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Saturday, February 20, 2016

True Tea Party people do not support John Kasich - Fundraiser SCAM ALERT!!

True Tea Party people do not support John Kasich.

 The label ‘tea party’ is being badly used! The fundraising scams are part of it and today it is JOHN KASICH in on the fraud.

This group has done this before   [
 Warning — National Tea Party Alert. COM — Phony Tea Party]

 ‘National Tea Party Alert’  are NOT THE TEA PARTY!
The label has been hijacked to fool voters and contributors.
Tea Party Patriots and Tea Party Express, both run by pro amnesty/cheap labor K St. Lobbyists pull the same scams.
NONE of them are grass roots tea parties!

I just got one from JOHN KASICH...hardly a ‘tea party’ way of this ‘National Tea Party’.

There is some nasty, dishonest fundraising going on...and NO I never signed up for any Kasich or this group’s correspondence.

It reads in part:
[to ME] , help us finish strong in South Carolina!

Thank you for your support.


John Kasich
Governor of Ohio & Presidential Candidate

by way of National Tea Party Alert

Their website:
It is obvious they are anti Trump.

Everyone is running a scam!

GOOD GRIEF! Does no one have a memory?

Now Republicans are all excited that Condoleeza Rice might replace Boxer in Calif.  YOU keep recycling the same damn problems over and over!

Condi is a neo con, open border, pro amnesty hack!
Wake up! She went to Mexico and made a deal for Bush to give Social Security benefits to ILLEGAL aliens who return to Mexico. It was under what was called Totalization.
 In one year we gave Mexico $700 MILLIION to Mexico.
She was part of what got us in the MESS in the Middle East as well! 
She might be better than Boxer, but don't think she'll vote the way you want.

Headline:  Totalization With Mexico Would Add Billions In New Costs To Social Security

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