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Thursday, February 05, 2015

If you vote for a BUSH or CLINTON, you're the worst kind of Idiot!

GO AWAY!!!  These people are dangerous! Haven't they done enough damage to this nation???

Headline:   Jeb Bush: We will lose our liberties if we control the border  | 2/5/15 | Pedro Gonzalez 

The MORON actually said this
"It just seems to me that maybe if you open up our doors in a fair way and unleashed the spirit of peoples' hard work, Detroit could become in really short order, one of the great American cities again," Bush said then. "Now it would look different, it wouldn't be Polish...But it would be just as powerful, just as exciting, just as dynamic. And that's what immigration does and to be fearful of this, it just seems bizarre to me."
He said, during a discussion with Univision, that it was "ridiculous" to think that DREAMers, children brought to the U.S. by their parents illegally, shouldn't have an "accelerated path" to citizenship. "

"it's not possible in a free country to completely control the border without us losing our freedoms and liberties."

UNDERSTAND THIS!  We have NO representation on the left or right!  Maybe Rand Paul...the only one who isn't bought and paid for!   But they are all misguided with their soft spot of criminal alien lawbreakers!
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