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Sunday, February 07, 2016

The Blue Collar Billionaire....and NEWS YOU MISSED!

No, not my term, but it fits Donald Trump, who won last night's debate and showed what a decent human being he is all at the same time!  This was spontaneous kindness and I don't want to hear anymore BS about Trump's 'temperment'. STIFFLE IT!

He is right on trade, right on immigration, right on the 2nd amendment, right on GOP corruption.....and without those NONE of the rest of it matters. And the best thing…
Trump is NOT a lawyer!  Our founders wanted CITIZENS elected to serve...Trump is the only one on those stages who can be called...MISTER!

Jeb Bush is a hypocrite on Eminent domain!

In 2002, many patriots traveled to Florida to protest a land grab by Gov. Bush who was taking family farms for ‘everglades restoration’ to keep his envirofreak donors happy.
Here it is!


Also, Scotus John Roberts, friend of Ted Cruz and recruited by Cruz does not object to the Kelo decision. He says the congress still has the power to regulate Kelo, if they choose to.

Ted Cruz is the reason we are stuck with Obamacare!   He hand picked his pal Roberts acting as solicitor general under Bush.....and he still claims to be an 'outsider'...C'mon, people! Cruz refused to answer questions last night, just repeated his canned lines, sounding like Hillary!

How anyone can't see through Ted's preachy, condescending self righteous speech is beyond me!
As for Rush and his conversion to all conmen Cuban lawyers..... Let me know when Rush gets into the people who OWN Marco Rubio, push amnesty and more Muslim immigration...Cesar Conda and Grover Norquist. He sold out.  I'm sorry! But Levin, LIMBAUGH and BECK and probably Hannity have SOLD OUT!  Look to Laura Ingraham, Savage, Lars Larson, Joe Pags!

The tea party radio network     MUST READ!

And this is how they do it....Special interest groups, pacs like    pay off the talking heads of radio.  This is nothing new.   GW BUSH paid off several to push his policies and it came out of YOUR tax $$ Armstrong Williams, who now works for Ben Carson.

Headline:   Who's funding this pro-Ted Cruz super PAC?

[snip]  Stand for Truth, Inc., an emerging player in the orbit of often clashing constellation of pro-Cruz super PACs, recently pledged to air more than $4 million in television ads to back Cruz in Iowa and South Carolina. Super PACs can accept unlimited contributions but are required to disclose their financial backers.

Ok, the guy running this outfit is Eric Lycan, LAWYER is all wound up with the US Chamber of Commerce. I do find it MOST interesting that many of Cruz’s supporters/funders are open border, free traitors (TPP).  Their filing also shows they spent $42,000 to create digital advertising for Ted Cruz, and...
.....wait for it...
..... spent $192,594.00 for “RADIO ADVERTISING”.
It makes a person wonder which radio broadcasters might have picked up some of that Pro-Ted Cruz advertising money?
...and maybe that explains why THIS seemed to have struck such a nerve......
marklevinshow Have you taken any advertising $$ from SRCP Media? — TheLastRefuge (@TheLastRefuge2) January 26, 2016.
Nothing was mentioned about Rubio and foreign policy last night......

RUBIO, McCain, Graham celebrating with their Libyan terrorists donor/friends. Rubio has the same middle east/Libya policy as Hillary Clinton....give the terrorists whatever they want and destabilize the entire area!
MUST READ:   Knowing what he knows now, would Marco Rubio still help Islamic terrorists topple Libya?

Let's not forget this one....Rubio voting for MORE Muslim immigration from terror states....doing his handlers bidding....Grover Norquist and Cesar Conda.

Dec. 4th...Rubio actually showed up to vote for this one!

Sens. Rubio, Graham Vote To Continue Muslim Immigration From Countries With Jihadist Movements


Here is Cruz pushing birthright citizenship, defending anchor babies like Rubio to be able to be president.   This man is dangerous!  Aug. 13, 2011. Under a minute and the same smarmy Cruz lawyereze BS.  And no, he didn't mention he was born in Canada.  It took him 3 more years to figure that one out.

Cruz voted TWICE against funding Veterans healths issues. Ted Cruz voted against providing $27 million for the Veterans Health Administration.


Next time some liberal tries to tell you about crime, show them this!

From a friend: This video is going viral in Europe. This is a WARNING it will happen here. (the scourge of mass uncontrolled Middle East/Muslim migration) Bless Donald Trump for his courage in telling the truth.
Narrated by Donald J. Trump
Published on Jan 30, 2016

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