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Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Tea Party Patriots running a scam for Cruz with help of Talk Radio!

Pay attention people, you are being conned!

Headline:  Largest Tea Party Group In America Endorses Ted Cruz
Conservative Review

First Conservative Review is a pro Cruz outfit Mark Levin runs.
Tea Party Patriots endorses Cruz with their phony ‘vote’ of their ‘supporters’. I saw this bogus ‘poll’ on FB. They want way too much personal information...this is where Cruz is getting all our email addresses, among other corrupt ‘conservative’ ‘non profits’.  I got EIGHT of them yesterday!
Donald Trump only puts you on his list IF you ask him to!
ANYONE could take this silly poll, and it doesn’t matter anyway, because they’ve ALWAYS been Pro Cruz, as sponsors on Mark Levin* who is PRO CRUZ and on and on just like some of us have been trying for years to tell people.

TEA Party Patriots, Jenny Beth Martin at $200,000 a year and Tea party Express, Sal Russo, are just two K St. lobbyist whores with no allegiance to the tea party or anything but $$$. Russo is as open border as they get. Martin is an overpaid mouthpiece who has people fooled. It’s what they do to scam you out of your $$$! THIS IS A SCAM.

NEITHER of them represent or are affiliated with the grass roots ‘TEA PARTY’.
This ‘vote’ for Cruz has NOTHING to do with the grass roots local tea parties!
Grover Norquist...who you can be sure is in the middle of all this corruption, because  NONE of these radio hosts will expose him and Cesar Conda, also set up his own 'tea party' at CPAC meetings to push amnesty and protect his Islamist pals. 

The money behind Cruz (and Rubio & Jeb)  is DIRTY.

This article isn’t completely right about the ‘tea party’ because they assume the grass roots approves of these scammers ‘representing’ them, when they’re just really ignorant, but it’s factual enough that you should be concerned.  Many local grassroots Tea Parties have disassociated themselves with both groups.
The tea party radio network



Now…to be fair to Mark Levin, it might all be about 'love' and his fiance's ties to Ted Cruz.  After all, he certainly wouldn't be the first man to throw out his ethics for 'love'…..
The Coyote
There once was a coyote who lived near the railroad tracks.  One day he got too close and the train ran over his tail, cutting off the tip of it.  It made him SO angry, that he turned and tried to bite the wheel of the train and it cut off his head!
The moral of the story is, NEVER lose your head over a little piece of tail!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ is an item that was handed out at the caucus in Iowa last week.  We have not found out for sure which candidate was circulating it. This is why electioneering is NOT allowed at most voting places!
The Cruz people keep talking about things Trump said or thought 30 years's what 18 year old Ted said: A second clip of Cruz then followed in which he trumpeted his goals: “Take over the world, world domination, you know, rule everything. Rich, powerful, that sort of stuff.” - See more at:

AND WHY won't someone just say it..TED CRUZ is too dam ugly to be president of anything!  That is one homely man.  Let's blame Canada! lol

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