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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Anti Trump propaganda debunked (KKK) & other Insanities!

 One of Trump's rallies had people show up in KKK garb, saying they endorse Trump.
But someone caught them removing the hoods and their hands.....
Turns out they are Black Lives Matter Thugs!   Racism thrives in many cultures!
The BULL put out there against Trump is AMAZINGLY PUTRID!   Even if you don't support him, HOW do you condone the lies being told about this man??


Duncan Hunter was the best candidate in my life time for president (2008) until Trump came along and the press/GOP/Club for Growth/amnesty cartel did to him what they are trying to do to Trump.  His son, Congressman Duncan Hunter and  Rep. Chris Collins (R-N.Y.) told The Buffalo News that he is backing Trump

 “Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-Calif.) told POLITICO on Wednesday that he will support Trump for the Republican nomination, making him one of the first members of Congress"


The polls are with Trump!
Get Over It, GOP: Trump’s the Nominee

 One congresswoman with a brain:

Lawmaker demands recovery of $750M in tax credits to illegal immigrants

[snip]A Republican lawmaker has given the Obama administration 30 days to create and share a plan for how it will recapture $750 million in tax credits wrongfully awarded to illegal immigrants.

In a letter that Tenn. Rep. Diane Black shared exclusively with the Washington Examiner on Thursday, the congresswoman asks Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Burwell how the government agency intends to fix the situation, both by getting back the lost funds and preventing it from happening next year.

DO be careful of all the scams, most being run by RNC, NRSC & NRCC to steal contributions from Trump supporters.

Purchase Trump gear and give contributions ONLY to his official website.
UNLIKE the other candidates, Trump does NOT fill everyone’s email boxes with trash pleas for $$$.   He only contacts you when YOU ask him to,  so open up your wallets and show some support!

Trump crashes Glenn Beck's caucus speech   Tue Feb 23 19:35:13 2016 ·

LOL! Sweet.
How did that saying go....? Youth and talent are no match for old age and treachery.

 I can’t wait to see how much Trump can shake up this dysfunctional government.


Feb. 22, 2016
ICE: Street-Racing Illegal Alien Arrested for Killing Iowa Woman ‘Did Not Meet ICE’s Enforcement Priorities’
Beautiful young woman who will NEVER see the AMERICAN DREAM!
Like Trump says...WHEN do our kids get to seek that dream???

DID YOU HEAR???     Heidi Cruz says GAWD told her Ted should run for Prez!

“Heidi got a SIGN”
.....give me a break!

‘, Heidi, this is the BIG a message for your husband. Tell him I said to blow that Senate gig he just got, let the taxpayers provide you with $$$ while he ignores his job and responsibilities to seek his greatness!! About that Cuban/Canadian birth thingy......don’t worry, the ‘faithful’ will make excuses just like the Obamaites did.’
Why didn’t he talk to TED? Maybe Heidi is the one that should be running.
I wanna see the memo!

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