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Sunday, February 08, 2015

The ONLY thing dumber than a GOP hack is a DEMOCRAT!

NOW, who is the RACIST???  C'mon, liberals, pull your heads out! YOU are being used!


Bloomberg Suggests Banning Young Minority Males from Gun Ownership

[former NY mayor, 2nd amendment defiler]  Bloomberg addressed a variety of topics, and after commenting on poverty and education, he discussed guns. The Times reported that he said, “Cities need to get guns out of [the] … hands” of persons who are “male, minority, and between the ages of 15 and 25.”

While it may be true that minorities are doing the killing, they need FATHERS, and FAMILY who are NOT welfare queens and politicians who won't keep them as a permanent under class voting block...exactly what the democrat party has created! WAKE UP!

If I had a dollar for everytime I told you that the MEDIA is enemy #1, we could start our own media!

HEADLINE:    Brian Williams: Natural Result of a Pathological NBC Culture
Newsbusters  | Jeffrey Lord 

Brian Williams: Natural Result of a Pathological NBC Culture - See more at:
Brian Williams: Natural Result of a Pathological NBC Culture - See more at:
OH, the irony!  This lie about coming under fire is the same lie that Hillary Clinton told on her campaign trail last time...but YOU, you FOOLS, will vote for her, just like you will NOT demand that the Media report the news, not make it up!


DO NOT respond to the TV ads about national law firms you can hire if you are a victim of the faulty, fraudulent mesh products doctors have been putting in women for YEARS! 
First, they are considered 'devices' by the FDA and don't need testing, just the OK of the manufacturers!   These law firms will USE YOU to death to win their case.  I'm told one woman was awarded $200,000 after her body and life were destroyed.  The lawyers took one fee of $150,000.00 to refer her case from one lawyer to another, in the same firm!   And the bastard judges allow it!    She got NOTHING!  Most will get NOTHING! Thousands of Women are being used and killed and your government has you worried about measles!
And DO NOT let some local yokel doctor tell  you he is capable of 'removing' the faulty mesh.  MOST are NOT!
PLEASE!  Investigate! They are STILL using this horrid garbage on women!

Women’s Words Speak Truth About Mesh


“You actually start to think that maybe
you are going crazy. You start to lose
hope that you will ever get better.”
Anonymous Mesh Survivor
“I was living, not day by day, or even hour to hour,
but many times, moment by moment.”
Anonymous Mesh Survivor
“A tampon made of steel wool
inserted permanently.”
Anonymous Mesh Survivor
“It triggers a fiery pain in nerves randomly
all over your body.”
Anonymous Mesh Survivor
“It is just so unbelievable that a “minor problem”
outpatient procedure that is minimally invasive causes life
changing results. I know my life as I knew is gone.”
Anonymous Mesh Survivor 

Such is the condition of 21st century medicine!  All the old men are on Viagra and all the old women are wired useless!

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