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Monday, February 22, 2016

Debunking lies against Trump and other news you missed

BOY! The long knives are out to get Trump after another win!  The lies are flying so fast, you can't keep track.     Just one is 'Trump likes Obamacare!'

BULL!   He has stated just the opposite ever since he announced.    He addressed it in his announcement speech in June, ending with this: "So, just to sum up, I would do various things very quickly. I would repeal and replace the big lie, Obamacare."
To clarify further, all last week Trump said,
"I will replace it with private plans, health savings accounts, & allow purchasing across state lines. Maximum choice & freedom for consumer."

 I was asked about healthcare by Anderson Cooper & have been consistent- I will repeal all of , including the mandate, period.
I was referring to a backstop for pre-existing conditions. I will eliminate the law, in its entirety, & replace it w/ something much better.

Most of this disinformation and often down right LIES is usually spread by the 'PHONY CHRISTIANS for CRUZ' cartel.   Well, that's a two way street!
 STOOOPID Pope gave Trump 5 points in SC!!!

Ted's campaign had to issue yet ANOTHER apology for dirty campaign scams!   But his followers just keep praising this foreign born con man.
Image for the news result
Ted Cruz's national spokesman apologized late Sunday for a video distributed by the campaign that falsely depicted Marco Rubio dismissing the Bible.
Cruz Campaign Apologizes to Marco Rubio for Spreading False Bible Story
Breitbart News - 11 hours ago

UNDERSTAND THIS!! Marco Rubio is OWNED by the PRO ISLAM wing of the by GROVER NORQUIST!    Rubio is a trojan horse!  
Haley? She's looking to hook up a VP slot!  Just another immigrant sell out who used the 'TEA PARTY'.  

In complete disregard for the safety of the American people, Nikki Haley has supported Obama's plan to bring in refugees from jihadist hotspots like Syria and Iraq.

South Carolina governor, Nikki Hayley, just gave her support to Marco Rubio for president

Marco Rubio Casts Deciding Vote For Obamatrade Without Even Reading It
Marco said yesterday that Trump knows nothing about Foreign affairs...... Like he did when he joined McCain & Graham in LIBYA to set up your new terrorist network and celebrate with them??? Photo here

Marco Rubio Votes No on Senate Fiscal Cliff Bill
Yep, He's Running for President in 2016

Looking presidential? Rubio with buddies Lindsey Graham and John McCain in Libya

PSSST!!!! Trump is right!  3rd world countries are NOT sending us their best and brightest!

Illegal Aliens Caught Dumping Girl’s Body In New Jersey Woods

NBC 10
Two men stand accused of dumping a missing South Jersey teenager’s body in a rural area of Salem County.
Danyelle Minerva, of Atco, had been missing since October before tree trimmers found her body on Jan. 11 off Woodstown-Alloway Road in Alloway Township.

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