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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

CRUZ! A government lawyer and his double talk !

In a campaign interview during his freshman senate race 2012

“Interviewer: “What is your understanding of how one becomes a natural born Citizen?”
Cruz: “Two citizen parents and born on the soil.”
Interviewer: “Not exactly, but as I don’t have enough time to fully explain how one does become an natural born Citizen, based on your understanding, would you agree that Barack Obama is ineligible to be POTUS?”
Cruz: “I would agree.””
Interviewer: “So when we get you elected, will you expose him for the usurping fraud he is?”
Cruz: “No, my main focus will be on repealing Obamacare.”
Interviewer: “But Mr. Cruz, if he is exposed as the usurping fraud he is, everything he has done will become null and void. Everything!”
Interviewer: “At that point, Cruz reiterated his main concern, so it was obvious the conversation was over as far as Cruz was concerned. [snip]

Must read!

Now...remember.....Cruz was BORN in  CANADA, NOT on US Soil.  His father was Cuban.
He did NOTHING to rid himself of his citizenship in Canada, stating he didn't know......
A constitutional lawyer with not enough intellectual curiosity to even wonder???? C'mon!
Ted Cruz was born a Canadian citizen at birth, and remained a legal citizen of Canada, all the way up until May14, 2014.  WHY??
At least Obama was born on US soil....Hawaii.....or so we are led to believe.

Another interesting read on Cruz:

[snip]Forty-eight years and two citizenships later, father finally applies for US citizenship: After living eight years in Canada, the Cruz family returned to the United States with Ted Cruz. It was not until 2005, almost 48 years after leaving Cuba that the father finally acquired US citizenship. [3]
As a recap, Ted Cruz’ father, Rafael Bienvenido Cruz left Cuba, after bribing a Cuban official, entered the US on a four year student visa that he then converted to a political asylum visa. The elder Cruz then marries a US citizen that grants him an automatic jump to the front of the line for a green card. He then leaves the US and becomes a Canadian citizen only to return to the US and apply for citizenship 48 years after leaving Cuba. Can Ted Cruz convincingly argue that his father followed the immigration rules? More importantly, what does the three citizenships held by Cruz’ father say about his father’s love for the country his son wishes to govern?


The Fickle Finger of Fate Award goes to…..SEAN PENN!

...... for all the pissing and moaning the old lefty has had for the USA and cuddling up to El Chapo, the Terrorist Murder.  Then he gets followed all over Mexico and gets El Chapo arrested! 

With our sympathies, Sean, you are a marked man.   You just didn't want to believe that your darling Mexican peasants could truly be ruthless thugs of the worst order.
You are about to find out what Mexican Justice is like!
What a dimwit!

Folks are still confused about the 'TEA PARTY'.  TTC has tried before to warn you about the K ST lobbyists who have hijacked the name to line their pockets. Mark Levin has come out gripping about Donald Trump...well, Levin has ALWAYS been in the tank for CRUZ, and will cut you off at the knees if you even try to discuss his shortcomings.

Mark Levin is too tied up with Freedom Works, Amer. for Prosperity, who have ALWAYS supported amnesty and bad trade like TPP. They are nothing but K St lobbyists.
Tea Party patriots, one of LEvin’s favorites, is NOT grass roots and Jenny Beth Martin is knocking down about $100,000 a year...TPP was formed by Freedom works!
The following link is GOOD to tell you who is who!   Our enemies are these lobbyist groups! AND SHAME ON YOU, MARK LEVIN.

Freedom Works BOUGHT Glenn Beck!    FOLLOW THE $$$.. "  Dick Armey said FreedomWorks paid Beck $1 million to say nice things about the group to raise more cash"

Tea Party and the Right

5 Professional Tea Partiers: Who's Sucking the Most Money From the Movement?

These five Tea Party leaders are nicely compensated for leading the allegedly leaderless movement.
 Judson Phillips, founder and principal, Tea Party Nation.
Sal Russo, principal, Tea Party Express
Tim Phillips, president, Americans for Prosperity and Americans for Prosperity Foundation.
Matt Kibbe, president, FreedomWorks and Freedom Works Foundation
Dick Armey, chairman, FreedomWorks and FreedomWorks Foundation (Armey has retired)

Take a look at Amer. for Prosperity..NOTHING about fighting bad/illegal immigration or cheap foreign labor.

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