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Thursday, March 05, 2015

Mexico's President spoke before CONGRESS, demanded our laws be changed! HOW soon we forget!

Nancy Pelosi almost cried because the leader of our ALLY Isreal spoke before Congress.  The Dems all cried FOUL!!
Remember when DEMOCRATS, The same ones who snubbed BIBI,  invited and gave this MEXICAN president a standing ovation IN CONGRESS a couple years ago as he DEMANDED our laws be overturned to suit his exported criminals!?

Mexican President DOUCHEBAG Calderon BASHES Arizonas SB 1070 and Gets Standing Ovation!?!?
GOODBYE SPOCK!  We will miss you, and thanks for everything!
 This was Nimoy serving as our Parade Marshall in our local Parade, 1967.
RIP, Leonard Nimoy.  


THIS State Is Now Requiring Their Police Officers To Speak Spanish Or They Risk Being Fired

If you believe that if you live in America that you should speak English, then you will not like what the Jackson, Mississippi police department is making all of its officers do.

This is an absurd requirement for all Jackson, Mississippi police officers. The worst part is that if they don’t do this new requirement, then they risk losing their jobs.

English is spoken in 101 countries .  In SIXTY ONE Countries and territories,  English is used as either a first or native language or an official language. Migrants need to learn it or leave!

 FINALLY!  A good family gets some of the attention they deserve.

 This week, the father of Jamiel Shaw Jr. was on O'Reilly and several other media outlets after testifying before Congress.  His son was murdered by an illegal alien gangbanger because of hiRACE...NOT one word from Obama, the GOP sell outs, Jesse or AL!  This promising young man's mother was serving us in Iraq at the time.

If you missed Jamiel Shaw Sr., on Bill O'Reilly tonight, you can see it repeat at 8:00pm PST Fox News

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