far more Republicans than not say they’d vote for Trump in the general election, and 86 percent of Republican voters think he can win in November – giving him a 15 percentage point advantage over his nearest rival.

Yesterday on Hannity, Newt described Trump as an 

Anti Left, Anti PC American Nationalist.

I like it!

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